Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tadika Idol

Gooly came back from school yesterday, flashing a participation form at my face:


For a moment, my mind was filled with these words:" ocrap-ocrap-ocrap-ocrap-ocrap"


Again, the mantra of ocrap was repeated.

Why-o? You see, I do not exactly have a talent of any sort, except for maybe doing a darn impressive downward dog yoga pose. Oh, maybe nagging can be included in my resume.

And Gooly has not attended any skill-ed classes. Let's see what he can do:

a. breakdance - but I reckon his moves are for You Think You Can Dance, not suited for kindie level

b. BMX stunts and sword swallowing - AXN materials, not for under 5 to watch.

c. singing - do we want the teachers and fellow students to go deaf with his rawk voice?


And I know kids are going for all sorts of classes now. They will impress the judges with their belly dancing, ballet moves, soprano voices and recitation of the Tang Dynasty poems!


"So what are you going to perform?" I asked meekly.

"I haven't quite decided yet.." he answered, totally oblivious of the ________ he will be facing.

It's all in the name of fun - I hear you saying?

Yeah yeah... I know.

I wrecked my brain and reckoned that his reading skill is pretty ok. So maybe he will READ-A-STORY.

And I will COACH him - To stand straight, full of confident, speak in a crisp clear voice, smile a charming smile, have eye contact with the audience (and throw in a wink for the judge) - a winning formula for a story-ready competition, you think?

Gah! Wish us luck!!

Note: He doesn't do skills a, b, c that well as I boasted.
Note 2: I suppose he can do magic too. But he likes revealing the secrets and this may endanger our lives.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


In her line of duty, my sister deals with hearing impaired children and thus, she brings back hearing aids sometimes. Gooly was curious naturally, and asked what they were for.

"Super Ears.You wear them and you can hear noises/voices far far away. As far as the kitchen, from upstairs."

That is not the only prank she pulls on him. She has also told him that by eating chicken feet, he can run faster. (If you think this is not a prank, believing that chicken legs can indeed help you sprint or piggy brain in peppered soup can make you smarter, I can only point at you and laugh.)

Today my older brother told him he had a bandage on his wrist because he fought with Ultraman.

I can come up with far better and sillier craps than my siblings, seriously. But I could never use them on Gooly cos Momma is supposed to be strictly boring, honestly strict and boringly honest.

What a pity!

Ah well, there are other children to benefit from my eccentricity.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Control Max

(I forgot to publish this post last month)

I came home . Gooly was standing at the door with the greeting of, "Ahmah gave me 5 dollars and I am going to buy a toy. Can we go now?"

D'oh! Why do grammas always do that i.e giving away money for no reason?

I said no.

He was upset.

I was ready for a meltdown.

But hey.. nothing happened.

He just cried a bit, controlled his usual temper to the max.

So I said ever so kindly, "Alright.. you want to go to Pasar Malam?"

D'oh! Why do mummies do stuff like that i.e being fickle all the time?

But then he changed his mind, saying that he should really save the money instead.

This is a worthy piece of memory. My boy practicing self restraint! Like finally!

(Aiyah.. I know lah. Pasar Malam toys are not very enticing.)

Smell of love

My ahbu is an avid user of Minty Eau De Toillet a.k.a Minyak Angin Cap Kapak for headache, car-sick, sea-sick, air-sick, heart-sick, tummy ache.. yada yada yada.

When Gooly was a baby, every time after bathing, she would lather her hands in mild eucalyptus oil and rub her hands onto his tummy which made him giggle like Elmo.

Now that he is older, he is quite reluctant to have his tummy rubbed like that. He is a little embarassed, I reckon plus the smell is akin to durian (totally repulsive) to him. Reason no. 3 would be that he is uncomfortable with the tingling minty/heaty sensation.

But of late, he has been rather 'windy' and 'coughy'. So ahbu sat on him, and rubbed his chest with that bottle of ointment. Ok, I lied. I don't know how she did it, but Gooly has had his dosage of ointment every night despite his protests.

Yesterday, I inserted the idea that it was a gesture of love from Nainai when she applies the ointment on his tummy. I took a whiff and proclaimed, "I smell love!"

