Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Gooly

My ahbu was due for a hospital blood check-up this morning at 7am! Grrrr! Naturally my current situation makes it such a pain to drag my ass up so early.

Being a bit of a drama queen, my ahbu was contemplating on taking a taxi there by herself.

Gooly eavesdropped the conversation (carried out in Cantonese), and somehow deciphered a few words on his own (taxi..hospital..), and asked "Why is nai nai taking a taxi to the hospital?"

So I said, "Nai nai notti!"

He walked up to nai nai and in his sweetest, gentlest, lum-sei-yan voice, he said -

Nai nai, mingtien ni bu yau je ji chu hospital, hau bu hau? (Nai nai, tomorrow you don't go to the hospital by yourself, ok?)

I felt compelled to write that in Mandarin cos his 'hau bu hau' was really saccharine sweet. He was really afraid someone would kidnap his beloved nai-nai.


*yawn* So I was up since 7...so sleepy now....~~~

1 comment:

Gargles said...

nainai got say, "wo men yi chee chu hospital then chu gaigai, hao bu hao?" ?


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