Sunday, August 28, 2011

Taking the lifts

One of the things that freaks gooly out would be The Lifts. No, he is not claustrophobic. He's just (very) worried that the doors would slam or squash him (or anyone of us) into pancakes {though I wouldn't mind a svelte flatten pancake figure}.


Every time we get into one of those things that go up and down and nothing else, he'd jump right in, crossing the line as though hurdling over a river of crocodiles. And he'd be so quick to press the button that holds the doors. "Quick, mom! Hurry up!" he'd holler.

I would push the stroller in and say, "Thank you for holding the door. "

Ding! When it's time to step out, again it's the same routine. "Quick, mom! Hurry up!" while pressing hard the "open" button that you will need a tool to pry his hand off it (if you want to totally freak him out).Then, again he jumps over the imaginary 1 foot hurdle onto safe ground. Very often, he heaves a sigh of relief while looking over his shoulder, as though he had just escaped from The Lift Of Hell *cue thunderclaps and eerie organ sound*

When we have company taking the lift with us (friends and families, not strangers) he always takes charge and lets out a very unnecessary command of "Out! Everybody out! Hurry!" with such strong urgency that we scamper {imagine 911 - people evacuating from burning buildings} *kancheong music*. makes me wonder....if he's so afraid, isn't it noble of him NOT to be the first one out, and just let everyone DIE in the lift? He is quite a hero, isn't he? Chivalrous too.

Yesterday he did the same at KLCC. We got into the lift which was packed like sardines. Me, with the stroller got pushed right to the corner. And he was at the front, holding the fort, so to say. "Mom! I am here, don't worry!" (I like that he's very responsible in letting me know he is ok). When it was our floor to get off, he insisted, as usual that I go first and "make sure baby is safe". A man noticed, smiled and said, "you take care of mummy so well! Very good! And thank you for holding the door for all of us."

That made me beam so much that I am sure KLCC was brighter than Saturn?

I am so proud of my Captain Gooly - the little boy who is in charge of lifts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gooly makes Lolly laugh

Her face lights up the moment she sees her brother. She gives a high pitch shriek to show her pleasure and excitement.

Despite me being the one attending to her hunger pangs all the time, it is not I who is her utmost favourite person in the world. This is a very serious offence of "kacang lupakan kulit."

Anyways..Gooly does this silly,simple monstrous ravenous UHM UHM UHM sound and it tickles her without fail - all the freaking time! I admit that I tried to copy the sound, but she just looked at me blankly which clearly says, "Mom? Hello? Save it!"

I had to ask Gooly how.

"You have to do it high pitch, and then low pitch. And fast. But not too fast."

Uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm.

No response.

And he did it..

And here is the video.

Darn. How hard is it to make an UHM sound? I make that sound when I eat all the time. Geesh..

luckiest gals

When mom announced that she was leaving the country for a well deserved holiday, I was, admittedly a bit worried about handling the two kids of my own, on my own.

Meeeh! If I could travel back in time, I'd tell myself, "Hey, Pretty..there is nothing to worry about. Your son is amazing in helping out. The best helper you can have!"

He's like the man of the house - that boy. He fills the tub up when I need to bathe lolly. Saves me lots of bending, reaching out, squatting work-outs. He scoops whatever hair (mine, I am shedding so much!) he sees floating. He talks to her soothingly. Gives high fives when he deems baby has done a marvelous job at "swimming". Makes her chuckles so much that the sound of laughter vibrates through the entire house.

Two days ago, we went to town to meet a friend, and have dinner. At the food court. My other friend (I do have more than a singular friend, just so you know) did let out a slight gasp, thinking that it was a suicidal mission. Ok she didn't say that. Maybe she said I was brave or something. You know, two kids (one handsome but ravenous, the other a time bomb unpredictable crying machine), a heavy Doraemon diaper bag (Doraemon as in magical, not a picture of the fatty round image of himself), a stroller (which topples if I lift baby up without first removing the diaper bag hung at the handle).

So anyways..there we were. Funny that I didn't feel vulnerable. Well, not funny once I figured out it was because I had the greatest helper - Gooly. He is so street smart that he pulled the stopper at the wheels of the stroller (so it won't get dragged away by strangers easily) while
he sat on a nearby table while I carried the tray of food. And he never let baby out of his sight. Well, not that she moves, but his eyes didn't wander off (to ogle at girls). Nope, not even one second.

And when Lolly made a slight sound of displeasure, he offered her the milk bottle, her pacifier, her finger and his own finger. In that particular order, but got stop at his last attempt.

He was so good that I bought him a milk shake. It is at times like this that I think he truly deserves anything in the world (but we settled for just a milkshake that day :p)

He's that perfect, to me.

I have asked if he would prefer a day out without Lolly so that he can do whatever he likes without having to care for that girl, or not have a trip cut short because she's tired or we ran out of milk. He is after all, a child too. He said no. "Never mind-lah. So poor thing if meimei stays at home.."

Lolly, aren't we two the luckiest gals in the world to have such a caring and loving korkor?

" There, there..don't worry meimei. Don't cry. It's ok..." - always reassuring his baby sister when she seems distressed. I *heart* <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We've been out!

I have been very brave, bringing lolly out all the way to town and back - solo. With a heavy bag. Very heavy bag...and a stroller...and a thousand bibs..and enough milk to feed the army.

I'm getting the hang of it...and enjoying the attention we get. Comelnya...sho cute...aiya, hou tuck yi...are words uttered by total strangers. About her, not me (ya! Ridiculous, I know!). And oh yes, "gorgeous" by a mat salleh lady. And also "lolilolili" by an Indian lady pinching her cheeks, and I'm sure she meant cute too.

What do you reckon? Is it her rotund shape? Or hairless head that's so appealing? Could be her finger sucking show too? Or the way she smiles revealing nothing but gums (and saliva)?

Ah well.. As long as she brings joy to the world..

Another growing up phase..

While one lost his first front tooth, the other has started to reach out (for the stars!).

My babies are growing up too fast! Blimey!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

she totally flipped!

official flip over Olympic event starts today. 4 .5 mths baby receives applause with a trace of saliva on chin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie without me

- Do you wanna catch a movie with papah?

- Sure.

- Transformers?

- I don't like Transformers anymore.

- Hmmmm..what other movie is there to watch?

- The Zookeeper. I saw the advertisement. It's quite funny.

- go watch with papah. I'll stay home with baby.

- Oh can come with us. Mei mei can stay with nainai,

- Nainai is leaving for {another country} tomorrow, remember?

- Oh yaaaaa! Never mind lah..I will try to remember the funny parts and tell you when I come back ok?

- Ok-lah!

(remember to leave some pop corns for me too!)


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