He caught on the idea quickly and asked me to breathe OUT the love back into his tummy!

"Hey, gimme back Nainai's love!"

Okeh.. I snorted noisily on his tummy. And he slept a happy boy, with a warm-toasty feeling thanks to Minyak Cap Kapak and Nainai's love.

Note: There is this episode on Friends where Joey forbade Chandler Bing to smell his sandwich, and Chandler returned what he sniffed by puffing air out from his nostrils. I think sometimes I live in a sitcom.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gooly = Calvin

One day, Gooly decided to draw a fire station with the usual suspects - me, him, papah and Ada.

And he decided that there should be a cashier counter in the fire station because, in his own words - "After we put out fire, the people will have to pay us. Actually they have to pay us before we put out the fire. And then they pay us after that too."

Let's not focus on his (unscrupulous) 'entrepreneurship' but rather on his creativity, shall we?

So I was put in charge of this very risky but high rank position, stationed behind the counter to collect money from fire victims. It was risky like hell because a robbery can occur anytime(or I get bashed for collecting deposits to put out a fire).

As we know he cares so much about me,he bought a million dollahs insurance and listed his name as the beneficiary added a weapon for me - a fire cum water gun which squirts the two elements at the same time at the culprits.

It's never an ordinary day at the fire house,eh?

After a while, he got bored and lazy and abandoned his sketch. So I asked, what happened to the rest of the gang?

"Mom, we all have to go out to save lives." And he flashed me a very'durh' look.

And so there I was, all alone in the fire station, risking myself, but I had no choice but to remain vigilant. Albeit it was just a drawing, but I have never felt so vulnerable in life.

"Berkhidmat untuk Negara."

Did I read too much Calvin & Hobbes? Gooly is soooo like Calvin.. Teehee!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gooly & nainai

I have said it a few times and I am gonna say it again:

Gooly is such a chatter-box!

I am really glad that I brought Gooly home to love and be loved by his Nai-nai.

Everyone knows I am irascible in the morning. Heck, even the boy who has lived, thus far about 2000 days, knows I am a morning monster (I mean Gooly-lah.)

We are so lucky that Nai-nai is available, all bright and cheery in the a.m. She makes brekkie, albeit nothing too complicating. The milo keeps his tummy warm, and peanut butter sandwiches with crackers in between make the 5 yr old kick start the morning with a smile. (I will never never let him put a cracker in between the sandwich. What the heckaroo? Sandcrackwich?)

Sometimes when I am at work, I worry that he gets palpably upset (usually with regards to losing a fight with his cousin) and I am not there to console him.

Ok, I am lying.

Usually he gets really upset when I scold him. And I am so glad that nai nai is his pillow of comfort. I am not kidding when I said PILLOW..cos you should really see the way he hugs and sobs into her bosoms. It's so heart-wrenching it's like you are watching a rerun of Oshin.

And then there are times that she splurges on him. A buck for the piggy bank, a robot (because it's the holidays), a VCD (because he is so good today), an ice cream (because it's so hot). There is a reason for every purchase. Do note that Nainai hardly buys anything for herself.

And there are the mini projects they do together like planting onions and potatoes. But from what I see, it might as well be called burying the food. I doubt they will grow, really. But the fun and excitement... gosh! Beats playing Farmville!

And then there is the same language factor - Mandarin. Oh the silly banters in that language. Now nainai can be funny because he understands her now.

And today, I left them in the car for a mere 2 minutes, and the ruckus they created! Nai nai was in tears - a real laugh aftermath! They were still laughing while relating a fart joke, which I didn't particularly think was that funny. You know, same old prroot proot proot joke. Oh well, maybe only suitable for 5 and 51 (+10)[thanks boey joey for pointing this honest mistake :D] year olds.

Nai nai always tells anyone who listens, "He is a good boy." I don't know how she says that with a straight face, cos frankly, he does give her a bit of a problem (like repeating something for a million times in a day.) Another old lady would have probably hung him on the cactus already. But of course, she meant it with her heart when she said that. And I am secretly proud and pleased to hear it.

