Friday, November 27, 2009

Totally non of your biz

Last Friday was Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday in my homeland, Alaska. Thus, many monkeys were not online. One went to Spore, and another downloading lame movies, I presume.

Oh well, I was forced to go out then.

Put on a new jumper, my minnie-mouse lookalike polka doted hairband and a pair of 99 baht plastic shoes. The most comfortable, I tell you. The original Crocs must be like that.

Looked for a matching bag. Tadaa...

And bought a coupon for the shuttle van. Did I tell you our apartment has shuttle service? How cool is that? I swear, the van is cleaner than ours. And the driver.. *giggle nudge nudge* is handsome. I always wonder who the heck takes the 12 seater van cos it's always just me in it. The ride to the mall is 25 bahts. The taxi usually cost me around 60bahts.

Throughout the whole journey in the van, I wondered what I should do with the 35 bahts I saved. 3 Mc D i-screams, perhaps? And then I realized I have forgotten to apply underarm deodorant. Urrgh! If you didn't notice, I didn't want to say armpits as I was being polite.

With sweaty erm, underarms, I went looking for food and decided on a salad buffet, considering that I haven't defecated that day. After munching like a cow, I got sick of the colour green, and got bored of myself. Dang.. 145bahts for two plates of peas. I suck big time at buffets.

Oh, and I used the same plate twice cos I'm being environMENTAL. Didn't want to waste water and soap washing extra plates. Yeah.. bring me to buffets, and I will embarrass you with stunts like that.

And then I roamed around aimlessly.

So that was Friday for me. I was completely alone. Not that I am complaining.

The end.

Treasured junks

What do you do when your child brings home from school.. erm.. little treasured junks such as

..a drawing of circles which looks like erm.. a tank with 17 wheels (my interpretation) saying, "It's from Sophia."

..longish balloons with no pumps included, which wouldn't inflate no mater how hard you blow (read: your face turns red, your lungs about to explode). They are from TJ.


..a hand-made mask which could be a cat, tiger and wolf or anything you want from Benny.

Sometimes there are letters with secret codes only the senders can understand. And then there are stickers which wouldnt stick anymore.


Seriously what do you do with junks stuff like these?

Well, I usually don't have the heart to throw them away. Not straight away, at least. I keep them on the table for a while (at least two days). I chuckle to myself looking at them. When I discard them, I think, "What a waste!"

Really. They are so cute to look at (for two days.) And more importantly, there are symbols of friendships.

Hmm, I wonder what junks treasures Gooly has produced and given his friends.

From a distance

There is something about watching your kid from a distance.. he walks

.. how he laughs he talks he knocks his friend's head.

From a distance, even thought it's panoramic, your eyes and ears tend to auto-focus on only one object - him (hey, i made a phrase with many O-words). There are other sounds but they are kinda like in bubbles - muffled. There are other objects but they are kinda like images in a crystal ball - blurry. Meanwhile, his voice is crisp and clear, his face - sharp and focused. But only to you.

And you begin to notice little things ..little things that you can't see upclose.


...oh, he still looks like a lil boy, standing next to bigger kids.

... oh, he does have a nice complexion.

..oh, he needs another haircut.

..oh, he does have a snappy attitude.

..oh, he does hum a lot.


..oh my, he is bossy.

I do like watching him. From a distance. Not interfering, just watching. And go, "Oh my, is that my son?" and "Did we really come from there to here? From baby to now?" Almost unbelievable.

Sometimes he watches me watching him. He smiles and waves. And when he thinks no one could hear, he even says, "I love you, mama."

I like that a lot. When a distance is not really a distance..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is this girl whom I see almost everyday downstairs. She has the cutest curls and the pudgiest thighs you would wanna chomp on.

The first time I met her was at the pool. The adult pool. She was swimming confidently that I thought she has taken lessons before. But no, that was her first time. According to her mom, she declared that she wanted to swim and swim, she did.

Today, she asked permission to ride on Gooly's bicycle. Seeing that she is half the size of the bicycle and possesses no bicycle license before, I asked, "Can you do it?" She confidently said in a booming voice, "I CAN DO IT!" and she clambered on and rode away.

She has never ridden a bike nor a trike before. The confidence she exudes is amazing. There is no fear in her eyes, I tell you.

For that, I salute her. I do admire her gutsy attitude.

Oh, I forgot to mention that she is only 3. Teehee. Really cute.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only me

Today we received yet another complaint from the teacher assistant about Gooly's snappy attitude.

Gosh!I'm at my wits end . Maybe this is it. I should really tie him up at the cactus under the hot hot sun.

Sigh! So I was rather glum after delivering my 100th speech about good behaviors. Was rather quiet and unresponsive.

