Thursday, December 31, 2009



Ms. Tuti asked what Gooly would like to be when he grows up. He is like 45 now, so I pressumed Tuti really meant 'grow old' when she said 'grows up'.

So I said, "A jajabomist."

Do you sometimes think of a word and nod to yourself solemnly and wisely and wonder how the heckaroo (another good word only I know. Sigh!) can it be that it doesn't end up in the dictionary?

Words like...


Ok, jajabomist is absurd.

What I mean is, sometimes you type a certain word..and you are certain that it exists but you see a wriggly line under it, indicating a spelling error which could also mean, the word doesn't exist.

Words like..

Trikini. (I see the wriggly line)

And of course..

Goolypop. ( I see you, wriggler!)

These are good words. Completely useful. And sound just like English.

Oei? It's not New Year yet?

(Yeah, I am just talking crap for yet another New Year wish post. And everyone is too busy to play with me. Tee heee hee!)

So, HNY! Or H-Ni when you want to say out the acronym. Happy New Year is a tad too long to be repeated, no?

H-Ni! H-Ni! H-Ni!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There is this gargantuan billboard near my house.

No no..not that stupid marriage proposal on LDP.

This one is stupid, but not that much.

It's MAILOK's advertisement. The one which has a dummy atop a long flight of steps, preparing to commit suicide jump into a pool. And the caption clearly brings the message that you will be bold enough to jump once you consume the 'drain-coloured' drink. Either that, or 'stupid enough' - your pick.

Anyways, Gooly is at a gullible age. He told me, "You drink MAILOK, you become brave." "You drink HORNIKS, you can dance in the rain and not get sick."

Before long, he will be thinking that Marlboro can make him look like Clint Eastwood.

So, you advertisers.. do you go to bed peacefully every night, knowing that you have tried conning every human in the face of the earth?

*chuckle* I am so dramatic today.'s NEW YEAR!!! Whatdya expect jek?

Ok, so when do you teach a kiddo about THE FAKE WORLD OF COMMERCIALISM? (Commercialism - is there even such a word?) Don't care! It's NEW YEAR!!!

*runs naked* Wooohooo! It's NEW YEAR!!

(I think I digressed like totally. What I meant to ask is... Is the concept of "DON"T TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS-LAH!" too hard to be comprehended by a 5 year old?

My nemesis

"Jom, let's party!!"

I swear that's what they'd say if they speak English.

Every night, just when you are about to fall asleep, they come. Not 1, not 2... but berpuluh-puluh.

These mighty flyers swoop and swerve. They jam their proboscis into your delicate skins leaving red marks all over.

Bloody suckers! Leave my son alone! I hatechew!

I seriously doubt their extinction can disturb the eco-system. Like seriously, I'd be sad if ants extinct cos they are such hardworking creatures. But mozzies? My no. 1 NEMESIS?!*Ziiiiitttttt* Spray! Spray! DIE! DIE, you stupid bloody 6 legged bullying kids with your proboscis weapon.

You know what? I sleep only at 3am (sometimes later) every bloody night whacking these suckers. If the judge ask for the most motherly thing I have done (mana tau I get nominated for another BEST MOM award) I'd say, "Staying up slapping my son's thighs and other body parts."

Seriously, isn't that sweet? Me forsaking my beauty sleep, making sure no mozzies bite Gooly? And applying and re-applying balm/ointment on him? crying looking at the 'less handsome' spotty face of her son.

Just say yes.


Transformers...for the meet the eyes....

Of course, the lyrics don't make sense. But that's what I heard when I was little when the animated series were aired over TV3.

And so that's what I taught Gooly too.

He has been going around singing, Transformers..for the meet the eyes... and the septic-cons while holding his newly acquired Optimus Prime.

This is his second O.P. That lucky boy.

These Transformers are good toys, I must say. Very sophiscated. You need every parts of the brain to transform these shits. Sometimes you need to snap shut a door, other times you need to pry open the limbs. Very often, some tiny parts just fall apart unto your palm. And with your mouth slighlty agape, you muster a discreet, "SHIT!" Not wanting to make a 5 year old cry, you quickly jam the parts in forcefully and hey presto, they fit perfectly. You begin to marvel at how everything looks fragile but is sturdy, in actual fact.

Here is the thing: I dont think I could have transformed Mr. O.P without help from Gooly. He knows the parts even without looking at the instructions. But his fingers are not nimble enough to fix them.

"Where does this go?" - I'd shove the exhaust pipe to him. And he'd point out that little hole that fits the damn pipe. Mind you, that hole is discreetly hidden behind that circular thing under the tyre rim next to the door.

'How did you know that?' I'd ask. He just shrugged in a how come you didn't know manner.

"What do I do with this?" - I'd point at I-seriously-dunno-what-to -call-it part.

"You push it down..harder....yes...that's right." he'd instruct.

Meh...seriously. The roles are kinda reversed, don't you think?

And who is playing actually?

Like it matters. Tee-hee.

Happy new year to y'alls! Oh.. and Happy Birthday to the boy who will turn 5 on the 1st!


Monday, December 21, 2009


This machine was invented by Gooly. It's just a blueprint. The real machine will be constructed once we get hold of suckers investors.

