Monday, December 31, 2012


Ah... little man is turning 8 tomorrow.

Didnt plan anything big or fancy. Just a simple dinner with family with a cake which we havent even ordered yet. No more characters cakes. Good that he is happy and thankful to have just a cake, any flavour "as long as it's with love".

Took him to buy a pressie of his choice. Took him a long time to decide on what is worthwhile. Nearly bought a kre-o box but he decided that it was too expensive. Went home empty handed but he is hopeful that he finds something cheaper and nicer another place another day.

Proud of you, son. You make good choices in life.

Happy birthday.. your birthday always marks the new beginning. Still holding your hands as long as you want me to.

Love love love n lots more,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Cambodia and back 15 hours. Thats what we did.

As mentioned earlier, we have dumbly forgotten that one can enter the Kingdom and stay not more than 30 days for each visit. Our tickets back to msia are 40 plus days from date of arrival. Too much enthusiasm, i suppose, for our yearly trip to our second home.

And so we asked around for the nearest border for a quick exit and Aranthaprathet is the answer. Supposed to be a three hours drive, but i think we arrived after four hours or so.

As what i have expected, the sight of Cambodia is a sad one. Not exactly a place to bring your kids along unless they are much older (like Gooly's age). In the extreme heat, we had to endure the smelly ditch and the sight of poor kids begging on the street.

Lolly was asleep in the car all the way, which made the journey bearable. Otherwise she will doing sommersaults and drive us crazy with her antics. We were warned (thank goodness for google) of scams, and were told the process of entering and exiting the border to be a hassle-less one. And true enough, upon arrival we were approached by so many locals who offer to do visa and tax which were not necessary at all.

I put Lolly in the sarong, and she dutifully let me carry her throughout the walk from thailand to Cambodia (make it sound like its a high-risk adventour, but it is just crossing the friendship bridge - less than 5 minutes walk?) Meanwhile, gooly was warned to stay real close with us. Well of course..the place is famous for drug smuggling activities. The scene of dusty roads with sweaty men pulling carts was exactly what we saw in the opening scene of a 007 movie. I felt like a secret agent already with my first step across the border.

For formality's sake, we went to the casino after much insistence from papah. Kids could go in as well. It was like walking into the supermarket! And lolly banged on the buttons of the Slut, I mean Slot machines. No money came out, much to our chagrin. We had buffet at the casino cum hotel - 169baht each pax. No complaints..but not impressed either.

After contributing to the economy of Cambodia with 1000 bahts at the casino, we headed out to the border again. The queue was effing snakey long. Guess many of them were doing visa run like us. Koreans, russians, chinese..all sort of nationalities. Some were there for the casinos though. And that was when lolly was sleepy and thirsty and tired and hot. Oh - uh..not good not good. Plus a Korean boy was teaching her all sorts of pole climbing stunts (or she was instructing him to do?). So we paid 200bahts to cut queue. Another contribution.

But there was another long queue in the small buiding. Darn. We took a shufti and wondered who we can pay but the officers were all stern looking. Sked...... So i made lolly cry and stood very near to an unattended "Visitors with children" counter. But still no one cared. Finally papah had to approach an officer and explained our predicament (a crying baby is no joke ok!). He kindly allowed us to go first. But damn! He said our passports werent stamped at the Cambodia side. We have asked the porter where to stamp our passports, and he said it wasnt neccesary unless we planned to go further into the town. Since we had no intention to stay longer, we didnt get them stamped lah. But hello! That was only applicable for Thais. Do i look thai to you??! *wave malaysian flag* Harrumph! Trust a porter for important info!

And so we detoured back, through the "friendship bridge" and met some officers who offered privileged v.i.p stamping minus the queue. Oh sure! Take my money..i just wanna go home! Another 700 bahts contributed.

Finally..stamped and back to Thailand and straight into the car. Drove till sunset and beyond....all tired and drained. All of us.But we felt a notch tougher, with qualities of a back packer who can endure forests and jungles and volcanoes!

Ok..only i felt that way. The others were like, what a boring hot trip.

Im gonna pin "Cambodia" as a place visited. Teehee.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Having a lil girl

Before lolly, there were many things i couldnt understand about girls. Born with a modicum of male hormones i couldnt stand many things about girls.

There are girlie things that i absolutely adore like little hair clips, bows, mary janes etc. But i coulndt stand frilly dresses, smallish useless bags, faux pearls, tiaras. Tutus are fine, though. Also, I couldnt fathom why girls need and want to play with freaky dolls or dress up as princesses. Gag! Gag! Gag! And i was suddenly diagnosed with Major Roll Eyes syndrome whenever i saw princess wannabes.

I know. I was so sick. I just needed a little girl to cure me of this strange anal illness.

And along came lolly. Ahhh...the giggly girl who loves shoes - the bigger the better. And bags! Atta girl! We shall share treasures together. She doesnt particularly like dresses. Or jeans. She prefers to be au naturale.. Is there a nude camp somewhere for lil babes? She dislikes any hair accesories but on some good days, she allows a simple clip on her fringe. And when that happens, i squeal....cos she looks soooo cute!

Very often, she rushes to attain any bags within reach (sometimes a plastic bag) before we head out. (Squeal again....cos its so cuteeeedee). And she hangs the bag around the elbow-line just like Jackie O. When the bags are too big (mine), she drags them on the floor. Blasphemy! Show some respect to bags, girl! And of course those bags were confiscated and placed back at the altar for worshipping purposes before more damage is done.

The other day, we went to the toys department. As usual, she played with the dinosaurs making realistic roaring sounds terrifying other little girls. I smiled a little. And then she walked towards some dolls. She kissed them, and rocked them, being all motherly (and cute, of course). And as we were leaving, she placed them back GINGERLY (a notable change) on the shelf and waved bai-bai. I was like "shut up and take my money! This girl needs all the dolls in the world!"

So i have over-come my anal-ness about girlie stuff. Not entirely. Princesses are still gag-able. But at the rate of cuteness she emancipates at every girlie activity or attire, i will be sold if she ever wanted a Snow-black dress complete with tiaras and make ups!

But before that comes...ewwwwwwww! At that tought. Yucks!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lolly at 20 months

Of late i realised that lolly has turned over a new leaf. I think she reads this blog and finally understood what i felt all this while. Not to say that she was "that" bad a kid, but i supposed compared to Gooly...lets just say i have it easy with him. Or maybe i havent remembered every thing well, only the rosy parts. If that is the case, i must give myself a big pat on the butt for successful selective memory.

Ok so... Lolly, i would a rambunctious kiddo. While it was fun to watch ( a little) her stubbornness, cheekiness and divaness, a part of me wanted her to be sweet and gentle. Lets face it, she will go straight to jail by age 4 if she continues to behave and believe that she is the daughter of Godfather 1,2,3,4 and 5. Or that she rules the world universe. I am so afraid that she will grow up kicking cats and all!

I wanted her to kiss me, and not say "NYO" just because that is one of her few almost phonetically correct words she can utter.

I wanted her to say please and thank you and sorry or at least show the same gestures, like all children should in their everyday life.

(there was once she stepped on my toe -physically, and her cries were louder than my yelp. I taught her how to say sorry. But she just cried snd cried like i have scolded her unreasonably. Well, my mom asked why did I scold her unreasonably! Applause..
applause.. sombebody give my daughter an over acting award please)

After reading my blog, I pressume...she finally gets it - how should a kid behave. Either that or my patience works. I held my tongue everytime i wanted to scold. I spoke to her in a mumsy way. You know, I listened to my own voice in home videos, i can puke at my own high pitch - all darling - ilafu voice when speaking to her. Gag!

I dont scold unless its about respect and manners. Every other mischielfs, i just bear and grin it. "Can you (effing) not swim on the (effing) floor cos its (effing) dirty, sweetie mushroom dingadum darling poopsie pie?" (censored expletives at tip of tongue in parenthesis)

For now, it kinda works. Ooh..the following parts is what i want to rave about!

Ok..hear this *excited*, she walks out of the lift and says 'tatu' to whoever holding the door. And she does it with a slight bow. Teehee!

And she accidentally hit me, ran off crying to her papah (like she was the one kena hit), ran back to me, kissed my wounded heart, sayang-ed my actually-not-so-painful finger. Awwww!

When i say, "Kiss mummy!" she would! And i ask for a couple more, she would oblige. With the biggest smile! And tightest hug! *heart melts*

Sometimes she stirs in her sleep, calling out "Ai!" and when sees or hears me, she smiles and lets out a chuckle, and goes back to sleep.

Its little things like these that make me know for sure that she likes me..loves me.

And the biggest joy is that she is eating more...with proper utensils! No more sweeping food onto the floor, or feeding the dog. She munches happily, and throws in compliments like "Hmm..naish."

Im loving my lil lollypop more n more.

To age 2 and beyond...!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

One of those days..

Today is one of those days that i looked at my daughter's face, and marvelled at her cuteness. Mind you, it is not always like that. Yes, daughter..very often i look at you and throw my hands up in the air in exasperation. Like the time you didnt want to wear your diaper (as always), saying NYO! in a very opinionated tone. I asked what do you mean will shee shee on the floor? You calmly walked into the toilet and pointed at the WC. Oh, i would applause, really if only you dont uhm...stand and pee.

*throws hands in air in exaperation*

ok, that aside...

You were really good today. *smilze* you woke with the cheeriest smile and you ate egg toast. Oh jolly good. There were days you refused cheese, yogurt, bread, anything the butler served. You wallopped some noodles for lunch with your favourite snack, edamame (that you never say NYO). I was impressed with your appetite. Come dinner, you ate almost a whole corn with some soup, sea weed junk-snack and a mini bun. You just grew another stomach, eh?

In between, we went swimming and took a nap together. Heck, you even allowed us to put you on the stroller to the pasar malam nearby. Despite being rather limited with vocabulary, you do astonish me with your observation. It's like you know how I roll. You take off my spectacles, arrange the pillow exactly the way I do - to 'ajak' nap time.

And you smiled at me so much. With your head cocked slightly. And your fringe is longer, so we put a pin, and it always makes your face rounder with your chin edgier. oh how i love to kiss the tip of your chin. It tickles you so much, your laughter echos through space.

