Friday, December 31, 2010

Primary 1 - The prequel

Tick tock..tick tock.. I can't sleep.
Thinking about tomorrow, I wanna weep.
Gooly is going to school, primary one.
Why does he grow up so fast wan?
Beware! Beware!
There are sharks and tigers everywhere.
But have no fear...
I'm sure you will do well, my dear.
You will meet grimy boys
And some pig-tailed ahmois
There will be lots of homework, no more toys.
Never mind, they say learning is a joy.
Aiyoh, I want to go and sleep -loh..
Tomorrow I will try not to be loh-soh.
I know as a brave kor-kor,
You will not behave like a baby anymore.
Gooly, Berilmu untuk berjasa! (My secondary school's motto.Kakakka!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 40 year old son

I would say Gooly has the maturity of a 40 year old. And I am only 25+++++++!

He doesn't believe in tooth fairies. When his tiny teeth fell (3 to be exact), I was coaxing him so hard to put them under his pillow. "Nah.. I dont really want to. I just want to show Papah. That's all.. spare me the crap about fairies with wings with a fetish on smelly milk teeth ."

For his Halloween party, he didn't want a spidey or superman suit's not like they can make him fly or shoot webs. I swear I could see him rolling his eyes.

Sometimes even after his cousin Harry Potter hit him, he talks about him fondly. I couldn't help but ask, "Why are you still so nice to him?"

"It's ok.. I don't mind," came the reply.

Many times, I sit on the couch, and he asks, "Want a pillow for you back?'

This morning, he woke and wanted my super smelly comfy blankie. He didn't just take it. He took another one to replace mine and whispered, "Go back to sleep mom..It's still early."

When I was sick, he came to check my temperature by touching my forehead, and rushed to simmer chinese medicine herbs in a claypot on a campfire. (LOL...LOL...LOL!)

When I got better, he said, "Mom, I'm glad you had a good rest and are feeling better now."

In the rain, he cautioned his nai nai, "Xiao xin, nai nai... Don't fall down ah...."

And..he is turning shix on Saturday. Hawaiian Six -o, can you hula-hula believe it?

I hope he continues to love me and others so tenderly. Being 41 shouldn't be any different from being 40, eh?

Friday, December 24, 2010

No title

I have this buddy friend of 21 years. We grew up hanging out at each other's home. I know her grandmom and dad, mom, dad, sis, bro, aunts, uncles, cousins - the ENTIRE family!

When we were little (not that little but you get the drift), her grandma used to cook yummy food. But now she can't recognise or remember me anymore.

...her bro and sis used to call me "che-che". Now we slap each other's butt and say hello.

... I knew when her grandpa passed away. I was there when her dad passed away.

We have come a long way.


She got married and moved to a new house and she throws Christmas parties - every year except for one particular year in which we received an sms telling us the cancellation because her dad has passed away.

That was a devastating Christmas for all of us.

Fast forward to today.. it was the time of the year to go to her house for a makan session again.

I must say I am lucky to have known her family.

Her uncle walks in the room, and comes over and shakes my hand, and asks, "How are you?" genuinely.

Her auntie wipes Gooly's sweat away, takes every opportunity to pamper him with toffees and chocolates.

Her mom treats and praises Gooly like he is one of her grand sons.

Her brother cracks jokes at the dinner table making me feel merry.

Her sister talks to Gooly like he is the most interesting person she has ever met.

Her dad....

Oh..her dad... I remember the last Christmas, he held his handphone and recorded Gooly's antics. He smiled so much replaying those videos. His kindness and warmth I have witnessed for many years.

Basically everyone is extroardinary nice in her family. If she had a dog, I'm pretty sure it won't bite.

These people just have the ability to make others feel loved and acceptable...or just GOOD.. without even knowing or intentionally doing it.

It's in them. They are earth angels. Lol. Though they will never admit it. They will probably puke over this statement.

But really.. They are such gems.

Christmas Eve at her place is always a joy. I would like to spend it with her family for the many coming years.

And...I learned and yearn to render the same warmth and friendliness to my children's friends too.

Merry christmas, y'all..

The nite Christmas got married..

The other day..

We saw a flatten 2 D pear..

Which is really a leaf with beautiful colourful hues with a fruity shape..

Along Jalan Syed Putra...

The road that leads to a condominimum which housed 3kids with a lunatic mom.

Nature rawks!!

Let christmas be merried ! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre-Christmas 2010

A couple of weeks back, I brought Gooly to a toystore at a remote place which mainly sells 'play 1,2 days, and then put 1,2 corner' toys. The idea, as of every year, was for him to pick and choose his christmas pressie.

If one day, my dream of conquering the WORLD comes true, I would bring him to Toys R Us. Meanwhile, Kedai Mainan Man Chong will have to do.

It was easy for him to choose few years back. Anything with lights and sounds delighted him. This year, it took a bit longer. He was making his rounds up and down the aisles, hoping to find a 'miracle' amidst dusty boxes with big clear words of MADE IN CHINA under the mis-spelled word of Untaman.

I was getting ready to leave to bring him to the next destination - the bookstore.. (Oh, somebody give me THE MOST BORING MOM award already!)

..but something at the corner got his attention. He picked it up gingerly and with wide eyed expression, he exclaimed, "Mom! This is what I have always wanted!"

The first thing I did was to zoom into the price tag. Ouch! A bit pricier than I originally allocated. But what the heck...It's what he has always wanted!!

We bought it, wrapped it up, and he patiently waited till yesterday.

After dinner, he ripped the wrapper (which I didn't buy, but used Toys R Us catalogue instead as a sign of protest against Bourgeoisie gifts :P and of course, for enviroMENTAL sake). It was evident that it was what he wanted in his 5 years 11 months 23 days of life. He put it on his wrist, turn on the power sound, and escaped into a world of fantasy where he triumphed over morphed-raksasa for a few good hours.

When he went to sleep later that night, I pried his powerful destructive weapon off his hand. He loved it that much that I seriously was giddy with happiness that he found what he always wanted!

One day, son.. Mom will bring you to Toys R can choose whatever you want.

One day.. when Mom overtakes the Walmart empire..

(Aiyah..he not so cham lah.. My mil and sil really bring him to Toys R Us to choose whatever he wants a few times a year that I find it quite pointless and meaningless for me to further indulge him with expensive toys. Not to say that our toys collection make it seems like we are living an annex to Toys R Us...but I do think he has enough. )

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gooly and home work

With my current state of mind (and stomach), it is inevitable that my daily speech consists of, "Ops, I forgot," or "Got meh? I said that meh?".

Therefore, I have relied completely on Gooly to remember his own agenda and most importantly, his own tuition replacements dates.

"When is your tuition?"
"What time?"
-12.10 pm - one hour.
"What about Tuesday?"
-No, no class.
"Any homework?"
-Yup..two pages.
"What time again?'
- 12.10pm.
- No class.

See, he is very very reliable and I am in repetitive mode, mode, mode, mode, mode *echo* . Forgive me. Thankfully his infomation is accurate, and he is responsible enough to complete his own homework with little reminders. * goats gloats*

The other day, we went out for dinner and then a little escapade at the mall. It was a bit late when we came home. He realised that he has not completed his homework. I suggested that he does it in the morning tomorrow. He heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that all was not DOOMED.

I have always stressed that he should be responsible for his own school work. He decides when to slot in his homework time. And he shall bear the consequences of not completing them. I must say this holiday period is a good practical for him, as I (un)intentionally forget about his tuition time and work.

The next morning, he awoke.. he always wakes first - shutting the door gently so I could snooze for another half hour or so. He usually plays with his cousin..or fights..meaning there will be some noises outside. But that morning, it was awfully quiet.

I opened the door..and saw my little boy.

..sitting on his Ikea stool, body bent over, concentrating.

He was doing his homework. First thing in the morning. Before breakfast. Before Tv. Before bickering sessions with his cuz.

I walked over, ruffled his head a little, gave him a big smile and went back to sleep and said, "Good boy.. "

He is just like me when I was little (Being forgetful doesn't me I can tell lies and say, "Got meh? I said that meh?")

Saturday, December 11, 2010


3 more weeks...
Turning 6..
Lost 3 teeth
But gained only 2..
Becoming a kor-kor
Going to a new school
So fast? Yaumougauchor?
I kid you not, it's not April's Fool.

But everyone we know say you are a mini adult
Not that I am complaining or having a pout
Instead I learned what love is all about
When you told me, "It's ok if papah has to work, I will accompany you..
And next time Lolly will too."

I like it I admit
When you close the door gently
Knowing the creaking sounds it emits
Irk me greatly

I love it, the reason is simple
When you tell people
"Please wait..My mom is having a baby..
She now moves slowly."

I am touched
When you barfed
and apologised, "I'm sorry, mom and for cleaning me up, thank you
Yeap..the smell did linger..ewww..

My heart melts, knees all wobbly
When you send kisses to Lolly
Spreading warmth from my belly
In love with you again, like totally.

On becoming a big bro
You are all ready to go
"My job is to tickle Lolly's armpits
Make her laugh, mouth frothing with spits."