Basically, it's a filter machine. You pour in dirty water from the top. The machine shakes it and out came the clean water "without any germs" at the bottom. It runs on solar energy.

There is another machine which fixes toys and folds origami. But he chucked the idea before finalizing it because he reckons clean water is more essential to humankind.

Me? I just invented a pair of shoes that have buttons on the side which change the colour of the shoes. From black to white to yellow to red. I am skipping purple out of respect for Mistipurple. Kakakakkaa. It's really cool. I dub it Da Chamillion.

Here is the side of the fridge where I stick notes and art pieces. Love notes, if I may add. From the guard .

Gooly having a chance with donuts. I feel liberated! I can post his pics and mine all the time now! Yipeeee! And thus I shall!




Ok when I say what I am going to say, I have to tell you that I haven't exactly been around the world to run a survey to get the result. So pardon me if I am wrong.

Here is what I think: Gooly is the most the most.... handsome? I wish!

Ok.. he is the most difficult..most strong-willed...most spirited child I have ever met. Granted, I have not seen many kids. So do accept my exaggeration.

What's the problem?

Ans: He doesn't take NO for an answer.

No, don't get me wrong. He is not rebellious. It's easy to get him to do things than to stop him from doing something. Let's just say he would hunt down Chimeara if you asked him to but don't think about stopping him from eating the cookie.

So most of time, when I say go clean up your room, he would.

But if I said, "No, you can't have the cookie" the most common and challenging reply would be, "WHY?"

And then he will make an appeal, "Ma'am, can I have just a bite?" - the same you would if you got caught speeding, "Incik, boleh settle ka?"

The appeal can be in various forms. Sometimes it is "I won't spoil my appetite."

Trust me, he can come up with 101 appeals. Each at the brink of tears. A single NO can drag to many minutes of battle. Mahmee vs. Gooly style.

Some kids are more taciturn. They are ok and comfortable to have boundaries.

But not Gooly. He is spirited. He challenges the boundaries, and sometimes authorities. He is persistent at that too.

So what do I do? Break his spirit? Let him not question why? Let him not have guts to speak his mind? Let him not have the brain to question authority?

How long can we do that? Until he can buy his own cigarettes even when we say NO?

This characteristic of him (questioning WHY before accepting the condition) is admirable if he was an adult. But it drives us nuts now because he is just a kid!

Imagine this scene from yesterday:

Papah: Put on seatbelt.
Gooly: Wait. I put on my socks first.
Papah: No! Seatbelt.
Gooly: No. Don't force me.

I had to intervene.. "You need to put on the seat belt because the car is already moving. And there might be policemen at the corner." He obliged.

He has a mind of his own. Deciding what to do and when to do it. He can be persuaded if and only if you give him a freaking good reason.

For now, we have to play our cards well. We are still holding the rein, but loosely. I know, he will resist more with each thug and pull enforced. But at the same time, we want him to respect a simple NO.

I am sorry but the answer is still NO.
You are angry at me now, I know. But please come and hug me when you cool down.

Otherwise, I have to give him options: Two cookies if you have them AFTER dinner. is tiring parenting a mini man.

But when he is asleep and thus not asking WHY anymore, I think to myself, "Say, I don't want him to grow up to be a mummy's boy. I don't want him to say yes to his boss, mom, dad, gf, wife etc. just because they say so, do I?" So, just bear it and grin?

Today, I told him about house rules which I carefully explained the reasons for them. He accepted them. And then made a few of his own for me to follow.


Ah well, its Christmas. Lemme wish you guys a Marry Kismisss!

WHY? Did I hear you ask why??????

*flex muscle* Don't let me hear another WHY, can or not????

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The other day, somebody told me:

Ploy was kissed by a boy in school!!! Two times!!!

So my face was kinda stoned. I think it has a little expression of, "SO? What's the problem?" too. But sensing the response will be considered socially inept, I quickly re-arrange my face muscles and wrecked my brain for a better reply. You see the extra exclamation marks? They make her speech sounded really urgent and full of apprehension. Her face made obvious hints that read, "WHAT A CRIME!"

So with my Oscar winning acting skill, I said, "OMG!!!! Where? On the cheeks or on the mouth???"

Ok, that was so wrong too. Cos she looked at me with a DURH face. But she was still eager to share the remaining story.

"It was the face! The mom told the boy, if you do it again, the police man will come catch you!"

Waaaaaaahhhhhh. I started sweating profusely cos Gooly has the tendency to do that!! Imagine landing your arse in the prison at age 5 for kissing a girl on the cheek (not even the butt cheek wei!).

Ok, so I dunno. We have to take into consideration :
a. the Thai culture factor
b. the geographical factor
c. the socio-economy factor
d. the environmental factor
e. the menstruation factor
f. the X factor

...Any of the above could have triggered such a response from the victim's mom.

Urhm... what would you have done? If your girl is being kissed, or your boy is the kisser? Their age category is... let's just say..they don't qualify to ride on THE DOUBLE BIG WHOOPER ROLLER COASTER RIDE in The Lost World of Tambun. Oh, and also they are still paying half price for buffets.

