Monday, April 8, 2013

my daughter's pappa

Two weeks ago we celebrated lolly's 2nd birthday. Her "pappa" flew in just for the occasion. I wouldnt say he wouldnt fly back exclusively for Gooly's birthday but because his is on a public holiday all over the world, he gets to celebrate it with his papa most years, except a couple years when he was too busy. And we havent really been particular about birthdays n such.

However...on 24th March, for what seemed an ordinary day, he decided days before that he would spend it with his daughter.

It took me by surprise - a bit, cos like I said, we never give two hoots about birthdays. They have always been low key celebrations.

Thus..I knew it. She is indeed so special in his heart.

Well, I mean I knew it all along..the way he smiles the moment he sees her on screen when we facetime each other.  And when she says "hayo pappa", he waves n smiles even broader while replying, "hello meimei".

And he would watch the videos I sent him over and over and whatsap me a thousand times about "she is so silly" or " she is so cute". (Ok, I do that too :p)

When he sleeps, she would call out,"pappa~" and he smiles like he had the most wonderful dream even with his eyes shut.

He asks if she would know how to find a husband she can control in future.. he got worried early there.

Every girl out there is daddy's girl..but we have a daughter's pappa~ here.

It's too cute. Both of them. Together.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Turning into one of them..

Chauffering kids here there everywhere for classes..thats what I am turning into.. one of the regular moms.

Lets recall..

Gooly's first course was at Little Gym in Bangkok. For a term.

And then he attended music class. Not even a full term.

And then he had Mandarin tuition, which was totally neccesary.

Last December, he learned how to swim.

For 7 years of his life, he had much time to muck around. We were both happy that he had time to build rocket ships from cardboxes when others were at piano recitals and collecting medals.

It was ok for a good 7 years.

And then I noticed that he started to lose concentration, lack enthusiasm and interest in many things. He seemed bored. And he remained stagnant in terms of EQ and IQ growth. How can I tell? Easy, conversations with him were not what it used to be.

He doesn't complain about schools, but then there were forgotten homeworks, lost books, misplaced tupperwares. Gosh, it was like he lost his mind and we couldn't seem to find it.

And then it struck me.. that he is under-stimulated. Schools kill creativity, we all know that. And at this point, it was pretty obvious that he needed something to boost his brain.

Thus, piano lessons and math lessons.

After 1 month, I must say, I am very very very happy with the change in him. It's like I got my old Gooly back. He is co-operative, hard-working and motivated.

I must say the changes come because he feels good about being able to do stuff. He is using the abacus, and reading the key-notes - things very new and interesting and exciting for all of us.

Today, we got the ancient piano from my mil. He was so excited that he started practising very simple notes and then attempted to play "Old Mcdonald" and succeeded in doing so even the teacher has not taught him. It was good having music in the house.

It was good seeing him feeling proud of himself. He ought to. Papah and I were beaming so much. It was not so much about talent. It was his attitude that made our hearts swelled with pride.

The same for his math lessons. He cant wait to practise his abacus after every lessson.

I believe because of this "I can do it" experiences, it has helped him in achieving other activities, such as cycling and swimming. He just strives to be better at each activity.

Phew.. so we got ourselves out from the "slump" period. It's all good for now.. until another stage, where we have to re-evaluate the situation and see what we can do.

Parenting.. killing braincells... thats what it does.


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