Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fedora Hats

The only thing that I adorn on my head would be caps. Sometimes I do wish to be living in other countries where you don't get stared at when you become more adventurous in fashion. Then I can don on fancier hats like Fedora Hats, and matching boots and scarf.

But then I know fedoras have been a must-have in the closet amongst bolder youngsters, the ladies especially. They must have chosen theirs from this site- fedora hats for women, with all the cute and trendy fedoras.

I like it when I see girls matching their fedoras with summer-like dresses. And I also like how Jason Mraz is always seen with one. Ultra cool, and laid back look he has, with that fedora of his.


Winn said...

nx outing -

LC bag and matching hat! deal?

reanaclaire said...

Goolymum, i agree with u.. can u pls read your email? thanks!


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