There was one night that Nai nai went our for a wedding banquet. By 9pm, Gooly was already missing her. "I want nainai home. Where did nainai go?" When we did pick her up, he was so glad to see her that he ran up to give her a hug, and fell asleep on her lap on the way home.

Yesterday, I watched the Baby-Gooly video. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the part Nainai sang to him.

Are you sleepy, are you
Bada Jon, Bada Jon
Lalala lalala
Ding dong bell ding dong bell

Ha.. you see how she sang mixing up the words? But the love in her eyes and voice - gosh! She had loved him since day 1.


I'm glad we came back for Gooly to get to know his grandparents. It will be a lifetime regret if one lives, not knowing and loving them.

I do not have a recent pic of them both and my cameras are konk-ed. But what the heck, I am a photocopy of my mom. You see me, you see her. And you can see her behind too, doting on my darling niece.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Piceah Rekod

I actually counted.. it has been almost 2 weeks since Gooly acted up. Almost 336 hours of peace for me. Thus, I think it's quite a feat for him since 'tantrum' was kinda like his middle name earlier this year. (Teehee, I gave him that nickname.)

Ah.. Gooly.. my huggy-bunny Gooly. What happened 2 weeks ago? I thought you would never ask. Suffice to say, there were very high decimal cries in a car for a good 15 minutes because he wanted to feed the stupid fishes who live at the other side of town, from where we were heading. But I am not going into details about the 'fish incident'.. Wait a minute.. I have told you everything! Such transparency!

Anyways.. sometimes I look at him and think, "Gawd.. I so so so love him. He is so cute! (I kinda wanted to say CUTEST but I wanted to be subtle too).I can't imagine not having him at all! I should have just let him fed the fish. "

See, I am now a holier than thou, my milshake is better that yours, self-sacrificial, no identity sucker soccer mom! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Run... run... It's too late for me... You can still save yourself from this ZEN zone!

Kidding... I will be heavily ovulating (whatever that means) right before 28th. Come back and check me out. I will be all monstrous and NORMAL again then.


You know, sometimes I have very bizarre thoughts -

1. say if you like Hello Kitty, and they make Hello Kitty chocolate (aka sai) cakes, pudding, jelly and such.. would you still eat them? Or you go on a rampage? (@#$)&*! How can you eat Hello Kitty??!)

2. what if I asked the sales lady "Can you get me an L size?" for the toe-separator thingy they sell for pedicures. I mean like how can they sell such homogeneous products? Don't they come in sizes?

3. you know the straw dispensers in Keh Ep See and McB? Every time you press down, at least 4 straws come up. It's like they all can't wait to escape and be sucked by you. I have tried pressing down very gently and s...l...o...w...l...y and yet, 2 came out! Maaaan......... How come nobody has invented a better dispenser cos I am sure, whatever that is spewing on the counter, gets back into the dispenser. Imagine how many dirty hands have touched them.. (and how disappointed the straws will be to be back in the dingy dark oxygen-deprived space)

4. what if I have 4 kids...........

*jolted* Gah! No 4 is sooooooooo bizarre!

CeritaSSSSS Hari Ini

My (very good) friend, who migrated to OZ, came back for a holiday last week. Yesterday was her last day. So my ahbu cooked some tauyubak and tarpau-ed some yongtaufu for her. Of course, I took all the credits. See how nice and sweet my ma is? When you receive anything from me out of the blue, it's probably from my mom. But you must pretend that you don't know, and still thank me profusely, ok?


Somebody in a small town, 5 hours away, has been diagnosed with liver cancer, stage 4. Ok-lah, I tell you, he is papah's uncle. They are refusing chemo., and are trying to give him the best last few months. A cousin invited him over to KL so she can bring him out for foodies and such. But strangely, transport is not provided.

So I thought over it and decided to offer my service. I would like to make that 10 hour journey (to and fro) to bring him over. I really do not know this uncle very well to endure a 10 hour ride in close proximity (possibly divided into two days). And I reckon the feeling is mutual on his end. So he rejected my offer!!!

Heheh.. Phew~

Kidding. If he had said yes, I'd would have been more than happy that I have done something for someone who is ... you know what. (I dont want to say DIE cos not all cancer patients die.)