And when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. :)

I admit there were days that i do get mad at you. You are so stubborn, strong willed...naughty! And i know shouting, scolding dont work for you. I make a conscious effort to talk nicely to you and to be more patient.

You have a shirt that says "Naughty girls need to be loved too!" I so know that! And I so strongly believe that.

And today, its just one of the realised that you need not to whine or cry to get something...that you need not to be naughty to get attention, perhaps?

Naughty or nice, 'ai' still loves you. But being the latter makes it so much easier.

Its really simple, girl. You already have a cute face. Just continue having fun without driving other people up the wall. You can do it!

Nike says so.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bringing Lolly out

Admittedly i dont bring lolly out much in kl. For safety reasons (of other people yo! This girl is dangerous yo!)

Ok lah, besides that, its also because she doesnt like to go on strollers, hates being in a car seat, runs amok, steals things ? And her paraphenelia of pillow, milk bottles, diapers, etc. breaks my back. .oooh! It's such a chore to bring her out.

But slowly i am phasing out the un-necissities. First to go was her milk stuff. No more drinking whilst in the car! That way i can just stuff money into my bra and panties and have twpo free hands to wrestle her when the need arises (or to cover my embarassed face, depending on which is more important).

I have taught her the "hands behind" trick. She is not to touch anything when we say "hands behind". It's not a guaranteed thing though so we still avoid crystals, chinas and other breakable stuff. For at least another ten years.

Everytime she goes into mishief, i stupidly say, "Hoh! Look! Uncle is looking." or auntie is looking. Or dog is watching. Or che che is laughing at you. *duh

Or when she refused to do something she is supposed to, i also stupidly say, "uncle say your rice" pointing at an innocent passer-by. Heck! She does what other people says...even when the dog asked her not to jump into the pool. Try "mummy says", she will do the opposites.

Anyways... We brought her to jatujak market. Crazy idea. Fun...but crazy.

And i carried her through the mazes of Platinum Mall, while repeatedly scared her with the mannequins. That was the most fun part.

We went to the zoo. It was feeding the tiger time. Ideas flickered. Yaa...feeding her to the tigers would have been fun to watch. The gladiator girl of mine would survive, i tell ya.

More about the zoo later. Another post perhaps. With only pictures. Of her head inside and out of the lion's mouth.

Dont worry, i will pixelise the lion's face to avoid gory scenes.

North bound

I feel obligated to blog, or to put it more aptly, to remember about this year's trip to our 2nd home, Bangkok. Since we went back to Msia in 2009 (i think), we have returned every year and i have never written anything for i fear the memories wil be bitter-sweet. I have never wanted to leave Bkk, and thus the bitterness but now i have accepted the fact that I have, and have fondly embraced the idea that Bkk is a yearly getaway. No need to be a sour grape already.

Ok, so this year we are here for 6 weeks. Our visiting visa is valid for only 30 days though. So it's another adventure we will brave through to get our passports stamped. Yet to plan where to exit and re-enter though. *grin

More about that later, i am sure.

To begin with, our flight to bkk was a smooth one. Mainly cos i prayed so hard that Lolly wouldnt hijack the plane or terrorise the other passengers. She fell asleep despite it being a 7pm flight. Phew! But of course before that, whilst waiting, she was running a marathon, and threw in some stunts of jumping over (and tripping) over people's bags. *pretend not to be her mom mode auto-on*

Gooly, needless to say (but still wanna say) was the greatest Manny on earth. He helped with all the luggage and grudgingly helped to 'control' the babe-ster. Sometimes he laughed (like when she fell flat on her face),sometimes he was amused (like when she called every white-haired male "kong kong" ) but mostly he was slightly embarassed and mang-chang with her antics (she was playing mahjung on the floor).

Meanwhile, i was praying fervently that her energy level will plumment down to zero upon entering the plane.

And it did! *cues music for "the eye of the tiger"

And then i took time to thank gooly for his help..and his patience. I woudlnt have made it without him, seriously.

In retrospect, the whole evening wasnt that bad. I'm just making her sound like a horror-terror cos i am sure there were times that she was one crazy tot and i have not written it down.

Then again, it could be im finally getting used to her antics. Nothing shocks me anymore (the stunts that she partakes). Heck, i am a pro at turning on "who is this kid? Somebody call the SPCA already!" look now.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cerita shex

Gooly is a bookworm. He reads every day, every night, every opportunity. He mainly likes non-fictions, stuff that send me straight to Yawnland. He has many science books, and of late has been particularly interested in Human Body.

So one day he was at the chapter of Reproduction.

Jeng jeng jeng.

I saw the opened book, and my super sonic speed reading skill allowed me to detect key words like sperm, penis, stiff, vagina. I walked away citing the sudden need to do laundry at 10pm as an excuse.

The next day, he asked, "Mom, whats the meaning of stiff?"


Stiff? You mean Steve?

Kakakkaka. I was trying to kid myself to loosen up my nerves. Oh btw i was driving, so it was a very very "dangerous" conversation. I was holding the steering wheel so stiffly that my knuckles went white. Thats stiff, son.

"the book says penis gets stiff.."

Uha..*de-accelerate to 30km/h.

"...and it goes in the "vegenta"...

Uha...Vagina, you mean. *parks car at road side*

"ya..thats what i said. The Vagenta. Thats how the sperms go to the tummy."


"and do you know how twins are made?"

Hooooo! You can Tell me all about it! *starts engine and accelerate again*

And that was it! Cheh..he already knew everything (except mis-calling miss virginia as ms vagenta which sounds so buttery). And the process of reproduction isnt exactly the point of interest for him. He was more interested in genes, cells, etc - all the nerdy book wormish stuff.

Oh well..not that i am complaining.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The monster

Finally, after Lolly came into our world, papah and i knew what is it like to have a tornado in the house, despite her being the youngest of the two. That is because Gooly grew from a helpless, immobile baby straight (kabam!) into adulthood. There was no terrible twos, horrible threes, stressful fours, fives, sixes, etc.

He was amazingly mature. It was like he hit puberty at age two without the hair and crazy hormones. He ate (properly) what we fed him, talked like Oprah (age 2 Oprah), and was very very obedient. We held hands where ever we went. Everytime people talked about difficult toddlers, we were smug and went "pffffthhh" -how difficult can they be. we know........... And this is before she even strikes age two. Oh the horrorifying tornado, loose canon, opened it whatever catastrophic simile you want.

To date, she has applied sticky mosquito balm all over her hair and face. Organic. They are darn expensive creams ok!! *clutch heart* exclusively from US ok! *wipe tears*. Half a tin gone on her (cute) face.

...she tells you she wants water to accompany her meals. Because she drinks so little, we jump and retrieve the h2o for her. And she pourrrrrs them into her rice. *tears out hair* and she declares victory by shoving the plate onto the floor.*screams*

... she climbs. Like up to the roof, if no one stops her.

... She runs aimlessly at the malls. Screams at restaurants. Pinch waitresses butts (oh wait..thats papah)

... She needs a good pat to lul her to sleep. Problem is, she will direct you to pat her bum, and changes location every 5 seconds. She wants the bum, no..the, the, back to the bum.. It can go on till the cow comes home. Same goes for the song singing. Wheels on the Itsy If you are happy...gah! Go to sleep already!!!

... She hits her brother, snatches his glasses, kicks his butt (not yet, but soon, i am sure)

Sure, i smile a teensy bit while writing these (except the last one. I dont like it one bit cos he is my baby too.)but at the point of time when it happened, i really wanted to recant my vow of not hitting babies.

Having said that, it is amazing how we can love naughty babes too. When she is asleep (or sick) we go all mushy and gooey, forgiving all her mis-adventures. Her tiny hands are so cute and soft to kiss.

It is strange how her size befits my body frame as though she is custom-made for me, no matter how much she has grown. When she was a teeny weeny newborn, i felt she was the missing piece of my life-size puzzle. And now she is still the piece that fits perfectly into my body and soul.

Its gonna be a long hell of a ride with you, lolly...We will get angry and threaten you with the canes, in due course. scared....

Actually, i am the one who is scared. Gah! Parenting books......gotta buy them.

Friday, October 19, 2012


For the life of me, i cannot Understand why lolly hates bananas. When she was younger, she would shiver like she seen a ghost whenever we fed her that. It became worse later that she would throw up whatever little morsel which managed to go down her esophagus. And since then she would shake her head vehemently whenever she sees the energy-packed fruit.

And so we stopped feeding her that.

Until yesterday...i thought its all about psychology. So i peeled off the skin, mashed it up and told her, "Try it..its Kapu."

Kapu is a good fruit name, dont you think?

Anyways, she was getiing all suspicious..but took an itsy bitsy bite to humour me.

Blasphemy! The look on her face! She went, "Nana!" - all horrified!

If she could talk i am sure she would go, "WTF! Its banana you feeding me! Whats wrong with you? I hated them when i was 6 months old! I remember the taste ok..what were you thinking? That i am 18 mths old? I"m 19 mths old, for fruitio's sake!!"

Well, her face surely said something along those lines...


Its so hard to feed this girl. She eats durian tho...but thats not like the most ideal fruit to feed a toddler. Why..cos its my favourite too! Dont wanna share-share ler..

After 19 mths..

She finally acknowledges me by calling me..not the typical ma, mom, mama, mummy...

She calls me "HI".

That's like one step above "Oi" (fml)

I didnt kmow she was calling me at first..she just walks in the room and calls out, "hi~" in her cute stitch voice.

Of late, its hi! Hi! Hi! When she sits in her carseat wanting my attention.

Or, "hi-hi-hi-hi" in a super loud crying voice when the dog barks and she searches for me for a hug.

Or, "hi! Ayu?" (translation: mom, where are you?)

I dont know how long she will "hi" me.

Strangely if you ask who is mommy, she points correctly at me. She calls kungkung, nainai, yeye, kuku, papa (oh! Her favourite), owa....

And all i get is a "hi"

Nah..i didnt swear during my pregnancy ah....not my fault ok that she is one tone almost to being vulgar..

Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's those little things you do..

Like waking up with the kids, fixing them breakfast, mopping the floor, washing and hanging out the week's old laundry while i take another hour of snooze.

Like filling up the car i use with fuel, just before you leave.

Like re-parking the cars so mine is accessible.

Like saying shhhhh to the kids cos mahmee is napping (crap, i do zz alot, don't i? Well, its a once a month treat!)