As I sat watching MTV, he asked permission to sit next me. And then I coughed a bit.

Koff koff..koff koff.

He put his little hand behind my back, and patted, and asked, "Are you ok, mom?"

I don't get it. Why he is only nice to me? He can be really sweet. But only to me.

I really don't get it. He can give up his favourite Mickey Mouse show for me. But he is all brash and and in some cases, rude, to others.



Let's do it.

Whether we like it or not, life has its many restrictions:

No, we cannot dance in the sprinkler water because it might contain chemicals and we might get a rash.

No, we cannot play in the rain because we might fall sick.

No, we cannot ride our bicycle at devil speed downhill into the pond because we might die.

No, we cannot watch tv the whole day because we might be stupid.

No, we cannot eat ice cream before dinner because we might get a tummy ache.

No, we cannot go near a toad because we may be blinded by its poison.

You know what? Chances are we may not.

So let's do the all of the above and not tell anyone, especially our MILs.

Monday, November 23, 2009

We are all learning

Gooly does have a snappy attitude. He doesn't get adult jokes. No.. not the 18sx type. It's like if you say, "Go to jail." And he will cry or snap a big "NO!" at your face.

It's something that I am helping him to cope with. Chill, relax.. it's only a joke - that sort of prep talk is part of the planned routine.

I think, before today, I was rather snappy too. As in when he was snappy.. and I would get snappy too. Not a great example right?

It's just that having manners is so important to me that I forgot that he is still learning. I don't know what got into me, but I just decided that from now onwards, I am here to help him.. not to punish him. To guide him, not to force him.

So anyways, he did it again.. snapping at a friend at top volume at the 7-eleven for a joke. Before I launched my usual tirade, I took a deep breath. Hurriedly I paid for the items, without paying much attention to the two ice creams placed on the counter.

I just wanted him to apologize, which he did.

So again, I reiterate, he is a good kid... just needing some help in the realm of sensitivity.

Walking back, I remembered about the 2 packets of ice cream, which I asked how come there were two, instead of one.

"One for you, one for me.."

Oh! That would be his first purchase for me (even though using my papah's money). I remember walking past the ice cream fridge-box where he perched over, deciding what to buy. Thinking back, it was awfully sweet of him, to pick one for him and then one for myself.

Now I am thinking, if this had happened yesterday, I would have barked at him or got so worked up about his behavior that I would have missed the sweet moment.

Yes, my son is learning all the skills and the art of living and becoming a man.

And I am also learning to be a mom.

Totally not related pic

A beautiful morning with a broken foot

This morning, I caught him playing by the balcony while waiting for me to send him downstairs. His robotic sound effects are ridiculous for me to imitate ergo I shan't. Once a while in this corner, he looks out and proclaims "What a nice day, mom." That's my favourite spot too, except that I reign on a higher chair and usually with a cuppa.

Oh see his slippers? He is not wearing the usual sneakers to school today because he hurt his right foot. He is limping slightly and a bruise is evident. I think his foot got jammed in the bicycle tyre and..erm..he dragged the foot on the road while the bicycle was still moving.. err.. something like that. I mean that's what he told me. Not that I understood what he was saying. Baaah! Boys! They are so accident prone. Or is it just him? How can you get your foot jammed in the tyre? And why did you drag your foot on the road? To create sparks?

*hyperventilating* Never mind~

With your condition like this, you are not to run or jump around like a monkey in school, you understand?

Yes, mamah.. I know, mamah.. I understand, mamah.

Yeah right~ Look at his monkey face. He can't stand still even for a sec. He would probably organise a limping race and win it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

An apple and a story

I packed him an apple and a box of junk for snacks for school today. He ate the junk and threw the apple into the bin. And he dared told me about it. Gah!

Needless to say, he got a good scolding and nagging and scolding from me. And then was forced to take the above pics. He doesn't look very sorry, does he?

And then he fell asleep before I even finished reading the story. See, when you don't eat enough fruits, you fall asleep on page one..

When he is taller

The other day, Gooly wanted to whisper something in my ear. So I bended my body over to reveal some cleavage . At this point, Ada's mom ogled at the valleys said something about 'oh my, in no time he will be taller than you.'

Our height difference is not that great, to begin with. He is already more than half my height. The 'goolypop' otherwise boringly known as the navel is the mid point, right? So when I bended over, the notion of him catching up soon in terms of tallness was obvious.

I left the park with the nagging feeling of, 'oh my, in no time he will be taller than me.'

And then what?

I won't be able to pat, dry, smell and kiss his head.