I seriously think Gooly will kiss a girl next year. Because he sayang her and likes her. Is that wrong?

*beat chest* Son....... you don't go prison, son........Don't kiss a girl until you can buy alcohol, son.. Waaaaaahhhh...

Seriously, because I don't have a daughter.. and being less protective over my son naturally..Please tell me is kissing or any other sayang actions considered taboo?

If you have no kids, think about your dogs. Is it ok, if another bloke come and smell your bi*ch ass? Or even just humping for kicks with no sexual commitment?

Monday, December 14, 2009

An appeal

At the old mooban, we used to leave for the park at exactly 5pm. Gooly would start pestering me to bring him there around noon. "Is it time yet?" x 100 times in a day. Things have not changed one bit. He is still very cheong hei. It annoys me so and to be frank, the annoyance has escalated in recent months.

So how?

I take a deep breath and say, "Damn! This boy is persistent!"

Parts of his daily speech include, "Follow me." "No, you are wrong." "You must do like this, ok, Mom? Ok, Mom? Ok, Mom? Ok, Mom?"

So how?

I slap my forehead and say, "Oh man! This boy is persistent AND bossy!"

Because of his persistent nature, I do get palpably upset with him. And the following has happened before:

Him: I want a chocolate.
Me: No.
Him: *pesters and annoys the bollocks out of me*
Me: Ok, fine. Go have one.
Him: *starts wailing* NOOOOO! I don't want!
Me: *What the heckaroo?*

And yesterday while about to board the BTS to town, he was suddenly teary. So I asked sympathetically if he was tired and if he would like to go home instead. Maybe I didn't put any make up on yesterday, so the scary face actually made my suggestion sounded more like a threat (Cry some more, you want to go home, is it?) in which triggered an impressive bawl of a lifetime from him.

Eventually we did climb on the train, with him holding his papah's hand for dear life. After awhile, he came and touched our peace-maker necklace and said, "I love you, Mom."

Look, he is usually loving. And cute. And smart.

But.....there are times when the tears become too much for me. The outbursts.. the stubbornness.. the strong will of a mule to do things his way.. Gawd!

Sometimes I wonder if he could be a little bit more flexible. Like, if i said, "Come on, let's go!" and he would follow suit. And not, "5 more minutes!" for a bargain.

BUT! The train ride must have jogged my brain to the right corner. I suddenly had a light bulb moment. Except that the light bulb was in a bicycle image. And the wheels were turning backwards.

Don't understand?

Well, I just thought that I need to back pedal fast. Some of the things that I said or did must be wrong, as in my (cruel) retorts may have resulted his negative response. Maybe I am indeed a dictator. Action reaction kinda philosophy, don't you think?

No, I am not blaming myself. I'm just taking responsibility as a mother whose important role is to change the negatives into positives:

* Bossiness to leadership qualities.
* Persistence to the ability to withstand hardship in pursuit of a goal.
* Etc.

The list is too boringly long so I won't continue. (Etc. makes it sound like I have more points but in actual fact, I only have two :P)

Sometimes we as parents wonder about our kids, "Why you so like that? Why are you so difficult?" Oh boy.. do we even think, why are WE like that? Why are WE so difficult? Cos sometimes, we are the problem, not them.

Like it or not, parenting is that heavy a responsibility. Sure, there are genes to be considered, but WE ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK just yet. How they turn out to be, really depends on their surroundings and etc. (Etc. makes it sound like I know more than I really do. Teehee..)

Future Gooly, sorry if I had tried to dampen your spirits or worse, making you into what you are not.

FYI, I am back-pedaling fast. I will do something about my mothering skill.. so that your little outbursts will not turn into a full-scale rebellion. *gulp*

I am trying. Give me one more chance. Erase what I said or did which are not right. Like you, I am still learning. Just that I am learning to be a mom, and you, a man.

When playing is serious

Hearsay, a big concept of 'play room' is coming to Bangkok end of this year. Various 'sets' will be laid out in a large area i.e hospital, police station, fire station, catwalk stage, dental clinics, salons, etc. And your kid will have a 'gala' time playing pretend. He can be a singer, a dentist, a model...whatever get the drift. The gadgets and uniforms will be 'real' stuff. Not those cheapo pasar malam plastic stuff you find in my house. That's because it is supposed to be a real-life experience where the kids will be given monies to spend, and when the fund is dry, they can work to earn too.

Fun? Oooh... a lot of mummies think so.

My take :

1) I think it's dumb. Playing pretend is ok. Imagination is good. But when you make such efforts to inculcate play, it's not play anymore. It sounds to me, this indoor park is pretty s.e.r.i.o.u.s. about making money. I am sure the entrance fee will be hefty. When you make money out of kids about character/mind building, I know you are bullshiting. Don't crap me about you care about kids development by giving them an opportunity to learn some lifelong skill. (The same for all seminars or tuition centres) **

2. I think it's dumb. What real-life experience? You want real? Put in some brothels. And have robbers in the banks. And loan sharks. Of course they will say, "We want positive characters!" Sure , sure.. there is nothing wrong with that..BUT PLEASE! Don't say its real life experience! What a whole lot of crap!