That day, Gooly came back holding an ice cream in a cup.

In a very poor thing voice he said, "Mom, I need to ask your permission first.."

Ohlard.. the ice cream had all melted. I didn't had the heart to say NO (cos he was coughing). He was so good, he wanted to ask permission first!

It's almost like him saving an ice cream in a pocket for me.. Not quite the same. But similar.

But as he slurped the melted ice cream, I wondered if this is a new tactic cos:

1. he really likes melted ice cream (weird kid)

2. he thinks that melted ice cream is not cold, and thus won't make him cough that much

3. he thinks if he waited 10 minutes, and resisted offers from NAINAI to chomp up there and then without telling me, then it's really OK to have that ice cream

Anyways.. I went, awwww........ such a good boy. Ask permission first ..yada yada..yada... Go ahead, drink your ice cream....

A SUCKER!! That's what I am.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mid term holiday '10

What did we do?

Water park. Bird park. uhm.. err.. ahh.. Is that it? Gosh! I think so!

But not that I am complaining. Neither have I heard Gooly grumbling about a boring holiday too. You know how some people line up a string of activities that they need a holiday after a holiday? Well, we are just not like that (mainly because of budget issues lah.)

We churned a lot of junks, as usual. Menus, business proposals, love cards etc.

We played hopscotch, bad badminton and performed as a rock band (with zero audience).

We went cycling. Oh! I love this. It was the day papah came back, and we just brought the two bikes out and started peddling away. At some point, papah even romantically took me for a ride (of course I am romanticising the whole episode. In actual event, I was hanging on for dear life, and screaming AAAHH AHHHH... with Gooly reprimanding us, "Stop! You two are gonna fall!")

Today we washed a pair of shoes. Weeee! How exciting. Teehee. Actually it was pretty interesting cos he made up a song that went:

Scrub scrub scrub
Brite and clean
My shoes are new
No more dirt
Scrub scrub scrub

And then he made a science project out of this otherwise boring task. He saw that his (fake) Crocs were afloat, and he wanted to soak them. Thus, he scurried around the house looking for stuff to be inserted into the shoes to sink them. And that activity lasted the whole morning.

And what dya know? The holidays are coming to an end already. So, we never had a problem with holidays. We always spend them as idyllic (and as cheap) as possible. Nice~

It's really not about where to go, but rather who you spend time with which makes holidays fun (cheapskate talking)

P.s:I admit! TVs and PS2 were part of the holiday's itinerary too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You want to live where I live?

Where I live is really convenient. Not because of its amenities but..because of Mrs. Lee. Remember Mrs Lee? My back neighbour?

Since the demise of her husband, she has been chummier with my ahbu. Ahbu of course is a sweetie pie, deserving good friends everywhere.

Anyways, this has been happening for months - Mrs. Lee buying groceries for ahbu with the help of Annie, her maid. And then ahbu will reciprocate their kindness by cooking and passing the extra bowl of curry or whatever to them, so they don't have to cook. A nice arrangement, eh?

Unfortunately Mrs Lee's children are uhm.. living in their own world (unlike me who CHOOSE to live in a cave.) But what warms my heart is that Mrs Lee has proclaimed before that she treats Annie as her own child. Sometimes she buys her RM10 blouses which is extravagant because Mrs. Lee doesn't buy blouses for herself even. And there are some food she can't take as she is diabetic, but she would buy them for Annie.

And almost every day, I kid you not..She buys us kuih, nasi lemak, laksa etc. because it makes her happy. Of course we reciprocate with ..gosh.. I can't remember the stuff we have exchanged but rest assured, from me personally there were cupcakes and mangosteen. This has been going on for months! (And I hope it won't stop)

Anyways, today's meal was even more special because... ANNIE! Annie, the maid paid for the roast pork because she felt grateful that ahbu has been cooking for them. Awww... isn't that sweet?

So ahbu said in smattering Penglish, "You no so very much money.. you no buy. You keep money in pokek (pocket), no more buy, ok?"

Annie smiled and smiled and said, "Nevermind......."