I am sheepish when you declare
That I am the best mom in the world
But the way you love and care
Makes you the best son in my world.

Turning 6 is a big deal
It's not just about a good meal
It's about character and heart
How to be human, the art.

But Gooly,
I am already proud of you
Every day.
I love everything about you
Your heart, your soul
That's all I want to say.

Let's put on the parachutes
Jump into two thousand eleven
We'll hold hands and shout GERONIMO
Pray for the best and more more more....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the airport that day..

It was the earliest flight out of Bkk city. We woke at 4.30am..and reached an hour later only to realise that there were loads of poor folks like us who buy cheap tickets and depart at ungodly hours!

The anaconda queue snailed all the way to the check in counter and again, at the immigration.

Gooly and I waited for what seemed eternity, behind a couple who looked like Japanese but spoke only in Thai. They had business class tickets in hands, heading to Narita, the wife holding a Hermes bag (that proves how much time I had, checking out such 'mundane' details.)

And then my mind drifted to my own shopping spree later on. I was hoping to check out the Longchamp sale..and of course some FCUK shower gel which I always buy for some smelly bugger.

And then it happened... A pang of pain from the stomach shooting straight to the esophagus and went all the way up to head....making the room spin and spin. Imagine the dark cloud of evilness/pain sprouting from one area to another. Imagine The Return of the Mummy when the mummy breathed dark weevils or whatnots from its mouth. That's what was happpening inside me.

I knew I was gonna collapesd but I had my inner voice to hold the fort, not to faint. All voices around me became sort of echoed. I heard Gooly asking, "Mom, are you ok?" but I couldnt answer. And he asked again, "Are you feeling dizzy?"

The dizzy spell was over as sudden as it began. I recomposed myself and asked Gooly what happened. He said my head was spinning round and round , and my eyes were half-closed. He was already holding on to my hand bag. And he looked worried. Poor boy.

I guess that happens to preggie moms... And I am kinda afraid of going out on my own or just with Gooly now. Just in case the bouts of dizziness happen again.

And so we headed to gate F5 straight away without stopping at Boots Pharmacy or the duty free shops.

And that concludes the report on "Why I didn't buy you FCUK this time".

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaset tape

My Ferari has this cassette player. You know cassette? The one that goes putar-putar, and you can pull out that roll of 'film' and dance gymnastic with it?

So Gooly found some cassettes and wondered how it works.

Like I know..

So I said, "Just shove it into the player.. and ..and.. and.. the songs come on but don't put it in in this car..cos the player is not working.The speaker also 'piceah' already. Haih. What new car should we buy huh?"

I was saying the last part cos I really hate Ferari cars I had no answer for his questions.

But he knew I was being evasive of course. So he asked some more.

"But how does it work? How come they are songs inside?"

Yeah.. seriously huh..How come ah?

So, I ended saying, "Hey, you wanna dance gymnastics with the 'film'?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


If I were a mosquito
I would be nocturnal
I will bite you
It will be itchy

If I were a mosquito
I would flap my wings
and make a buzzing sound

I am so annoying
You will hit me
With your hands
With a flying swatter
But you won't get me

If I were a mosquito
You would hate me
I am your enemy

By Gooly the pop, with mucho help from MOM

Dear Lolly

Do you know how excited I am about you? I suppose I knew it was gonna be you - maybe it's the classic case of hoping which turns to believing which turns to reality.

When the news came about, my expression was kinda nonchalant - perhaps a look of "Oh I kinda knew..." Cool eh? But when I realised that it's really gonna be YOU, like FOR REAL, I was walking on air! So giddy with happiness.

Korkor is equally excited. He wanted to share a chocolate ice cream with you today. Even though that flavour is not my favourite, he told me to have some, so you could have a taste. Ah sweet sharing.

Papah has vowed to love you with all his heart. He is generally afraid of girls crying. Please be gentle when you meet him, OK? :)

I started rummaging Korkor's boxes of baby clothes and wished that I am as clever as Auntie Boey Joey or Auntie Gargles who can sew and refashion clothes. Sigh! Dang! I wish I could knit too. Just so you can have some home-made stuff. I'm just sentimental about stuff like that.

Ah well.. there is an alternative - The conventional SHOPPING SPREE.

I thought it would be appropriate to get you some HELLO gifts. Kor kor chose some of the loots. He wonders a lot about the kind of stuff you will like.

Ahh.. it seems like we have all started loving you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah.. I think we should

Gooly said, "I think we should buy her a hair clip. She will look beautiful."

He meant Lolly. :)

Yup. It's a girl! 4D scan at week 19/20. All is well.

We knew it, didn't we, Lolly? *pat pat tummy*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chicken Pak Pak Pak

Ever since Gooly was mobile, I knew he was not those adventurous, jump-now-die-later kinda kid.

Nope, he wont jump off from the top fridge shouting GERONIMO while pretending to be Cicakman.

He is just not that kind who climbs trees and falls and claims glory thru blood and scars.

He is the sort who thinks going on a swing is a pretty brave thing to do.

For me, it's ok. That's who he is. He is careful and cautious. And frankly, I am relieved that I don't have any heart-attack moments upon learning the many Tony Jaa stunts that some boys love to do.

Sad to say, society expects more of a boy - Boys don't cry and boys definately have no fear! *roll eyes* You know, all those gender stereotyping dated probably when Chairman Mao shouted, "Men bleed blood but not horse' pee!" (translated and unreliable resources).

And so, Gooly has, on numerous times been challenged, "Why are you scared (to jump off the roof).. My daughter is not scared of anything , you know.."

And of late, he's been called - yeap...a chicken.

I have learned long ago to ignore people's words. Especially those from a bitch's mouth. I wasn't palpably upset because I admit, Gooly IS afraid of clowns, heights, dark, rides (and me.)

Meanwhile, Gooly, being a kid of course was upset with the teasing. And confused probably. "Why they heck you call me a chicken for?"

What I did was a long list of things:

1. acknowledge his fear - It's ok to have fears. Even Moms have fears. (I am afraid of ghosts and chinese parsleys).

2. acknowledge his hurt - Yes, it's mean to hurt. But we cannot control what other people think or say. (But we can put out banana skin and make them slip)

3. counter attack - People say mean things and they expect reactions. If you get angry or upset or sad, they will tease you even more. So either ignore it, or counter it with a joke or a smart remark.

Eg: You are a chicken!
"Indeed I am. Pak! Pak! Pak!"

Eg: You have so many scars on your legs. Look at the coins!"
"Ohhhh! I am rich if that was true."

I don't know how soon he will learn how to give retorts (to other people, not me!). I hope soon.

On a related matter, I understand that Moms are more receptive of their children's characters.But men's perspective can be rather different. I was rather apprehensive about Papah's feelings. He is afterall a giant troll , looking fearsome instead of fearful.

I was glad that he understood Gooly's feelings, and admitted his own fears (ME with his credit card). We spoke about phobias, and how some people deal with fears.

I am super proud that we have approached this matter delicately, instead of the easy, "Nothing to scared. Not shy ar you!" and the classic, "Boys not scared of anything one!"

And I hope we sent the message that we accept and love him just the way he is - with all his fears or or even when he turns fearless.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kira kira satu tahun lepas..

When I left Bangkok a year ago, nobody knew I was leaving for good. I didn't tell anyone my intention. Not even the guards. Not even Ada's mom.

I guess I was just not good in saying babais.

Or maybe I just didn't want to say gubai (spelling it wrongly makes it easier).

And so I left my collection of bags, shoes and rubbish there.

And absolutely left my heart there too.

I remember it was an ungodly early morning flight. We left a drawing done by Gooly with the words, SEE YOU SOON in the post box for Ada's family. (it sounds like we jau-loe like that now.)

Little did they know SOON is 300 odd days later....

Yup..I am going to Bangkok. I think I am ready to say good bye to the kingdom properly this time. Weird that it sounds - that I am actually going there to bid farewell. But yeah.. I am gonna do the things that I had forgotten to do whilst I was there (for 4 years)... probably re-visit places that I really adored like Tonglor.

... and then to watch Siam Niramit, maybe.

... and then to Hua Hin and collect some shells (and pee in the sea.)

... to Central World to reminisce and curse those trouble makers.

... eat somtom and eat it like I am filling a 30 years quota.

This time I vow to take more pictures - the rice, the water, the clouds, the stray dogs. Basically everything Bangkok!

And then I will sing TIME TO SAY GOODBYE - with strong emotions at the airport on my departure date..

It's gonna be an awesome trip!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Car rides

I have two best friends whom I have known for over 20 years. We hung out at the school canteen, and subsequently at Modesto's and Brannigans.Of us three, I was the last to get a driving license. Hence I was always driven during those clubbing days.

And then we all started working as astronauts, and I started driving my space rocket. Even then whenever we went out, they'd offer me a ride. Of course, my house is also strategically located. It's always on the way to wherever we were heading.

