Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gooly's take

They say that I shouln't be talking much about it. Some pantang stuff.. But what the heck, can i just pretend like I having a monologue here?

Cos I really can't contain the mirth.. especially about how well Gooly accepted the news. I did contemplate on telling him later, but papah was really excited to share the news with him.

So he came tapping the tummy, very very gently. Hoping that its gonna be a mei mei.

And then he surprised me with his knowledge: you cannot run, mom, baby is gonna get food from you from the 'amber-likel' cord. And when I put the laptop on my lap, he said it's too hot for baby's comfort.

He told my mom that, "there is a baobei in mum's tummy". It's an honest mistake. He didn't know how to say baby in Mandarin. And probably heard baobei (precious) from somewhere else.

He was smart to ask, "How do you know you have a baby when your tummy is not big yet?" Ah...thats why parents always tell the kids only when the tummy is showing.. makes better sense to them, eh?

And he was all sweet when he starts collecting bolsters and such for baby: "Yee yee, can I keep this for my baby?"

Gooly oh gooly... sweet and tender (even though you have been watching tonnes of Power Ranger!)


reanaclaire said...

i am so so happy..for you, for papah for gooly.. hehee.. not to worry about myths, pray to our God directly for protection and for a beautiful healthy baby (mei mei or ti ti pun boleh kan?)
Gooly is so so wan yau.. hhmmm.... so nice..

tuti said...

gooly will make a great kor kor!!
and me, a great er.. mahmee san? haha

smallkucing said...

he has been waiting to be Kor kor for long time la


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