Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah.. I think we should

Gooly said, "I think we should buy her a hair clip. She will look beautiful."

He meant Lolly. :)

Yup. It's a girl! 4D scan at week 19/20. All is well.

We knew it, didn't we, Lolly? *pat pat tummy*


dr sinkaringam said...

the hand cover the kukujiao jor hai mah..?

tuti said...

lol at dr sinkar!!

congrats mahmee!
pretty hair clip is good! clever gooly!

Fashionita GG said...

*squeal in delight* next week, i'm gonna bring over the "awesome pretty" clothes from you-know-who... finally! after all these years.

Winn said...

Yay gooly can now officially play with barbie doll!!

gooly-lolly-pops said...

Dr., play football meh...cover for wat..

Tuti, fanks! what if botak one ar??

Donatella Versace, oh i sure hope they belonged to your hubs!

Winn, yaumoegauchor, call lolly Babi..

reanaclaire said...

Congratulations goolymama!!


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