Thursday, September 23, 2010

To lolly.

So I was lying on the bed, tummy exposed. Prof. spread some cool jelly on my super (you- better-believe-it) slim tummy. I put my two hands behind, supporting my head. Totally relaxed.

"Oh the news on Susilawati is really terrible huh..?" Prof. said, making conversation as he put the vibrator...*hahahah.* What's that called? Scanner? Ok.. the scanner on my (do you believe now?) super slim tummy.

And there....Lollypop was doing a back flip sommersault!

Ok not so much of a sommersault. But prof. did say, "Oh, did you see that?!" and we both laughed, leaving the conversation of Susilawati aside.

I guess he/she was saying hello. Or boringly speaking, it could be that he/she was startled at that scanner jabbing into his/her territory.

But hormonly speaking -ah.. this lil fler is always doing something to get attention. Ever since I knew of his/her existence, she/he had made his presence known. My ma said, "Where got so soon? You shouldn't be feeling anything now!' But I'm telling ya! I feel it... The weight..the funny feeling.. and sometimes a little tickle followed by a loud fart.

I mean, its not like Baby is doing all the stunts.. But somehow he/she managed to manipulate my body system to send me the message of "Yoo hooo! I am in here.. It's dark and lonely...lonely...lonely..(echo)." all the freaking time.

As there was another patient waiting to use the machine, prof. passed me the images to hold. Usually he just clipped them on the 7 inches thick file.

And usually its a blob which I can't tell head or tail limbs.

But this time.. as I sat, staring at that black and white image, I was totally mesmerised.

I could see its head, femur, back bone, and little hands. The head was slightly bowed, the hand tucked under, leg bended at the knee. If I tilted my head slightly, it looked as if he/she was in a praying position.


But of course, if I rotate it a bit, the image looks just like a slice papaya on a plate.


Babies are quite a miracle, eh?

As I drove home, a temple was hanging up red lanterns. Of course, for the preparation of the upcoming lantern parade this week end. But I'd like to think, everyone is celebrating that Lolly is ok thus far.. :*)

To Lolly (I swear you can choose your own name later, ok?), everytime I see you on screen, I love you a little bit more. As of yesterday, the heart has been filled up to the brim - the feeling of awe and love. I guess when I see you in person, it will be over-spilling eh? Can't wait for that.

And every time I see your longer limbs, bigger head circumfrence, stronger heart beat, I say, "You go, child! Keep on thriving! Mama is already proud of you.. "

We don't care what the prof. said, eh? We are gonna be alright..

One question though, why do you like Nasi Kandar so mucho? *sratch head*


Fetus specialist said...

i think lolly is trying to suggest you to pick up some international culinary skills, not just nasi with fried egg.

(good job, lolly, way to go! can't wait to hear more of your stories)

goolypop said...

Lolly: Bluek! *stick out tongue*

Now now now...lolly.. don't do manners.. (in a dont-really-mean-it tone)

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, just you wait till you meet Lolly in person! You will not imagine the overwhelming, overflowing, over-abundance of LOVE that you are capable of in loving 2 children!

edamame said...

This post made me cry :) With such happiness amidst my insomnia-ness :) I love Lolly too. By default.

Cannot wait to shower Lolly with so much love and attention but will be sure to give OWEN super MORE :) LOL :)

tuti said...

lolly is a lovely name. gooly too, and that goes for pop too.
you have great taste in names..
.. really.. i mean it..

what doc says?! let's do it the lolly way eh, mahmee!
l love you already too, lolly. muacks!

goolypop said...

lolly takes a bow and say fank u all for loving me.... (i think its bon jovi's song sang out of tune)


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