Saturday, July 17, 2010

The stork delivers the baby!

Long time ago, Gooly wondered where do babies come from. I told him from the shin, of course. Kakakakakkakakaa! Kidding.... But that has gotta be the most ridiculous non-sex tale my friend's mom told her....

...when she was 12! Can you freaking belief it? How do babies fit into a shin? Then again, how does a baby fit into the Virginia Valley, the kids would wonder. So shin vagina shin vagina - *shrug* no diff!

Me being a Science student *ahem* of course told him about the sperm and egg, omitting the frolicking parts and then fast forward to nine months later. He was ok with the answer until recently.....

"How do papah's sperms go into your stomach?"

Jeng jeng jeng.

Jeng jeng jeng.

Jeng jeng jeng.

How-lah? So far my answer has been, "Look over there! A spaceship!"

I don't think this tactic can work till he is 8! Gah!

Me thinks he is a very analytical .. Did I say anal? Yes I did.. ANALytical boy. It makes sense, doesn't it? To wonder about the steps. He is clever to suspect that I have been short-changing him some important information.

So, what did your parents tell you?

a.The stork delivers you?
b. They found you in the dustbin?
c. You ask one more time, I slap you with the slipper?

or the cleverest...

d. Look over there! A spaceship!


Junka said...

"Sperm, just like food, go into stomach from the mouth, and then there's you, my dear gooly."

Mamapumpkin said...

They got me a book - Where Did I Come From? I got T1 the book, Where Willy Went - it's hilarious!!

sinkaringam said...

junka, ur statement sounds so wrong!

BoeyJoey said...

jeng jeng jeng (x3 more times some more)... it hought you're going to tell him the truth! ceh!

ps: i pray that everything is going well... be strong. you take care of yourself too, alright.

tuti said...

haha. your commenters are scary. :p

smallkucing said...

what about go ask Daddy :p

goolypop said...

Junka, "Do i have to swallow straight or chew or mix with water?"

Mamapumpkin, Willy reminds me of the MASSIVE Willy the whale.. Scary ooo....

Sinkaringam, i agree! She should say add some ice..

BJoey, the truth is out there...*X-files music* u go internet find, gooly.. (Thanks for your prayers, he is alright now :) )

Tuti, today all quite normal except for the first JUNKA who likes to drink barley....

SK, ahh... good one! If he ask again, i will use that.. "Go ask SK's daddy..." :P


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