Sunday, November 14, 2010


If I were a mosquito
I would be nocturnal
I will bite you
It will be itchy

If I were a mosquito
I would flap my wings
and make a buzzing sound

I am so annoying
You will hit me
With your hands
With a flying swatter
But you won't get me

If I were a mosquito
You would hate me
I am your enemy

By Gooly the pop, with mucho help from MOM


dr sinkaringam said...


if i moskito,
heaven is near,
i got squashed.

Gargles said...

if i were a moskito
i wanna be a vegetarian
i wanna drink water
to say i love people.

goolylollymom said...

dr, moskito heaven is tomato soup.

gargles, eh..really got moskito sik jai one ok? Male moskito dun suck blood one.. Go more library la u...

Anonymous said...
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