Like suggesting that i sleep (again??) in the other room so that when baby wakes for her milk, i'm not disturbed (but really,i know it's because i snore till the windows shatter)

Like doing silly stuff (letter E shadow - inside joke) to make your son laugh till tears spurted from his rainbowy eyes.

Like loving your daughter so much that for now, she allows no other male species to hold her but you.

All these and more, that i feel many a times that the wisest and the best thing i did for myself was to get hitched by you.

And just like your daughter, i say, tatuu..for loving us.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lolly signs

At almost 16 months, lolly is not talking much. Let's see..

1. Boh (ball)
2. Papa
3. Neow (cat)
4. Wowo (yeh yeh...i love u more than i can say. Eh, no..i mean Dog)
5. Ahwah (her brother's name)
6. Yeye, kuku, kung kung
7. Nyomoh (no more)
8. Neoh (NO)
9. Yesh (yes)
10. Cohs (close)
11. Dediu (thank you)
12. SupercLifragilisticexpialidocious (waaaaaaaaah....sob sob..waaahhhh)

Thats not a very impressive list eh?


She understands loads! And she has her way of making us understand her. She makes lots of audible noises (cute ones, annoying ones..but mostly puddy tat cute ), signs a great deal, pushes you, shoves you, pulls you..till you get her what she wants.

Actually i dont mind that, that much. Because if you havent realised, you have to look at the person converying non-verbal messages more than verbal ones. And it connects us even more when our eyes met, hands touched, smiles and laughter ensued when we finally understand her meaning.

The other day, papa joyfully told me that she pushed his butt out of the couch to the kitchen to get her some cookies. He smiled so much telling me that.

Today, i put her near our family portrait - the one with the whole clan of siblings and spouses and niece and nephews, grandpa and grandma included. She said papa, and pointed correctly at the person responsible for her small eyes.

And i said, yes, clever girl. Thats papa. Do you miss papa?

And she pointed out the rest of the family whom she recognises.

She spotted me. She turned and looked at me. And pulled my glasses out. She pointed at my image and said, "nyomoh".

Oh yes, i wasn't wearing my spectacles in the picture. But yeap, that's me. Mummy. Can you say mummy?



She always gives the right answer, by chance.

She then looked at other pictures and signed that some of her cousins were *slllluuurp* drinking, and hugging a bear.

We went to the bird park today. While tucking her to sleep, i asked if she remembered seeing birds today..with wings and beaks. She giggled and said, "yesh" (another fluke answer, probably).

Yesh, she speaks very little. But i love the way we communicate. It is very meaningful. Fun to watch. Full of love. And very warm. Especially when she has to hug you to relay a message.

Of feathered fowls (not really)

Gooly became a ranger of the Bird Park this year, thanks to a dear friend who paid member ship for him as a meaningful and thoughtful birthday present. This means that he can join their holiday programs all through the year.

The first one was held earlier this year, right after his birthday. But i was utterly busy during that period doing renovation of my palace and caring for the supreme diva of the household - the miss lollypop, whom if i am not mistaken was about to turn one around that time, which means i was also planning her birthday party (ahaks! As if it was a grandiouse event).

But being mindful not to neglect my buddy gooly, i registered him for the holiday camp nonetheless. On that day, something cropped up (the contractor showed up shirtless with 6 pack muscles to show) that i had to dash to the house immediately after i dropped gooly off at the park.

Yep! Dropped in..ok, stay safe, dont let the birds bite your birdie, bye bye..vroooom....

Ok-lah... The program stated that parents MAY tag along if they dont need to save the world..but because i just (had to look at those rippling muscles)had to resolve some logistic problems (oklah! I was trying to make it sound important but the truthh is i was just there to open the door for the contractor lah!). So, i just let him go on his own, citing "independence" as some character building agenda (again, like very important obejctive like that)

Before i left (of course i didnt just vrooom-ed off), i took a shufti around to see who were joining the program. Alas, i saw a lady with two kids and unabashedly explained that i am leaving my baby.. I mean, my son so that he can ahem..learn to be independent, but could she please keep an eye on him just to make sure that he doesnt wander off to the girls toilet. She said ok, bless her. We exchanged numbers..just in case (eg. a birdie bite his birdie).

In the duration of two hours, this kind lady updated their activities via smses. And one that made me migthily pleased and proud is that she thought gooly was very well -mannered and carried himself well. She told me also that he was jotting down notes and drawing birds! And not shy at all to show her the masterpieces. Of course she was being awfully nice and kind with words. I am so lucky i keep meeting random awesome people!

I picked him up right on time, as promised. And he proudly showed me his little notebook with pages of hand drawn birds (which looked like aeroplanes) and info about pelicans.

He enjoyed himself thoroughly. And i have just registered him for another program next week.

(actually upon receiving the notification from the park about the upcoming camp that i was reminded of what happened during his first experience as a ranger. Its worth noting down..this little story about his independence and pleasant review from a kind stranger. You didnt think i was really gonna talk about *yawn* birds, did you?)

That wonderful feeling

Papah and i were having a very meaningful conversation about what will happen when (not IF) we strike the lottery. I just had to share with him that my mom has decided to divide the sum of one million equally amongst us siblings. To top that, papah said he will bring me to some fancy boutiques to buy as many bags as my milipede hands can carry.


And then i was watching some silly tvb series at 7pm. Gooly came to me and announced that his uhm...equally silly cartoon starts at 7.30pm. But but my show finishes at 8!! So i pouted. But that didnt last long cos the show was i was laughing and grinning. Seeing that, my dear gooly said, "Seems like you are enjoying your show. Never mind la, i let you watch."


And then lolly came down with mouthful of nuts. She loves nuts. Seeing me, she smiled, ran to me, gave me a super tight hug, and put her finger in her mouth to "liew" some crushed nuts and offered them to me. I said no thank you. But she insisted and shoved them in my mouth. It tasted ironically sweet.


Triple syokness in the month of september!

Friday, August 31, 2012

My silly gal

Of late, i realised that i get angry till i park my hands on my hips very often. Most of the time it is right after lolly's bath. She doesnt want to get dressed whick irks the bejesus of me.

Every day..

She comes out of the bath dripping wet. She allows me to wrap her in towel. She wraps her arms around my neck. She even said "iwowu" just now. Which is really sweet until she yells nyeoh nyeoh....upon seeing her diaper and shirts. She then runs one full round in the room, shrieking, laughing, mocking me, saying nyeoh nyeoh nyeoh...
"Get dressed! Quick!" i say.

She laughs some more.

Until i park my hands on the hips, blowing hot air from my nostrils..only then she scrambles onto the bed...and i mean really s.c.r.a.m.b.l.e.s in a kancheong way that is too cute, really.

And she lifts her legs up exposing her derrierE, knowing exactly how i would put on her diaper. And she gives such cheeky smiles while doing that.

Why the big drama, girl? Why dont you do just that without me fuming? It saves lots of energy..for both of us, y'know.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I wish i have a bro like that..

I was assigned to drive harry potter to school today, because we predicted he would have post holiday trauma.  And Gooly was assigned to wake me up, because we predicted that i would sleep till the sun shines on my butt, as per norm.

And then gooly  went up to summon the prince.

When he they came down, i saw that gooly was carrying the small fella's bag.

Then he asked, "Do you have water in your water tumbler?"

After receiving a nod, he proceeded to check the container. Seeing that it was empty, he went to the kitchen to retrieve a gardenia waffle.

He then asked, "Do you know how to open the wrapper?"

Harry said no.

So gooly tore open the wrapper and tucked the square waffle nicely into the container. And he reminded him that it is in the front pocket.

All set, we went to school.

My bros didnt care for me that much when i was in kindie.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smooth operator

Thus far, gooly almost never got into trouble in school. The one "big" one i remember (forever) is the one he wanted to run out of the classroom and then demanded an apology from the teacher for scolding him. That was when he was in kindie. And since he got into primary school, the review has somewhat been "stagnant" - an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble.

Until a couple of weeks back..well, no no..he didnt get into trouble in school. Instead he got into big heaps of shit with me. No no..not that i was in the pile of shit with him, as in both of us were in trouble. He was in trouble WITH me. Ok, enough semantics!

So..i found that his handwriting was atrocious. Some homework undone. Ting xie with disastrous results! His lackadaisikal attitude fumed me big time! And i wondered, gasp! What other problems he may have at school...gangsterism, truancy, extortion, kicking teachers' car tyres and other illegal activities.

Thus, i went to the shcool to speak with the teachers.

"*insert real name, is an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble."




What about his doctor's handwriting? (no offence, doc)

Him handing in homework late?

...and other work-attititude-related questions.

I forgot what the teachers said, but apparently he has been forgiven. Why? Because he says the right stuff, like, "I'm sorry, I wont do it again."

When a child says that, without being promted, a teacher would go, "'s ok. There ..there..go back to you seat. Next time dont do it again, ok?"

And gooly nodded solemly and gave an appreciative "thank you" and turned around...smiled to himself, feeling pleased. (I imagined lah)

Thats how he stays out of trouble. He will just remain low-key, polite and "attentive". So when he doesnt finish his homework, he'd always get a second chance. Unlike those who blatantly, defiantly disobey rules i.e Poking students with a fork, dipping girls pigtails into chili sause, etc.

I know, he is not all good. He is just smart enough to wiggle out of trouble.

So i walked out of school, reminding myself to check on his homework more regularly, despite his, "Yes, i have finished everything!" It may sound reassuring and convincing, but.....i already know you are a smooth operator, son...

Friday, August 24, 2012


A few weeks ago, gooly skipped school to go to kidzania. Gasp! Oh close your mouth already! It is really the wisest thing to do. Why brave the crowd on weekends or holidays? Skipping school is fun!

I first heard about the place in Jakarta a few years back. I blogged about it..somewhere (should be under "my 2 sense" category which strangely only has two posts). I didnt like the idea. Today, i still dont.

I like kids to play with imagination. I'd be happy if Gooly makes an airplane out of a box. I wasnt too impressed that he flew a mock up plane at kidzania *yawn*. That's what I could think of about the place - it limits your child's imagination.

