Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy to please

My mom pushed the cot to the wall, and placed a chair next to it, so we could sit and pat Lolly to sleep.

Gooly came back and wondered aloud in mandarin if ahma had moved the furniture in the room, which she admitted she did. And he responded with a very dramatic, "wow! Hau mei ooooh~ xie xie, nainai" (wow, so beautiful. Thanks, nainai)

Both mom and I chuckled.

This boy is so innocent and appreciative.

A simple egg-meal can be "Wow!The most delicious meal in the world. Amah is the best cook! I wonder what is her secret ingredient!" So full of praises this boy has.

Oh.. I do love him. For the simple pleasures and happiness he seeks everyday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The feeling

..when she crawls to me for a snuggle.

..when she hangs on to the hem of my pants asking to be carried.

..when she cries the moment i walk away.

..when she squeals excitely as she buries her head on my shoulder as protection if someone 'attacks' her

..when she shies away from strangers by grabbing me.

..when she head-butts me for fun.

The feeling is nothing less than a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Aww-wow-some really.

I think she knows im her momma already.

And I think she is in love with me.



So..shes quite a pro crawler now. And all she wants to do now is to crawl! No chairs, no stroller, no carry..uh-uh...me wants crawl! Me wants crawl - she bawls.

As soon as she discovered the freedom to roam using her four limbs, she quickly explored all the nooks and crannies where ants and mites and dust and monsters lurk! Eeek! And she crawled under spaces where my butt wouldn't fit. Gah! And she climbed stairs and threatened to fall! Yikes! She wanted to touch forbidden stuff which i pressume she has been eyeing for the past 9 months. Bah! Itwas no fun at all for all of us who tail-gated her 24/7.

But then, it got better. She understands NO-NO better...make that slightly better. She knows my butt is big..that i cant rescue her if she got stuck under some impossibly small space.

She says HI by lifting her hand high up to reveal her armpit, Hitler style.

Try scolding her, and she gives you a pbbbbthhhh straight away. Baby's version of yayayaya..yada yada yada, i suppose.

Ten months old, i already wanted to tie her up on a cactus a few times.

Wanted! Not yet, ok....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Id like to remember

The other day, i patted on the bed, summoning lolly to come over to have her nap.

She crawled the short distance, held my hand, and leaned her face unto my hand, with a sweet charming smile.

She did that three times.

I melted into a puddle of love three times.

...and still melting everytime I think of it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What happened to us?

Admittedly, when i got married to papah, "happily ever after" wasnt exactly a sure thing. How can people who claim that or something along the line of "found my soul mate" be so sure of forever love? I am not a sceptic, but not a dreamer either. I got married with a mind set of, "lets see where this brings us."

Over the years, we made adjustments, cranked up the tolerance level or just bear with whatever that bugged us.

It was not easy.


Of late, i realised that we dont do that anymore.

We dont even try.

Or be bothered.

Simply because...

We have accepted each other of who we are. It's that or we have grown into more lovable beings. Not sure about me, but he is definately a greater husband, father - a person, in general as he aged.

"Will you hold my hand when we are old?" I asked him the other day because i know he hates questions like this.

"Yes, hon," he humoured me in a super irritating way because he knows I laugh like mad when he copies what others call their wives (read: COPIES, he never calls me dear, hon, darl, sweetie. He calls me OI... Or mama, like gooly)

But yeah.. I can see him holding my hand when we are old. Way much better than when i first met him, dated him, married him.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

we live for happy moments like this

us with a very special awesome cake

Despite a conscious effort not to over-celebrate, blessed family and friends thought otherwise. Cant get over the beauty of the cake (and friendships!)

What a way to start the year. ZOIZ, i know you gonna be good to us!

To you too, k..


Two months before, he got an ipad 2 as a birthday present from his aunt. Can he be any luckier? You bet! He then went to Bangkok for 3 weeks. He knew on the actual day, he shoudlnt expect anything else.

Hence, when my sis asked, "What would you like for your birthday?", he gracefully announced that he doesnt need anything, because he has everything. And yet, cakes and pressies kept pouring in.

the most awesome cake!

Isnt that a beauty? Awesome-ness! That boy of mine is really blessed. The cake is bought by my dear friends, with a special request ( to the baker) of a Naruto head to be placed on top because they make efforts to get to know my son. Naruto, as you mau have guessed is his current fav tv show.

We bought him a cake too, but stinged on the design. It was just a plain ole trusty black forest. :)

And this morning, his godma came with pressies...

And tonight, another godma is organising a surprise party for him.

Celebrations after celebrations....my son, arent you special? You must be....

Happy 7, my dearest first born!


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