Even now, I realised whenever we want to go makan, they'd automatically plan to pick me up first before heading to the destination - which they don't really have to. But of course they are thinking that I am often a single lady with a kiddo, and now with a bump (unless when Papah is around).. It's not really safe for me to drive at night. (Their hubs usually drive.)

But then again, even when it's day time, they'd come by my house so I can hop into their car.

Maybe they just don't mind driving. Maybe they don't even know why they come and pick me up as it has been kinda like a routine for 15 years? I donch know.

But..having friends like this makes life beautiful.

I am sho sho sho blessed.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

At a party

We have been invited to several birthday parties, yeterday's being the last one (not like forever..but for the year, perhaps). I can conclude that i does not yike kiddo birthday parties.

Why eh?

Mainly because parents talk about the same old stuff - schools, lessons, tuitions. I can smile and nod for 10 minutes... 15 at max! But seriously.. 2 hrs??? C'mon! I want to hear about your inlaws! I want to know about your sex life!

Heh... not really.

Come to think of it.. I am pretty disinterested in many things these days. Even my neighbour's gardener in tight jeans doesn't seem appealing anymore. Blame it on the hormones, k?

And then..there are the noisy kids. Gah! And yesterday the boys were such bitches - uttering I-don't-want-to-fren-you at every opportunity.

The highlight of the event was of course the cake blowing ceremony. For me, very much because it signalled the end of a much dreaded evening.. and for Gooly, it was the cake itself. I think that was the time I saw his face was giddy with happiness. He stood so near to the cake, salivating. He ate a slice, smacking his lips and asked for another. Finished that and asked for yet another, "It's for my mom.."

Awwww... I tell you. I almost choked in tears eating Optimus Prime's hand. That's until he said, "Can you share some with me?"Gee.. I don't know now if he was being really sincere in fetching me the cake or he was embarassed to eat 3 slices himself?

Oh well, the night ended with my solitary thoughts of, "I will never have the courage to organise a kiddo party."

...and also, "What a recluse I have become! A hermit! Totally anti-social!"

Is this what being pregnant is all about?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gooly's school

One of the things that I am really grateful for this year is sending Gooly to the right school. By that I mean I am really happy with what they are teaching there. (Disclaimer: My expectations and opinions on academia are some-what cacat, according to some people.)

First off, it would be his vast improvement in the Mandarin Language. I would not let the school take full credit of that because he has home tuition as well. Nonetheless the school has provided a conducive learning place.

I love love love the mandarin songs he sings. The current hit, which he will be belting out this coming Sunday's mini presentation is a happy tune about mothers' love.

"Green green grass, and the sky is blue
There are my beautiful moments
Whether I am big or small, you bring me everywhere
I am mama's baobei (precious)"

-Loosely translated by QTK (me -lah!)

The other day, as I walked into his classroom, he surprised me by popping out from a life-sized cardboard house. Yes, they have used a washing machine box to make a play-house. Gooly proudly showed me the part he painted.

And another day he brought home a recycled toy - something they made in the classroom using a cut up plastic bottle attached to a string with a balled up paper stuffed into a balloon at the end. You toss the balloon (with paper) up and then try to catch it into the halved bottle. It was really quite fun.

He has come to realise that he doesn't really need electronic toys. He has been asking for paper boxes which he made into airplanes which he played for hours. Sometimes I see him sitting on the cardbox, muttering and pressing on some imaginary buttons. I see his drawings which resemble some ancient runes, but they are engine parts of course. Boundless imagination when you play with self-made toys. Gotta love it!

Some parents worry that the school is not teaching enough. Hmmm.. I dunno. But these are what make childhood memories great.. Between learning how to multiply and learning how to be happy, I choose the latter.

So when you see Gooly, don't ask him what's 3 x 3 (heck, don't even attempt 3 +2!), but do ask him about recycling and taking care of Mother Earth. He is so good with the topic, he can be an ambassador, really. :)

Arithmetic can wait, saving our planet is more important for now, imho.

Kay.. you can sing CAPTAIN PLANET, HE'S THE HERO now to end this TGIF post.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A magic hat

The other day we were reading The Magic Rabbit in which the long-eared pulls out all sorts of things from a black tall hat.

It contains very colourful illustrations but very simple text. Something that would only take 2 minutes to read.

But it went on for more than that cos we were studying the images. I told him how the bunny's eyes glisten when it pulls out the best things he liked. And when he gets a little lonely, the eyes look kinda dull. I love how illustrators pay attention to details as such.

And I told Gooly just that - how the eyes are the windows to our souls. *corny*

At "the end", I asked what would he like to pull out if he had a magic hat.

"A magic hat with propeller which can fly me up," he giggled.

To where?

"Space, of course!"

Ohh.. ok. What else?

"A dinosaur...A t-rex! Hahahhaah."

And we spoke some more of what should magically appear in our lives. I love 'meaningful' conversations with gooly.

If only we had a magic hat..then I could...heh, like I am telling you :P

Friday, October 1, 2010


We have had bed-time stories every night ever since Galileo said the earth is round.

Sometimes he picks his own books. Other times he wants me to pick and READ! That's a lot of work, ok? It has almost been what..6x365 days that I have been reading to him. He doesn't care what I pick. It can be a dictionary, and he is fine as long as he gets to listen to my *ahem* sweet Macy Gray voice.

Sometimes I don't get it. He reads really well, but still likes me to do it.


Just now he picked Living Sunlight by Molly Bang. It's quite a new book. I have probably read to him 2 or 3 times.

Halfway through photosynthesis, chlorophyll, oxygen, hydrogen dll, I was yawning myself silly and wondered, "Duuk mudd kwai laaa...!" (What the shit am I reading this for?) Does he even understand the hippie love thy earth theme? I, thus of course, contemplated to skip some pages.

Now imagine this.. He was already on his upper bunk bed. I was down. He was facing the ceiling. No way he could see the book.

I was reading and yawning and then ... I realised that he has memorised the text cos I stopped mid way of a sentence and he finished it off.

Mind you, the text is neither repetitive nor rhymed, making it difficult (for amnesiac like me) to remember.

Plants breathe out the (oxygen) they broke off from the (water) and breathe in (carbon dioxide) from the air. Now plants use the (packets of energy) from the air to build... (CHUNKA CHUNKA CHUNKA)..

[words in parenthesis were his contribution]

And I have only read this with him a few times!

What do you call this? Hmmm..not photographic memory. Text-o-graphic memory perhaps? :D

Sometimes I think he is awfully smart. But then again, if you give him RM10 to buy a RM9 toy, he'd come back with a 50 sen ice cream with no change.


And oh, he doesn't even know how to spell 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' . Tsk!

(The book is very educational with colourful illustrations. Definitely for older kids cos it's packed with info which will put any Std. 6 Sains Rumahtangga teacher to shame. I was just being lazy when I yawned. Then again, a tad too heavy for younger kids (but not for my weird son).
If you haven't noticed, I do have a passion for kids books (for my own consumption.)

Gooly was hired!

It all started one day, while he was taking a dump..

With his two hands resting on his chin and his shorts and spiderman underwear hanging at the ankles, he asked in a very serious tone, "Mom, how do I get a job?"

Eh??? I also need help in that department lor!!

Nonetheless I thought hard and long about it. I suppose, first, you get an education, then you rub shoulders with those atas atas people, and voila, you get a million dollar job as a zookeeper.

Something like that...

But he didn't get it.

So I said, "You have to apply for a job. Write down what you can do. And I will see who needs hired help."

"What's hire?'

Tsk! Another long round of explanations.

"Oooh.. I see. Do you have mechanic friends? I want to work in a mechanic shop."

Hoi!!! Not offence to Ah Yap (my mechanic), but being a greasy monkey is not exactly what you are destined to be!

Anyways, he came up with a not so impressive resume.

I posted that on FB, and supportive friends started offering jobs. Most of them wanted their cars washed. I guess you don't get RM1 car wash any where else!

And so Gooly washed and cut and did some other odd jobs.

When asked if he owes any loan sharks money (sick humour which he couldn't even comprehend), he just replied that he wanted to work to save some money. (Fishy, I say!)

He didn't work for many Saturdays (don't need to call Talian Dera) cos I got really tired, and wanted to sleep all the time instead of chauffeuring him to work.

And so he has RM10 in his piggy. Don't rob him, plise. ;)

A bump!

Yesterday I wore a dress and looked hard at the mirror. I don't think I have done that for ages. But because I was gonna have my passport picture taken, I figured I better put on some fake eye lashes, add a mole on my chin and wear the Deep Blue Sea Big Eye contacts.

And so I stared hard at the my reflection.. and zoomed at my abdomen.

Oh! A bump has appeared!

I was so mightily pleased!

Before that, I was just fat. Now I am pregnant, excuse me! Teehee!

Thank goodness for my hormones, I am a happy mom-again.

Well, of course I have crazy friends who make me laugh and sing to me.

And a mom* who steals my sneakers (but that's another story.)

Yay! A toast to bums bumps.

*Oklah, she packs me grapes to eat at the shop too. I love her mucho.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I don't know you anymore!

Three months ago, things were fairly simple.

I got hungry, I ate.

