Friday, December 31, 2010

Primary 1 - The prequel

Tick tock..tick tock.. I can't sleep.
Thinking about tomorrow, I wanna weep.
Gooly is going to school, primary one.
Why does he grow up so fast wan?
Beware! Beware!
There are sharks and tigers everywhere.
But have no fear...
I'm sure you will do well, my dear.
You will meet grimy boys
And some pig-tailed ahmois
There will be lots of homework, no more toys.
Never mind, they say learning is a joy.
Aiyoh, I want to go and sleep -loh..
Tomorrow I will try not to be loh-soh.
I know as a brave kor-kor,
You will not behave like a baby anymore.
Gooly, Berilmu untuk berjasa! (My secondary school's motto.Kakakka!)


reanaclaire said...

Gooly has long prepared for this day, I guess.. only mama is the "baby" who has yet to.. :))

Gargles said...

WOI! wake up lor!! sun burning your bum still sleeping??? you think you boss likey go to school whatever time you want??

ok la, ponteng 1 day la.

Winn said...

whats your primary sch motto?

dr sinkaringam said...


guni go skool..
oliu time..
rememba chuifu..

guni go skool..
recess time..
no need takungfu..

guni go skool..
go home time..
yaba yaba doo..


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