Saturday, November 26, 2011

The little pumpkin amongst other names

Sometimes we call her pumpkin cos her face resembles one.

Or 'little bear' when we imprison her in her cot. If you are highly imaginative, imagine a "NO FEEDING" sign around her neck. Her tiny feet stick out in between the bars. It's really cute.

Gooly calls her Girl-Girl. We dont'.I dont know where he got the idea from. "Girl-girl, whats the matter?" "Girl, whats wrong?" it's really endearing.

She likes sticking out her tongue..i dont know, perhaps to test the weather. Its so cheeky.

And then theres this "tsk tsk tsk tsk" sound that she makes as she cruises along.

Sometimes she drives us nuts with her screaming. We call her "kunglung" or monster then.

And when she crawls real fast to destruct something..we yell, "The monster truck is coming!!"

But i never get tired looking at her face. Its between silly, cute, forlorn, boyish, girlish, pretty, cheeky, troll-like (in a super cute way) and very often, omai-just-like-gooly. With a tooth sprouting, she looks different...a whole new face to stare at. And thats a face i wanna kiss all the

And bite.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm not smiling much these day.

I bark at children, mine and theirs.

I'm tired but the moment i hit the pillow, lolly wakes.

I feel like i NEED to buy a bag when i just got one two weeks back *major crazy siren blaring*

I want to hang out with friends but my kids need me.

I dont want to babysit my nephew anymore because he keeps making fun of my underwear.

~transmission ends

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lolly almost 8

Ok, last two weeks, she began to crawl forward. It was clumsy (as opposed to 'crawlsome!' ) that she didnt qualify for an imaginary Crawling Contest 2011.

She wasnt sitting also. Well, she does sit on the high she IS sitting technically. its just that she doesnlt like sitting on her own on the floor watching the world go by. The moment she hits the floor, she zig zags across the room dragging her heavy bum along in a comical way.

So, I'd say...she wasnt a profesional crawler or a sitter...BUT!

She wanted to stand and cruise!

I saw beads of sweat on her head as she kept trying the daunting tasks of pulling herself up and making steps sideways along her crib. I was rolling my eyes and telling her, "Slow it down! Back to the basics-lah! Sit, crawl, stand, that order please."

But like all little girls with a streak of my genes...she refused to listen. She practised cruising so much that by evening, she was letting go of one hand (Look ma, no hands!), and smiling gleefully.

As of today, she can pull herself up with ease - knees no more wobbly, and cruises along smoothly.#i told you so, mom

And oh, a white cap emerged at the lower gum. I can just imagine her looking even cuter with a toothy grin. She is a buttony cute bub if she doesnt scream that loud. Actually many still think she's adorable {my mom, the president of her fan club, for one } and all when she lets out loud, really mega loud shrieks. i have zero tolerance towards loud decibles of sounds. I have delicate ears. So imagine my horrors when my baby...MY BABY (ops sorry, didnt mean to shout) started screaming at a restaurant. She wasnt exactly fussing so there was nothing i could do to pacify her. She was just using her vocal cord to the max. It was cute at the beginning, and then it got louder and louder that a glass could break if i didnt take her out! Oh my! I shudder in fear now if you were to invite me for makan and nonchalantly ask, "Bring baby alonglah..i want to see her lah...."(i do get those invites pretty often). "Its me or her, you choose," i'd say. And they would choose her but of

As many moms with multiple kids say, each child is different. And i can so relate to that now #duh. So everything that lolly does that is different from how gooly did it, as far as my memory stretches, I find myself tilting my head a little in amusement and amazement. And sometimes with my mouth slightly agape, thinking.."Crap.. This is like being a new mom all over again!"

Oh Lolly...hic! I had to down yomeishu to survive motherhood this time round.Hic! Ah well...might as well..To Lolly, the loud baby who walks (or rather tries to) before she could crawl... Hic!

