Tuesday, September 7, 2010

KFchee chat

I love chatting with Gooly, seriously I do.

Today being the first few days of the school holidays, and an off day for me, I hauled my ass out of the house to bring him to KehEpChee. He wanted a Chickedee Meal.

He had a nasty habit of eating his nuggets and gulping down Coke after each bite. Kinda yucky..Anyways, I was telling him that I enjoy his company all the time cos..well, it's nice talking to him.

..and I added that he doesn't whine. He is always laughing. I like being with happy people, I said.

"Anyone that you don't like to be with?" he asked with a mouth full of coke and nuggets.

That caught me off guard, I admit cos I wasn't sure if I was ready to gossip with him.

"Anyone?" he prodded again.

"Well........there is one.. "

"Have I met him or her? Just tell me the name.."

"Uhm.. it's a girl." and I told him her name.

"Why don't you like her?"

"I don't think she is nice. She says unpleasant things."

"Uha..." and he munched more nuggets and gulped down more Coke. "She will learn her lesson one day.." he continued nonchalantly.

"Huh? Who? What lesson?"

"Your friend.. She will learn not to say bad stuff to you."

"Oh.. I hope so. Maybe..I don't know.."

There was a brief silence.

And then he started to attack the cheesy wedges. His chin was all stained with yellow-orange cheese.

"So you gonna be her friend again? When she is not bad?" he continued talking.

"You mean like forgive her?"

"Yeah.." he wiped his chin, signalling that the meal was done.

"I suppose I should.." I ended the discussion as well. He looked satisfied with his meal. And I am equally happy with the lil serious chat.

Sometimes I wonder if he is really 5.



tuti said...

wahhh so mature.
can be psychiatrist even.
way cheaper. cost: k ap chee. (in your words, minus some syllabus)

goolypop said...

tuti, dunno leh..maybe we are the ones childish ar? always wan to angry at ppl..:P

I like SAI-kaitrist..

Gargles said...

I wanna treat him eat Mc Dong Dong (to korek who u were talking about)

goolypop said...

Gargles, i tell u now.. its T_ng_soh.

U need to buy a vowel here.

Mamapumpkin said...

LOL!!! I'm telling you, some of these kids are really 5 going on 50....oh, T1 is 6 as of this week. Gosh! Growing up too fast *sob*

goolypop said...

MP, ooh, gooly will join the 60 league soon too..*sob!*


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