Friday, December 31, 2010

Primary 1 - The prequel

Tick tock..tick tock.. I can't sleep.
Thinking about tomorrow, I wanna weep.
Gooly is going to school, primary one.
Why does he grow up so fast wan?
Beware! Beware!
There are sharks and tigers everywhere.
But have no fear...
I'm sure you will do well, my dear.
You will meet grimy boys
And some pig-tailed ahmois
There will be lots of homework, no more toys.
Never mind, they say learning is a joy.
Aiyoh, I want to go and sleep -loh..
Tomorrow I will try not to be loh-soh.
I know as a brave kor-kor,
You will not behave like a baby anymore.
Gooly, Berilmu untuk berjasa! (My secondary school's motto.Kakakka!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 40 year old son

I would say Gooly has the maturity of a 40 year old. And I am only 25+++++++!

He doesn't believe in tooth fairies. When his tiny teeth fell (3 to be exact), I was coaxing him so hard to put them under his pillow. "Nah.. I dont really want to. I just want to show Papah. That's all.. spare me the crap about fairies with wings with a fetish on smelly milk teeth ."

For his Halloween party, he didn't want a spidey or superman suit's not like they can make him fly or shoot webs. I swear I could see him rolling his eyes.

Sometimes even after his cousin Harry Potter hit him, he talks about him fondly. I couldn't help but ask, "Why are you still so nice to him?"

"It's ok.. I don't mind," came the reply.

Many times, I sit on the couch, and he asks, "Want a pillow for you back?'

This morning, he woke and wanted my super smelly comfy blankie. He didn't just take it. He took another one to replace mine and whispered, "Go back to sleep mom..It's still early."

When I was sick, he came to check my temperature by touching my forehead, and rushed to simmer chinese medicine herbs in a claypot on a campfire. (LOL...LOL...LOL!)

When I got better, he said, "Mom, I'm glad you had a good rest and are feeling better now."

In the rain, he cautioned his nai nai, "Xiao xin, nai nai... Don't fall down ah...."

And..he is turning shix on Saturday. Hawaiian Six -o, can you hula-hula believe it?

I hope he continues to love me and others so tenderly. Being 41 shouldn't be any different from being 40, eh?

Friday, December 24, 2010

No title

I have this buddy friend of 21 years. We grew up hanging out at each other's home. I know her grandmom and dad, mom, dad, sis, bro, aunts, uncles, cousins - the ENTIRE family!

When we were little (not that little but you get the drift), her grandma used to cook yummy food. But now she can't recognise or remember me anymore.

...her bro and sis used to call me "che-che". Now we slap each other's butt and say hello.

... I knew when her grandpa passed away. I was there when her dad passed away.

We have come a long way.


She got married and moved to a new house and she throws Christmas parties - every year except for one particular year in which we received an sms telling us the cancellation because her dad has passed away.

That was a devastating Christmas for all of us.

Fast forward to today.. it was the time of the year to go to her house for a makan session again.

I must say I am lucky to have known her family.

Her uncle walks in the room, and comes over and shakes my hand, and asks, "How are you?" genuinely.

Her auntie wipes Gooly's sweat away, takes every opportunity to pamper him with toffees and chocolates.

Her mom treats and praises Gooly like he is one of her grand sons.

Her brother cracks jokes at the dinner table making me feel merry.

Her sister talks to Gooly like he is the most interesting person she has ever met.

Her dad....

Oh..her dad... I remember the last Christmas, he held his handphone and recorded Gooly's antics. He smiled so much replaying those videos. His kindness and warmth I have witnessed for many years.

Basically everyone is extroardinary nice in her family. If she had a dog, I'm pretty sure it won't bite.

These people just have the ability to make others feel loved and acceptable...or just GOOD.. without even knowing or intentionally doing it.

It's in them. They are earth angels. Lol. Though they will never admit it. They will probably puke over this statement.

But really.. They are such gems.

Christmas Eve at her place is always a joy. I would like to spend it with her family for the many coming years.

And...I learned and yearn to render the same warmth and friendliness to my children's friends too.

Merry christmas, y'all..

The nite Christmas got married..

The other day..

We saw a flatten 2 D pear..

Which is really a leaf with beautiful colourful hues with a fruity shape..

Along Jalan Syed Putra...

The road that leads to a condominimum which housed 3kids with a lunatic mom.

Nature rawks!!

Let christmas be merried ! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre-Christmas 2010

A couple of weeks back, I brought Gooly to a toystore at a remote place which mainly sells 'play 1,2 days, and then put 1,2 corner' toys. The idea, as of every year, was for him to pick and choose his christmas pressie.

If one day, my dream of conquering the WORLD comes true, I would bring him to Toys R Us. Meanwhile, Kedai Mainan Man Chong will have to do.

It was easy for him to choose few years back. Anything with lights and sounds delighted him. This year, it took a bit longer. He was making his rounds up and down the aisles, hoping to find a 'miracle' amidst dusty boxes with big clear words of MADE IN CHINA under the mis-spelled word of Untaman.

I was getting ready to leave to bring him to the next destination - the bookstore.. (Oh, somebody give me THE MOST BORING MOM award already!)

..but something at the corner got his attention. He picked it up gingerly and with wide eyed expression, he exclaimed, "Mom! This is what I have always wanted!"

The first thing I did was to zoom into the price tag. Ouch! A bit pricier than I originally allocated. But what the heck...It's what he has always wanted!!

We bought it, wrapped it up, and he patiently waited till yesterday.