{The next time i write, i hope i dont begin with "Hi, my name is Jenny and i am an alchoholic *hi, jenny*}

Friday, November 11, 2011

Saying the right stuff

The other day, gooly in the heat of anger, got into a dispute with his cuz. And it involved a flying chicken leg kick.

I reprimanded him, told him that he should never never strike another. I was ready to hurl a barrage of words. And i began with, "You are bigger size than him..imagine..would you like it if someone does that to mei mei? (his precious)"

And he solemnly said, "I should have used my brain to think first!"

Me: Yaaaaa...(oei? This is not what i expected. If he had gotten all defensive, I would have dished out my "long winded speech" about why, how he shouldn't get in a fight.

And then he continued: "I was a bad example...."

Me: Yaaaa.... (oei? So matured one??)

And finally, "I'm sorry, mom. I wont do it again.."

Me: Ok..

And that was the end of my uhm...lecture. I wont even classify it as a lecture. It was a lot of monosylabic words like, "yaaaa" and "ok". But seriously, what else could i have said? He has summed up everything pretty well.

However, at the point of my last "ok", i wondered if he had learned the skill of winning an 'argument' with mom, which is - do not argue. If he had been brash or argumentative about it, he would have to face the guillotine. And now he walks away free..with just a promise of never do it again.

Pretty smooth, I must say.

Will see if he's really remorseful.

Or he is just a sweet talker, saying the right thing at the right time to save his ass.

Ahh.. I can see my genes in him now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lolly 7.0 has begun...the clingyness.

The moment I walk out of her life (literally) she cries pitifully. We have resorted to covering her eyes whenever I have to be out of her sight. Gooly is pretty good at helping me with this disappearing act.

And the moment she sees me, say upon my return from saving the world mission, she beams so much, exuding a happy aura around her while jumping and slapping anything within her reach (usually the tray attached to the high chair or my mom).

From her, I discovered my hidden talent of ..*cough cough* singing. It takes a special being to appreciate my *ahem* talent. I swear, the moment I hit the notes, she's lulled to sleep almost instantly! (yeah yeah, I know, it could be that my singing is so terrible that she just feigns sleep so I can stop)

But really, it's not that bad.."phaaaaantem of the oprah..........." CRACK~ ooppps!

She does little high-5. Little, as in I am not sure if it's really a high 5, or reaching out just to touch cos well, duh,.the hand is there.

She's really wary of strangers now. Men strangers. If she cries when she sees you, you must look like a male. *smirk* Even when people are not paying attention to her, she spies at the corner of her eyes and bursts into unnecessary tears. Drama!

She likes giving these really low growls/grunts. Try doing that. It hurts the damn throat. I don't know why she does that when she can coos sweetly just like other darling babies. But nope..she growls. Like a monster. She scares my nephew sometimes.

At 7months, according to books, she should be sitting unsupported. And she should be doing that gladly to watch the world go by. Hah! She hates sitting..she doesn't want to practice sitting..she wants to be part of the actions! She crawls clumsily all over with me tail gating her, holding her waist cos she sure looks wobbly! And sometimes she wants to walk! One foot forward and another and another, when ever she sees opportunity to do so (us holding her armpit, with feet on the ground).

We took her to Penang a couple weeks back. She was quite a good traveller, making very little sounds during the journey.

End of this month, she will be taking her first flight! Wish all of us luck! (including the other passengers, pilot, co-pilot, air crew).

7 months just wooooshed by like that. I'm growing a bit of hair. Yup, me..not her. You see, I dropped quite an amount of hair post-partum. I had to chop my locks (bluff, my hair wasn't curly at all, it was straight like a non-gay), which I felt quite sad to let go. I was beginning to like my long haired look. But the patch of voidness was pretty apparent at the fringe top. So I cut it to below my ears. I didn't like the style, hoping that it will grow faster..and voila..I spotted some "grass-like" hair at the bald area two days ago. It is not a very pretty sight. Oh well, they will grow. They BETTER grow! Such sacrifice of being a mother! Twice! Bah! Bah!


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