Or sometimes I didn't.. (because Miss World is coming up).

Now, at present...things are a bit tricky.

Sometimes I feel hungry.... hang on.. that's not it.. It's just the wind. Proot.. Oei? The feeling of hunger (but not really) is still there.

Must be my panty is too tight.

Can't be.. it's 10 years old and losing its elasticity, remember?

Oooh... I know! It's the bra.. Duh.. Let's unhook. Never mind that I am in supermarket. Those boobs deserve a swim in the cups.

Sigh... the 'funny' (funny as in stupid even Einstein can't describe) feeling lingers.

Ok, fine, I will just order some chicken because there is nothing else to do.

Chicken comes.

Nah.. I don't feel like eating.


Goolymama, I can't stand you! Just go to sleep and forget about everything else.

But I can't sleep.....!

Maybe the panty is too loose...(oboi, here we go again)

To lolly.

So I was lying on the bed, tummy exposed. Prof. spread some cool jelly on my super (you- better-believe-it) slim tummy. I put my two hands behind, supporting my head. Totally relaxed.

"Oh the news on Susilawati is really terrible huh..?" Prof. said, making conversation as he put the vibrator...*hahahah.* What's that called? Scanner? Ok.. the scanner on my (do you believe now?) super slim tummy.

And there....Lollypop was doing a back flip sommersault!

Ok not so much of a sommersault. But prof. did say, "Oh, did you see that?!" and we both laughed, leaving the conversation of Susilawati aside.

I guess he/she was saying hello. Or boringly speaking, it could be that he/she was startled at that scanner jabbing into his/her territory.

But hormonly speaking -ah.. this lil fler is always doing something to get attention. Ever since I knew of his/her existence, she/he had made his presence known. My ma said, "Where got so soon? You shouldn't be feeling anything now!' But I'm telling ya! I feel it... The weight..the funny feeling.. and sometimes a little tickle followed by a loud fart.

I mean, its not like Baby is doing all the stunts.. But somehow he/she managed to manipulate my body system to send me the message of "Yoo hooo! I am in here.. It's dark and lonely...lonely...lonely..(echo)." all the freaking time.

As there was another patient waiting to use the machine, prof. passed me the images to hold. Usually he just clipped them on the 7 inches thick file.

And usually its a blob which I can't tell head or tail limbs.

But this time.. as I sat, staring at that black and white image, I was totally mesmerised.

I could see its head, femur, back bone, and little hands. The head was slightly bowed, the hand tucked under, leg bended at the knee. If I tilted my head slightly, it looked as if he/she was in a praying position.


But of course, if I rotate it a bit, the image looks just like a slice papaya on a plate.


Babies are quite a miracle, eh?

As I drove home, a temple was hanging up red lanterns. Of course, for the preparation of the upcoming lantern parade this week end. But I'd like to think, everyone is celebrating that Lolly is ok thus far.. :*)

To Lolly (I swear you can choose your own name later, ok?), everytime I see you on screen, I love you a little bit more. As of yesterday, the heart has been filled up to the brim - the feeling of awe and love. I guess when I see you in person, it will be over-spilling eh? Can't wait for that.

And every time I see your longer limbs, bigger head circumfrence, stronger heart beat, I say, "You go, child! Keep on thriving! Mama is already proud of you.. "

We don't care what the prof. said, eh? We are gonna be alright..

One question though, why do you like Nasi Kandar so mucho? *sratch head*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gooly dances

We got a new CD in the player.

I think my mom rummages thru the neighbour's garbage when she goes for her morning walks. Otherwise, why would there be a non-original pasar malam MODERN TALKING CD in my house?

Anyways, Modern Talking...the songs I know are Brother Louie~ Louie~ Louie~ and Yamahait Yamaso~ but neither of the songs came on after 3 or 4 songs. I was beginning to suspect that it wasn't Modern Talking after all because the singer sounded like a cross between Cher and Anita Mui.

Not that Gooly minded. He was dancing himself silly. It was hard not laugh. Despite me being a Jiggy Queen, my son alas did not inherit my dancing genes. His movements were stiff and too complicated. Out of the blue, he would throw an inappropriate kungfu kick. And then an awkward split in the air. The robotic moves were alright but a tad too predictable.

So Simon-Cowell-mom was in her usual position, lying on the bed, having a gala time hurling insults some cool dance moves. {shake your bon bon..yeah..that's right..shake it!} And then..

..he outstretched his hand and said, "Dance with me, Mom."


I was really lazy but how often do you get invited to dance by your son? Knowing that the next time he ask will be during his wedding day, or maybe not?

What the heck.. I put on my dancing shoes and did a silly twirl with my son.

When I have more energy next time, I will teach him the Y.M.C.A. (and then he will know not to ask me to dance, ever again!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It was probably 10plus.
We read some books.
He was tucked in bed, the upper bunk.
We said our nightly oath of love, and I turned on the laptop for some other chats.
He said, "Wait!" and he clambered down.
That's a lot of work, to be climbing up and down, especially when one is already in cute snuggly jammies.
"Are you trying to delay bedtime?" I queried with my eyes.
Not quite, I realised.
He fluffed up a pillow and placed it behind me.
Ahh.. it sure was comfortable.
But he said, "Wait!" again.
"What now, mister-i-am-not-sleepy?"
He replaced the pillow with his, one that is not smelly but soft.
"Oh no, that's yours. It's more comfortable. You sleep with it."
"No, Mom.. You take it. It's full of my love."
And he gave me a peck on the cheek.
Climbed up again.
Said "Good Night" one more time.
"I love you"another.
Lastly, "Good night baby.."

It was, I must say, a great way to end the day.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Xiao Loong

Brought the boys out to buy tanglung just now.

I was pretty excited as well. When I was a wee lil kid with ponytails, I always chose a bunny wabbit lantern.

And so there were rows and rows of colourful lanterns hanging from atop. We craned our necks to choose - ultraman, power ranger, doraemon, bumble bee...and others.

So which one did Gooly choose? Give you a hint: his cuz chose Bumble Bee the non-insect but robotic car.



I tell you.. Gooly is a traditional person. He chose the oldest design- one that dated probably way back when they first made lanterns.

I would have gone ballistic if he had fancied those battery operated ones. So there..a dragon with a wobbly head named Xiao Loong. I'm secretly pleased with his choice because of its rustic charm.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gooly likes Shanghai Tang..

You know, Michael Buble has said that his greatest influence in music would be from his grandfather.

It would seem kinda cool, to me, say.. if Gooly grows up and says that he got his influence from his yeh yeh (not to say that he is gonna be famous like Buble cos Gooly strums no guitar, plays no keyboard, and sings like his mom.)

I know he spends some arvos in yehyeh's room, listening to his gramaphone Lin Dan, Koo Mei and a few more artistes' CDs from the 50s. Or 40s, I am not so sure.

And my mom has been harping to get a Cd player in the room cos she claims that Gooly likes music a lot. Their kind of music, mind you.. which was very peculiar.

Anyhoo, we got a player now in the room. And Gooly plonked in the CD.

Gawd... the first time I heard the CD.. I was like...wut the fooooot??? It was sooooo depressing! C'mon Gooly! Let's go get some BEP! (No no no no..don't phunk with my heart!)

But nooooo.... he insists on some melodramatic chinese songs before he goes to sleep.

Well, the thing is.. after a few times, the tunes kinda etch on you. Kinda nostalgic.. kinda makes you form a connection with your fore fathers. I think he listens to them cos he wants to be close to his yeh yeh.

I dunno.. or he is just a weird kid with peculiar taste in music.

Here, if you are writing a sob story and need some background music to suit the mood...

KFchee chat

I love chatting with Gooly, seriously I do.

Today being the first few days of the school holidays, and an off day for me, I hauled my ass out of the house to bring him to KehEpChee. He wanted a Chickedee Meal.

He had a nasty habit of eating his nuggets and gulping down Coke after each bite. Kinda yucky..Anyways, I was telling him that I enjoy his company all the time cos..well, it's nice talking to him.

..and I added that he doesn't whine. He is always laughing. I like being with happy people, I said.

"Anyone that you don't like to be with?" he asked with a mouth full of coke and nuggets.

That caught me off guard, I admit cos I wasn't sure if I was ready to gossip with him.

"Anyone?" he prodded again.

"Well........there is one.. "

"Have I met him or her? Just tell me the name.."

"Uhm.. it's a girl." and I told him her name.

"Why don't you like her?"

"I don't think she is nice. She says unpleasant things."

"Uha..." and he munched more nuggets and gulped down more Coke. "She will learn her lesson one day.." he continued nonchalantly.

"Huh? Who? What lesson?"

"Your friend.. She will learn not to say bad stuff to you."

"Oh.. I hope so. Maybe..I don't know.."

There was a brief silence.

And then he started to attack the cheesy wedges. His chin was all stained with yellow-orange cheese.

"So you gonna be her friend again? When she is not bad?" he continued talking.

"You mean like forgive her?"

"Yeah.." he wiped his chin, signalling that the meal was done.