This I shall remember:

Everytime he finishes bathing, he towels himself dry except for the hair. He comes to me for help. He likes his hair dried in a certain way. First, he drags me to the bed and asks me to sit down. Then his head is parallel to mine. He doesn't like me standing over him wiping his hair, cos he is usually talking during this routine, and I am not giving him the eye-contact when I am towering him, I think. So he continues yapping away, while I towel dry his head, sometimes gently, sometimes in a fast motion to make him giggly. But always face-to-face. When his hair is no longer dripping wet, he always ..always.. pushes me to the bed backwards and rolls around for awhile, laughing hysterically.

It is irritating at times. And I'd say, "TSK! Come on..hurry. Pakai baju or you will catch a cold."


It won't take long for a little boy to be 5 feet tall, eh? By then he will be taller than me. (I think I am 1cm short of being 5 feet.)

On that note, I shall ..

Hug him a lil tighter
Hold him a lil longer
Squeeze him a lil harder
Smell his head more often

And just let him push me to the bed.. (no matter how irritating it is now)

Now, where did his succulent fingers gone? They were here two years ago! Ah.. The lil things I miss about him..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunscreen song

I have been looking for this for years! This is from the 90s.. i *heart* it, even now. Enjoy! Hope this video stays for Gooly too. Priceless advice.

Totally related

First stop, what he doesn't like. Cotton candy. Who does? It's so sticky and sweetie and yucky. Look at his forlorn face when someone kind shoved this gluey junk to his face.

He likes popcorn though. Sweet/salty - whichever. He doesn't mind at all. What I like? His dangling legs. :D

Especially when he sits over the loo. Feet dangling and swinging and mouth yapping at the same time. Totally charming.

I also like it when the wind blows on his face while bubbles afloat around him. And when he reads a book in a book shop, with his lips protruding and brows furrowed, deep in concentration.

What I also like is the stuff I bought lately. Even though I have a modicum of male hormones, which often leads to being labeled as having an attitude problem the magnitude of a C-4 explosion, I do like cutesy stuff that make many puke.

If you haven't noticed, I am a big sucker for bows.

and paisleys and lil flowers and butterflies.

It's SICKENING, I know. Oh, and you should know, I'm quite plain in KL. Yep, I'm only crazy and revolting in places where the chances of meeting someone I know is close to NIL.

Forgive me. I am just a man stuck in a woman's body in a man's mind in a woman's mouth and heart.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last Friday, I started the morning with a meaningless discussion with the "Muvi King" on the movie "Jennifer's Body" which put me in a jolly good mood.

Despite it being Friday the 13th, another thing happened that put another smile on my face.

Thnx so much for the books. Sorry I only saw them today cos I wasn't here yesterday. The kids made something for you to say thank you!

I received that message on FB.

You see, I asked the teacher to help make some Christmas cards for a charity drive. The kids in her class did a marvelous job with the cutest snowmen and pine trees. As a gesture of appreciation, I sent over some pre-loved books to be placed at the corner of the classroom. And whadaya know.. the kindness bounces back with a nice card that warms my heart.

And also, not too long ago, I went into a bag shop and found out that the amicable owner shares the same name as me. I left without buying anything as the bags were pricey. I did leave my number with her though. And she called me one fine day, informing me that a key chain has been made for me. How strange (in a nice way)!

Anyways, I was just nearby yesterday, and decided to pop in to say Hi, not sure if she still remembers me. Well, she does...and she actually kept the key chain for me. A bling bling key chain with the word C.O.A.C.H. Not authentically Coach of course. But who is complaining? It's very very very bling and cute! I will snap a pic of it one of these days..

Alas I didn't buy anything again. I was poor the first time, and poorer the second. But she was still nice to me. And even thanked me for coming by.

I was so happy that I went on to buy two pairs of shoes. (Totally not related, eh?) :P

How was your weekend? Another is coming! Yay!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Throwing Tantrums

Every Friday, we receive a weekly report from the homeroom teacher.

It has always been positive (His work is excellent in all aspects, his attitude towards his friends are very positive, he will have no problem coping with lessons for this year, etc.) until...

Deng deng deng...

"I noticed that he has been throwing a lot of tantrums this week. This has to stop."

Imagine my shock when I read that. And it was a roller coaster ride of feelings hereinafter:

a. disbelief - My son? Showing tantrum?
b. sadness - My son? Showing tantrum?
c. denial - My son? Showing tantrum?
d. anger - Why did you say that?
e. crazy - You say that again, I'll punch your stupid face.
f. interrogative - Gooly, did you show tantrum?
g. cool - Maybe the teacher didn't mean that...
h. doubts - Maybe the teacher DID mean that..

And so on and so forth.

I have to say, the note was written poorly. Cases were not cited as examples of Gooly's outbursts, if indeed, there were any. And if the teacher did reckon his outbursts in class were uncontrollable, he should have spoken to me personally about it, instead of just dropping a comment like that.