Sure its fun to play pretend, but its not so fun when it's so "serious". I mean, what the heck, they will be working their asses off when they grow up, why expose them to hard labour now? So that they can choose their career wisely? No wonder, the pilot job has such a long queue.Cos everybody wants to be a pilot? (to kau airstewardess?) or cos every parents want their child to be one? Think about it... I have read blogposts by moms who rolled their eyes because their child wanted to be a window cleaner ("blasphemy! Of all things!! Why dont you queue up to be a doctor..or a scientist, or AT LEAST, a pilot...")

Ok, if you say this place is supposedly to give a "vision" on the kid's ambition, i'd say, crap-lah. Most kids don't know what they want to be. They are fickle. Thaye are indecisive. (Most, ok. Some are very focused). You go read your old "cita cita saya" in you wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, doctor...and what are you now? Just an astronaut! See? What you bercita -cita doesnt always come true!

So why did i bring Gooly there? Cos I'm a liberal mom. It may not be my cup of tea, but could very well suit him. I dont want him to be the frog under the coconut. Nah..its not the same as being kiasu ok!

The verdict - He enjoyed it. Blek. He liked baking oreo cookies, making sushis ...which we can do at home!! Tsk! And ok, fine..he liked the newscaster job the best. But..but.. I suppose we can have a mock-up studio at home too....duh.....

I read somewhere, "if you give a toy wand to a child,it shall be just that..a wand. But if a stick is given, it can be a wand, baton, sword , even ....a cane.." Something like that..The cane, i added.

So, kidzania you are so lame. I'd prefer my child to run ten rounds pointlessly out in the park. But many parents dont think like me. Thats why your establishment is a success! Yay!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Thats one word to describe lolly, though i'd prefer to use other words like smart, clever etc. just so not to sound like a traitor mom.

She has a nasty habit of throwing tantrums i.e. lying on the floor kicking legs in the air while pumping fists unto the ground and shouting, "When i grow up, im gonna send you to the circus!" The first few times, she being an amatuerish drama queen, has bumped her head on the floor. Then she got sneakier, or should i say, smarter. She would lie down slo-mo, until her head lands gently...and then she would only begin her over-acting of a frustrated baby show. It's so fake that i doubt she would even be nominated for the Oxcar.

Usually, this mode scares the crap out of everyone. But not me. Uh-uh...not this coldhearted mom. And she knows i dont give two hoots and it is very tiring cycling in the air while shouting nonsense for a lenthy period without anyone kuchi-olla-sayang-ing you. So the moment she sees me, she'd stop.

not only that, she would also throw in a smile. Her face is sorta saying, "Ops...heheh..didnt aee you there. I'm fine. No need to worry. See...i'm up! Everything is fine and dandy."

And i'd give a nod of approval, "Yes! It better!"

Once approaching her while wagging a finger admonishing her, she even grabbed my finger to kiss it!!

It was the same the other day when she ran amok at the supermarket. I got so angry that i said, "Mama is angry!" (how original). She was all shifty eyes, refusing to look at my "i'm gonna eat you alive" face (still pretty though). I wondered for a moment if she understood anger. Well, obviously she knows its something unpleasant (that can unleash a momster). And what dya know....she looked at me and kissed me right at the kisser! Thats a darn good way to cease fire, i'd say.

I was all giggly, and she rightfully took that as a truce. So she gave me a hug and a big smile.

And then she ran amok again.

the end.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She's talking

Well...sort of. shouldnt be called talking. Its just lots of grunting noises and body gestures. She is trying to communicate, no doubt.

Here is one episode of Charade which took us awhile to figure what she was saying. Thank goodness Gooly was good (damn good,i should say) at guessing actions.

So i was holding the ipad. And she came over, wanting to watch something. I was doing something (looking at LIn Dan's booBs) and wasnt really ready to switch user. But she was adamant, making ah ah ah ah sounds, grabbing my sleeve. I looked at her and asked stupidly what she wanted.

She "miked" her hand (holding her fist as though holding a mike) and placed it near her nose, and gave a blow. Pppppbbbbthh.

Oh that was something new. Usually she just goes ah ah ah ah until you guessed corrctly what she wanted (about a hundred tries, if you sre lucky). So i paid her more attention.

"Bubbles? You want bubbles?"

She shook her head.

And then she stomp her foot.

And blew her fist again.

And said, "ting kiu." She always thank us in advance when she needs a favour.

We laughed cos she was so cute. But didnt know what she meant. And suddenly Gooly said, "Do you want the Elephant Steps song?"

She nodded her head. Real hard!

So, the blowing fist was her mimicking an elephant trumpeting with its trunk!

Horray for korkor for understanding her so well! She was so pleased that she kissed the ipad the moment the song started.

Aiya..cute dou sei...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Omaigod one?

Yeap..the common one is Terrible Twos. But i have got an Omaigod One in da house.

She has been climbing every where. She even has the chutzpah to dance on high chairs. She falls with a loud bang! Picks herself up and climbs again and boogies away. For like a hundred times a day. (not the falling. Just climbing and dancing)

She bites! A few casualities has reported their unfortunate encounter with this mongster. But she knows I am not some one she can mess around with. When ever i stopped her from doing any dangerous stunts, i would pick her up, and she would silently surrender - sometimes with a "ops you got me!" smile. But if another person tries that, you'd hear a loud bansheeeeee screammmmmm to be followed by another yelp by the bitten victim.


Now, this is what she does best - feign innocence. She tilts her head to one side, and utters a ...(dare I say it?) cute, uh-oh. We are already smitten by this non-apologetic uh-oh. Imagine when she does speak, and say "I'm sowriee.." in her squeaky mouse voice. Aiyayyaya!

And when she cries in her cot, wanting to be picked up, you should go to her aide. Because she will throw in kisses, while wrapping her arms around your neck. She also pats your back for saving her. Thats how she has been waking me up EARLY in the morning without making me grumpy!

She is managing little words here and there. "Tinkoo". Thats thank you. Its really cute. But you get to hear it most often when you offer her money. *smirk.

What else? Oh yeah..neow-neow for cats. A very soft growl for tigers. Wowo (just like when you sing wowowo-yeah yeah) for dogs.

Please ask her where is her armpit when you see her. She crosses her arms, and points a finger under that area. A very complicated action when she could have just lift her hand.

Ok, from what a supposedly a horror post about her behaviors, it has crazily morphed into a report about her cute antics. Sucker mom!

But one thing for sure, she has us wrapped around her little finger. Gulp!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lolly dances

...welll, sort of.

Everytime my mom sings, "london bitch is falling down..falling down..", she rolls her arms round and round., leave the singing to me, the karaoke queen, ok?

And the rolling arms are for "Wheels on the bus" -lor...

Apart from that, the rest of the actions for the other nursery rhymes are aptly done.

"Head and shoulders, knees and toes" - she'd touch her head at the start of the tune....err...until the end of the song.

"if you are happy..." of course is done with many out of sync claps.

"happy birthday" is accompanied by very very big smiles...and claps, too.

She hates twinkle twinkle. She would ask me to stop by shaking her head. Cos she thinks its a nap-time song.

Let's get the party started, yeah~ lets get the party started- oh~ everyday im shuffling...ah, when shall we sing this?

The elephants shirts

Last christmas,
i gave you my heart,
But the very next day..
You gave it away.

Ah....George Michael. I do sound like him, dont i?

Where was i?

Ah yes, last christmas...

Someone bought us, all four of us, a set of family t-shirts bearing the animal icon of the kingdom of Thailand - elephants!

Papah wouldnt wear his, so it became mine. I'd wear them at home as they are comfy. Now here's the thing- Gooly absolutely loves his. Not because it's comfy or that he fancies the animal with a dick on his face. It's because he likes wearing matching shirts with either lolly or me. I have lost lolly's (washed down the drain, i suppose or chewed by the mad dog of ours). So now, its just mine and his.

And everyday......he would dick, ....dig his out from the laundry basket and wear it with me. And every time i wear mine, he would change whatever he is wearing into the matching piece.

It's an endearing way.

I like how he smiles reallllly big when he gets to wear OUR shirts together. Proud gituu... Im gonna find more matching ones. :) Hello Kitty, maybe?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost 16 months

I reckon one could say Lolly is independent. She sees something she wants, she will figure out a way to get it. She climbs to reach for things (she shouldn't be touching), she tears open packages (that includes a yogurt cup with a paper lid), she snatches (gasp!), and of course, manja her way too. All in all, she has very good motor skills. Even a random ahpek at the park complimented her for climbing well.

For someone who is so busy (dunno do what), she is just not bothered to learn to talk. She says "dehdii" for most things, and i do think that it means "dirty". *shrug* i could be wrong.

And then there is "pappu" for apples.

And niau....niau...i tell you. She sounds exactly like a puddy tat that i look around expecting to find Sylvester everytime she makes that sound. And yes, there is a cat always hiding in an obscure place.

She calls mah, tawtaw, papapa but no Mummy yet. Hmmph!

For someone who speaks so little, we can still have our mini conversations. Like i have just asked her to go to sleep (seriously, is there any other things to talk about with a toddler?). She shook her head and threw out her buddy-pillow out from her cot. And she went, uh -oh. Cute.

And she said Papapa, missing him obviously.

When i said Papa is not home, she pointed at his (handsome, ahem) picture hung on the wall, along side with his (lovely, ahem) wife.

I smiled and said it's late.

She lied down and asked for pats on her bum, by patting herself first.

Also, she seems to like to play on the keyboard. Everyday she sits and composes songs, tuning the volume up and down, changing the instrument selections and adjusting the tempos. She looks more like a DJ at work actually. Ahaks!

There are times she holds her hands out, asking for a dance. Once she holds mine, she'd look for tawtaw. Together, we form a circle and boogie ourselves silly. She has quite a few sognature moves. From cutesy up-down movements, she has incorporated some rock moves which involve a bit of head banging and jumping jacks.

Just for the record, she was monstrous last week. Cutting a few teeth at one go made her super cranky! She wanted to be carried all the time, it seemed i grew a siamese baby at the hip. Yikes!

She is an unpredictable time bomb. Lovely as hell somedays, monstrous at others. 100% female species,eh? Woohhooo!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Appeasing the soul

Gooly almost never get angry at Lolly. Almost.... Most of the time, he thinks and says she is tooooooo cute to be angry at.

But there was this one time......he got really upset. With her. Teary eyed. Shouting mode. Crazy hand movements. No Middle finger yet.

