Thursday, January 27, 2011

Critical Mind

"How was Rapunzel put in the tower when it has no door and no stairs?

"Where did the Egyptians get those wood and blocks to build pyramids when they (were) are at the desert?"

"Why did the billy goats tell the wolf how their mother looks like? That's not very smart."

Critical reading 101.

Going to school won't kill all these brain cells right? I hope..

My friend at school

It all started one day when Gooly was kungfu fighting with his cousin at the school compound.. a girl with two pony tails said sternly, "Don't fight....!"

"Oh, it's ok, girl.. they are just playing," I explained. And a friendly conversation ensued. I found out her name, and that she is in the same class as Gooly.

The next day, I waved at Gooly from the gate (that separates prison and world.) She waved back at me enthusiastically. Oh so cute.

The third day, she ran up to the gate and said, "Hello, lenglui auntie." From then onwards, it was always a smile, a wave or a hello from her. In return, I always pat her head or sayang her face.

I came to realise that she is fiercely independent, wisely mature and awfully street smart- something that Gooly can learn.

Yesterday, as the bell rang..I saw her coming out from the class room, one hand pulling her bag, the other holding a piece of paper and a pencil. She looked like she was looking for someone - her auntie van I pressumed. Then she caught my eyes..and quickly ran towards me. She handed me her gnawed pencil.. and asked politely for my autograph telephone number.

I have no idea why she would want that. Perhaps, she told her parents about me, and they asked for it, just to check out the lenglui, psycho auntie whom their daughter spoke about so often.

But the look on her face told me that she has been thinking of me.. otherwise, she wouldn't have bothered to remember to hold a (gnawed - it was so badly chewed! Lol!) pencil and paper. You know, it's like right before the school bell rings, some kids mind went to "Buy ice cream buy ice cream" mode..and hers, must have been like, "Get auntie's number...Get auntie's number.."

I felt wanted by this kid. I think she likes me. I like her too. Me is surrounded by little angels. Me is happies..

Do you pay attention to other kids in school? Hey, it's not just your kid in this world you know....Open your eyes and ears... you may see little wings, sweet voices.. (or tails and horns..your luck!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Up yours, Remy!

"Remy said my colouring is ugly.."

Knnccb Doremi!

That was my first thought. Oooh...I remember that spectacled...cocky... Hmmph!

I told Gooly a few stuff... that who the hell is Doremi to judge no one should judge something as abstract and subjective as art.

...and also who cares if he can't paint or colour like Picasso? I love him just the way he is.

... and there are loads of other stuff that he is good at.. such as making friends..and reading.. and loving me and Lolly.

And then in a hush hush voice, I told him that I am pretty bad in art.

"When I draw a coconut, it looks like a durian.." I smacked my forehead.

His smile widened.

Then he said, "It's ok, Mom. I will help you draw a coconut next time.."

And then he let out a laugh..."But it will also look like a durian!"

Haha.. How we both laughed ourselves silly!

Gooly, I really don't care if you can't draw or paint or color as well as others. I bet Doremi doesn't have your sense of humour.

Now that's a shame!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What day?

Gooly wondered why the days in the week are repeated.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday..he droned on and on.

I'm not sure why he asked that.

And the only logical answer that I could think of was - because we would have to think of new names every day..and that would be quite a headache, wouldn't it?

"Not really.. We can have Funday, Restday..." he said as he looked up the ceiling to catch a ray of inspiration.

"Oh.." I giggled. "If I were a leader of the world, I would have one day called Yennaday!"

And I snorted.

He laughed himself silly too..though he didnt really get the joke. It could be my snort that he was laughing about.

That's why I miss my boy when he is at school. We have such kick-ass conversation all the time.

School thus far

I have never liked I hate it even more.

Gooly is all smiles when he wakes. He dons on his uniform happily. He goes into the car willingly. He reaches school still smiling.

Only when he sees the maddening crowd at the hall...all 1,000 plus of them...that his lips quiver a bit.

It's daunting, I assure you. A puny 6 year old in a gargantuan hall with what seems like a thousand refugees.

On the first day, I told him that Lolly was hungry..he asked me to go with a very sad face.

I hated leaving him.

On the second day, it poured like mad with flashes of lightning and 'kabooms' of thunder. I was worried sick. "Is he alright?" My heart pounded.

I hated not being there for him.

On the third day, he said, "I forced myself not to think of you. I didn't want to look for you. I just looked the other side."

I was sad that he was forced to grow up.

He asked me not to bid goodbye - that I should leave steathily and sneakily because it pained him to see me walk away.

Oh, it pains me too, Gooly. A thousand times more.

I wonder if I should have kept him in Kindie..with me for another year.

I miss him. I feel like the bitch school has robbed 6 hours of his daily life with me. *psycho music*

I wonder - what's the hurry... what's the hurry...what's the hurry, man?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Momma would have wanted it that way..

When it comes to organising parties, especially kiddos' parties.. I admit, I SUCK!

I seriously don't know what to do with them. For Gooly's party, I was thinking of throwing them a few balls, and let them run amok, naked - at the garden. No fancy wamby magicians, clowns or ballonists.

I bought a packet of balloons and hung them on the pillar, looking pathetic and miserable that it it wasn't January, people would think it was a Halloween party.

When if comes to food.. I was quite a ORDERING them...Oooh.. I had a list of food that I wanted - cendol, nasi lemak pyramid, curry chicken KAYU...But alas, ahbu banned them all.

Because, according to her..they are too expensive.. they won't taste nice..and "I can cook them too wut.."

So for weeks, I had massive arguments with her. But then, I realised, she only wanted to cook because she wanted us to spend less money..and cos, really, she loves us all.

Bless my ahbu!

On that day, we invited few close pals. Friends who have known us for years, realised that there was this stranger.

"Who is that?" they asked.

Mind you, not because he was handsome. *Chuckle*

He was in fact, making my guests feeling uncomfortable. He was poorly dressed, and looked like he hasn't had a shower for days. He stared at people. And he ate a lot. *grins*

He is Mrs. Lee's son.

My mom invited them over to makan, and highlighted to Mrs. Lee to bring along his son. She thought he shouldn't be treated differently, just because he is different.

Now, isn't that something? With this episode, I know I will strive to be like her, to be a good person - kind and sweet. And when she is gone, I will continue having this trait of hers, doing what is right and proclaiming - "My momma would have wanted it that way.."

Thank you, Ahbu for teaching me still at 35.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


6 years...
Look how much you have grown!
Happy happy birthday! New year kids rawkkkkkk, they say! Can't agree more. :)


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