So it was a restless weekend. Heaps of emotions were toiling inside me.

I cleared my mind a little by talking to friends online asking for suggestions and opinions. I was indecisive whether to highlight the teacher's unconstructive comment to the principal. But I also know that I had to be careful with my choice of words as I don't want them to mistaken my points.

I was aware that the school will most likely believe that I am the sort of mom who CANNOT believe or accept that her child is imperfect, which is not the case. Yes, I was in shock but if you could just tell me what happened in class, then I would understand my son better. And we can work together to solve his outbursts problems (if there were any.)

Ho... my heart was so painful. I was worried sick, angrily mad and crazily angry.

But!...... this has taught me a lesson, which is:

Yeap.. Gooly is just a child. He can misbehave. Now it's tantrums. Next year may be stealing. And the next, kissing a girl without her permission?

It's best that I am prepared for all his shortcomings. And be calm. And keep reminding myself that, he is just a kid after all.

That is the most important lesson I learnt from that stupid note. That is all I cared, seriously.

I will not go in detail about what I said to the teacher and the principal.. Let's just say, if it was a court case, I might have been warranted a few thousand dollars as compensation (for all the defamation, heart ache and other emotional turmoils.)

P/s: As it turned out, the teacher misused the word 'tantrum'. He meant that Gooly was more teary than usual when things didn't go his way. Yes, Gooly a 'hampao'..that we already know. He is not a tantrum person. He doesn't punch walls and scream his head off. He also doesn't stomp his feet. *roll eyes* WATEVA! Gosh! Teacher, use your dictionary and brain to check the meaning of a word before you use it. #*(@&$)@ But I am so-over that angry period.. and I don't want to stay angry. I have made my point - be constructive when giving comments about your pupils. Having said that, if you misused another word, I will shove the blardy OXFORD Dict. up your you-know-where.. Now, that's what you call a tantrum, mister.........

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Death

Sometimes, after school, Gooly and I will head to a little stall across the street which serves kick-ass noodles. We are venturing further indeed. It used to be just the 7-eleven where we don't have to cross the main road.

Anyways, he'd cycle and I'd walk. It's about a 10 minutes journey from the lobby to the greetings of "sawadeekrap" from the proprietor of the noodle shop. And it is during this time that we talk about everything, usually with my hand on his shoulder - guiding him as he cycles.

Sometimes he talks about school - about who cried and who was sent to the naughty chair, the jokes that Teacher Ben know, stuff that make me grin.

And then they are times that he surprises me with his general knowledge, like how one has to bake a clay pot before selling it. Bake? Gee, I completely didn't think of that process. And I have no idea where he got that knowledge from.

And then sometimes he touches my heart with topics like death.

"When I am grown up, and working, and having my own money, you will be dead."

*eye brows raise*

"Probably," I said while checking on his expression. He looked nonchalant like he was taking about the death of an ant. He is usually a sensitive boy who cries watching Dumbo and Pooh Bear. So I was a bit surprised about his coolness over the impending death of mine.

And then he tapped on his temple and said, "But I will think of you forever, here.."

Ahhhhh.. I so wanted to hug him but decided against it. I didn't want him to get too sentimental or paranoid or obssessed about deaths. Or to get unneccesarily worrisome.

"But what do you suppose happens when someone dies?" I asked in an equally cool manner as though we were discussing about the weather.

" When you don't take care of yourself, you fall sick.. then you die. You go to a far far place. It's Heeven (Heaven). The angels come to get you.. Or God himself, if He he is not busy.."

That's a mighty good answer, don't you think? I smiled. And kinda looked dazed at the same time. (Where did he get the info?)

I'm glad that he talks comfortably about a subject which is hard to understand, even to adults. His interpretation of death is comforting. Kids .. are they actually emotionally stronger than us adults?

The way back was in silence as I pondered more about deaths - about moms who died young, about the funeral I attended last year..about 2012. And then his sudden shriek brought me back to reality -

"HEY, MOM! That's Ada! Pass me my bubbles!"

What the heck..Let's just live for now.

(In October, the teacher's assistant's mom passed away and she had to return to the Philipines for the wake. I suppose they touched the topic of death in class during her absense or after her return. Otherwise, he wouldn't have such profound answers pertaining to death. Gotta love what the school is teaching.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

City of Angels Part 2

We just got a water heater.. finally.

So this morning, the Carrefour people came to install it. And I remembered that I have the shower curtain which I bought eons finally, I can have it installed too. Yippee.

So I politely asked if he could drill the holes for me. He said sure.. where is the rod.

Rod? What rod? Oh that rod.. nah.. I don't have it. *giggles* Can't you just drill the hole.. and I'll go get the rod next year.