It was because she bit him. Yes! Bit him right at the chest! Just like Mike Tyson. All because he tried to refrain her from climbing the stairs.

If not for the teethmark, i would have burst out laughing. Ok..maybe i did. A little. Until i saw how hurt he was.

So what did i do? "Aiyah, never mind la. She is still a baby" is not really fair. And "You crazy girl! Why did you bite taw-taw?" would have gotten a (cute) impish smile from her. Complete with a 90 degrees head tilting to the side trademark look of hers.

So i took gooly by surprise by grabbing his hands to the back dramatically while saying, "Sabar, abang...sabar. Jangan..jangan pukul adik." Just like a P. Ramlee cereka-drama. It took him a while to realise that i was acting out a scene. And he burst out laughing.

Now that he wasnt so upset, i proceeded to suggest evilly about selling her sister off since there was a pasar malam that day. And also to put her high chair at the corner so she would have breakfast alone the next morning. Facing the wall. Or we could also let her sleep alone, putting her milk powder and bottle at her side so she could make HER OWN milk.

He didnt agree of course. Scolded me even for suggesting.

"You not angry at her anymore?"

"Nah..she is too cute" and he looked over at her, just in time to catch her tilting her head to the side and flashed the silliest smile.

....and we lived happily ever after. Once again.

Till the next Mike Tyson WWF Championship...

Friday, June 22, 2012

An official warning letter

Dear Lolly,

We have unfortunately received numerous complaints about your behavior from various parties (family, mostly) and herby would like to issue an official warning, in which if you continue to behave like a thug, parties involved will...will...well, they will think of something.

Please find bellow a list of things which you do on a daily basis which annoy the bollocks of us :

1. You run to the phone when it rings. Fair enough that you want to be helpful, but you dont talk a single word.

2. And then you attempt to climb the table to retrieve the receiver, giving your poor ahma mini heart attacks.

3. You shout like a banshee in a confined area, like the car.

4. You steal people's garment (panties, bra, spenders included) and pull them along like a pull-along toy.

5. You refuse holding hand, walking lintang pukang confidently as though you remember the way home.

6. You are exhibiting narcissistic behavior by kissing your own reflection at every opportunity.

7. You treat the house like a nude camp, taking off your diapers and refusing clothings.

That said, we must give you credits for not picking up rubbish to eat anymore. And you have also showed much co-operations in the car seat and stroller. We thank you for your efforts in becoming a nicer toddler.

We hope you will reflect on your lifestyle and make changes where necessary to make this house hold Barney-like where everyone sings "Hakuna Matata".

Thank you.

"Toddlerhood is like a running blender, without its lid." - Jerry Sienfield

Yours sincerely,

Thai-girl Mom

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cuddle cuddle

I had the best cuddle moment with Lolly just awhile ago.

This is kinda silly, to begin with. I have thought that Lolly was a die-hard refused to sleep baby. Everytime i put her in her cot, she screamed! And i yelled, "Go to sleep" a few hundred times a night.

Eventually, i realised that she was a sweet bum whilst in Bangkok, and also in our new home. I began to analyse the bed time rituals, and durh! came to the conclusion that she just loves being held and cuddled prior to embarking on a dream journey. (my single bed and her cot arrangement at my mom's place was making me dump her into her cot to sleep on her own, resulting many reluctance on her end)

And so now, i tuck her in, in my bed. She puts her face really close to mine and smiles, a really really happy smile. One that shines through her eyes.

And then gently, she pulls me close to her lips, placing her hands behind my neck. Ah...sweetness oozing. And i say, "Yes baby, i Love you too."

Sometimes she climbs on my tummy, and rests her head on my chest, and hums a tune only she knows. No matter how old she is, her frame seems to fit my frame perfectly. Its like we are custom-made to stay snug.

She lifts her head to look at me in the eye, in the semi-lit room. Her pupils dance, I know she is happy.

She strokes my cheeks. And tries to pry my mouth open with her finger. That makes me laugh always.

When i laugh, her own laughter ensues.

Soon, her eye lids get droopy. She uses my hand to place it at her bum, and motions it up and down, wanting a good pat-pat session.

And so it begins...pat...pat....pat....pat....

..and she is off to Lalaland.

I love cuddling a soft bunny goochi baby. Its a privilege to have a chance to do that, really.

Ok, lights out..who wanna chat?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father, the second time

To begin with, he didnt like kids much. During his probation period (dating-lah), never once i heard him cooing about babies. He never played with my nephews. In fact he looked at them oddly like they were ...well, odd. His lips didnt even curve up a bit when the babies did silly cute antics.

And then gooly came along. First time dad he became. Some-what awkward, i reckon. He fed him, changed him, but didnt know how to play or talk to him.

I admit i was worried. That gooly wouldnt grow up being close to his papah. But being thick skinned and all, gooly persisted. He would sit on his papah's lap uninvited. He would talk to him in his baby language. He didnt care there was little response from the old man.

As he grew older (Gooly, I mean) began to speak more to be understood, that papah began to really...really enjoy fatherhood. He likes listening to what his son has to say (papah is not much of a talker, he listens (to me) more). He laughs and is amused by the little guy. It took him a while to get here.

One day...looking at my niece, he said aloud that "A little girl is cute also hor." My eyes widened, my mouth formed an "O". Yes, a little girl would complete the family.

And so we had Lolly. Life is beautiful, aint it? We get what we wish, hope, pray for sometimes.

This time, i dunno..could it be age or experience or because she is the little girl that we waited(without realising) for six years, that he became the perfect father?

There are things that he wouldnt do still..ok..maybe with a little reluctance that he does it i.e washing her butt. But i do see vast improvements in his fathering skills.

Once in Bangkok, on a particularly bad bad day, i (who has the patience of a painting artist, ahem!) blew the top, while papah remained cool and smiley. That, i salute and applaud. If it was last time...aiyayayaya..his face would be black like your underwear.

And he is so natural with Lolly. And she, in return is so drawn to him. No man can carry her, except papah.

And what was i thinking about Gooly not being close to him? He idolises him! Well, not really...more like, he likes to make fun of him. Yeah, when i rule the kingdom with an iron ('s fist), he brings the kiddo out for chocolates and ice creams.

There was this other time that he played some silly game with gooly and Ada, and hearsay, INTENTIONALLY fell on the ground and rolled over like JAmes Bond. Geeesh! A Klutz just like his son. But i never imagined him rolling on the the ground, playing with kids.

What would I do without having him around to neutralise an otherwise communist-like family?

The man I loved is growing up to be a father I love even more.

Happy father's day, papah. Your son is out in the park while the little one is taking a nap. They dont know its fathers day. Bet you didnt either. And thats what I love about you too - always nonchalant about commercialised our wedding wait. I dont love that nonchalance so much. But i will give you a break. Lets discuss diamonds and pearls tomorrow.


Saying hello after 10 years

Recently, i received an email bearing a super bad news - a uni friend has lung cancer stage four.

Now, this friend is not someone whom I was close to during my four years in uni. We graduated, got married, worked, had kids - without contacting one another. But i was sad to hear that piece of news.

So i picked up the phone and called her. Awkward it may seem, but dialed, i did. A simple, hello, how are you doing? And most importantly, "I'd like to help. If you need errands done, tell me. If you need transport, call me."

And she graciously accepted the offers.

Sometimes, we are shy, awkward, embarassed, cynical etc. We wonder, "What if she is not up to it? What if she needs rest? What if we are disturbing?"

Well, then let the person tells us. And we just wait till we are needed.

Sometimes we are too busy to help or offer kindness cos we have family, work, tv, dog, cat,etc.

Well, then life sucks. But life sucks generally.

Hence, a little compassion, kindness and love help. Spare some, why dont ya?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chut chut

This is not the first time - she chucked her chutchut, we cant find it, we panicked, she's cool...that is till her bedtime!

D'oh! She cant sleep without her chut chut! So i rushed out to buy a new pair but they ran out of 6-12 months size in pink. Damnit, you silly advent chut chut! Had no choice but to get the smaller sized ones..dont think theres much difference.

Double d'oh! Of course there is a diff, mom! The colour, taste, length, picture are all not the same, mom! She took a look, smiled politely, and threw it on the floor.

Maybe its time to quit cold turkey...

But i did shove it into her mouth, regardless. She ptui-ed it out. And then she tossed and turned, and writhed with agony, white foam appearing at the corner of her mouth (my imagination). And the she started her pitiful cries....


I picked her up. Cuddled her a bit. Put her next to me. 3,2,1.. She was asleep!

I am so important in her life, aint it? Much more important than the silly pink silicone thing.

I picked her up again. Kissed her three times. Gosh, she is so cute when not shouting (in her car seat).

The new chut chut remains out of her mouth.

Is that it? Bye bye, chut chut?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Musical fountain

The other day, we went to Promenade, a new place not quite near town for lunch. We ate some kick ass local food dadedoo...*fast forward to musical fountain outside*

I can't remember if I have ever seen a musical fountain. I'm over thirty years old, I gotta have, right? But somehow, there isn't any distinct memory of ever visiting one.

At the first sight of the fountain, I wasn't particularly impressed. It was in a circular shape, water sprouting from little holes on the ground. And then I saw some teenagers running into the centre of the fountain ring, shrieking when their uniforms got sprinkled. I remember thinking, "Crazy kids."

After walking round and round and observed a bit, I realized (duh) that people were running in and out of water when the music tempo was slow. Hey..that was pretty fun. So I grabbed gooly's hand and made a dash when we deemed it was safe to do so.

Right at the nucleus of the fountain, it hit me....that it was indeed beautiful. I twirled..kinda...or rather turned around around and around, watching the water shoot 10 feet high (or more)all around me, totally in sync with the classical music, which boomed even more clearer inside the circle.

I looked for gooly only to have heard his boyish laughter obviously tickled by the droplets of water threatening to pour on him. The water teased us joyfully, shooting high when the music tempo escalated, and then low as the music slowed. I imagined the hands of a conductor busy conducting the orchestra.

I imagined living in the sea.

(I imagined being a mermaid.)

It was a magical experience. To have danced with the water and my son, to the music of Bach and Bethoven, giggling to no end.