3. I think it's dumb. What's the big rush? They will grow up and work!

Ok, say you want your kid to learn about occupations -then, bring them to factories, or make an effort to explain about jobs wherever you are. And if you are really bold, you can even ask permission to use their tools. (Like, use the hair dryer at the saloon.)

Again, I am not saying that play pretend is dumb. It's dumb to PAY ( I was told it's about Rm200-300 per entrance) to play pretend when play pretend can be anything, anywhere. (Put a blanket over your head and voila , you are a ghost, you know what I mean?)

I just don't get it. You plonk a kid with good company in an empty field, a swimming pool, a sand pit, chances are..they will have a gala time.

I think what bugs me is commercialism. Yucks! Totally distasteful.

Yes, it will be fun, I reckon. But only if they charge, RM10-20 per entry?

Don't ask if my sentiments are the same for Disneyland? I dunno. Macam not the same. Oh...I know. That's because Disney is all about FANTASY........!

Ok. The end.

*Abrupt end because I need to pangsai.

** I am not saying everything should be free. Look, they gotta earn a living too. I totally understand that. But when you earn a FORTUNE from your philosophy of caring for kids''s just a whole lot of crap to me.

I forgot

These three in another camera. I like.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trick Question

M: *in stupid cannot decide mode* Do you think I should cut my hair?

P: Is that a trick question?

M: No...... Do you like me in short hair or long hair?

P: Is that another trick question?

M: *roll eyes* No.... Quick. Long or short?

P: Now nice wat..

M: Remember last time? The short hair? Nice or not?

P: Nice......... *drags the answer making it sound too fake*

M: Now long already. Nice or not?

P: See, it's a trick question.

M: Haiya... should I cut or not lah?

P: No need. Now nice. (How contradicting!)

M: Oei..don't simply say to save money arrh.

P: See, trick question........................

*slap forehead* Why is it so hard for him to decide which is nicer? Short or long? Then again, if it's an easy decision to make, I wouldn't have to ask him, right? Kekekekke.

Haiya..actually it's really easy. All he has to do is to say something, anything between the two, and I will disregard it and do the exact opposite of what he says.

So tonight when he comes back, I will shout, "A OR B???" A - to cut, B - not to cut. See which one he chooses. Then again if he said something not to my satisfaction, I may just switch the answers.

Moliew! Tarak kerja buat ka???

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Can you believe it? I have been wanting to visit the sunflower farm since last year?

And can you actually believe that 2 hours away from Bangkok, there are such beautiful sunflower farms? Well, neither did I. The sunflowers only bloom from Nov-Jan. So it's quite hard for tourists to catch the season. And that is why these fields are like hidden troves, unspoiled by too many visitors.

Gosh! They were so lovely. Van Gogh must have felt the same way as he painted them.

Albeit being brightly coloured, I think sunflowers are such lonesome plants. Such a solitary journey, from seeds to buds to blooms. I wonder if they feel violated when bees and butterflies visit uninvited.

And when the wind blows against them, you can almost see their struggle to stand tall and dignified. They look a little proud even. And when they wither, they have such sad expressions. Oh well, all flowers do. Kinda like tau tap tap.

I absolutely love the pic of Gooly with his papah. Such happy smiles from both of them.

Love his sunnies too. Silly. And totally match the backdrop.

I present these flowers to each and every one of you, ok? Don't let the bee sting your nose this time! Tee hee.. Hmm, I wonder if Lonely Planet knows about the existence of these fields.

UNTUKMU~ (No bees lah, this time never bluff you..)

P/s: I think plants talk to me. I try to ignore them most of the time. What did you think? That I will talk back to them? You think I am crazy??! (No need to answer...)

Friday, December 11, 2009

It works

*In Dictator mode again*

On average, I think Gooly makes my blood boil 2 - 3 times a day. Nothing major. No cardiac arrest. Just some heavy breathings (of fire) and the mantra of 'ohmmmmm..' Oh, and some tears on his side.

So anyways, he did it again - making me sing opera, Soprano - "Noooooooooooo~~~~~~~"

*window cracks*

In tears he walked over and started touching it. Softly he said, "Remember?"

Clang clang clang, the two hearts clashed.Oh yes.. I remember. And immediately a smile spread on my face.

Can't stay angry at him, can I?

Seeing the smile, he quickly climbed unto my lap and hugged me tightly and whispered, "No more angry at me." I could only nod.

Two hearts - quite a peace maker, eh?

(The pic was taken yesterday. We made solo-BTS-ride to town again. Can see the magical necklace? :D)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet stuff

Yesterday was the last day of school for Gooly. And he came back with this shell figurine given by his classmate. Apparently everyone got one each.

Nak letak mana
nie? Yuk shuen mou? Koi wui.... yuen wong..!!

The funny thing was, when we removed it from the transparent sheet, Gooly went, "WOOOOWW!!" like it was the nicest thing he ever gotten. Aparah!!


Ada didn't bring her bicycle down yesterday. So Gooly volunteered to give her ride. She clambered on the back seat, not sure where to put her hands. Her mom suggested around Gooly's waist. She put them lightly at the side of his waist.. very shyly.