(Yeah.. I am that weird. I bought the shower curtains sans the rod, cos I was lazy to carry it, I think. Or I didn't have enough money .. Or I knew that I don't have an electric drill to drill the damn holes)

OK.. so the man said, "Why don't you go get it? They sell it in Carrefour (which is not far from my home),you know? I don't mind waiting."

And I said, "Nah, it's ok.. I don't have a car."

"Oh, I can bring you there."

"Mai pen rai. It's ok!" (geesh.. you are so weird, driller man!)

And then.... and then....

He went to buy it for me! Well, he said something about Carrefour has.. and bla bla bla...Since my thai is so mediocre, I was half wondering if he was actually gonna go out and get it for me, while the other half of my brain was saying, "Don't be silly.. Nobody does that!"

But he and his assistant left the apartment, leaving me mouth slightly agape, wondering if they went for lunch or to buy a rod for me.

30 minutes later. He came back with a rod! With a receipt from Carrefour! No extra charges.

Aww.. that can only happened like once in a lifetime ok? Total random kindness from strangers!

Wait, something similar happened before.

Oh I am right! Here! and Here!

Ah..Bangkok's ceremonial name is Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit. It translates to "The city of angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarm".

How apt. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No big deal

Yesterday Gooly got back from school and started doing his 2-page home work with little fuss. He was humming a tune whilst colouring. Upon completion, he showed me his work and I realized that there were some unnecessary wiggly lines (in RED colour pencil) all over the page. It was messy indeed.

At this point, would you have shrieked your head off for such lackadaisical work?

Surprisingly, I didn't scream or yell. I mean, usually I would have been palpably upset at such shoddy work. I don't know what got over me, but all I did was just tilt my head a lil to the right, and asked, "What are those lines?"

He shrugged and said he was trying to erase something off the page using the eraser stub at the end of his pencil. I checked his pencil. The eraser had fallen off and I assume he didn't realize, thus making red marks from the pencil lead as he 'rubbed' it across the page.

Either that or he knew there were no erasers, but he was still rubbing the paper on purpose, creating 'snake' lines all over. Why would he do that? I dunno..boys don't really need a reason to do anything, do they?

I remained cool. My head was still tilted, wondering - WHY DID HE DO THAT? and DOES HE EVEN KNOW HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT? In between, I managed to think what to cook too.

Hmm.. he would have to erase the red marks, I told him, still in a cool mood. And he did try, but the marks just wouldn't come off.

Oh dear. He would have to hand in an untidy piece of work.

Just like that.

I didn't pop a vein this time.

Seriously, why so serious?

One piece of untidy work in kindergarten doesn't entail any unsuccessful career endeavors in future, right?

Don't sweat the small stuff.

I did well yesterday, I think.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Once upon a time..

in 2007

he was a cute lil boy. as cute as button mushrooms

a great company to be with

with the cutest brightest smile

don't think he talked so much then

as happy as a lark at all times

with squeezable cheeks and butt

Well, maybe not. He may already been annoying, noisy, talkative, bossy then. But these pictures sure don't tell much of those nasty bits.

Currently I think he is annoying, noisy, talkative and bossy. But next year or the year after next, in retrospect, I will probably think it wasn't that bad after all.

The question now is should I delete this post which will remind me that pictures can be deceiving indeed?

Ops..too late. The 'publish' button wins.

Weird humour

So the other day.. a friend wondered how I could stand Papah being away so often?

I droned away the well rehearsed lines in a robotic mode - i-am-used-to-it. it's-due-to-unavoidable-circumstances-that-he-has-to-travel. i-have-long-accepted- and-understood-his nature-of-work.

I reckon it was a little bit like answering one of the judges questions in a beauty pageant (for my level, it has to be at least Ms. World...).

You know.. answering the right way like this -

What would you wish for for Christmas?
I would like WORLD PEACE! *flashes sparkly smile*

*judges nod and audience clap*

I wasn't lying when I answered my friend's question, you know. What I said was partially true. Not the entire truth cos there are times that I didn't want to be understanding. There are times that I sit on bed and go wawawawawa, why is papah going again? But most of the time I am subdued in manner. Why did I skip the wawaawawawa part when answering my friend's question?

I donch know!

Maybe I am carved out to be a Beauty Queen - diplomatic, predictable, unoriginal (like sinkar's Dvds) and boring to the core?

Either that or I am just a bloody liar.

And a hypocrite.

Anyways.. for conversation sake, I reiterated the topic to Papah - what my friend asked, and what I have answered.

He nodded a bit, with his fingers scratching his protruding chin and replied, "Good girl.."

WUT?? Gud girl?? You gotta be kidding me. That's not in your script. Check and read your next line again, papah.