Yet another wonderful memory of Bangkok.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gooly's essay writing

I confess! Stop asking already.m (as if you did :p)

I do set writing assignments for gooly, particularly after a visit to a special place. Writing is much easier with experiences. So I reckon if he had traveled a bit, see the world (ahem!) with his own eyes, why not write down his experience? The instruction has always been, "write what you see, hear, smell and feel."

And so we have stories about the Aquaria, farm, etc. This morning, I read with interest what a friend's daughter who is of same age as gooly (7.5 yrs old) has written for a school test. He was causing so much ruckus with his little sister that I sent him to the corner to write his own story of going to zoo. This is what he wrote:

One happy day, I wanted to go to the zoo. My family went there by bus. When we reached the zoo, I saw an animal picture at the entrence. Then I got very excited.

First I saw a flock of parrots eating lunch. They were so beautiful my mother can't resist taking a picture. The parrots wings and bodies is covered by rainbow color (ed feathers).

Next I saw two elephants eating bananas. By their look on their faces, it looks like the bananas are very yummy, the two elephants had long tusks and big bodies.

At last I saw ten crocs eating their carcass. They looked very fears so I quickly snap a picture and ran away.

It was so fun that I wanted to come back again. The end.

I like his choice of words. Gotta work on his grammar and spelling, though I must say the latter has improved quite a bit.

Now comes the big problem. His handwriting is atrocious! No amount of cajoling, scolding, and other -ling (hamkaling?) had helped. I don't know if he is doomed to have ugly handwriting or he is just not bothered. He likes to write his stories fast, bish bosh bam, thank you ma'am, I'm off to watch tv. It makes me boil!

And I'm pretty sure he can write more...I mean, he talks a's just putting his words unto paper, right?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ms Ng

So, we have a Miss Ng in da house. She makes Ng..Ng...Ng..Ng..sounds (similar to those hard pooping sound) when she wants something, can't reach for something, needs help in something, can't fit a big container into a small get the drift. Oh! She is so whiny!! But we love her to bits that we just have to make light of the situation. Otherwise we will just go cuckoo with all the irritating hard-rock poop sound around the clock!

Thus the name, Ms. Ng.

She whines, we ask, "yes, ms Ng"

She complains, we say, "whatever, ms Ng"

Miraculously, whenever we have company, she is like this Ms Ladylike, smiling sheepishly, offering her hand to be held, posing (usually tilitng her head to the side with megawatt smiles) for cameras. Not that I am complaining. She is really the cutest thing we ever owned..I mean, have. That is, at the presence of others.

Ada's mom says she is so "stoh-bury" (strawberry) like, a Thai lingo for someone who is soft spoken, gentle, manja..I think. Or it could be "aqua-like". But we all melt under her charms of coyness. Especially when she suddenly comes up to us, her lips close to ours, offering kisses for no reasons, but love.

And then she says HI in Stitch's voice, and helds her hand high up like Hitler.

But she is not so cute when she has a whole WWF smack down session with her brother, which often ends with her biting his finger.

Well...still a little cute, eh?

And then this morning she hid her chut chut - the utmost important tool in OUR lives! She can't sleep without it. When she doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps! And so we panicked - gooly and I (papah was at work). We searched every nook and corner, every drawer, even the fridge. The fridge?? Yup, the fridge. Everything is possible with my girl. Hence the hunt began, while she looks nonchalant, giggling girlishly here and there. Finding the mini pink chut chut in an apartment after the tornado named Lolly hit it was near impossible. We flipped and tossed and turned every damn thing...and then I suddenly remembered...

She has been walking in and out the walk in closet of late. Careful not to snap her fingers with the sliding door. Sometimes she looked oddly suspicious like she is taking stuff from there and putting it elsewhere. And so I thought, if she could take things out, she could bring them in! And so I checked...viola! Right under...I don't even know what to call it. But it was some obscure place.

We were so jubilant with our treasure hunt. Meanwhile, she looked at us innocently and reclaimed her chut chut in a cool manner, looking almost haughty - like "what's the big commotion? Why didn't you just ask me".

But she does look cute with the pink "thing" in her mouth.

So, it's really a "drive us up the walls" stage with many intervals of "cutest thing on earth".

"COME DOWN, lolly! dONT CLIMB!" I guess it's one of the "wall" moments now.

Gotta love life. In Bangkok. Just me and the kids.

Again. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

My wamby mamby bunny

For awhile, Lolly was a little rough. She punches the wall, and screams, I'm always hungry (or was it angry?)rawrrrrr! Teehee. Kidding. She just liked to pull of my specs. I didn't like it at all.

She also pinched or dug her her nails real deep into your skin. For kicks.

To top of everything, she didnt do kisses. You can ask, beg, bribe...uh-uh..she wont give you a peck. It started of a blur face - "buat dunno" like she didnt kmow what a kiss is, no matter how many times you have demonstrated what a kiss (with bad breath and all) is like. and then she upgraded to
head shakes - albeit a little cuter at this stage cos she threw in some shy smiles, but we felt rejected nonetheless.

So what did i do? For those punches..I mean pulling specs stunts, i gave very stern warnings. Carrying her near face level was not as enjoyable as she can be very swift with her "lightning" hands.

And hoped and hoped that this gangster attitude phase passes quickly..that she will be a loving bunny wabbit soon. she voluntarily kissed me, three times! Like this -

1. I went out, came home, swooped her up, carried her at the hip, careful to place my face 100 inches away because i was in specs. She cupped my chin, turned it to her, and moved her lips to mine. Awwwww~

2. She woke from her nap, crawled to me (also napping..well, pretending i guess cos i was still wearing my specs). She tapped on the glassed gently, and smiled as though telling me 'yes, momma, i know i was notti for yanking your specs last time, which was yesterday actually') and then she inched closer, putting her head side by side with mine, on the same pillow, and muakkk..another kiss!

3. Cant remember! But it was lovely as hell!

She is really a charmer..when she drops her "i punch you" Incredible Hulk persona. Oh well, she is usually like that ONLY in the morning, prior to her nap.

Not a morning person, I guess. Just like momma.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have two..yeah only two girlfriends from school, whom I have known for over 20 years. Has it been that long already? Strange to be able to say, "Twenty years ago...."

And so here we are, twenty years later (have to keep repeating this to snap out of this denial (st)age) and we are still the best of buds. Busy with our own lives - kids, career, family, toy boys etc., we dont meet often but when we do, damn! It feels good.

We are mothers to all our children. In fact, when we have problems with our own breed, we'd refer them as, "Your son ah...stole neighbours panty again" or "Your daughter is refusing baths for the 49th day already." (Not that those incidents really happened, I'm gonna tell the worst of them. Actually, I will, but just another post). And the non-biological mothers will respond with, " cute."

We have come to the realisation that the godmoms are to spoil the kids, while the real momsters are set to be well, the monsters. the kids get abundance of love even when the real moms have hormonal issues or psycho issues or whatever..(seem to come a lot from MY household).

We tease each other mercilessly..but our words never hurt. Instead, all the teasings always leave me feeling toasty warm inside. Now that Gooly is older, he has somewhere (not from me #innocent) picked up naughty cheeky stuff to say like, "Old women nobody want to kidnap lah" - telling his godma not to worry abour her safety. I actually laughed out loud when my bestie told me about it cos she was at the verge of saying, "Niemah," or was it "Cilaka", i cannot remember.

And the other mom wanted to choose a bag which later Lolly can inherit. I suggested a Chanel for my own benefit. But she didnt buy it (my idea and bag). But the thought of giving it to her god daughter, Lolly is really nice.

Two besties..what else could i ask for? :-)

A Chanel, maybe. :p

Monday, May 14, 2012

Goolly telling me a joke

The other day, a friend was telling how someone is getting a divorce but still had to fake smiles for her daughters to hide her pain. I do not know if I am capable of that, smiling when I really want to cry. I think I am more "show and tell" type. I was not entirely sure so I asked Gooly if I had ever told him that I am sad. He said, no I haven't but he can always tell from my face. Wise words of a 7 year old. So that confirms that i do not have a poker face.

So what do people do when they are not in a chirpy mood, I asked, just for the heck of it.

"Sometimes they just want to be alone," he suggested.

I nodded in agreement.

"Sometimes I can tell you jokes to cheer you up..." he offered.

I grinned and teased, "But your jokes are not always funny."

"Oh ya? Hear this." He whipped up a joke from nowhere - "A hamburger walked into a bar.."


Walked into a WHAT??? Did he say BAR??? My 7 year old is telling bar jokes?? Already??(strange, he hasnt met sinkar for a while already. Where did he learn that joke from)

I was lost in my thoughts for that few seconds and suddenly was jolted by his epiloque of "why arent you laughing? Where is your sense of humour?"

Ok, and then I laughed.

And i said I didnt get his joke. Something about a hamburger in a BAR...Gosh! Was it even a dirty joke? He refused to re-tell it. Tsk!

But yeah..I suppose he will make me laugh when I am sad. He probably did in the past. But now i can be sure.

Say...Hmm..maybe it was "a hamburger walked in with a bra.."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lolly in a bottle?

just a little after the 13th month...She is toddling well now. She swings her arms back and forth, back and forth when she circles around the house, making her look like an old lady doing a rountine senam robik. It could be that she is immitating my mom. I must say she is cheeky enough to copy the most un-childlike actions, like walking with a limp (my mom does when her arthiritis attacks.)

She is always busy, walking into the kitchen, out from the dining, into the room, etc. If the toilets are not locked, she would love to venture the mini waterworld. We were, still are in fact, worried that she falls off the step that separates the living hall from another hall, which happens to be her utmost favorite spot in the house. She eats her bread, takes a rest, talks on the phone while sitting there. She has fallen before, inevitably raising big bungalow bumps on her forehead. But now she has gotten the hang of it. She even kinda deviced her own "step route" - up one way (holding the wall), and down another (holding the banister).

She says "daddiiiih" but we have always referred the father as papa. So..we are not sure if she is really calling dadddih for sure. But it has happened numerous times. "Daddddiiih~~" with outstretched hands towards the suspect, who melted into a messy glob upon hearing the sweet calling.

"Taw-taw" is kinda confirmed. But sometimes its "Ohhwaaa" when she shouts for him from downstairs (immitating me, I believe. Harrumph!)