And then..and then.. Gooly took her hands and wrapped them tightly around his waist!! *gasp* My son!! Kaolui jor!! Just before he pedalled away, he said, "Hold on tight, Ada.."

Kekekkekeke! Gosh! It was just so funny to watch.

We, moms were not able to conceal our mirth. Ada's mom pretended to spread flower petals on the pathway, ala dayang dayang. Meanwhile, I suggested that I keep a look-out on Ada's dad. Knowing that he is protective over his daughter, we wouldn't want him to witness his precious' first date at 5 - an age he will definitely find too young!!

Having a relationship at 5 is so simple and innocent - bicycle rides and ice cream treats. It must be nice. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look alike contest

Definitely not from the same cookie mold. Sure cannot win contest.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheating stories - FAIL

We almost never go to bed without reading stories. If he could, he would want 3 books, all the thickness of the bible. But because I am the one reading, I have the liberty to object and reject. I can handle the most - 2 books in which each starts with Once upon a time ..and ends with THE END 3 minutes later.

3 mins x 2 books = one long nite.

Sometimes when I think he is too tired, I'd skip a page. When I feel bold, I'd even go straight to page 14 after Once upon a time. Very suavely..very surreptitiously. Like Jack was climbing the beanstalk straight to Jack chopping down the tree. While turning the page, I wonder if I can get away with "I read that already.. you weren't listening, were you?"

Of course not. Gooly will flip back to page 1 and I have to start all over again. Daisei very good? Or si or mm chut?

Sensing that skipping pages is too ambitious, I resort to skipping words. Like this - Jack was climbing... he saw a castle....

And Gooly would go, "Jack was climbing A BEANSTALK.. he saw AN ENORMOUS castle..."

Gah! If he knew each and every word to the story, why are we still reading it? Blek.

Oh.. yeah.. He finds my voice sweet. That's why. Teehee.

P.s: Once Papah read, "That's ode.." And we heard a soft voice from under the blanket - "Odd, papah..not ODE. Read it again." He was so quiet before, we were quite sure he was asleep. But no....... he was listening and QC-ing every word. Ji sei mei?

Ten fingers

We, Chinese have a saying - Of the ten fingers, some are long and some are short. Hence, the affections for children, our own flesh and blood will naturally be different. Agree?

To begin with, I am not sure if I was ever a favourite with my parents. I mean, there was the first born male, the quiet /obedient sis, the smart -capable bro and the loving- thoughtful bro. And then it's me - the youngest. All of us are different. And all of us were good kids. So, as kids, who did my parents love most? Do you find yourself asking that?

I do remember when I was younger, people were always saying to my parents, "Is this your youngest daughter? Oh, lai lui lai sum gorn [the youngest - your (meaning my parents') heart and spleen]." I reckon the more times I heard it, the more I believed that I was loved in a special way.

But that was when I was 3 feet tall.

As I grew I began to change perspective. Probably out of guilt, I didn't think (or didn't want to think) I was the favourite anymore. Don't get my wrong. I wasn't angsty. I went around saying, "Oh well, of the ten fingers - some are long and some are short. And I am ok being the short one."

It's just not my nature to be wanting to be first or the best. Sinkar calls it moe daiji (no ambition).

Or could it be that I had the liberty to say, "It's ok," because there were no issues, or to put it simply - Could it be, I was actually the favourite, despite being in constant denial state?

You know what I mean? You don't? Ok , some other examples.

- You can say it's ok to be ugly because you are not ugly.

You can say people don't need breast enhancements because your bra cups are bigger than your fist.

- You can say it's ok to lose only because you have won all the time.

You can say be yourself because you are not the odd one out.

Hence, for my case - it's ok not to be the favourite because I am the most loved?

Maybe deep down, all along, I already knew. I could be wrong, of course. Or my parents happened to love us all the same (possible?) Whichever it is, I will never know. Not that I need to know because I am ok. I have been ok all my life. I am ok that I have been loved. I don't care about the least or the most. (See? I have a feeling that I was the latter hence the confidence. Makes sense? )

Now that we are parents... do we love our kids the same? Sometimes it's hard to imagine having another child. For me, I mean. Admit it, it's hard to love your kids all the same, right? *point at you --yes you..the one with the football team kids*


Monday, December 7, 2009

Another enemy

Yesterday, late at night.....

I thought it was raining. Pitter patter...

And then I realized it wasn't, as I looked out the window. So what could it be?

And then I remembered that my laundry was spinning, could it be....? Darn! Yep, the drainage hole was blocked - making my balcony flooded, and water was streaming down to the unit below.

I looked down and saw an angry face stared up at me..#*$@)$@!!))$*, he yelled.

Sorry sorry sorry sorrry -lah! But I didn't know how to explain the shituation.

Not long later, I heard a knock on the door. I of course, became deaf voluntarily and used the blanket to cover over my head.