"I suppose I should.." I ended the discussion as well. He looked satisfied with his meal. And I am equally happy with the lil serious chat.

Sometimes I wonder if he is really 5.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

He is home

Everything is swell when he is home. The birds chirp. The sun is kind. The kids laugh.

Simple pleasures in life. A walk at the park. Roti canai at Kayu.

You can take away his toys.. take away his books. You can't take away that smile. The smile reserved for his papah.

Every month, he is what we look forward to.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The other day, I had a missed call from a friend. As usual, it's very habitual of me not to answer any callers on their first call - something I really have to resolute to change.

Anyways, it turns out that my friend hurt her back.. it was so painful she thought she was dying (kwacheong-ly speaking) and decided to call me to tell me that, should anything happen to her, I am on her list to inherit her Chanel 2.55.

She was joking, of course.

But it's kinda sweet that she thinks of me when in pain, and could actually plant a joke which only bagwhores like us understand.

Life is short. We should really laugh a little louder - find friends who can make us laugh.

And cry.

Later on, I received an sms which told me that another blogger whom I admired for her courage and positive outlook on life had passed on.

She once blogged she had cried for a stranger who succumbed to cancer though she didn't know his name.

And now, I bet hundreds of blogger stranger friends are crying for her.

I always believed when you have touched and made a difference in ONE, single person's life, it means you have led a fruitful life.

And Lisa has touched so so many, including mine.

To Lisa, a true Beauty of the World.

"Death may be the greatest of all human blessings." - Socrates.

Rest well, dear Lisa.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Come on! How can..

So malam tadi semasa I nak jalan pi kereta Ferari I yang merah jambu, I pun passing sama itu gerai makanan. I jalan di samping anak teruna I yang hansem macam A.R. Badul.

Tetiba sorang pakcik yang sedang menghirup rokok Dunhil sebatang tu berteriak, "Eh, dia tu laki ke pompuan?"

So I pun bertoleh ke arah beliau lalu berkata, "Aku ar?"

Hiak hiak hiak.

Beliau cepat cepat menyambut, "Anak you lah! Aku tau you pompuan!"

So I pun kata-lah, "Laki -lah!"

He also ketawa terbahak bahak. "Kiut! Apasal rambut panjang? Body dia tegap macam laki lah. Tapi muka macam ahmoi lah....."

Aparah...muka macam nie macam ahmoi.. Then ma very hodohs??

P.s That pakcik very free oh? But this is the 3rd time in this week, people doubted about Gooly's chromosomes make-up. Why boys cannot have longish hair in Malaysia? Like them. Not that I am so fashion-lah.. I just happen to be very busy becos of Merdeka celebration.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ke- 6

Only 6 weeks?

Ah well.....

When I saw the little tot's heart beat, it's like falling in love all over again.

Hello, Lollypop! :)

I'm so sleepy..

As for now.. every day, between 1pm - 3pm, my system will be on complete shut down mode. Nothing will stir my slumber..not even when there is a sale at LV stores. (Hello? You think I Lulu ah? LV never have sale ok??)

Thank goodness that Gooly has been an understanding bloke. Everytime that I can't do something (like the cartwheels) he states the obvious - "Pregnant, huh?" and his expression as wise as a sage.

As I undressed him the other day for a bath, I stiffled a yawn. "You look tired, Mom.." Yawn yawn yawn yawn... "I guess I am, son."

And here it comes, the wise words of a 5 year old - "Pregnant, huh?"

And then he added, "It's ok Mom. Why don't I bathe myself? You go rest."

Ooh.. ok.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Oh before that.. *melts*


"Baby has ears yet?"

(No-lah but..) You got anything to say?

"Yeah!" and he made a funnel with his hands, and shouted down my goolypop - "Bryan is notti.. you don't play with him, ok? What you doing? Sleeping? Wake up!!!"


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My meal buddy

Every time I bring Gooly out for a meal.. let it be for tea, dinner or brekkie, more often than not, he will tell me in his happiest "what a wonderful world" voice, "I'm having a fun time with you, Mom!"

Mind you, we are not talking about McDong or KFChee meals here.

It could be just a char siew pau over a cuppa milo (which we share.)

This lil boy is easily contented, I tell ya.

{This kinda makan outing happens fairly often, almost every other day. He must be one heck of of a happy boy, eh?}

This one, he is just happy taking a dump in school. :P

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's play, Gooly

I have said many times (or have I not) that Gooly loves playing masak masak. With high hopes, I went to the Ikea to check if DUKTIG kitchen stove was on sale last month. Of course it wasn't. Still a hefty Rm388. Dang!

I haven't bought any kitchen appliances for him cos I couldn't find any which are 'manly' enough. There are all sissy pink and pondan purple {and ridiculously priced}, save for one cute little blue rice cooker bought by Liucas' parents. :)


Recognise this toy? Yup, it's from Ikea. Instead of the usual motorcyle, airplane, helicopter assembly, Gooly has made them into masak masak toys.

Taddaaa... A coffee mug with straw and a coaster.

And he also made us play DRIVE THRU with him where we have to place our order thru the speaker:

Him: What whould you like to order? Set A or B?

Me: Set A - Nasi lemak

Him: Nasi Lemak is Set C.

Me: *roll eyes* (as if he really had a menu already!) Ok, fine. Set C. No chillies please.

Him: Ok.

*shuffles about to prepare meal*

Him: Set C done.

Me: Hey, I said NO CHILLIES! (Training him to face loonies in the outside world)

Him: Ya, I did as you said. No chillies.

Me: It's spicy. I don't want it.

Him: NO! I didn't put any chillies.

Me: Customers are always right. Don't argue with me..

Him: Oh..... *in a robotic voice* There-is-no-chillies-you-are-wrong..

You see, he thought if he were a robot, he wouldn't offend a customer by insisting that he is right.

Which is true... I mean, how do you argue with a robot?

Teehee! I love playing with Gooly.

Gambar hiasan

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hormones is trouble

It has been some time since I missed somebody.

Don't get me wrong, I say I-miss-you all the time. I-miss-you like, yeah, it's been awhile since we met, I wish we could meet up real soon cos I really enjoy your company but too bad it's hard to arrange so yeah.. I miss you.

And not the achy-breaky, heart-wrenching I- Miss- You, you know? Cos.. it's so out of control to be missing someone that way.

But yesterday, stuck a work the whole day, I suddenly had that guttural missing feeling. The type that spirals out of control..the one that makes you step on the accelerator so that you an go home and hug him..pronto!

I missed my boy so so much yesterday, the kind that transported me back to when I was 18. Damn those darn hormones!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Reflecting on the mini misadventure I had (driving with no money), a friend for the first time ever, didn't loe-tim me but offered a very sound advice - to fold a Rm10 bill into the bosom the wallet and never use it unless it's an emergency.

I began to think - why am I so sloppy?

I don't withrawl money.

I don't pick up phone calls.

I don't reply sms-es.

I don't charge my flat phone batteries.

I'm not bothered with emails.

Gah! What's happening to me? I'm in regression.. I'm rolling back to the 60s, eshewing technologies!

I had an i-phone which served more like a camera because nobody ever called me because everyone met at the park and talked. Little do I know that I am more popular now, here, (ahem!) that I really have to nip this nasty habit of not utilising my phone here, and try to be more in touch with people.

Sounds like I have been living in a cave.

I'm a fairly independent person but only when things are convienient.

Things were convienient in Bangkok. I hailed a taxi wherever I go. Papah got his claims in cash, and we always had money in the milo tin, under the bed, next to the spittoon. So we didn't have to drive out, double park, triple park, look left, look right, key in the wrong password, key in the right password, say a prayer, climb into the car, lock the door - all in the name of getting a measly RM50 lunch money.

And the company staff paid the bills. So how do you expect me to double park, triple park at the post office, press a number and waste half an hour of my precious life to pay for all the utility bills?

Of course there is online banking...but RHB sucks big time for online transactions.

I know.. they are all excuses. I have been so spoilt for the last 5 years.

Looks like I just have to grow up.

What ahbu has taught me

My ahbu didn't receive much education, and yet one of the most important life lesson she has taught me is : "Everyone is the same.. even if they look/act haughty, after talking to them, they are alright. We are all human."

In other words, she has taught me not to be judgemental.

I have, in my previous job, served VIPs and VVIPs. Some walked into the shop, with what appeared to have their noses misplaced, a few inches above their forehead. Yet, I always always served them, using proper polite English while exhibiting the aura of "I know you're rich, and I'm gonna be nice to you not because you are rich, but because I just want to." And very often, their stance relaxed, and it would seem to me, they could finally breathe.

There was this Ramona - very pretty, very rich. And cold... oooh so cold. Someone very hard to strike a conversation with. But I was always nice to her. And one day, she walked out the shop, and walked back in just to say 'thanks'. I wondered for the moment, "It must be hard to be rich sometimes, cos you can't trust that everyone is genuine all the time."

Silly me.. What do I know about what goes thru a 'taitai's' coiffured head. *chuckles*

Anyways, I think my ahbu has taught me lots about life, despite her Primary 3 education level.