After dinner, he ripped the wrapper (which I didn't buy, but used Toys R Us catalogue instead as a sign of protest against Bourgeoisie gifts :P and of course, for enviroMENTAL sake). It was evident that it was what he wanted in his 5 years 11 months 23 days of life. He put it on his wrist, turn on the power sound, and escaped into a world of fantasy where he triumphed over morphed-raksasa for a few good hours.

When he went to sleep later that night, I pried his powerful destructive weapon off his hand. He loved it that much that I seriously was giddy with happiness that he found what he always wanted!

One day, son.. Mom will bring you to Toys R can choose whatever you want.

One day.. when Mom overtakes the Walmart empire..

(Aiyah..he not so cham lah.. My mil and sil really bring him to Toys R Us to choose whatever he wants a few times a year that I find it quite pointless and meaningless for me to further indulge him with expensive toys. Not to say that our toys collection make it seems like we are living an annex to Toys R Us...but I do think he has enough. )

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gooly and home work

With my current state of mind (and stomach), it is inevitable that my daily speech consists of, "Ops, I forgot," or "Got meh? I said that meh?".

Therefore, I have relied completely on Gooly to remember his own agenda and most importantly, his own tuition replacements dates.

"When is your tuition?"
"What time?"
-12.10 pm - one hour.
"What about Tuesday?"
-No, no class.
"Any homework?"
-Yup..two pages.
"What time again?'
- 12.10pm.
- No class.

See, he is very very reliable and I am in repetitive mode, mode, mode, mode, mode *echo* . Forgive me. Thankfully his infomation is accurate, and he is responsible enough to complete his own homework with little reminders. * goats gloats*

The other day, we went out for dinner and then a little escapade at the mall. It was a bit late when we came home. He realised that he has not completed his homework. I suggested that he does it in the morning tomorrow. He heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that all was not DOOMED.

I have always stressed that he should be responsible for his own school work. He decides when to slot in his homework time. And he shall bear the consequences of not completing them. I must say this holiday period is a good practical for him, as I (un)intentionally forget about his tuition time and work.

The next morning, he awoke.. he always wakes first - shutting the door gently so I could snooze for another half hour or so. He usually plays with his cousin..or fights..meaning there will be some noises outside. But that morning, it was awfully quiet.

I opened the door..and saw my little boy.

..sitting on his Ikea stool, body bent over, concentrating.

He was doing his homework. First thing in the morning. Before breakfast. Before Tv. Before bickering sessions with his cuz.

I walked over, ruffled his head a little, gave him a big smile and went back to sleep and said, "Good boy.. "

He is just like me when I was little (Being forgetful doesn't me I can tell lies and say, "Got meh? I said that meh?")

Saturday, December 11, 2010


3 more weeks...
Turning 6..
Lost 3 teeth
But gained only 2..
Becoming a kor-kor
Going to a new school
So fast? Yaumougauchor?
I kid you not, it's not April's Fool.

But everyone we know say you are a mini adult
Not that I am complaining or having a pout
Instead I learned what love is all about
When you told me, "It's ok if papah has to work, I will accompany you..
And next time Lolly will too."

I like it I admit
When you close the door gently
Knowing the creaking sounds it emits
Irk me greatly

I love it, the reason is simple
When you tell people
"Please wait..My mom is having a baby..
She now moves slowly."

I am touched
When you barfed
and apologised, "I'm sorry, mom and for cleaning me up, thank you
Yeap..the smell did linger..ewww..

My heart melts, knees all wobbly
When you send kisses to Lolly
Spreading warmth from my belly
In love with you again, like totally.

On becoming a big bro
You are all ready to go
"My job is to tickle Lolly's armpits
Make her laugh, mouth frothing with spits."

I am sheepish when you declare
That I am the best mom in the world
But the way you love and care
Makes you the best son in my world.

Turning 6 is a big deal
It's not just about a good meal
It's about character and heart
How to be human, the art.

But Gooly,
I am already proud of you
Every day.
I love everything about you
Your heart, your soul
That's all I want to say.

Let's put on the parachutes
Jump into two thousand eleven
We'll hold hands and shout GERONIMO
Pray for the best and more more more....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the airport that day..

It was the earliest flight out of Bkk city. We woke at 4.30am..and reached an hour later only to realise that there were loads of poor folks like us who buy cheap tickets and depart at ungodly hours!

The anaconda queue snailed all the way to the check in counter and again, at the immigration.

Gooly and I waited for what seemed eternity, behind a couple who looked like Japanese but spoke only in Thai. They had business class tickets in hands, heading to Narita, the wife holding a Hermes bag (that proves how much time I had, checking out such 'mundane' details.)

And then my mind drifted to my own shopping spree later on. I was hoping to check out the Longchamp sale..and of course some FCUK shower gel which I always buy for some smelly bugger.

And then it happened... A pang of pain from the stomach shooting straight to the esophagus and went all the way up to head....making the room spin and spin. Imagine the dark cloud of evilness/pain sprouting from one area to another. Imagine The Return of the Mummy when the mummy breathed dark weevils or whatnots from its mouth. That's what was happpening inside me.

I knew I was gonna collapesd but I had my inner voice to hold the fort, not to faint. All voices around me became sort of echoed. I heard Gooly asking, "Mom, are you ok?" but I couldnt answer. And he asked again, "Are you feeling dizzy?"

The dizzy spell was over as sudden as it began. I recomposed myself and asked Gooly what happened. He said my head was spinning round and round , and my eyes were half-closed. He was already holding on to my hand bag. And he looked worried. Poor boy.

I guess that happens to preggie moms... And I am kinda afraid of going out on my own or just with Gooly now. Just in case the bouts of dizziness happen again.

And so we headed to gate F5 straight away without stopping at Boots Pharmacy or the duty free shops.

And that concludes the report on "Why I didn't buy you FCUK this time".


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