Movie title: What A Good Wife
Scene 1/take 2

Mom : So I told her, that I am used to it. Not that you want to travel all the time. If you could, you would want to stay with us. I still love you..

Papah : Gee, wife. You are a gem. What would I do without you? Let's go get you another new bag.

Teehee..humour. What do I do without it?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quote of the day

In the car, Gooly and Ada were having a conversation only two of them could understand. Well, actually Gooly was monopolizing the whole conversation. Like this-

Him: Look, my eggs are hatching. They are baby dinosaurs. Oh, pterodactyls are coming to eat them.. Can you take care of them, Ada? You become the mother, or grandmother..or father.. or sister..

Her: But..

Him: No.. you listen to me first. I have something important to say.

And he went on for another 3 minutes (minimum) at bullet train speed about those damn flying dinosaurs. Ada looked like she was listening. I began to salute her for her ears' ability and patience to endure such noise pollution.

Finally, when Gooly stopped to breathe for air..she said, in a meek voice:

Sometimes when you talk so much.. you make me sleepy.

Bwahahahhahaha... gotta love her. She actually allowed him to finish his yawn-winning story before she conceded her awfully-true-to-the-guts opinion.

And what was Gooly's response?

Oh you are? Sometimes I am sleepy too..then I have to take a nap.. Bla.. blaa..blaa....

Gawd! Earplugs puhleeeeeeze~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What channel do you like to watch?

One day, a friend asked, "Which channel do you like to watch?"

I said, " I don't like watching Tv. Don't have the time." (sic! sic!)

And then, the next time he saw me, he asked, "Which channel do you like to watch?"

Huh? Again? Nonetheless, I repeated myself, "I don't like watching TV. Don't have the time.." And the topic was switched to another one.

And then, for the third time, on the same week, he asked again! - Which channel do you like to watch?!

I had a nagging feeling that "I don't like watching TV. Don't have the time.." is not what he wanted to hear. So instinctively I lied, "Oh.. the one with Martha Steward.."

And he continued, "No way! That's what I like too..! Bla..bla .. bla... And Travel and Living..Bla..bla..bla.."

See, I made him happy. And if I am lucky, since I have placated his need to discuss about Tv programs, I won't have to hear, "What channel do you like to watch?" another time.

So, what channel do you like to watch? Tell me, I can fine tune myself to carry a decent conversation.

Friday, November 6, 2009

An encounter I almost forgot

Did I tell you the time I helped a blind man to cross the street? (oh we go again..)

OK, seriously..that actually reminded me of something. When I was in Uni, I was involved in a linguistic conference which a blind lecturer participated. I have seen this lecturer around the campus, always walking very swiftly with his cane. And I have always observed and marveled at his ability to know his way around.

Co-incidentally, I was seated next to him during the first lunch. As he groped around for his glass of water, I carefully and silently placed it near his right hand. I stole glimpses of him, not wanting to stare cos despite his blindness, it was still rude to stare. At times, his movements were very gentle and gracious, as though he could see where he touched. And of course sometimes he seemed a bit unsure about what was in front.

Soon, a conversation began and before long, I found myself volunteering to help him for the next two days as the hotel where the conference was held was a new venue for him, and thus he wasn't accustomed to the surroundings yet.

He gracefully accepted my offer, telling me to escort him and his wife (who is also blind) to their room, and then to the conference room the next day. As he stood up, I told him, "Please tell me what to do as this is the first time I am helping. Where should I put my hand?" I was nervous.

He put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "This should be the way." And he held his wife's hand with the other hand.

While walking, I asked a lot of things. You do know that I am curious by nature. But of course, I asked permission to ask. His answers were really jaw-dropping. These are some which I remember. I wish I had jotted them before I forgot the whole conversation.

How do you walk so fast in campus?
(I fell many times before. I still do at new places. )

How do you colour co-ordinate your clothing?
(There is a label on the sleeve. Each with different texture so I know roughly what colour is the shirt. My pants are mostly in dark colours. So they would match easily.)

Your lecture notes are all in Braille. Are there lots of books in Braille for you to refer to in Uni?
(No, I have to hire some people to read me the text which I translate into Braille so I can bring them to lectures. The university isn't very helpful in this matter. I have to do everything on my own to deliver my lectures.)

What about marking the papers?
(The same. I have to hire people with my own money to read them to me.)

What about your own school exams before you were a lecturer?
(I had to sit for STPM a few times! It wasn't easy at all. Again, someone had to help me to read the books, and I'd translate into Braille for my own reference.)

Wow.. wow I remember feeling that way. And as I am typing this, I am still awed. By sheer determination, he became a lecturer in a university.