The other night, it was "Mmaamaa". Twice. It was so sweet, so unexpected, so tender. And she hugged me around the neck, tight. I scooped her up, feeling so high, and asked that she calls Mmammaa again. She didnt. And hasnt since then. Harrumph! Was that just a preview?

I love watching her play with taw-taw. She likes putting her face so near to him that either one would faint if the other has halitosis. She looks at him in the eyes. They head butt each other, sometimes with her hands under his chin, until they break into a ruckus laughter.

Sometimes she just walks over to us, and rests her head on us. And we stop whatever gambling activities we were partaking, to give her massive hugs. She likes them. These hug-till-your-ear-wax-is-squeezed-out cuddles.

Just now, she was munching on her rice cracker, surveying the room, as per norm. She picked up her caterpillar teether (which she never chews on), walked over to the book cabinet, tossed the cracker on the floor, opened the cabinet door,shoved the teether inside. And bam! She closed the door, with a triumphant look. I said, "Well done!" and I clapped. I clapped and clapped. So did she, with a very proud smile. She then picked up her cracker to eat again.

It was a very simple thing to do. Picking up something to keep (albeit at the wrong cabinet) (and then continue eating.) But it was so fun to watch her. In fact i wished i had video taped the whole series of actions.

I think this is what they call "simple joy"? I must say thank you to you, lolly for this everyday simple joy. The way you smile, and laugh, the way you tilt your head a little when you are shy, the way your mouth is pouty when you just wake from a slumber - they give me so much joy.

Now, where do I find a magic bottle to keepsake every ounce of your cuteness?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ok, this new blogger layout is a bit wonky, or rather i do not know how to use it yet. So i tried to edit some stuff and lost the last post. Bleh!

Anyways, i was just writing about how cute this lolly is.

This morning she woke slightly earlier than her usual 11 hours slumber cos she needed to poop. It was "all rise and shine" thereinafter. She asked for mumum, and happily munched on her cheesy bread at the step. Her pudgy legs touching the floor, making the step, an ideal spot for her mumum place. Her face broke into happy smiles at every bite she took.

Kakak came shortly afterwards. Surprisingly she waved hello as a welcome gesture. Kakak carried her, and she allowed it. Surprise surprise.

She got cranky soon, showing signs of sleepiness. I asked her to go get her pillow and chut chut and *roar* GO TO SLEEEP!! She made sure her displeasure was shown by making disgruntling sounds while waking tipsily to her cot to retrieve her paraphenalia.

It was too cute that, as usual, i couldnt stay angry at her for long. But then, angry isnt the right word. More like "mang", a "bite-her-thigh" way.

13 months of laughter, with my girl.

More to come, i am sure.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We moved

Well..kinda, as i am still "based" in my mom's place more often than not. And the strangest and also the coolest thing is...our house has no television. There is a nicely built tv cabinet. Empty. Kinda intentional. Kinda because we have walked in to many electrical shops many times to look at the television sets only to walkout empty handed. We just couldnt decide on one, cos i think, we dont really need/want one. I just give up watching tv, everytime after a baby comes along (not thhat many times..just twice, to be exact). Papah does, but it's those mindless stares at the idiot box cos there is nothing better to do. Lolly just wouldnt sit still, still, and gooly...well, he is OK without watching it, say for 36 hours (the longest streak). And Harry Potter the tv addict asks, "Your new house still got no tv ah?" a million times already. Nope. Uh-ah. No tv, no astro. So what do we do? There are hundreds of books to read. Many colour pencils to draw. Thousands of ideas to imagine. Millions of things to say to each other. Endless laughter to share. And oh..we have no wifi too. Not yet! We are not eschewing technology totally. And we got a new reachable Celcom number. ;-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Makan date

My best makan pal is gooly. Ok ok, you too...but today i wanna talk about my special dates with my son.

With the ongoing ruckus from the lil lolly, its hard to have chats with gooly. So i arrange dinner or lunch dates with him sans lolly. So i can listen to his tales. I love his tales.

He told me about a girl with 24 colour pencils, who kept repeating that she has 24 colour pencils,

"i have 24, you only got 12," she went on and on.

(how about getting another 24 and you get 48 and we can call you 48 poh!)

And gooly was not a bit fazed with the 24 colour pencils. He brings 12 in a tattered box even though he has hundreds at home. Watching the so called famous you tube clip of My Generasi, I know, colour pencils are a biggie at school. I am glad that gooly couldnt care less about that. Luckily he didnt start to add more colours or insist on a new box.

"I just kept quiet. And she went on and on about her 24 colours from first period, second period...until after recess, still saying the same thing...tsk tsk tsk..." he shook his head.

Maybe he should sing, "You dont impress me much~~~"

And he showed me a jelly, which he initially received three from his bahasa teacher for scoring his ejaan tests. He ate one for recess, gave one to his pal, and kept the last one for his cuz. He could have eaten all three, but he didnt. (He could have given me one, but he didnt. But i am not gonna gripe on that!)

And then he said his friend said there is a new hit song. And he sang, "L.U.V Mcdonald!" teeheeeee! Madonna will be mad yo!

And today, i talked and he listened. I told him that i have the best mom in the world.

"Mom, i think you learned from your mom. Thats why you are the best too. You learned from your mom. And i learn from you. And meimei learn from me."

Ahh...he got the equation right.

I love talking to him cos he makes a lot of sense than a lot of other people.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Justice ka-pow!

A long time ago, when i first got married and went back to Alaska for cny, my mil had casually introduced me as her dil when we bumped into her friend (from church, i pressume.)

"Is she a Christian?"

Wow. Did you hear that? "Is she a Christian?" - that has gotta be the utmost important question of all when you get to kmow a person (from the lady's p.o.v, i pressume.)

For a split second, i felt being judged - am i less worthy as a person, as a wife, as a daughter in law, if i were not a Christian?

But the feeling lasted just for a nano second because i, may be OVER-reading a simple, nosy, inquisitive auntie's 'innocent' question of whether or not, if i were a Christian (or a animal.) Most importantly, i never let another person to judge me from my gender, size, height, character, my obsession with bags, or me, as a wife, daughter, mother, daughter in law, friend, enemy (sorry, if i hate you, i hate you). By saying i dont allow it doesnt mean i yell at you for saying judgemental things about me. Whats the point really? If i am totally okay with ME, i really dont care what you say. And the i just proceed to turn of my antennas and strike you off from my list (yes, i have a list..i have many lists, in fact. Inheritance list, for instance... Now you wanna be good to me, eh?)

Having said that, i'm ok with suggestions, pointers, advice...say when i say, "I need to cure my bag addiction." or some other banal queries ,about parenting. But you need to say it in a non- judgemental way, which much to my chagrin, not many homo sapiens have this skill of. Which is why i dont have many friends #forever alone.

And thats like judging you for judging me. Hey..i am not perfect. Never said i was. But you really shouldnt care what i think. And when everyone stops caring what others think (the bad stuff), this world will be all lemon drops and rainbowy.......wheeeee!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Another genius??

DO you kmow what Lolly fansies? No...not bags. Well, not yet. It's water bottles! She loves them, and takes whose ever's tumblrs..i mean tumblers or bottles, and hugs them tightly to claim ownership. If you try to take them back, she growls at you.

So today, gooly got home from school, stepped into the house, and the lil brat reached, first thing first, his (which later became hers) tupperware. The cover, as usual, was grimy and blackened with soot. Hence i removed it to wash, handing her just the empty container. She dipped her whole hand in, flashed a smile, and then tried to put her whole head in. It kept her occupied for a little while.

And then we went on with our business (read:me watching kingwa choonmung while she waddles around the house like a penguin). At some point, i must have handed her the cover while she tossed the empty container at some obscure corner of the house. Suddenly she came up to me.

Imagine this - her diapered butt bulged with a picture of strawberry, little foot steps that resemble drunken motion and her height reaching my knee (reminding me of an ewok). She wrapped her little fingers around mine and gave a gentle pull. Oh this means she wants me to follow her. I like that she is communicating already. So i abandoned Lisa (on tv) to go with her.

And so hand in hand, we walked. From time to time, she looked up at her *ahem* tall mom and gave a smile - the smile that I love so much cos it makes her look coy. I thought we were going for a walk, a tour around the kitchen, with her holding the cover of the tupperware.

We walked into the kitchen. She stopped by the whatchamacallit - drain hole? And squated down to insert her puny finger to lift up the cover. This little daily annoying action..well..annoys the bejesus of us and so I gave a stern warning. She got up, held my hand and turned to the counter top.

She made a sound, put the tupperware cover on top, and pointed her finger at....

VOILA! The container! She remembered where it was put and she knows they belong together

Zowee! My baby is a genius!

I was so proud with this impromptu treasure hunt, well sort of..since it involves quite a distance (100meter?), looking for an object and route memory. I clapped and clapped while she smiled and smiled and tried to place the cover to where it belongs.

Above all, i was ...still am, impressed with the way she communicated - holding hand, pulling, gesturing...Well, actually she has done all that before, like asking for food by pointing, or the radio to be turned on by shaking her butt, grabbing her own pillow when she wants to sleep...but this evening's series of actions demonstrates that she understands a lot more.

But hor, its always her telling us what to do...never the other way round. Try, "Lolly, show me your tongue." She 'choy nei dou sor!'

Is that better than BLUEkK? Maybe she knows its rude hor?

Btw, when i said "another" genius, the first one was none other than me - the winner of alphabet recitation below 5, Pj district, year of 81.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gooly is pretty fly for a white guy (but he is not white)

I admit i am intriqued by gooly's vast vocabulary and knowlegde. I do believe reading contributes in making him speak and think the way he does. And Tv IQ, Nat Geo Wild. Not forgetting thru his own accute observation.

The other day we were complimenting nainai's delicious meatballs. ma cooks the best meatballs. Ikea's are meh after you have tried hers. But then again, its like comparing a spoon with a lighbulb cos hers isnt made of beef. But still, yums! So, i said, "Lets call it ahma's greatest meatballs." But gooly didnt agree.He thinks "ahma's signature dish." is cooler. Signature dish - hah! He must have learned that from menus.

And another time, i had a deja vue moment. Soi asked, if he has said what he said before, or have I just dreamed it. He reckoned it was the latter. And proceeded to tell me that there is a machine called ..wait, i cannot remember. Let me ask him again. electrograph. An electrograph to detect brain activities while you are sleeping.

