Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testing the limit

Lolly likes to eat. Not food...but stuff know..dirt, paper, tissue, our fingers., our money.....A pica monster she is!!

She has heard NO so often I am sure she knows what it means. NO and DIRTY are uttered day in day out, all the time. Hence, now she picks up something, looks at us, and places it her chest.

...and then she moves it to her chin.

...and then at the side of her mouth.

....on her lips....

And finally she opens her mouth... And we shout, "No!"

She smiles sheepishly, and tosses it down.

She knows she shouldnt, but still wanna try..just in case we got tired yelling NO.

But sometimes she is really fast. Especially when its paper...cos its like her favourite. *roll eyes*

and the reason we allow her to test the limit, and not stopping her at "chest level" is because she is cute when caught in mishief. And i also wanna know if she is daring enough to cross the boundary.

The answer is yes.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

She understands

I remember...

..the first "conversation" I had with with Gooly. He must have just turned one. It took place in the kitchen in the new mooban we just moved in. He didnt say much, but demonstrated that he could understand what I was saying. No, no.lit wasn't those "Where is your tongue?" kind of game cos I think those are more rote memorization rather than proper understanding.

So that day, i asked if he was still coughing, and he shook his head. And I said, then we can have ice cream. He said, "Yeaaah!" while lifting his arms up in the air jubilantly.

And we have been communicating since then.

Today I had the first "communication" with Lolly. No, no...not the "where is your head" routine which I am sure she is getting tired of showing us.

My phone beeped, signalling an incoming sms. "Oh, mummy's phone!" I announced to her for no apparent reason. She looked at me, and crawled towards the beeping sound. Stopped midway, turned around to look at me. And I said, "Where's mummy's phone?"

And she gingerly placed her palm on her ear.

She knows what a phone is.

But of course she didnt know where it was.

I smiled, and like the fact that she takes interest in whatever nonsense I am telling her.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing with a destroyer

Lolly is destructive. She likes knocking down blocks. What a little godzilla she is. And Gooly is nice enough to build loads of buildings for her to destroy, instead of whining or complaining about her annoying habit.

"Come, mei mei! Kor kor built for you to destroy.." and she gleefully crawls over to accomplish her Godzilla mission.

The only thing he doesnt let her play is his Lego pieces. Thats because they are tiny pieces. And his books. Cos she eats them. -.-"

Whats with her and inedible stuff???

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

big bro love

We have had this keyboard for yonks which my brother took back to his home and returned recently. The boys of course fought over it. Not that they knew how to hit the notes properly or played a tune..

The next day while Harry Potter was at school, Gooly was gleeful that he had the keyboard all for himself. But not for long...for the little babe came crawling away and demanded to play it.

So big brother carried her gingerly unto his lap and let her play all she wanted.

Not a peep from him. He was just happy to share with his lil sis. I quickly whipped out the video camera and recorded the tender moment. I dont foresee i have the time to upload it i shall just write what happened in that 60 seconds or so clip.

..Lolly was on his lap. He kept patting on her head, smelling her head too. When she banged on the keys, he laughed as though she was so adorably cute. He then said, "Are you ready, mei mei? 1,2,3 start!" which the silly girl took it as a command to count her fingers. So she counted her fingers by using her index finger pointing at the other fingers on the other hand. We laughed heartIly, and she turned back and smiled at her korkor. He kissed her and said, "I love you, meimei"

It was really sweet.

He loves her so much he never got jealous.

He adores her so much that he crawls on fours at all times to humour her. They have crawling competition all the time! That makes her laugh so much.

Sometimes she is naughty and hits him or pulls his hair. All he says is, "Notti girl!" in a teasing voice. Of course I reprimand her, but he will say, "Never mind lah..she is just a baby."

He always asks, "How's meimei today?" after school (and probably missing her). When he enters the house, he gives a cheerful, "MEI MEI!" and (secretly) hugs her (cos i always ask that he bathes first before touching meimei. But i guess he just cant wait.)

I have 3 brothers whom i share cordial relationships. I have, i guess, always hoped for a closer bond with them. But hey..its ok now. What i dont have, my precious gets! The best bro one can ever have!

*muacks* to you two!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Ah..the third tonal sound. Not like when the dentist or doctor asks you to open your mouth wide and say, "Ah....". Also not like when you are shot and you yelp a loud dramatic "Ah......" Neither it is AH long that AH.

It is the obedient AH, the chinese version of OK.

Gooly, go get ready for school now.


Gooly, go call yehyeh down for dinner.


Gooly, turn off the tv now.


Getddit? That "ah"?

I do love the way he complies by saying "ah". Its very chinese, very gentle and very affirmative. Its extra special when the dialogue is exchanged in mandarin between nainai and him.

"Gooly, ni si jau sien, hau bu hau?"