I have a few years back drafted a list for Gooly.

What legacy do you want to leave your child(ren)? You know, raising kids is not just about feeding them and buying them stuff. You gotta teach them life-long philosophical lessons like "Don't marry a girl who doesn't shave her armpits.."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Driving with no money

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party. I used the tollway and as I unzipped my wallet, I realised that I have left my stash of million dollars at home. Shoot! Paid the RM1.50 with two notes and muttered to myself not to use any tollway on the way home.

We were one of the last few guests to leave. When we did leave, I took a wrong turn which lead me to desserted roads.. Double Shoooot!

...I followed the Road Signs to Sri Kembangan.. Bukit Kommonweatlh..while muttering, "Oh God Oh God..." and of course, "Quiet, Gooly.. I need to drive us home without using any toll ways..."

Finally, we came to Puchong, and I do know fairly well that I would reach home using the LDP. Only one toll to pay- RM1.60. Dare I rummage through my wallet for some more loose coins?

Of course I had to, manuevering with one hand, digging with the other while praying with a brain numbed from fear.. and I found -

One Rm1 note, 2 twenty cents, 1 ten cent, and 2 five cents - a total of RM1.60. No more, no less.

What d'ya say to that? :)

Thank you GOD, of course!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gooly - wait for me!

OK.. so most of the time, I feel like 'whaling' on the bed. You know like how some helpless whales get beached and they just lie there motionlees? Yeah.. I have been doing that loads.. Sometimes with flies hovering my open-ed mouth.

So I feel kinda sorry for Gooly that I am always tired. But oh, he is such an understanding boy. Sometimes when I 'whale', I hear the soft click of the door. He closes the door so the sound outside doesn't disturb me (or it could be that he doesn't want his cousin to come in the room and rummage thru his treasure chest). And sometimes, little hands chop up my back, in what he calls, a massage.


And so (again), when ever I'm up to it, I haul my ass up and do stuff with him, such as:

a. dance with him. Oh yeah.. he loves the way I jiggy.

b. park the car, and walk him to his classroom, hug, kiss, wave 'saranora' a hundred times.

c. sing 'Ghostduster!' a million times to his "Who you gonna call?"

d. read Little Miss and Little Men again and again and again..and then one more time.

e. do some 'Gym' which ends up looking like some weird sacrificial ceremony.

Wait for me Gooly.. I will be back in action! :D When I am, I will even do the jumping jacks with you...Meanwhile, hold my hand and walk slowly with me, ok?

Author's note: Sometimes it's great to have friends who just come and whoop you out of bed. "Get up, get dressed, get going" - beats lying on the bed like some hypocondriac.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gooly's classmates

I know how Gooly likes it when I walk him to his class. So I try to do it as much as I can, simply because he likes it.

Today being Thursday, the first period is P.E. So I lingered a while to see pig-tailed girls and snotty boys lining up choo-choo train style to the designated area for some hullabaloo actions.

Sure enough, their laughter and chatters came before their presence.

The first girl said, "Owen mother.. Owen mother...!" I felt like correcting her grammar, but a smile crept in instead.

The others thronged in smiling and waving at me.

And then Edison, more popularly known as Accident, flew me kisses with very very loud MUACK MUACK MUACK sounds. If it wasn't for his cute sense of fashion (very high-waisted pants, with shirt tucked in), I would have charged him for that. *chuckle*

And then I saw my own son.. smiling so happily with a loud MOM! And waving madly and smiling some more.

And we all heard, "Owen! I kissed your mom!" which drew laughter from everyone.

This Accident is crag, I tell you..

That would have sound so wrong if they were 16.. but coming from someone who is nearly 6, it gotta make you laugh.

Not wanting to lose out, Gooly of course ran back, and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Ah.. kids.. They are cute, aren't they? Especially when you don't have to spend 24/7 with them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was mucking on my bed a while ago. Yeah.. I tend to that a lot these days. Mucking and mucking and mucking some more.

Gooly is now rather self-reliant. So he was out there..somewhere.. in the kitchen, living room..doing something. Probably wearing his belt on the outside pretending to be Power Rangers again.

And then suddenly people were leaving the house.. for extra snacks .. or to my brother's house which is an annex to Toys' R Us. Woohoo..plenty of toys to play with.

Surprisingly, Gooly didn't want to go. He came in, looking so adorably cute despite his fashion faux-pas (the belt on the outside). Pulled his striking green Ikea stool next to the bed, and started paying me some serious attention.

His hair is slightly longish now.. and I do the crime of tugging his sideburn behind his ears all the time. He hates that.. Ruffles up his own hair every time I do that. But always with a smile. And that makes me smile too. :)

He then completed his work books while I lay motionless like a whale.

And then we heard a 'thump'. We hear that a few times in a day. It's the sound of my ahbu's walking stick dropping unto the floor. He hurried out to help nainai pick up her 'tongkat'.

My boy is sweet like that.

The outside world must have been bustling with activities just now - buka puasa, classes, dinner. As quiet as it seems over here, we two had a whale of a time too.. just mucking.


I noticed that Gooly, being a keen observer himself, has been calling people crazy. Well, yeah.. everyone is either loco or maniacal, but that doesn't warrant him the right to call people as such so honestly and openly. You never know what crazy people might do (I'm one of them).. *skull drilling sound*

So I put a stop to it. No more calling people crazy.

Yes mama. Sure mama. Ok mama.

But being a neologist or a word-smith, if you like... he somehow rounded up his brain cells and started to coin his own words (again) which are synonyms to 'crazy'.

He has done that before, making up the word Kum-Seng (to describe people like YOU, YOU and YOU!) but reverted to plain ole 'crazy' recently.

And then this time is 'cray'.

It's an adjective which you can use to describe your mother in law.

"Your momma is so cray.. she makes Britney and Lady Gaga look normal."*

Ahh... isn't it cool????

So now he still calls people crazy.. but it's just people do not know (except you).. which makes him safer, I think.

*we are not responsible if you are scratched off the inheritance after the usage of "cray".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Truth be told, I was not very happy last week.

Oh yeah..Gooly mama was depressed.

And usually when that happens, I would push the 'recluse' button and go hibernate in a cave.

And as though struck by M. Night Syamalan's no. 6th symphony (cos 6th sense freaks me out), sms-es, emails, messages started pouring in. Normally they are not so keen to 'layan' me.

"Worried sick about you.."

"Is something amiss?"

"Something is wrong..?"

I don't know how they know...but they knew! I'm just so glad (if not, freaked out) with their telepathic skills cos knowing that people care makes everything easier.

I hope, really hope I am equipped with such a skill too.

You know, knowing and being there for you peeps, even when you don't say it out loud.

So here's to you guys..

I wuv you guys.. for loving every inch and ounce of me, taking care of my mind and soul, and just being there. *tears*

(I curi-ed this song from somebody who sang this to me .. How often do you get serenaded huh? Once in a lifetime pun sudah cukup to feel worthy....:) )

Sweet Gooly

My ahbu was due for a hospital blood check-up this morning at 7am! Grrrr! Naturally my current situation makes it such a pain to drag my ass up so early.

Being a bit of a drama queen, my ahbu was contemplating on taking a taxi there by herself.

Gooly eavesdropped the conversation (carried out in Cantonese), and somehow deciphered a few words on his own (, and asked "Why is nai nai taking a taxi to the hospital?"

So I said, "Nai nai notti!"

He walked up to nai nai and in his sweetest, gentlest, lum-sei-yan voice, he said -

Nai nai, mingtien ni bu yau je ji chu hospital, hau bu hau? (Nai nai, tomorrow you don't go to the hospital by yourself, ok?)

I felt compelled to write that in Mandarin cos his 'hau bu hau' was really saccharine sweet. He was really afraid someone would kidnap his beloved nai-nai.


*yawn* So I was up since sleepy now....~~~

Sunday, August 15, 2010


While we can't escape the suffixes lah, mah, lor etc. in our daily conversation, I do try to limit their existence in Gooly's speech.. well, that is until he is able to switch comfortably from using them at mamak stalls to total wipe-out during formal presentations.

Today he convieniently inserted the dreaded suffix in his "I can't erase it" making it "I can't erase it wo~~"

So I casually corrected him, and said, "It's alright when you are speaking Chinese." I immediately regretted as soon as those were said so I back-pedalled quickly. "Nah.. even those words don't exist in Chinese. Do they? Wo.. what is wo? Can you think how to write wo?" I challenged.

I was of course being non-sensical. How is a 5 year old gonna write WO in chinese when I seriously and confidently thought the word doesn't exist. Actually I doubt he can actually combine W and O to make the WO (morpheme? Bah! Goodbye forever Semantics 404!) sound even. Ha!


He took a pen. Confidently.

And I went, "Woooooaaaat? Is he really going to crack his head over this?"

And he presented this...

Ha! (Thats wo meaning I, me, myself). Pretty ingenious.