So now, anyone of you know how to write a letter of apology in French for the Thai-man downstairs with visible tattoos and possibly a rifle? Meanwhile, should I wear a see-thru lingerie when I pass the letter to him? (For what, I also dunno)

*my translation - so late wash what clothes, you crazy mitch! You wait there..I coming to get you..Just wait there....~

Sunday, December 6, 2009


This was taken yesterday at sun set. Sakura feel. *do para para sakura dance by Bon Jovi*

It was Thailand's Father's Day yesterday. Also the King's birthday. There were small gatherings everywhere to celebrate the day. I was stuck at one of these 'legal' gatherings and had to stand in attention for a few minutes while they sang some patriotic songs and shouted LONG LIVE THE KING in thai. Loyalty as such is quite awesome, frankly speaking. In Malaysia..choy nei dou sor loh. Guarantee no settings -legal or illegal, organized by independent parties to show love and respect. Especially when there is no food involved.

This is a random shot of my lovely bag at my favourite spot. Stare straight ahead, and I see our pics, turn to the right - the pool and garden. My ultimate relaxing spot.

Left - sakit. Right - non-sakit

Gooly woke at 3am yesterday with a high-grade fever. There went my sleep.. as I sponged him down. This morning, he woke still feeling feverish. And whenever he falls sick, his eyes become double-lidded. Is this phenomenon normal? He even felt it - blinking, noticing the odd feeling of heavy lids and commented, " I have double eyes (lids) again.."


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two hearts

Somebody told me, these two hearts are ours. When I am angry at him, I just need to look at the necklace and not be angry anymore.

That somebody is my son.

When he saw the necklace, he tugged my dress, and as I bent down, he whispered those words in my ears. What he meant to say basically was that we can't stay angry at each other for too long and the necklace will serve as a reminder. The man selling the accessories was curious what he whispered to me. When I repeated his words, he said, "It's too sweet." and offered some discounts for the necklace.

I bet he would use the same idea to con his gf/wife/bf later. The man, not Gooly.

I'm wearing the necklace now. It makes clanging sounds. I like. Sorta reminds me of him (gooly, not the man) all the time, especially when he is not around. It doesn't cost much, but it has a tale to tell.

*the picture is only for demonstration purpose. Actual object may vary in size, colour and design.

The Concert

1. I wasn't so thick skinned after all. I paid for the ticket. Sigh..

2. Gooly did so well as Papa Mouse but I don't think there was much chemistry between him and the Mama Mouse. Hmm..

3. Right before the Chinese rhyme starts, some drama began .. the boy next to Gooly started crying and Gooly put an arm around him to console him. That was sweet. But it was partially his fault cos the boy touched the batons which he wasn't allowed to and Gooly wanted to tell the teacher (whisper: tattertale!). The boy shouted NO! And Gooly quickly apologized and consoled him when he started crying. As you can see, the camera shook like hell cos I was getting panicky too seeing Gooly's reaction. I thought he was gonna cry too. But then he blinked back his tears. The show must go on, he reckoned. Phew~

4. See the girl in front of him with the Christmas cone on the side of her head? Darn cute. Do you think it will still look nice on my head? Like exactly 45degrees tilting on my head? Kakakkakaak. Kids - they get away with the most ridiculous fashion and still look adorably cute.

5. Wu jia men chian you diau her.. Mana ada? My house no river.. behind no hills also. But the tune is stuck in my mind, man... Overall, I thought the Chinese performance was not as chaotic as the others. The teacher controlled the students well. (Like you, dictator)

6. Good job, Gooly on dancing solo. I see a tinge of MJ style in you........

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

School Christmas Concert - The Drama

Christmas? So soon? Yep!

Some of you may have heard the partial drama pertaining to this event. Let me put it down in chronological order -

1. Circa November, the school announced the event to be held on 4th Dec (tomorrow) and the ticket will be charged 900bahts (dinner included). 900 freaking barking bahts for a bloody amateurish kindie show held at the school compound?!!! That is 90 Mc-D i-screams, 150 packets of Nasi Lemak, or one pax of sakura-nagoya-arigato Japanese buffet dinner. Thus, I was already thinking of boycotting it.

2. The school started rehearsal two weeks back. And Gooly came home dancing and singing, CHRISTMAS, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS enthusiastically. And paling cute is the Mandarin rap which ended with, "Du ni sing tahn kwai ler" (I think its supposed to be JU ni..) I started to have doubts about the whole boycott plan.

3. I heard rumours that the show will be a flop. Judging from the chaos from past events, I am not surprised. Again, I kept my 900 bahts back into my wallet.

4. On last Monday, I was told that Gooly is the main character of the dance. The first mouse to appear on stage to dance solo. Dang! I have not paid for the ticket, and it's four days before the concert. *bite nails* Should I succumb to generic behavior of kindie parents (just pay, don't think or say or ask so much) or stick to my principal of not paying to watch my own son's performance?

5. The next few days was all about puking and to go or not to go. How about if we just go for the show and not the dinner? How about if he just go for the show? How about if we just go eat 90 McD i-screams? How about - a million times and a million scenarios.

6. C'mon. It's just a bloody Kindie Christmas Show! Forget it! Don't go! Save the money..go buy him a toy. Go celebrate his birthday in style!

7. Fine. We wont go. Today was the last rehearsal. I decided to cheat by videotaping the rehearsal, and then telling the teacher to get a replacement for the main star.

