Friday, November 5, 2010

Car rides

I have two best friends whom I have known for over 20 years. We hung out at the school canteen, and subsequently at Modesto's and Brannigans.Of us three, I was the last to get a driving license. Hence I was always driven during those clubbing days.

And then we all started working as astronauts, and I started driving my space rocket. Even then whenever we went out, they'd offer me a ride. Of course, my house is also strategically located. It's always on the way to wherever we were heading.

Even now, I realised whenever we want to go makan, they'd automatically plan to pick me up first before heading to the destination - which they don't really have to. But of course they are thinking that I am often a single lady with a kiddo, and now with a bump (unless when Papah is around).. It's not really safe for me to drive at night. (Their hubs usually drive.)

But then again, even when it's day time, they'd come by my house so I can hop into their car.

Maybe they just don't mind driving. Maybe they don't even know why they come and pick me up as it has been kinda like a routine for 15 years? I donch know.

But..having friends like this makes life beautiful.

I am sho sho sho blessed.


Gargles said...

giving car rides to beautiful ttp makes life beautiful too...

(paid comment, obviously, this one)

dr sinkaringam said...

makuaifan. no wonder i dun ask u out anymore.

(non-paid comment. obviously)

ttp yang tercantik said...

Gargle, aiyak no LIKE button to click tim..

Dr Sinkar, excuse me.. its me always ffk you ok? Still waiting at the Rex cinema huh?

Winn said...

Niat post ini is to beritau semua you Seong tap par wong che?

Anonymous said...


goolypop said... lah.. just want to tell u all my occupation - ASSTRONAUT ok??

Anon, *nod*


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