Monday, August 23, 2010


Reflecting on the mini misadventure I had (driving with no money), a friend for the first time ever, didn't loe-tim me but offered a very sound advice - to fold a Rm10 bill into the bosom the wallet and never use it unless it's an emergency.

I began to think - why am I so sloppy?

I don't withrawl money.

I don't pick up phone calls.

I don't reply sms-es.

I don't charge my flat phone batteries.

I'm not bothered with emails.

Gah! What's happening to me? I'm in regression.. I'm rolling back to the 60s, eshewing technologies!

I had an i-phone which served more like a camera because nobody ever called me because everyone met at the park and talked. Little do I know that I am more popular now, here, (ahem!) that I really have to nip this nasty habit of not utilising my phone here, and try to be more in touch with people.

Sounds like I have been living in a cave.

I'm a fairly independent person but only when things are convienient.

Things were convienient in Bangkok. I hailed a taxi wherever I go. Papah got his claims in cash, and we always had money in the milo tin, under the bed, next to the spittoon. So we didn't have to drive out, double park, triple park, look left, look right, key in the wrong password, key in the right password, say a prayer, climb into the car, lock the door - all in the name of getting a measly RM50 lunch money.

And the company staff paid the bills. So how do you expect me to double park, triple park at the post office, press a number and waste half an hour of my precious life to pay for all the utility bills?

Of course there is online banking...but RHB sucks big time for online transactions.

I know.. they are all excuses. I have been so spoilt for the last 5 years.

Looks like I just have to grow up.


reanaclaire said...

hey, still havent grow up yet ah? welcome back to Malai si ah, si lai..

Anonymous said...

We need 7-11 like those in Thailand you can make all kinds of payment middle of the nite. Hope they have this soon before Papah go back for good.

Gargles said...

that's ok.... life still goes on. what's the big deal?

(pull u into water to sink with me)

goolypop said...

claire..forever 21 lor..

anon, yes papah..

gargles, u dun pay tax one, u dun comment..

tuti said...

haha, anon is papah ah?
better say good things then, since papah sometimes read in.
papahhhh is handsome papah is kind papah has lots of nice goodies that tuti loves to eat from thailand. cheap from there too. hehehehhe. *JOKINGGGGGG*

mahmeeee you are always in my heart lah, even though i tuti-ed. xxx

BoeyJoey said...

alamak... welcome to my club :-).

goolypop said...

tuti, i think so he is.. cos only he knows 7-11 can pay bills.. :P

What u like to eat lar? tell me.. i eat all for u..kakakkaka.

goolypop said...

Bjoey, eh, i paid registration fee to join your club mei? :D

Sinkaringam said...

ur fren is a genius! just hope he dun sinkalan you...

gunipork burger said...

sinkaringam, this time he sincere geh..He even say, call me at 999 if tayar pamcit..

Mamapumpkin said...

Ya man, grow up! Or be forever like me.....

goolypop said...

MP, u is one hawt mama.. i dun mind wor...:D


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