Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kicking S

It has been a few days since he was discharged. Regards , well wishes and treats in the form of pressies and food kept pouring in. He must have been the luckiest boy to have fallen sick and recovered with so much love, affection and attention.

Oh, and if he asked you for an ice cream that he claims that you owe him, that's because I used your name while coaxing him to drink up his medicine no. 9 or 12 for the day. :D

Edamame came by to pass him THRUST - an ultra cool Transformer jet which he is holding to sleep now. I had a little conversation about how thankful he should be - that he is all healthy now, and eating, and being surrounded by awesome kick-ass people (I used a more child -friendly term).

+Be thankful for the food you are eating (which was Esquire Kitchen's Yongchow fried rice)

+Be thankful for the car Mom's driving (which qualifies to be in the Museum)

+Be thankful for all the pressies (which come from Mom's kick-ass friends)

..and a couple more 'thanksgiving' preaches.

And he graciously added:

"We must thank God for making us too, Mom"

Ahh.. I thought that was a pretty kick-ass proclamation from a 5 year old.

Ooh.. I do thank God every day for bringing you into our lives and making you so easy to love , Gooly.


smallkucing said...

alamak...he was hospitalised? Glad he is ok now

sinkaringam said...

when he is free? i need to pass him the toy i get from ding dang the sorfung chocolate..

edamame said...

Very nice pic at the end wor. Like shoot in studio wan. I like :) Hanscome nia your son.

goolypop said...

SK, ya..tanjung rambutan..but now ok..

sinkaringam, hole least dou yew LEGO STAR WARS one box lah.. ppl masuk wad worr...

edamame, hamscome sungguh kan kan kan.. :D

Anonymous said...

like father like son...

BoeyJoey said...

so glad to hear he's discharged and kicking ass now! go gooly go!

Gargles said...

guess now that he has sooo many pressies, dor 1 gor mm dor la, hoh? save mine for hari raya later.

goolyma said...

anon, eh how u know the father looks like Fujiko F.Fujio?

Bjoey, thanks thanks thanks! :)

Gargles.. ello? Merdeka first ok? Quickly pass two national underwear come..


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