Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KL-chi -chi

"I dunno why Mom is more excited than me."

Today Gooly went on his 2nd school field trip. The first one was to some Milk Candy theater show which he didn't quite enjoy.

"But I think I will enjoy myself this time . Hooyah!"

This afternoon was to KL city to ronda ronda sempena Hari Merdeka, I think. The itinerary was to National Library, National Mosque and then finally KLCC park. They were gonna just view the first two buildings from the bus window (pathetic!) and then down into the park for a sketching activity.

As usual, I was excited about his school activites. Felt all giggly when he asked for a cap and a sunglasses. Che...!Next time must remember SPF30. I sent him off to class and waited a good 20 minutes at the compound for the entourage to start climbing up the bus.

Err.. why you didn't partner a girl jek?

Pulled out my white hankie from my bosoms and started waving as the bus vrroom-ed out from the school compound while shouting, "Enjoy! Be careful! Don't get lost! Drink lots of water! Have fun!" to Gooly who probably thought I said,"Drink Guiness Stout later!" or something equally brainless. {It must be embarrassing to have a mummy like me.}

As I clambered on my own car, I realised that he was happily sitting on the aisle side, while his partner was seated on the window seat. I found that a bit peculiar cos I thought he would have kicked a fuss over the seat. So I asked him just now, "How come you sat on the aisle seat? Were you afraid you would want to go to the toilet too frequent? Didn't you want to look out the window?"

And he said, "We took turns. When coming back, I asked Darren, "Can I sit near the window now because just now you did." I used a nice tone. And Darren let me sit."

Ooooh.. I like that. Very much.

And so this is the Twin Tower which he sketched at the park. Good that he enjoyed himself this time. Yipeeee!

(Dulu my rombongan sambil belajar was to Joo Negara and Miujium Negara when I was in Standard Six. At the Joo, I makan KFC - sum hak dik yan jiong)


tuti said...

his drawing is becoming like yours. kekeke.
(and yes, that taking turns thing is so good!)

Gargles said...

1. if you didn't say, i thought it was you and papah fighting scene timm.. with special efffect.. pecahhhhh!! kabooomz!!!!

2. so that's what the hankies in bosom and kalatdei for, i had wanted to ask you that for a long time liao.

3. you didn't follow his bus and snoop around like FBI to make sure he didn't push children down the pool in klcc park?

goolypop said...

tuti, eh, u got my masterpiece SUNFLAWA drawing oredi ah, otherwise, how u know my drawing is like that? :D

1. what channel u watching? Got soudn effect meh?
2. thats victoria secret lace and my armpit white hair u saw..
3. this kinda Snoopy stuff..i let Garfield do..

smallkucing said...

Dang! Not only that he is growing into a handsome fella but also such a diplomat too. Really got great future la


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