There! I hope you are smiling too.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gooly and his art

Gooly isn't the greatest artist. Like seriously, he can't draw no shiats.. Hehe.. Ok, this is a vedy vedy negative remark from his own m.o.t.h.e.r. ..I know. But do hear me out. He can't draw but his imagination.. my gosh! It puts my standard 6 art teacher (who criticized my masterpiece in public) in shame!

So yesterday, he drew me a picture - of three people (me, him and papah) riding on stars. Thats uber cool, me thinks. Nobody I know draws or talks about people in skies anymore. The last I heard was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and that is a good 40 years ago.

As I scrutinized further, I saw that the apartment was half buried in the sea with fishies swimming by. How cool is that? You wake, look out the window, and see.. GAH! Giant octopi! Ok ok.. don't let the imagination run too wild.

We are not BOB the builder, thus dk:dc (don't know, don't care) if the construction is feasible and possible. But everything begins with an idea. And living underwater is a great idea.

And we also drew on the sidewalks with chalks. I drew a beautiful house with smoke billowing from the chimney, and he added more details such as..

..a few dragons breathing fire destroying my house
.. people running out with crossed-out eyes screaming their lungs out
.. helicopters with + signs (they are ambulances)
.. booby traps to capture the dragons

They were so much details (though you can't tell what they are unless you ask), that I wasn't sure whose side he was on. You know, who are the real villains? The dragons or human? So I asked..

"The dragons are not bad. They are only eating the bad people who are thieves. The helicopters will save the other people (the innocent victims) but the booby traps will capture the dragons too."

"Whose side are you on?" I wondered.

"I'm just the narrator.."

Ohhh.. we are neutral in this battle. I see I see.

It's so much fun watching him conteng. Some have suggested art classes for him (cos his drawing sucks lah, I know) but..

1. he is not interested cos he is so confident that he can draw

2. it's quite boring to be dictated on what to draw, right? Like the infamous"RUMAH SAYA" (My House).

3. I will die of shock if the teacher suggests a clinical therapy for Gooly because his drawings are insanely out of this world.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What kind of eater?

DO you know who makes an awful eating companion? He is somebody who..

.. is not adventurous when it comes to food.

.. scowls when the soup is not burning the tongue.

.. curses when the rice is not soft enough.

.. wails when the waitress is not prettier than his wife. *ahem*

(Exaggerated details but you get the drift of what a fussy eater is..)

He is *drumroll*................

PAPAH! The most irritating self-claimed FOOD CRITIQUE!

(everybody ----BOOOO~~~~ BOOOO ~~~~~)

At the extreme end of the spectrum is his flesh and blood.

Presenting....*clap clap clap* MR. GOOLY!!!!!

(Pictures courtesy of Winn-iphone-lansi Photography)

See the joy on his face? See how he enjoys whatever food that is plonked on the plate? Granted, he is NOT that adventurous and cincai as me, but he still makes a good lunch/dinner date.

I am what, some people, would call "a dunno how to eat" person. I don't fancy chocolates and ice cream. Did I hear a gasp? Yeah.. I'm in the low low low percentile of 'chocolates-look-like-sai' group and "what's the big deal with ice-cream" association.

I also don't have a craving for anything. (Bags, yeah, but I can't eat those.Durh!) But I don't mind crossing the sea and swimming the mountains (note the disinterested tone) to go eat the hamchimpeang with you. Seriously, I won't mind. Cos I am happy when I see your oily mouths.

I like sushis and durians, though. Yeah, I like them. (I'm lacking passion in this area, do you notice?)

I have a friend who can find the nicest things to say about food. There was once, I brought some home-made chocolate cakes to her house for tea. The cakes were not very pretty - they were black and brown and resembled 'sai' (OK! OK!, I dunno why but chocolates look a lot like the remnants that I flush every morning!), but this girl took a bite and went, "MMMMM...... the texture is moist.. You can tell the baker had used good quality chocolates to bake these.."

I am sure she was just trying to be nice. She appreciated that I brought the cakes over despite them looking like 'you-know-what'.