I admit i am quite anal about getting a (quick) response from him when i talk to him. I cannot stand children in front of the idiot box, staring into galaxy far far away, with flies hovering their open mouths, and when you tell them something 10 times, they only respond 1 time (10 mun 9 mm ying).

When i say do something, chop chop, do it quick. Or at least pretend that you heard me.

Therefore, it makes me smile, this little style of his - which i call "The Ah". Sometimes he says, "Ah..just give me a minute" which is fine. At least i know he is alive.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's cute too

I havent been exactly fair with my appraisal. Besides being cranky and uncooperative and obstinate, Lolly actually can be adorable too. Like today, i was immitating a dog's made her laugh. She crawled to me, gave me a hug, and patted my shoulder a few times as if to say, "Good one, mom!"

She likes to hug me from behind. And pats me on the shoulder while making this soft puddy-tat purr. Its her way of showing love.

And gooly and i love to tease her by hugging each other, and calling out her name. She would then hurriedly crawl over for a group hug. With the widest smile.

She sticks her tongue out when I (only I) ask for it. Not always. Only when shes in the mood. Sometimes she throws in a beelup-beelup-beelup sound effect as bonus.

When we say 123, she touches her fingers as though she's counting. Not always. She doesnt like showing off that often.

She lifts the phone receiver and places it at her ear. (and then she chews the coiled wire.)

She claps when happy birthday is sung.

She also eats papers.

I would expect a gross improvement in all aspects when she hits one. *ahem

An Unbiased Review by:
Househole deprt

Getting out of trouble

Gooly has a knack of talking out of trouble, I noticed.

The other day, i asked how was his ejaan. In one breath he said, "oh mom, dont worry! I got one wrong..and it was a careless mistake. Tsk tsk tsk! I should have been more careful! Next time i will be more careful! I did my correction already. Now i know how to spell it. Dont worry, mom! All problem solved!"

My mouth slightly agape, i searched my mind on what else to err...add on. It seems like he has pretty much covered everything. So i said, "okeh!"


what if he says the same things next time when he gets ALL wrong??!

"dont worry mom! I got everything covered! Now i know why i got them wrong! I wont get them wrong again for the finals!"


Terrible 10?

Dear Tom Kurus,

Lolly usually hits the sack between 8pm and 9pm. It's a good 11 hours sleep for her with 1 or 2 feedings in between. Ergo she wakes at around 7.30? Gawd! So early! My eyes are still shut and my mood, fouled, of course. Every. Freaky. Morning.

She takes her morning nap reluctantly - sometimes for a full hour or 20 minutes, depending. It can be anytime between 10am - 12pm. So i cant do breakfast with you, sorry. And i cant do lunch either cos she gets cranky again, say by 2pm cos...i dont know, shes hungry? Shes sleepy? Shes moody? When she is finally taking her nap, you'd say, who the heck eats at 3pm?

Id love to have dinner with you but i cant cos she is tired by 7pm (the universal dinner time!!!). And then she would wanna sleep at 8pm but refuses to, just for the heck of it.

And i cant go supper with you either, just in case she wakes and there is no one in the room, you know. It will freak her out completely.

What about anytime between her naps? Gee i dont know..its a lot of work to pack and unpack her paraphenelia - milk, diapers, hot water, cold water, wipes, toys, snacks, sweater, singlet, socks, bibs, etc. and she absolutely abhors car rides. Shes ok if you let her hold the wheel but Britney got into trouble doing that. Bummer! Or we could leave her at the foot seat where she can pick up sand and pebbles to chew on. It would really make her day if she finds pieces of papers. Nom nom nom! Paper nutrients!

A stroll at the park? I dunno...she doesnt like her Graco, Aprica and latest Maclaren. Do you have a Stokke or Quinny which we can try out?

So Tom, will have to find another date. Or you can wait till Lolly doesnt need that many naps or is more stable (emotionally, mentally? Schedully?)

If we are lucky, we are talking about another 1000 days wait? Maybe? Hopefully?

P/s: there are days where she is exceptionally good... So i dont know if its just an excuse to be a social hermit or I am not a risk taker (yeah, its a lot of risks bringing a bawling baby out).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Casually caring

"Did you have a good nap, mom?"

"Did you have a good day?"

"How was meimei today? Was she a good girl?"

"Mom, why are you always the last to eat? Its not fair.."

In this world, I think the person who cares for me most, and takes notice of me, would be my son. He casually asks about my welfare all the time.

Still waiting for, "Do you have enough money to spend, Ma?" though...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lucky day

"They say it's my lucky day today..but its not true," gooly lamented in the car when i picked him up from school. He meant the horoscope.

But how would he even be so sure, i challenged, as the day hasnt ended just yet.

i then made a swift swerve right in front of the ice cream motorcycle and announced, "Ice cream?" He beamed so much, shrieking Thank You Mama, it IS my lucky day today!

I love making my boy lucky. Bah to those lousy horoscope! :p


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