Monday, August 2, 2010

Gooly the apprentice

We were revamping the room a bit, and got an electrician to come in to do some electrocution works.

Gooly did the silliest things - grabbed a stool and parked it next to him and watched him cut wires and such like an apprentice would.

And then he asked what would seem like a question he was dying to spew out:

"Did you ever get zapped before?"


Fullat - I quickly ushered him out with the usual, "Don't kajiau uncle working..."


smallkucing said...

what? he was just curious mah. My anak also same. Look at the man who instal the water heater then kept taking baby talk to the man

goolypop said...

sk, wah.. that cat got ask waterheater man, "u got drown before not?" :P

(u hantar kerja rumah to me ka? Skaligus so many comments geh.. he he)

Gargles said...

tell gooly next time must accompany the question with a buzzzzz zapping sound too, the way only good apprentice does.

goolypop said...

gargles.. oooh just like the drilling sound....when i drilled your skull...


smallkucing said...

ya la give u kerja rumah la.

Who ask u to close the blog wor...wont update in my reader geh...haiz...


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