8. At 9.00am today, he came on stage. With a mouse mask. Dancing, prancing. My heart totally beamed. My smile was frozen. He was the papa mouse. He married a mama mouse. And they have many many children mice. *grin* Too cute, I tell ya!

9. So, WE ARE GOING TO THE SHOW AFTER ALL! Damn it! What a relief to be able to decide finally!

Ps: We are not paying for the dinner tho. He will perform, and I will bring my own stool to sit on. I will not let my 'kiamsiapness' deters me from watching my son's solo performance on centrestage! After that, we will go celebrate his stardom in the next soi. Perhaps over a bowl of beef noodles?

Ps 2: Why are women so fickle-minded? Bloody hell!

Ps 3: Seriously, the whole idea of attending a boring-can-die concert is to watch your own child perform. Who wants a 900 bahts 8-course dinner? Who cares about some stupid pig mascots? (Not even Santa Clause, can you freaking believe it?!) So I am not wrong in asking the teacher to let me watch it and then leave using the back gate.

Ps4: Sinkar and gargles, no need to comment.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me and papaya

That night, I crouched over the WC and puked out papaya and crepe. 4 times. Confirmed case of acute food poisoning.

The next morning, I was sprawled on the bed, feeling sympathetic for myself. I was too weak to go to the hospital. When gooly woke, he was a bit shocked to see me in this condition. He came over to me and wrapped his arm around me, asking, "Are you ok, mahmee?" I buried my head on his shoulder, feeling very very pitiful indeed. (I am very vulnerable when sick.)

Papah took the chance to re-suggest, "Call mahmee to go hospital.."

Gooly held out his hand between me and papah, as thought protecting the damsel in distress, and said, "She said she didn't want to go.."

So there we were, lying on the bed, with his arms around me for quite a while. Co-incidentally there was no school on that day. I was worried as to how to take care of him for the day.

Papah did what he could, fed him breakfast and went over to the pharmacy to get me some meds. But soon he had to leave for an important meeting. So it was me, a very sick mahmee with her very active son for the next ten hours or so. Not a very good combo.

Much to my surprise, he was very self-reliant. Well, the tv was turned on the whole time, but he shuffled in and out of the room to grab his toys. In between, he fetched me water even without me asking.

"Mom, I poured some water into a very long cup, in case you want to drink some." It was very very sweet of him. He even insisted on feeding me the water.

And then he painted me a get well soon card.

There were some visitors by noon to bring food over. Gooly even managed to ask "Who is it?" before opening the door. He was doing a very good job at taking care of us.

By evening, he was a bit restless and wanted to go down to play. I could only say sorry for not being well enough to bring him. Being cooped up in the house for 10 hours with no one to talk to or play with for a 4 yr old is no joke. Sigh.. After a while, he cooled down and understood my predicament.

He came in and said, "I'm sad that you are sick, Mom." I could only offer a smile.

For a 4 yr old, he was being extremely matured. I am so lucky to have him around. I don't think anyone has taken such good care of me.

As for the title, me and papaya.. from now on, all ties have been severed. I no longer will eat that stupid fruit.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Totally non of your biz

Last Friday was Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday in my homeland, Alaska. Thus, many monkeys were not online. One went to Spore, and another downloading lame movies, I presume.

Oh well, I was forced to go out then.

Put on a new jumper, my minnie-mouse lookalike polka doted hairband and a pair of 99 baht plastic shoes. The most comfortable, I tell you. The original Crocs must be like that.

Looked for a matching bag. Tadaa...

And bought a coupon for the shuttle van. Did I tell you our apartment has shuttle service? How cool is that? I swear, the van is cleaner than ours. And the driver.. *giggle nudge nudge* is handsome. I always wonder who the heck takes the 12 seater van cos it's always just me in it. The ride to the mall is 25 bahts. The taxi usually cost me around 60bahts.

Throughout the whole journey in the van, I wondered what I should do with the 35 bahts I saved. 3 Mc D i-screams, perhaps? And then I realized I have forgotten to apply underarm deodorant. Urrgh! If you didn't notice, I didn't want to say armpits as I was being polite.

With sweaty erm, underarms, I went looking for food and decided on a salad buffet, considering that I haven't defecated that day. After munching like a cow, I got sick of the colour green, and got bored of myself. Dang.. 145bahts for two plates of peas. I suck big time at buffets.

Oh, and I used the same plate twice cos I'm being environMENTAL. Didn't want to waste water and soap washing extra plates. Yeah.. bring me to buffets, and I will embarrass you with stunts like that.

And then I roamed around aimlessly.

So that was Friday for me. I was completely alone. Not that I am complaining.

The end.

Treasured junks

What do you do when your child brings home from school.. erm.. little treasured junks such as

..a drawing of circles which looks like erm.. a tank with 17 wheels (my interpretation) saying, "It's from Sophia."

..longish balloons with no pumps included, which wouldn't inflate no mater how hard you blow (read: your face turns red, your lungs about to explode). They are from TJ.


..a hand-made mask which could be a cat, tiger and wolf or anything you want from Benny.

