Friday, August 23, 2013

The Vanilla

She calls herself and everyone who dances, a 'vanilla' (ballerina)

Oh how she loves to twirl. I bought her a tutu for RM20. I squealed with delight seeing her wearing it. Ya.. I squealed..she was just, "meh.. a poke-y skirt".

The first day she wore it to the park. She twirled so much she was giddy. I smiled just as much. "Look me! Look me!" she would say. Her hands up above her head, a true ballerina pose.

Oh how I looked at her. She was beautiful with her wispy hair blowing in the wind. Her face smug, believing that she is dancing..performing on stage.

The innocence of a child, before MTV, before Miley Cyrus ruins it for us.

Sometimes she asks me to dance with her. "Come, dance with me!" she beckons. Her head cocks slightly with a well-rehearsed smile, hand outstretches. I can't say no, can I? And so I dance. She happiest when I carry her and swing her around. "More! More! she says giggling.

I only have a tiny wish that she stops asking me to dance in public. While she looks cute, I am on the other hand.. you know.. Let's just say, I was born with 3 left feet with opposable toes.

Of late, she has started dancing Modern dance. I think that's what you call it. She rolls on the floor..gets up..hands outstretches pointing to the ceiling..and legs swiftly being lifted up at a difficult angle. That sorta expressive melodramatic moves.

Which ever.. continue dancing, if it brings you joy, lolly.

blog coma

Yup..that says it all. Havent been blogging for so long, if your tities grow, they should reach the ground.

So what happened was that I briefly mentioned about this blog to a new friend, and she gave a very kind remark that made me think, "say..what did I blog that deserved such kind words." And I did what scientists do, read up on what I wrote. was nice reading back the craps.. (worthy craps) I wrote. I should remember that I write to remember.  I shouldnt stop. For me, the kids and the entire human race. has been a good 6 months since the last post?  Where do I begin? How about telling my trip to Mars that didnt take place? No..that would be braggy.

How about the diary of the 2 yr olds?

And the life of an 8 yr old?

Yes..writing about them. The whole purpose of this blog.

I'm sorry I abandoned you. But ayam back.

I shall log in a proper pc and edit and post pictures. Tonight...we celebrate my love for you ~


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