Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Of late, Gooly has been using a new word - kum-seng.

At first I thought it was yum-seng, sum-seng, poh-seng..but no..he's kum-seng.

He usually says, "Mom, you are so kum-seng!" when I make a blunder, fall into the drain or make a faux-pas.

..which makes me think, the word is equivalent to chimakan in our language.

...I think kum-seng is inspired, derived or originated from the name poh seng. Whoever he is. *shrugs


CY said...

He probably meant "Kam sort geh sam seng" but short form for Kam Seng.

Linguist Master Sinkar said...

as per the juvenile's dictionary of new words, it was stated as follows:

kum-seng: adj (kam-sing): to describe a person who is short, fat and ugly.

Example: waliao eh, u see that old cow, dam kum-sing!

Gargles said...

kum seng or seng kum? maybe he learnt it from some ahpek who also send his grandkid to the same school gooly goes to.


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