Friday, October 1, 2010


We have had bed-time stories every night ever since Galileo said the earth is round.

Sometimes he picks his own books. Other times he wants me to pick and READ! That's a lot of work, ok? It has almost been what..6x365 days that I have been reading to him. He doesn't care what I pick. It can be a dictionary, and he is fine as long as he gets to listen to my *ahem* sweet Macy Gray voice.

Sometimes I don't get it. He reads really well, but still likes me to do it.


Just now he picked Living Sunlight by Molly Bang. It's quite a new book. I have probably read to him 2 or 3 times.

Halfway through photosynthesis, chlorophyll, oxygen, hydrogen dll, I was yawning myself silly and wondered, "Duuk mudd kwai laaa...!" (What the shit am I reading this for?) Does he even understand the hippie love thy earth theme? I, thus of course, contemplated to skip some pages.

Now imagine this.. He was already on his upper bunk bed. I was down. He was facing the ceiling. No way he could see the book.

I was reading and yawning and then ... I realised that he has memorised the text cos I stopped mid way of a sentence and he finished it off.

Mind you, the text is neither repetitive nor rhymed, making it difficult (for amnesiac like me) to remember.

Plants breathe out the (oxygen) they broke off from the (water) and breathe in (carbon dioxide) from the air. Now plants use the (packets of energy) from the air to build... (CHUNKA CHUNKA CHUNKA)..

[words in parenthesis were his contribution]

And I have only read this with him a few times!

What do you call this? Hmmm..not photographic memory. Text-o-graphic memory perhaps? :D

Sometimes I think he is awfully smart. But then again, if you give him RM10 to buy a RM9 toy, he'd come back with a 50 sen ice cream with no change.


And oh, he doesn't even know how to spell 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' . Tsk!

(The book is very educational with colourful illustrations. Definitely for older kids cos it's packed with info which will put any Std. 6 Sains Rumahtangga teacher to shame. I was just being lazy when I yawned. Then again, a tad too heavy for younger kids (but not for my weird son).
If you haven't noticed, I do have a passion for kids books (for my own consumption.)


Gargles said...

WOW! this shud had been in the amazingvideo contest! sure win!

tuti said...

so mahmee mustn't be too lazy and continue reading, k? even if you think at times he's not listening.

Dr Sinkaringam said...

u means kids nowadays dun read informative books like this anymore?

anway, it's not galilo who says the world is round. the real genius is spongebob.

tuti said...

how are you, mahmee?
no sound no picture keh!!

goolypop said...

gargles, the reason u wan to see his video is to watch his snug cute jammie rite?

tuti, ok ok *yawn*..i will try..zzzz.......

dr singam, galilo sell gali lor..

tuti, ok ok.. later i fart for u :D

BoeyJoey said...

HQ wants to hear my "sweet voice" too eventhough he can read himself (simple books la, not books on galileo & such). for books on galileo & such, i had better read, cos he can't read the whole sentence (yet)... haha!


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