Sunday, October 31, 2010

At a party

We have been invited to several birthday parties, yeterday's being the last one (not like forever..but for the year, perhaps). I can conclude that i does not yike kiddo birthday parties.

Why eh?

Mainly because parents talk about the same old stuff - schools, lessons, tuitions. I can smile and nod for 10 minutes... 15 at max! But seriously.. 2 hrs??? C'mon! I want to hear about your inlaws! I want to know about your sex life!

Heh... not really.

Come to think of it.. I am pretty disinterested in many things these days. Even my neighbour's gardener in tight jeans doesn't seem appealing anymore. Blame it on the hormones, k?

And then..there are the noisy kids. Gah! And yesterday the boys were such bitches - uttering I-don't-want-to-fren-you at every opportunity.

The highlight of the event was of course the cake blowing ceremony. For me, very much because it signalled the end of a much dreaded evening.. and for Gooly, it was the cake itself. I think that was the time I saw his face was giddy with happiness. He stood so near to the cake, salivating. He ate a slice, smacking his lips and asked for another. Finished that and asked for yet another, "It's for my mom.."

Awwww... I tell you. I almost choked in tears eating Optimus Prime's hand. That's until he said, "Can you share some with me?"Gee.. I don't know now if he was being really sincere in fetching me the cake or he was embarassed to eat 3 slices himself?

Oh well, the night ended with my solitary thoughts of, "I will never have the courage to organise a kiddo party."

...and also, "What a recluse I have become! A hermit! Totally anti-social!"

Is this what being pregnant is all about?


tuti said...

recluse don't eat cakes. they eat caviar.

Winn said...

come! lets party again this wkend..... ada free?

goolypop said...

tuti, i smoke curut.. class not?

winn, free! come! bar beque lala..


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