So smart. *peacock proud*

and then sometimes he prattles on about dinosaurs facts which sends me straight off to the wonderland of bags. Pardon my blaise attitude to these *yawn*extinct reptiles but bags are made skins too!*sudden excitement*

Even my friends are impressed with his choice of words. He once said, "dodge" and my friend considered that as a tough word for a 7 year old in a general chinese school environment. And she further clarified her claims with, "Well, at least my niece doesnt use that word."

Hmmm..what is the other word for "dodge" then? *make dodging movements repeatedly in front of mirror to get ideas.

Nope. Cant think of another word to replace "dodge."

Maybe i should ask Gooly.


While waiting, i should also tell you that he reads TinTin. I think the plots are very deep and twisty. I dont know if he gets them. *shrug. As long as he reads, i dont think it matters. Not like anyone is gonna test him. Are you?

Ok. Todoloo, miss lulu. I'm off to ask the walking thesaurus the substitutional word for ..what again? Ah yes, podge...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lolly and her pillow

Gooly didnt have a "comfort" object. We went everywhere, anywhere without having to lug his favourite blankie, pillow, bear, hankie or whatnots. It was a deliberate decision at my end that he didnt get attached to any of them.

Meanwhile, lolly somehow got addicted to a smallish softie pillow. I think my mom has a role to play in this. She was always tugging the pillow under her arms (forcibly) during the early days citing that she would sleep more soundly. I didnt bother to follow through the routine when i tugged her in. But during the last bangkok trip, my mom insisted that we bring it along.

And so we did.

The moment we pulled it out from the luggage, she grabbed it with the biggest silliest grin. She hugged it wih such affection, and her face beamed with so much happiness that we knew she has found a "friend". Strange that it may sound, but her happiness was so profound that we just had to let her continue loving an Inanimate onject.

The love story continues. Now she crawls or walks tipsily over to her cot, stretches her hand through the bar (just like another child would, a bar of chocolate), grabs the pillow, hugs it and throws in a few pats). Very often, this is to indicate that she wants to nap.

It is too cute.

She could spot it in a pile of washed laundry too. She flings other unimportant stuff unto the ground. Takes the pillow case, and hurriedly goes to her usual spot to find the other side - the pillow, and tries clumsily to put them together,

Today, she tried to share her love. She must have sensed that i dont quite get this "attachment". She was hugging it, patting it while i was watching her as usual, grinning. She then shoved it into my arms. To humour her, i imitated her - by hugging and patting it. She smiled and made some sounds - "Nice right, mom.... now you understand??"

Yes, it was very cuddly soft.

But i like hugging you a lot more, my silly lolly.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Havent been writing for a while. Busy busy busy! Renovated and kinda moved into a far far away land. Also, when I dont write much it probably means the kids are driving me up the walls and I tend to write whatever happened in such exaggerated forms that i myself would proclaim, "What? My kids did that? No way!" in future. So, best to leave things chill a bit before I tarnish their goody two shoes images in the whole spectrum of my motherly thoughts (and yours).

Lolly just turned 1. Zoweee! A simple lollypop themed party was held, though most of the guests had no clue the theme is related to the nick i bestowed onto her. She was mighty pleased when the birthday song was sung. I had half expected and fear a loud bawl. I dont know *shurg* i reckon this girl is still unpredictable. But one thing for sure, she has an attitude the size of the African map (yes, future self, your daughter is perceived by many to be somewhat a gangsta chic). Just today, she refused to wear a dress. How? She simple turned her head awaaaayyyyyyy from the gaping hole of the opening of the pretty dress and shrieked her disapproval. Ok, daughter, you are gonna wear dress, dress, dress..nothing but dress from today onwards just to let you know who is in charge here *crunch soda can*

And then she started to walk! Ah that is exciting and much anticipated. She has cruised along furniture for yonks. And now that she walks, she challenges herself to climbing up high chairs and stuff. =.= Just a matter of time before i hear, "Geronimoooo!!"

She loves to boogie. And it's never JUST a single step routine. She shakes, moves side to side, lifts her leg, bends her knees, and holds the pole. *smack that..get on the floor...smack that..* heheheeee.

Her hair is of course longer albeit not much increase in volumne. All hairbands are banned. She yanks them away so fast that i havent had her signature gargantuan loud flowery spring is growing on her head pictures taken for a long time. She accepts little clips but only for 5 seconds, or less.Too bad cos i really like her fringe swept and kept at the side. It makes her pumpkin face very guchi-ly girlie cute. And butonny nose rounder.

Gooly was more demonstrative at 1. He could show us the nose, tongue and other stuff that could have enlisted him in the Mensa..or was it the Menza? Anyways...Lolly is the least interested in "teaching" you about body parts cos she knows that you already know, I assume. But she demonstrates her understanding of how the world is run pretty early. For example, need food? Find ahma.

Sometimes she does really endearing stuff like hugging you from behind, at your elephantine leg, or simply chilling out on your lap while humming a melancholy tune. Moments like these make me think, "What took us so long to have you?"

Yes, it was long, but not too late. :)

Happy one-o, my sweet lolly.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testing the limit

Lolly likes to eat. Not food...but stuff know..dirt, paper, tissue, our fingers., our money.....A pica monster she is!!

She has heard NO so often I am sure she knows what it means. NO and DIRTY are uttered day in day out, all the time. Hence, now she picks up something, looks at us, and places it her chest.

...and then she moves it to her chin.

...and then at the side of her mouth.

....on her lips....

And finally she opens her mouth... And we shout, "No!"

She smiles sheepishly, and tosses it down.

She knows she shouldnt, but still wanna try..just in case we got tired yelling NO.

But sometimes she is really fast. Especially when its paper...cos its like her favourite. *roll eyes*

and the reason we allow her to test the limit, and not stopping her at "chest level" is because she is cute when caught in mishief. And i also wanna know if she is daring enough to cross the boundary.

The answer is yes.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

She understands

I remember...

..the first "conversation" I had with with Gooly. He must have just turned one. It took place in the kitchen in the new mooban we just moved in. He didnt say much, but demonstrated that he could understand what I was saying. No, no.lit wasn't those "Where is your tongue?" kind of game cos I think those are more rote memorization rather than proper understanding.

So that day, i asked if he was still coughing, and he shook his head. And I said, then we can have ice cream. He said, "Yeaaah!" while lifting his arms up in the air jubilantly.

And we have been communicating since then.

Today I had the first "communication" with Lolly. No, no...not the "where is your head" routine which I am sure she is getting tired of showing us.

My phone beeped, signalling an incoming sms. "Oh, mummy's phone!" I announced to her for no apparent reason. She looked at me, and crawled towards the beeping sound. Stopped midway, turned around to look at me. And I said, "Where's mummy's phone?"

And she gingerly placed her palm on her ear.

She knows what a phone is.

But of course she didnt know where it was.

I smiled, and like the fact that she takes interest in whatever nonsense I am telling her.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing with a destroyer

Lolly is destructive. She likes knocking down blocks. What a little godzilla she is. And Gooly is nice enough to build loads of buildings for her to destroy, instead of whining or complaining about her annoying habit.

"Come, mei mei! Kor kor built for you to destroy.." and she gleefully crawls over to accomplish her Godzilla mission.

The only thing he doesnt let her play is his Lego pieces. Thats because they are tiny pieces. And his books. Cos she eats them. -.-"

Whats with her and inedible stuff???

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

big bro love

We have had this keyboard for yonks which my brother took back to his home and returned recently. The boys of course fought over it. Not that they knew how to hit the notes properly or played a tune..

The next day while Harry Potter was at school, Gooly was gleeful that he had the keyboard all for himself. But not for long...for the little babe came crawling away and demanded to play it.

So big brother carried her gingerly unto his lap and let her play all she wanted.

Not a peep from him. He was just happy to share with his lil sis. I quickly whipped out the video camera and recorded the tender moment. I dont foresee i have the time to upload it i shall just write what happened in that 60 seconds or so clip.

..Lolly was on his lap. He kept patting on her head, smelling her head too. When she banged on the keys, he laughed as though she was so adorably cute. He then said, "Are you ready, mei mei? 1,2,3 start!" which the silly girl took it as a command to count her fingers. So she counted her fingers by using her index finger pointing at the other fingers on the other hand. We laughed heartIly, and she turned back and smiled at her korkor. He kissed her and said, "I love you, meimei"

It was really sweet.

He loves her so much he never got jealous.

He adores her so much that he crawls on fours at all times to humour her. They have crawling competition all the time! That makes her laugh so much.

Sometimes she is naughty and hits him or pulls his hair. All he says is, "Notti girl!" in a teasing voice. Of course I reprimand her, but he will say, "Never mind lah..she is just a baby."

He always asks, "How's meimei today?" after school (and probably missing her). When he enters the house, he gives a cheerful, "MEI MEI!" and (secretly) hugs her (cos i always ask that he bathes first before touching meimei. But i guess he just cant wait.)

I have 3 brothers whom i share cordial relationships. I have, i guess, always hoped for a closer bond with them. But hey..its ok now. What i dont have, my precious gets! The best bro one can ever have!

*muacks* to you two!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Ah..the third tonal sound. Not like when the dentist or doctor asks you to open your mouth wide and say, "Ah....". Also not like when you are shot and you yelp a loud dramatic "Ah......" Neither it is AH long that AH.

It is the obedient AH, the chinese version of OK.

Gooly, go get ready for school now.


Gooly, go call yehyeh down for dinner.


Gooly, turn off the tv now.


Getddit? That "ah"?

I do love the way he complies by saying "ah". Its very chinese, very gentle and very affirmative. Its extra special when the dialogue is exchanged in mandarin between nainai and him.

"Gooly, ni si jau sien, hau bu hau?"


I admit i am quite anal about getting a (quick) response from him when i talk to him. I cannot stand children in front of the idiot box, staring into galaxy far far away, with flies hovering their open mouths, and when you tell them something 10 times, they only respond 1 time (10 mun 9 mm ying).

When i say do something, chop chop, do it quick. Or at least pretend that you heard me.

Therefore, it makes me smile, this little style of his - which i call "The Ah". Sometimes he says, "Ah..just give me a minute" which is fine. At least i know he is alive.


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