Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Truth be told, I was not very happy last week.

Oh yeah..Gooly mama was depressed.

And usually when that happens, I would push the 'recluse' button and go hibernate in a cave.

And as though struck by M. Night Syamalan's no. 6th symphony (cos 6th sense freaks me out), sms-es, emails, messages started pouring in. Normally they are not so keen to 'layan' me.

"Worried sick about you.."

"Is something amiss?"

"Something is wrong..?"

I don't know how they know...but they knew! I'm just so glad (if not, freaked out) with their telepathic skills cos knowing that people care makes everything easier.

I hope, really hope I am equipped with such a skill too.

You know, knowing and being there for you peeps, even when you don't say it out loud.

So here's to you guys..

I wuv you guys.. for loving every inch and ounce of me, taking care of my mind and soul, and just being there. *tears*

(I curi-ed this song from somebody who sang this to me .. How often do you get serenaded huh? Once in a lifetime pun sudah cukup to feel worthy....:) )


tuti said...

you're a gem yourself. a big gem. er, in a good way. not fat way.
somehow prof sinkar does it better at sarcasm. i should just stick to buttering you.

1Befrendars said...

ahh... no worries. we just sked of losing our ricebowl, suicide rate is rising and our PM says must not let it go up higher wor.

and also, invoice for the sms-es will be sent to you shortly, same address as the last time, eh?

(giddy up, everything will turn out good, for kind people=good rewards. stay in good faith)

1Benemyers said...

ahh... more worries. we just happy to maintain our ricebowl, suicide rate is dropping and our PM says must let it go up higher wor.

and also, invoice for the gigolo bill will be sent to you shortly, same address as the last time, eh?

(gloomy days ahead, everything will turn out bad, for wicked people=no rewards. keep the faith - bon jovi)

elvis bruno said...

i oso got sing song to u when u never mention?

ooooo.. mai laaffff......
mai talinnggg......
ai hungkerrrrr.....
foyor tash....
aronngggggg... ronitaimmm........

Gargles said...

Elvis, can u pls be ori sikit?

*snatch mike*

~ Ai wan nobadi nobadi butchew~

*shake shake butts*

elvis bruno said...

nobaldi is so yesterday!

*snatch mike, push off stage*

fui sik.. ah ha ha ah ha ha..
fui sik.. ah ha ha ah ha ha..

*put up a striking pose*

Karaoke queen district 17 said...

everybody ..allow me...

Yaaaat ahhh yiiip
Seeeeng aaaah jaaaau hui....

*finger selecting the next song :Joget tanam jagung

Elvis Bruno said...

*grab mike*

tang ngo lei!

siu wan thung siu kart.. hoe jung yiuuuuu...! hey!

Teresa teng said...

Dorng NGO sei kah?

*kick Elvis to floor*

~ni wen wo Ai, ni yoe ji fern~

Eric Tsang said...

I love u, u love me..mui kor leipai yat chi - wo ai ni!


Airon kwok said...

DUI ni Ai Ai Ai bu waaaaaaai.......


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