There were loads more that we spoke about but unfortunately I have forgotten. That encounter was over ten years ago.

The next day, as he gently put his hand on my shoulder to be escorted, he politely asked, "Are you wearing heels today?" Indeed I was. Just a few inches taller, and he could sense it. When he couldn't see, he was more sensitive with his other senses. That was another jaw dropping moment.

When the conference ended, I thought of him often but somehow couldn't bring myself to visit him. There was probably a lot of emotions which I was afraid I couldn't handle. I was probably thinking that I asked too much.

But before I graduated, I remembered to say goodbye. I knocked on his office door. At the sound of 'come in', I said, "Hi, Mr. Ooi.."

At, "Hi', he was already smiling..and said, "Hello Kiki.*" He recognized my voice even after one year of not hearing it.

I said my goodbyes.. was a little afraid that I may cry. I am always crying, just so you know. About things like this. (Things like what? Even I can't explain.)

So that was my brief encounter with a very determined sight-impaired man. I salute him!

*I could have used a pseudonym but I still remember his smile when he called my name. So nah, I'd savour the moment by keeping it as real as possible.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random kindness

While taking a dump, I was reading Reader's Digest. Yeah yeah.. I am geeky in that sense. I *heart* Reader's Digest, Chicken Soups and Ikea Catalogues during shitty moments (literally.)

So there was this section in the latest copy of RD about random kindness. The gist of the story:

A heavily pregnant lady was walking toward her car in a light drizzle. She was carefully treading the puddles of water when a car stopped, and out came a chap, holding out an umbrella. He escorted her to her car. And the next day, to pay it forward, she gave her umbrella to two construction workers caught in the rain in front of her house.

That happened in your country, Tuti. :)

What random kindness have you done or received before?

Well, I have once helped a blind man to cross the road. That was like ..heh.. 15 yrs ago. But yeah.. I once helped a blind man to cross the road. *proud*

I think I may have received acts of kindness more than I have done. Just this afternoon, when I got down from the cab, holding Gooly's bag, and a grocery bag (while attempting to dig my nose), the guard hurried over to hold the cab door for me. I quickly abandoned my gold digging mission

Not only that, he carried Gooly's bag even with my protest of mai pen rai ka.. I can manage ja~.

And then he pressed the button on the lift, held the door open, asked which floor I live in, parked the bag next to me, and 'tabik'-ed me.

Ah... nice.

I must have kapkunkaa-ed and smiled and bowed my head slightly a million times. Just my gestures of appreciation.

Any kindness stories you wanna share? Oh.. did I tell you the time I helped a blind man crossed the street..? *voice fades out*

How do you know when to change?

Long long time ago, I was told by a girl friend, "Wednesday is laundry day."

Not too long ago, another friend said something similar pertaining to fixed schedule for house chores - "Friday is the day I clean everything thoroughly."

I nodded intellectually during both situations, obviously pretending that I did those stuff too. Actually, I don't. I was perplexed at the sound of such seriousness for something as banal as housekeeping.

Out of curiosity, I ran a survey over on MSN:

Me: How often do you change your bedsheet? Once a week? When there are stains? When you can smell the stench?

Yup.. most of them said Once A Week (except for one who said, when my mom nags.)

Instinctively I responded - Once a week? How do you know when to change? Did your mama teach you? Cos my mama didn't. How often I change mine? Why do you wanna know? (I know, I am such a pain in the arse.)

This is my 4th year holding this position as the Household 'Charfityan', I am still trying to figure out things like, "How often does one change the bedsheet?" and "What about the curtains?" "Should I wipe the top of the electric meter box?" and "Crap, what do you mean we have to clean the inside of the cabinets?"

Mind you, I do know loads of trivia stuff like, 'Worms are Hermaphrodites'..but I just don't know how often I should change the damn bedsheet.

Obviously I am not doing a good job as a maid. Should I quit?

And be a princess instead?

P/s: I just learned that when you don't throw out the water from the spritzer after ironing, it will be colonized by little green martians called moss.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is it

OK.. after doing the mundane stuff day in day out - walking across to 7-11 for lunch, discussing politics with intellectual friends * and staring into space, I finally did it!

I went to the movie, alone.

This is it! My inaugural loser-ish activity.

I aptly chose This Is It to watch after reading a 'popcorn' review about it. I must say I quite enjoy the solo journey to Hollywood. In fact, I have marked Avatar, Julia & Julie and 2012 for my next rendezvous after watching the sneak peaks.

I will not go for horror, scary, ghostly, hantwo movies. Ah-ah~ Not even with free movie passes. Throw in the popcorn, I still won't go.

Hmm..what else can I do alone? Since I am already branded as LOSER on my forehead by him.

The end.

