Monday, November 8, 2010

Kira kira satu tahun lepas..

When I left Bangkok a year ago, nobody knew I was leaving for good. I didn't tell anyone my intention. Not even the guards. Not even Ada's mom.

I guess I was just not good in saying babais.

Or maybe I just didn't want to say gubai (spelling it wrongly makes it easier).

And so I left my collection of bags, shoes and rubbish there.

And absolutely left my heart there too.

I remember it was an ungodly early morning flight. We left a drawing done by Gooly with the words, SEE YOU SOON in the post box for Ada's family. (it sounds like we jau-loe like that now.)

Little did they know SOON is 300 odd days later....

Yup..I am going to Bangkok. I think I am ready to say good bye to the kingdom properly this time. Weird that it sounds - that I am actually going there to bid farewell. But yeah.. I am gonna do the things that I had forgotten to do whilst I was there (for 4 years)... probably re-visit places that I really adored like Tonglor.

... and then to watch Siam Niramit, maybe.

... and then to Hua Hin and collect some shells (and pee in the sea.)

... to Central World to reminisce and curse those trouble makers.

... eat somtom and eat it like I am filling a 30 years quota.

This time I vow to take more pictures - the rice, the water, the clouds, the stray dogs. Basically everything Bangkok!

And then I will sing TIME TO SAY GOODBYE - with strong emotions at the airport on my departure date..

It's gonna be an awesome trip!


Mamapumpkin said...

I'm planning to go there for my birthday next March sans kids. You can be my tour guide planner - 2 nights 3 days - enough? I don't think the Hubs would survive a second longer. Who wants to come with me?

reanaclaire said...

hey, you have left KL? i still owe u .. please inform me when you have Paypal or else i have to hit my butt to giddy up to the rhb..

shoppingmum said...

The weather is very nice now. :)

goolymama said...

MP, can.. no prob! Go E-male pub.. exotic not the name? hehe

Claire, no la, still here la.. going end mth.

SM. Wooohooo! yippeee..glad to hear that.

dr sinkaringam said...

i forecast visa problem.. then stranded dekat airport.. and this is during departure dekat klia. not even naik aloplane yet. muahaha..

Gargles said...

yay! the day is finally here soon, can leave our houses now and go for party..

Winn said...

Eat I-berry shop fake croc

goolypop said...

Sinkar, what.. u plan to steal my passport, plant a bomb in airport and hijack a plane issit? Hor! Yau sai tung kei! 7 yuet 14 meh? Kwai moon kwan open ar? U can come out oredi?

Winn, u mean buy iberry phone and eat fake croc meat?


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