Anyway, I went home reminding myself to be more like her - someone who looks out for good stuff to say instead of focusing on the bad. This is applicable for everything, not just sai cakes.

I have imparted that lesson to Papah. I really wish he can say nicer stuff at restaurants i.e those lights are so pretty.... the ice is cold and hard enough.. etc.

Ok, so what makes you go..."OMG.. I GOTTA EAT THAT *slurp slurp* OR I'D DIE AN UNHAPPY GHOST...."?? Do not say it's your own cooking, cos I'd boycott you (I am not a good cooker, and you musn't be also, to be fair,ok?)

(I know steamboat is on somebody's agenda.n :D)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gooly impatient

Two of the most common phrases you hear from Gooly's mouth are:

a. I can't wait
b. Why so long?

(a) isn't exactly in a cutesy tone where he asks about Christmas ... (b) has nothing to do with the length of his 'pennies'.

So yep.. Gooly is vedy vedy impatient which irks the the bejeesusssss out of me.

Last week, he wanted to have pizza. He asked Pizza from Nainai. He said he needs pizza or he is dying of hunger. He needs it now. Can't wait for the drive. The drive from school to Pondok Pizza is too far.. too excruciatingly far.....He moaned and twisted and frothed.

Yesterday, at 12 pm, he said he wanted to feed the fishies. He didn't care the park is deserted.. he didn't care it was too hot. He didn't care I yelled at him.


I used to be very disappointed whenever he acted up. I had very high standards, what to do.

But now... I feel liberated because I can actually blog about this and have a big grin on my face. What a relief! I have been constipated with this fear of punishing him too much for a while now.

I do still lecture him.. but nothing too lengthy. Try to keep it short and stern without making him overtly guilty.

I think we can survive better this way.


So.. I had told him, "I don't want to hear i-can't-wait and why-so-long anymore."

And of course, he said I CAN'T WAIT and WHY SO LONG even louder.

I glared at him.

And he said, "I was not talking to you. I was talking to the fan, the wall, the door..and myself. And.. I was only joking."

*breathe in breathe out*

Did I say I will survive motherhood? To be alive, I am pretty sure.. but to be in good mental health, there is still a big question mark.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surat siput babi

Yesterday when I drove into the porch, my eyes caught the sight of an envelope jutting out from the mailbox.

It was probably a 2 nano-seconds glimpse in which my brain said, "HeythatchinesewordlookslikeGooly'swritingbutcouldn'tbenobodybroughthimtothepostoffice"

Let me say it to you in slomo:
"Hey, that chinese word looks like Gooly's writing but couldn't be. Nobody brought him to the post office."

(The brain eschews punctuations in many circumstances.)

True enough. It was a mail sent by Gooly. He had written Papa Mama in Chinese on the envelope. I was so pleasantly surprised that I am still grinning as I write this.

I find it somewhat strange and comforting that I could recognize his handwriting. It was an old familiar feeling - just like when he was a week old, I recognized his cries amidst a sea of other crying babies in the hospital. FYI, his cries were kitten-like..uweh...uweh...wa wa... gasp gasp..uweh.. You know? Don't know? Never mind. Only mahmee knows.

So yesterday's mail left me with a pleasant deja-vue - having the gut feeling of "I-know-it's-you, Gooly."


Oh, the school helped the kids post the letter. I suppose they were learning about .. postman, post office, stamps... I think.. Gee.. what do they learn actually? :P

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was down with a serious bouts of achoo the other night and decided against the norm of bedtime stories with Gooly.

Albeit visibly disappointed, he understood the implication of being sick.

He sneaked out a little while later but I was too tired to ask why.

Only the next morning that I was told that he had actually gone upstairs, knocked on my mom's door and requested for a cup of water - a very tedious task, I must say. (He is afraid of the dark and the kitchen is pitch black.)

Based on my bad record, my mom asked if I had scolded him (again) making him afraid to ask me for a cup of water in the middle of the night. Yeah, I do scold him all the time, but I surely didn't the night before because I was too drugged, tired, sneezy, whatever. So I am pretty sure I didn't say, "Water? Drink what water? Go to sleep" or anything equally evil which I am capable of.