Oh, my take on the movie? 3 stars out of 5. 1 for MJ's quirky fashion sense, 1 for the dancers with 6-pack washboard abs, 1 for The Message about Saving Planet Earth. I'd have given 4 stars if Jay Chou sang a duet with him.

*do not believe everything I say...

Sleeping with a shadow

A few mothers have told me that they share the same problem situation, which is..

..when the little ones sleep with us, they need to be in close proximity . The gap between us and master/missy allowed will be 2mm. No mater how we bark at them to move aside or shove them to the side of the wall, they will still inch their way to us.

Classic case of 'lai sei ng jau.'

It's darn annoying, y'know.. especially on a stuffy nite, and for one who may be claustrophobic such as myself (self-diagnosed).

Still, it's the same ritual every nite.

Gooly arranges his pillow with caution - the side touching mine. He plops down, and wriggles his way till any of his body parts has contact with mine.


He rolls over the other side albeit reluctantly. And then ..

..tap tap tap.. I feel his little toes on my toes! Or his pinkie resting on my shoulder! He just has to touch me, y'know.


It has been like that for a long long time. I have arrgh-ed, sigh-ed, ish-ed, shoved, pushed and kicked. I have even used a bolster to mark our territories - your side/my side. But miraculously in the middle of the night, he is 2mm next to me again.

Then last night, out of the blue, with his little hand touching lightly on my arm (I think he was finger-walking along the flabby arm), he said:

"I like to hold you when I sleep. Your skin is soft and smooth."


And just like that he drifted off to sleep- his hand on my arm.

I didn't dare to move.

Well.. for 2 minutes. :P

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Is Here

Yesterday was Loy Krothong. The festival always marks the end of rainy season and the beginning of winter.

True enough, we woke this morning with gentle zephyrs blowing into our faces. Gooly was gleeful and commented, "Happy Windsday, Mom.. I like this weather." Yes, any sweaty boy would, my dear son. :)

So, it's aircond off - wind ala au de naturale for now. It's 12 pm now. I'm in the room with just an open window.

I like.

Don't be blown away, Gooly!
Looking preppy.

Do love stories begin at age 4?

The Kratongs

Yesterday was Loy Kratong. I will not go into details about the huge disappointment I had at the party downstairs, after having experienced the real fun one last year at the old mooban.

Say, I didn't explain what Loy Kratong is all about at the old post.. Tsk tsk.. I knew it was something about paying homage to the Water Goddess, and also the act of floating the krathong is to bring luck. But because Gooly's school was also celebrating the festival, I had to google for more information. So.. here comes your enlightenment.. Heheh.

Loy means to float. Kratong is the lotus shaped vessels. They used to make them with banana leaves, but now Styrofoams are abundantly used. Kinda ironic that you thank the Water Goddess by polluting her territories with rubbish and such, eh? Anyways, when you 'loy' the kratong, it is believed you are floating away all your sadness and anger and bad luck or all negative vibes, in short. (I loy-ed yesterday. So I don't hate you anymore.. *pointing at you*) If you are darn serious about loy-ing, you could even cut a bit of your hair or fingernails and put them in the kratongs. It's like a solemn vow that you are cutting off the lousy bits from your mind and soul. (To stop hating you, I'd probably have to cut a liver and half a heart out. Kakakkaka!)

Gooly was a farmer in the dance, I think. The costumes were all very gaudy but colourful nonetheless.

Oei, this is not the intention of my posting today! Alamak..

I want to talk about love and friendship.

Yesterday, at the appointed time, we waited downstairs for Ada. We then spotted a few kids from school who have come to join the so-called party at the pool side. They were from Ada's class, not Gooly's.

Naturally I thought, "Oh, would Ada still play with Gooly?" seeing that there are other kids now, one of them being being a girl, and all, whom she may be closer to since they spend a whole lot of time together in the same class.

When she came, we heard shouts of, "Here comes Ada..there..she is here.. Ada Ada Ada!"

I could tell from Gooly's face that he was feeling kinda.. how do I explain? Lost, perhaps? He managed a feeble, "Ada~"

And that dear little girl's face lighten up, walked straight to Gooly, and smiled a very sweet smile for him. Awww...

Now the rest of the gang was beginning to wonder who this bloke was, 'stealing' away their princess. (One was kinda big sized.. could have easily punched Gooly.)

In the end, they played together. But Gooly would always extend his hand out and Ada would shyly accept it. They would run off with the gang tailing behind. It's quite funny to watch- imagine, a scene of the bride being absconded.

It's comforting to know that you have a friend, eh Gooly? ;-)

Do you have a kindy bestie whom is still a bestie to you at present? I'm sure they two would have such fond memories of each other. I'm glad, to say the least. :)


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