And he proceeded with the presentation of the hanyu pinyin of 'wo' with its four tonal sounds. And because this character is pronounced using the 3rd tone (I think!), he suggested that we replace the usual hiao-hiao sing song 'wo~' to a sterner, more serious tone and more adjusted to the 3rd tone of the proper word 'wo'.

Are we all confused yet??

I think so wo~~...I mean wo! (3rd tone).

Gooly - The water provider

Since we got the bunk bed, we'd put a bottle of water next to Gooly's pillow, just in case...

And every morning, he wakes and gulps some water and I hear, "MOM!" and his little hand dangling from the top with his bottle. "Drink some!"

I don't know why the insistence on this rather annoying habit. I mean I can haul my ass up to the kitchen and get myself a glass of water anytime I want , right? Why does he wake me up to pass me something which I may/may not want at 7.34am? I was getting just a little ..very little annoyed.. Until...

Mamapumpkin told me "Drink lots of water to help with the morning sickness.." (a very sound advice!)

Owh.....You see how Gooly is always there doing little stuff at the right time to help me? Good Lordy for him!

It's funny how Gooly is always so 'co-incidental' - doing or saying stuff intentionally, unintentionally, at the right time at the right place, making me a very blessed mom.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gooly-the problem solver

It has been awhile that Gooly complained about his ride home. He didn't like to be the last to hop off the van.

I can't really ask the van lady to change her route. So I kinda told him to grin and bear it.

Every Wednesday, his face was glum when he realised he was taking the van home. Every Monday and Tuesday, he yahoo-ed that I was coming to pick him up.

And he would announce, "I'm the last one home again.." with a pitiful face. Something like, "I didn't get picked at baseball again.."

I don't think the van lady makes a good company.

I did feel sorry, and wondered if I should tell the lady to bring him home first, only ended up telling him, "It won't be long before you change school and don't have to ride in that van anymore.." and also, "Sometimes things don't go your way.."

Two days ago, he plucked up his courage and put in his request to the van lady. And whadya know... she sent him home before the other 3 students!

"MOM! I was not the last..there are 3 more in the van!"


Ah.. I guess sometimes you have to ask to receive. ;-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fedora Hats

The only thing that I adorn on my head would be caps. Sometimes I do wish to be living in other countries where you don't get stared at when you become more adventurous in fashion. Then I can don on fancier hats like Fedora Hats, and matching boots and scarf.

But then I know fedoras have been a must-have in the closet amongst bolder youngsters, the ladies especially. They must have chosen theirs from this site- fedora hats for women, with all the cute and trendy fedoras.

I like it when I see girls matching their fedoras with summer-like dresses. And I also like how Jason Mraz is always seen with one. Ultra cool, and laid back look he has, with that fedora of his.

Gooly's take

They say that I shouln't be talking much about it. Some pantang stuff.. But what the heck, can i just pretend like I having a monologue here?

Cos I really can't contain the mirth.. especially about how well Gooly accepted the news. I did contemplate on telling him later, but papah was really excited to share the news with him.

So he came tapping the tummy, very very gently. Hoping that its gonna be a mei mei.

And then he surprised me with his knowledge: you cannot run, mom, baby is gonna get food from you from the 'amber-likel' cord. And when I put the laptop on my lap, he said it's too hot for baby's comfort.

He told my mom that, "there is a baobei in mum's tummy". It's an honest mistake. He didn't know how to say baby in Mandarin. And probably heard baobei (precious) from somewhere else.

He was smart to ask, "How do you know you have a baby when your tummy is not big yet?" Ah...thats why parents always tell the kids only when the tummy is showing.. makes better sense to them, eh?

And he was all sweet when he starts collecting bolsters and such for baby: "Yee yee, can I keep this for my baby?"

Gooly oh gooly... sweet and tender (even though you have been watching tonnes of Power Ranger!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sempena Merdeka, the school has taught a lot about our country. Very the semangat and patriotic. So Gooly came back and sang me the National Anthem-

Nanah lumpahnya lalagu
Raya hidu
Bersadu dan baju
Rama bagia
Duhan kuniaga
Raja gitar
Selamak bertakde...

He also told me that our national flag has four colours - yellow for the king and queen, red for bravery, white for the many people (races) and blue - "I forgot what."

The flag is called Jagung Gemilang.

The first prime minister went to London and told them, "You have to let us take care of ourselves."

That's Sejarah Hari Ini for you.. brought to you by Gooly.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lizard, You Die!!

There is a lizard staying under the lazy susan in my kitchen for yonks! Gooly decided to build a contraption to trap it.

First he did the neccessary research: "Mom, what do lizards eat?"

That would be mozzies, I think.

Then he quickly put his ideas on blueprint.

Tadaa..Presenting the patented Super Fast Canon Lizard Trap!

Stupid image wouldn't be turned..Just tilt your head-lah, ok? Those ketul ketul are not shits..but clouds.

From what I understand:
1. it's a machine which runs on Solar power.
2. it's shaped like a canon, works like a canon, shooting out a net to capture the lizard.
3. there will be some mozzies in a basket to lure the lizard

Stupid image wouldn' I repeating myself here? Say, I am!

Each parts are labeled accordingly. I like that he has been very thorough with his design- putting in wheels and a handle to push it.

When he was done designing, I gave him a two thumbs up! Impressed indeed I was. But then he asked for a fund and a trip to the hardware shop to materialise his creation. Dang! Son, I thought we play-play only..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KL-chi -chi

"I dunno why Mom is more excited than me."

Today Gooly went on his 2nd school field trip. The first one was to some Milk Candy theater show which he didn't quite enjoy.

"But I think I will enjoy myself this time . Hooyah!"

This afternoon was to KL city to ronda ronda sempena Hari Merdeka, I think. The itinerary was to National Library, National Mosque and then finally KLCC park. They were gonna just view the first two buildings from the bus window (pathetic!) and then down into the park for a sketching activity.

As usual, I was excited about his school activites. Felt all giggly when he asked for a cap and a sunglasses. Che...!Next time must remember SPF30. I sent him off to class and waited a good 20 minutes at the compound for the entourage to start climbing up the bus.

Err.. why you didn't partner a girl jek?

Pulled out my white hankie from my bosoms and started waving as the bus vrroom-ed out from the school compound while shouting, "Enjoy! Be careful! Don't get lost! Drink lots of water! Have fun!" to Gooly who probably thought I said,"Drink Guiness Stout later!" or something equally brainless. {It must be embarrassing to have a mummy like me.}

As I clambered on my own car, I realised that he was happily sitting on the aisle side, while his partner was seated on the window seat. I found that a bit peculiar cos I thought he would have kicked a fuss over the seat. So I asked him just now, "How come you sat on the aisle seat? Were you afraid you would want to go to the toilet too frequent? Didn't you want to look out the window?"

And he said, "We took turns. When coming back, I asked Darren, "Can I sit near the window now because just now you did." I used a nice tone. And Darren let me sit."

Ooooh.. I like that. Very much.

And so this is the Twin Tower which he sketched at the park. Good that he enjoyed himself this time. Yipeeee!

(Dulu my rombongan sambil belajar was to Joo Negara and Miujium Negara when I was in Standard Six. At the Joo, I makan KFC - sum hak dik yan jiong)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gooly's mandarin

When looking for a kindie for Gooly, I asked my good friend, "Eh, where is good?" And I went to the one she recommended. Had a shufti and registered him.

And then it was time to prep him for his Chinese education. So I asked my SIL, "Eh, who is good?" And I hired the tuition teacher she recommended.

Geminis are painstakingly cincai like that.

Thank goodness Gooly is the sort to make lemonade when given onions. I must say I am impressed with his improvement in learning the new language. Of course I must thank my father who is anal about chinese grammar. He speaks amicable Mandarin with Gooly - "liao" is forbidden. ("liao" is akin to our manglish "lah"). But naturally Gooly switches to ma and la when speaking to nainai, which I find adorably cute cos they come with an accent.

This morning was the first time I eavesdropped his conversation with his tuition teacher. He was telling her everything under the sky in Mandarin. And he seriously enjoys speaking that language.

Of course I was grinning from ear to ear, listening to his silly banters.

Wo yeh yeh chu jio kong ying wei yau juen chien... (My grandpa goes to work to earn money.)

Bu ger yi lang fei _______. Lang fei bu hao.. (Do not waste food. Wasting is no good. There is a blank cos I had forgotten the word 'food' in mandarin. Tee hee!)

At the rate he is going, I should consider enrolling him in Icelandic classes, which apparently is the most difficult language to learn.


The stock has arrived!

Ah.. Not stork.. Don't kancheong...

Tadaa...The books we ordered from school. Oooh.. I love it when the Scholastic catalogue comes. I wish I could tick all the books in the catalogue but Gate is not exactly my last name.

I love love love children books - the humour, the illustrations, the moral stories.

Our collection over the years. We have a couple more boxes in Bkk. Can't wait to have them back.

When Gooly came home from school yesterday, he devoured each and everyone of them like a vulture would, a carcass.

So today, after taking a dump, he described to me the size of his two-piece-dung in great detail.