..Gah? Did I just reveal the evil side of me?


I asked Gooly about the water incident, wondering why he had gone to Nainai.

"You were sick. I know you need more rest."

Awwww... Is that boy the most considerate or what? *melt into a puddle of mucus and phlegm*

Also, I must say that every time he takes a cup of water for himself (during broad daylight), he fetches another for me, without me asking for it.


It's high time that I am treated like the Regal Queen.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

Today, I went to pick up Gooly from school despite my busy schedule. Heh.. like real. Actually it was because the van lady charges the whole month fee eventhough it was gonna be a 6-day ride instead of the usual 12.

I went into the school compound and heard shouts of "Gooly's mother!". Heh, yeah.. I am famous like that. Either that or Gooly is really popular.

So I was standing outside the class room, and saw another boy standing next to Gooly. He was showing three pictures and in an eager voice, asked, "What about this, Gooly? What do you call this?" The pictures consisted of a plane, a helicopter and a car.

Gooly scrutinized the pieces and said, "It's a Hell-plane-car." Maybe he said 'Planehellicar'. I dunno cos they sounded gibberish in any way.

To me, that is.

But to another 5 year old, Gooly was like a sage, cos the boy actually gave a very appreciative WOW! followed by, "Why do you know everything?"


Well, if he was Sinkar, I'd probably think that he was being sarcastic.


My boy shrugged and excused himself.

I put my arm around his shoulder and headed towards our car. Everyone was chirping, "Happy Holidays" merrily. I was in a jolly good mood myself. It felt like Christmas in June.

I love going to school. I mean my son's.

Gooly's many projects

Last week, we attended a hilariously entertaining Magic Show where Gooly picked up a few lauyar bluff kids skills. He came back with some plans and hurriedly put them down unto a piece of paper.

Owen 1.
Posag 2.
Win 3.

Never mind that the numerals were on the right side, instead of the usual left. Also ignore how No.2 and No.3 names are spelled wrongly. It was probably intentional to protect their identities.

Ok, so numero Uno is himself, to be assisted by No.2 and No. 3. Funny that he was actually the other two's apprentice earlier but he reckoned that he will be much better than they are later, and thus the 'demotion'.

I didn't want to be involved cos I think there will be some sawing actions, so I heard.

Anyways, I saw that he had kept his 'proposal' in his pencil case, folded into many folds. He seems serious about having his own magic show.

Besides being a con magician, he also aspires to be in a rock band. As usual, he has it all sorted out in his brain.

Band name: Transfour
Band members: Himself, papa, Auntie Joleyn and Uncle Martin
Instruments: 3 guitars, a drum
Lead Singer: Himself
Guitarists: The males
Drummer: The female
Technician: Mom

Yeah.. I get the lousy job of adjusting the volumn of the amp. BLEK! Not fair!!!

And for both shows, I HAVE TO PAY FOR TICKETS!! BLEK BLEK!

Anyways... being a supportive mom and all, I will assist in the logo designing later (T-4, how cool is that? Hehe!). And if we didn't get into any disagreements during the initial process, we may proceed with the next project - designing the album cover.

That ought to keep us busy for awhile.

P.s: Isn't it weird, sad, amusing that his friends are MY friends? Gooly, go find your own friends! :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ok so it was my birthday...

It has been years since I felt birthday is a celebration. Must be the macho thing in me which refused to acknowledge my own date of birth.

But this year....


It's different. So many people insisted celebrated with me.

I'm gonna list the things I got this year, though some are really not for my birthday, but I don't care and not shy :

a. siao cellphone
b. cupcakes and cakes
c. bag
d. necklaces
e. drawing of me playing badminton
f. face mask*
g. card
h. BMX
i. dinner and lunch and snacks
j. wishes via FB, Sms, phone calls, emails
k. parking space near entrance where-ever I go for the whole week (can you freaking believe it?)
l. funny song name dedication (Aku Bulatkan Harijadimu dekat Kalenderku)

Yeah.. it was a happy week! And only officially over on the next day after the actual date. Wheee... now I know why birthdays are fun!!

* Not ultraman mask..those facial type one arrr....


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