Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A magic hat

The other day we were reading The Magic Rabbit in which the long-eared pulls out all sorts of things from a black tall hat.

It contains very colourful illustrations but very simple text. Something that would only take 2 minutes to read.

But it went on for more than that cos we were studying the images. I told him how the bunny's eyes glisten when it pulls out the best things he liked. And when he gets a little lonely, the eyes look kinda dull. I love how illustrators pay attention to details as such.

And I told Gooly just that - how the eyes are the windows to our souls. *corny*

At "the end", I asked what would he like to pull out if he had a magic hat.

"A magic hat with propeller which can fly me up," he giggled.

To where?

"Space, of course!"

Ohh.. ok. What else?

"A dinosaur...A t-rex! Hahahhaah."

And we spoke some more of what should magically appear in our lives. I love 'meaningful' conversations with gooly.

If only we had a magic hat..then I could...heh, like I am telling you :P


BoeyJoey said...

Hah! Like Doraemon's bag! Remember this old aunty should you have that hat, ok?

Dr Sinkaringam said...

can u be more creative and read him books from more famous authors like Muniandy 'Andy' Kumar or Zakaria 'Zakar' Din?

Gargles said...

can u be more artistic and read him books from famous artists like van goh or da vincci?

wenn said...

ya..if only we had a magic hat..

goolypop said...

Boey, siapa old la.... i dunno wor :P

Dr Sinkar, the books from the fofular authors all sudah banned leh...But i love "Satu hari Di pasar Malam" that book.

Gargles, I know lim GOh tong and Vinci shoes..

Wenn, hello.. what would u wish for leh?


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