Saturday, December 11, 2010


3 more weeks...
Turning 6..
Lost 3 teeth
But gained only 2..
Becoming a kor-kor
Going to a new school
So fast? Yaumougauchor?
I kid you not, it's not April's Fool.

But everyone we know say you are a mini adult
Not that I am complaining or having a pout
Instead I learned what love is all about
When you told me, "It's ok if papah has to work, I will accompany you..
And next time Lolly will too."

I like it I admit
When you close the door gently
Knowing the creaking sounds it emits
Irk me greatly

I love it, the reason is simple
When you tell people
"Please wait..My mom is having a baby..
She now moves slowly."

I am touched
When you barfed
and apologised, "I'm sorry, mom and for cleaning me up, thank you
Yeap..the smell did linger..ewww..

My heart melts, knees all wobbly
When you send kisses to Lolly
Spreading warmth from my belly
In love with you again, like totally.

On becoming a big bro
You are all ready to go
"My job is to tickle Lolly's armpits
Make her laugh, mouth frothing with spits."

I am sheepish when you declare
That I am the best mom in the world
But the way you love and care
Makes you the best son in my world.

Turning 6 is a big deal
It's not just about a good meal
It's about character and heart
How to be human, the art.

But Gooly,
I am already proud of you
Every day.
I love everything about you
Your heart, your soul
That's all I want to say.

Let's put on the parachutes
Jump into two thousand eleven
We'll hold hands and shout GERONIMO
Pray for the best and more more more....


Small Kucing said...

:D so fast 6 yrs old.

Good la he sayang Mmommy so much and sayang adik

dr sinkaringam said...


time pass fast
soon he is teenager
irks the shit out of u

then learn cursin'
and smokin'
and fightin'

no worries
i am just kiddin'
but it's still not april fool

Gargles said...

*crack peanuts*

oi mudd bday pressie ah?

goolypop said...

Skucing.. now say only..later will or not..hah..!

Dr sinka, u should just stick to brain surgery.. haiku is clearly not ur forte.

Gargles, *eat your peanuts* uhm.. yat kan yeung lau, 2 ka pau che, 3 kor gfs, 4 tiew yaucha kung jiew..Joe doe mou?

Mamapumpkin said...

I wish my T1 had this same heart of gold that your Gooly has but as much as I think I've tried all these years, I'm now resigned to think that this may be inborn. T2, however, has exhibited more loving/sharing tendencies with her friends.....funny huh? How can I make my T1 more compassionate?

tuti said...

love poem to your son.
when he is all grown up, he will be all the more touched reading this.

tuti said...

hehe, my earlier comment eaten up by blogger liao. :p
write more sweet poems. really very melty to the heart.

goolypop said...

mmpumpkin.. i dunno wor.. eat more passion fruits? :D

Tuti, okeh :) I will burn this blog when he grows up.. saje..

Tuti.. no lah, u think u curry chicken meh.. Blogger no eat you la. I didnt log in blogger jek..didnt know u left love notes LOL..Next time leave kukis too, ok?

tuti said...

hahaha, curry chicken?!!!
you really made me laugh.

*leaves kutus*

oh.. you mean cookies ah? say so lah! :P

goolypop said...

why u leave kaktus?

Oh u mean kutus.. say so la :P


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