Sometimes there are letters with secret codes only the senders can understand. And then there are stickers which wouldnt stick anymore.


Seriously what do you do with junks stuff like these?

Well, I usually don't have the heart to throw them away. Not straight away, at least. I keep them on the table for a while (at least two days). I chuckle to myself looking at them. When I discard them, I think, "What a waste!"

Really. They are so cute to look at (for two days.) And more importantly, there are symbols of friendships.

Hmm, I wonder what junks treasures Gooly has produced and given his friends.

From a distance

There is something about watching your kid from a distance.. he walks

.. how he laughs he talks he knocks his friend's head.

From a distance, even thought it's panoramic, your eyes and ears tend to auto-focus on only one object - him (hey, i made a phrase with many O-words). There are other sounds but they are kinda like in bubbles - muffled. There are other objects but they are kinda like images in a crystal ball - blurry. Meanwhile, his voice is crisp and clear, his face - sharp and focused. But only to you.

And you begin to notice little things ..little things that you can't see upclose.


...oh, he still looks like a lil boy, standing next to bigger kids.

... oh, he does have a nice complexion.

..oh, he needs another haircut.

..oh, he does have a snappy attitude.

..oh, he does hum a lot.


..oh my, he is bossy.

I do like watching him. From a distance. Not interfering, just watching. And go, "Oh my, is that my son?" and "Did we really come from there to here? From baby to now?" Almost unbelievable.

Sometimes he watches me watching him. He smiles and waves. And when he thinks no one could hear, he even says, "I love you, mama."

I like that a lot. When a distance is not really a distance..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is this girl whom I see almost everyday downstairs. She has the cutest curls and the pudgiest thighs you would wanna chomp on.

The first time I met her was at the pool. The adult pool. She was swimming confidently that I thought she has taken lessons before. But no, that was her first time. According to her mom, she declared that she wanted to swim and swim, she did.

Today, she asked permission to ride on Gooly's bicycle. Seeing that she is half the size of the bicycle and possesses no bicycle license before, I asked, "Can you do it?" She confidently said in a booming voice, "I CAN DO IT!" and she clambered on and rode away.

She has never ridden a bike nor a trike before. The confidence she exudes is amazing. There is no fear in her eyes, I tell you.

For that, I salute her. I do admire her gutsy attitude.

Oh, I forgot to mention that she is only 3. Teehee. Really cute.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only me

Today we received yet another complaint from the teacher assistant about Gooly's snappy attitude.

Gosh!I'm at my wits end . Maybe this is it. I should really tie him up at the cactus under the hot hot sun.

Sigh! So I was rather glum after delivering my 100th speech about good behaviors. Was rather quiet and unresponsive.

As I sat watching MTV, he asked permission to sit next me. And then I coughed a bit.

Koff koff..koff koff.

He put his little hand behind my back, and patted, and asked, "Are you ok, mom?"

I don't get it. Why he is only nice to me? He can be really sweet. But only to me.

I really don't get it. He can give up his favourite Mickey Mouse show for me. But he is all brash and and in some cases, rude, to others.



Let's do it.

Whether we like it or not, life has its many restrictions:

No, we cannot dance in the sprinkler water because it might contain chemicals and we might get a rash.

No, we cannot play in the rain because we might fall sick.

No, we cannot ride our bicycle at devil speed downhill into the pond because we might die.

No, we cannot watch tv the whole day because we might be stupid.

No, we cannot eat ice cream before dinner because we might get a tummy ache.

No, we cannot go near a toad because we may be blinded by its poison.

You know what? Chances are we may not.

So let's do the all of the above and not tell anyone, especially our MILs.

Monday, November 23, 2009

We are all learning

Gooly does have a snappy attitude. He doesn't get adult jokes. No.. not the 18sx type. It's like if you say, "Go to jail." And he will cry or snap a big "NO!" at your face.

It's something that I am helping him to cope with. Chill, relax.. it's only a joke - that sort of prep talk is part of the planned routine.

I think, before today, I was rather snappy too. As in when he was snappy.. and I would get snappy too. Not a great example right?

It's just that having manners is so important to me that I forgot that he is still learning. I don't know what got into me, but I just decided that from now onwards, I am here to help him.. not to punish him. To guide him, not to force him.

So anyways, he did it again.. snapping at a friend at top volume at the 7-eleven for a joke. Before I launched my usual tirade, I took a deep breath. Hurriedly I paid for the items, without paying much attention to the two ice creams placed on the counter.

I just wanted him to apologize, which he did.

So again, I reiterate, he is a good kid... just needing some help in the realm of sensitivity.

Walking back, I remembered about the 2 packets of ice cream, which I asked how come there were two, instead of one.

"One for you, one for me.."

Oh! That would be his first purchase for me (even though using my papah's money). I remember walking past the ice cream fridge-box where he perched over, deciding what to buy. Thinking back, it was awfully sweet of him, to pick one for him and then one for myself.

Now I am thinking, if this had happened yesterday, I would have barked at him or got so worked up about his behavior that I would have missed the sweet moment.

Yes, my son is learning all the skills and the art of living and becoming a man.

And I am also learning to be a mom.

Totally not related pic


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