"One is big, one is small. One is like a caterpillar...long... And the other is like an asteroid. Hard rock, and small." (Asteroid - must be from the new book SPACE IQ).

I thought he sounded like a scholar (though the topic is about brown chocolate impersonator)!

There is another book which we both adore.. "There is a Frog in My Throat", a book on similes, metaphors, idioms and such, with clever illustrations and easy to understand explanations. I'm also learning as I read with him. Like instead of saying, "I think stock market prices will go down", I will just say,"I'm bearish" from now onwards.

Though he can read now on his own, he still enjoys me reading to him. As he says, "I like your voice." I don't mind really cos I have been told, many times, this bonding session will come to a halt in due time.

While we got "I love you as deep as the sea, as high as a mountain" from another book, he improvised his own proclamations of love with -

"I love you as colourful as the rainbow."

"I love you as far as space."

These are words that only literacy can teach a child.

I'm so buying some more books.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Proud Me

Today was the first day Gooly went back to school after two weeks hospital get-a-way and home recovery.

It seems that he misses school and his friends.

When I went to pick him up, the 'laozhi' told me that the class had learned an extensive list of words, which Gooly of course doesn't know yet. Thus, he appears to be at lost during lessons.

Oh yes, I have anticipated this.

And then the teacher continued, "Usually he is the first to read out the chinese words, but today he looked worried that he doesn't know them.. I told him not to worry, he will catch up soon."

Oh.... I didn't know that - that he always tells out the answers. I always thought that he was doing OK in school.. But hearing this means he is doing much better than I thought. If I dug more, there should be more smart alec tales.Contohnya he spelt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by himself during pee break.

*dream on*

Ah.. me is proud yo.

Gooly the apprentice

We were revamping the room a bit, and got an electrician to come in to do some electrocution works.

Gooly did the silliest things - grabbed a stool and parked it next to him and watched him cut wires and such like an apprentice would.

And then he asked what would seem like a question he was dying to spew out:

"Did you ever get zapped before?"


Fullat - I quickly ushered him out with the usual, "Don't kajiau uncle working..."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kicking S

It has been a few days since he was discharged. Regards , well wishes and treats in the form of pressies and food kept pouring in. He must have been the luckiest boy to have fallen sick and recovered with so much love, affection and attention.

Oh, and if he asked you for an ice cream that he claims that you owe him, that's because I used your name while coaxing him to drink up his medicine no. 9 or 12 for the day. :D

Edamame came by to pass him THRUST - an ultra cool Transformer jet which he is holding to sleep now. I had a little conversation about how thankful he should be - that he is all healthy now, and eating, and being surrounded by awesome kick-ass people (I used a more child -friendly term).

+Be thankful for the food you are eating (which was Esquire Kitchen's Yongchow fried rice)

+Be thankful for the car Mom's driving (which qualifies to be in the Museum)

+Be thankful for all the pressies (which come from Mom's kick-ass friends)

..and a couple more 'thanksgiving' preaches.

And he graciously added:

"We must thank God for making us too, Mom"

Ahh.. I thought that was a pretty kick-ass proclamation from a 5 year old.

Ooh.. I do thank God every day for bringing you into our lives and making you so easy to love , Gooly.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The stork delivers the baby!

Long time ago, Gooly wondered where do babies come from. I told him from the shin, of course. Kakakakakkakakaa! Kidding.... But that has gotta be the most ridiculous non-sex tale my friend's mom told her....

...when she was 12! Can you freaking belief it? How do babies fit into a shin? Then again, how does a baby fit into the Virginia Valley, the kids would wonder. So shin vagina shin vagina - *shrug* no diff!

Me being a Science student *ahem* of course told him about the sperm and egg, omitting the frolicking parts and then fast forward to nine months later. He was ok with the answer until recently.....

"How do papah's sperms go into your stomach?"

Jeng jeng jeng.

Jeng jeng jeng.

Jeng jeng jeng.

How-lah? So far my answer has been, "Look over there! A spaceship!"

I don't think this tactic can work till he is 8! Gah!

Me thinks he is a very analytical .. Did I say anal? Yes I did.. ANALytical boy. It makes sense, doesn't it? To wonder about the steps. He is clever to suspect that I have been short-changing him some important information.

So, what did your parents tell you?

a.The stork delivers you?
b. They found you in the dustbin?
c. You ask one more time, I slap you with the slipper?

or the cleverest...

d. Look over there! A spaceship!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Goolymama got a pat yo...

This afternoon while having lunch, an elderly couple came to sit with us. Being a magnet for old folks, Gooly, as usual, got their attention and started discussing about Ben 10 characters (of all topics, Ben 10 isn't exactly his forte! C'mon, he could have impressed them with his knowledge of the Freudian Theory.)

The por-por was seriously very ill-informed of the latest trend. She doesn't know what/who is Ben 10. And was slightly aghast at the sight of the hideous monstrous looking characters that Ben could turn into. But she was polite enough not to tell me off for letting Gooly watch that cartoon.

Well, the fact is I don't cos we don't have Astro (is Ben 10 still showing? *shrug*).

She wondered then when she can catch the cartoon and on which channel. Only then I let the cat out of the bag - that Gooly knows about the characters through the coloring book which he was coloring, not through TV.

Oh, she was so pleased to hear that. (Maybe she muttered a silent 'thank god!" too.) She complimented me on my parenting skill (teehee! Little does she know about my infamous 'cactus' threat).

As she was leaving, she gave me a pat on the back and said, "You raised your child well."

Ahhh.... that was nice.

So I decided to pay forward some compliments. I saw a toddler, and told her mom, "He is so kewt!!!"

And I am still in the 'giving compliment' mood. Come see me, I'll throw in some nice pats on your back! ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lesson he taught me

Gooly has a nice face shape, unlike mine. It's almost almond shaped, though he insists it's strawberry.

A while ago, I was cupping his face, complimenting on the nice shape. He said mine is kinda round like a ball. I said, yeah.. (without sounding too much like a sour grape.)

He then wondered if my face has always been round, if it were almond-shaped when I was younger. He asked to see my baby pictures.

"I was ugly...Blergh!" I lamented.

"Hey, don't say that!" he quickly replied.

"Oh, don't be offended. I was just talking about myself. Not you. I was ugly, I said," I clarified.

"No! Don't say that about yourself. I will not let anyone say that about you. I will not say that to you too," he quickly came to give me a hug.

I admit I was touched that he doesn't let anyone, myself included to criticize myself

. But then again, I was using the past tense. Doesn't he know I am and I feel beautiful now?

*cough cough*

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tadika Idol 2

So today was the day he went up on stage and recited 7 verses of Shakespear's poem.

*pbbbbbbth blow into white hanky* I was so proud. *dab dab tears* My boy was meant/born to be an IDOL!!!

Kidding... not so drama, ok?

To tell the truth, I was rather panicky cos during rehearsal sessions with me, he was always goofing around, mumbling, reciting at bullet-train speed, scratching his butt and coughing a lot.

{Oh wait..before that. I forgot to mention that he didn't read a story after all cos I realized he could actually memorise a poem. But to be sure that 'blur and blank' moment doesn't happen, I made little clues for him on a paper just so he knew the verses in order. }

I brought an extra shirt for him to change but he didn't want to even though Iris was in a hippie dress, Angeline was in a princess gown, Ben was in a cowboy suit and another boy in a duck suit. Yes.. you heard me rite.. A bright yellow duck costume [though his performance has got nothing to do with poultry of any sort. Hmm...very peculiar indeed.]

So he wasn't vain (like me) after all.

We were all very anxious - me, papah and nanai . Yes! The whole house went as cheerleaders. I kept looking at him, and he kept giving me the 'thumbs-up' sign. He was pretty 'smooth' for his inaugural solo performance, I must say.

Most of them sang ( the 'duck' too), some recited poems, one played the keyboard and a few danced.. and soon it was Gooly's turn to go stage. [Say, I didn't know I could actually hold my breath for so long! ]

He took confident strides on the stage. Grabbed the mike and started his recitatation in clear crsip voice. He stood tall, head held high, arms at his sides (no butt scratching, thank god!). At one point, he forgot the next verse. I mouthed the word 'hawk' (the keyword for that particular verse) and he went on smoothly again.

Actually that was what I enjoyed most. Seeing the connection between moms and kids. We were there to give confidence. Just like Iris, whose mother went on stage to hold her hand to kick start her poem reading. And me, mouthing 'hawk' (and flapping arms) to help Gooly. I don't know about you, but I would definitely take leave from work (if i had a job) so not to miss moments as such.

At the sound of XIE XIE from Gooly and the thunderous claps from the audience, I heaved a breath of relief!

It's all over!! And it was my turn to give him two 'thumbs up'. Great job, Gooly!

I think it's cute and endearing how kids just go on stage and do their stuff. They were all having a gala time, not an ounce of fear or shyness was detected. I don't know how we adults end up as nervous wrecks! We should be just like them - having fun no matter what.

So, good job everyone! You kids totally rocked the stage today :)

(There are some pictures, anyone want to see them? The 'duck'..? Anyone? )

Tadika Idol Part One here.


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