Friday, October 22, 2010

Gooly's school

One of the things that I am really grateful for this year is sending Gooly to the right school. By that I mean I am really happy with what they are teaching there. (Disclaimer: My expectations and opinions on academia are some-what cacat, according to some people.)

First off, it would be his vast improvement in the Mandarin Language. I would not let the school take full credit of that because he has home tuition as well. Nonetheless the school has provided a conducive learning place.

I love love love the mandarin songs he sings. The current hit, which he will be belting out this coming Sunday's mini presentation is a happy tune about mothers' love.

"Green green grass, and the sky is blue
There are my beautiful moments
Whether I am big or small, you bring me everywhere
I am mama's baobei (precious)"

-Loosely translated by QTK (me -lah!)

The other day, as I walked into his classroom, he surprised me by popping out from a life-sized cardboard house. Yes, they have used a washing machine box to make a play-house. Gooly proudly showed me the part he painted.

And another day he brought home a recycled toy - something they made in the classroom using a cut up plastic bottle attached to a string with a balled up paper stuffed into a balloon at the end. You toss the balloon (with paper) up and then try to catch it into the halved bottle. It was really quite fun.

He has come to realise that he doesn't really need electronic toys. He has been asking for paper boxes which he made into airplanes which he played for hours. Sometimes I see him sitting on the cardbox, muttering and pressing on some imaginary buttons. I see his drawings which resemble some ancient runes, but they are engine parts of course. Boundless imagination when you play with self-made toys. Gotta love it!

Some parents worry that the school is not teaching enough. Hmmm.. I dunno. But these are what make childhood memories great.. Between learning how to multiply and learning how to be happy, I choose the latter.

So when you see Gooly, don't ask him what's 3 x 3 (heck, don't even attempt 3 +2!), but do ask him about recycling and taking care of Mother Earth. He is so good with the topic, he can be an ambassador, really. :)

Arithmetic can wait, saving our planet is more important for now, imho.

Kay.. you can sing CAPTAIN PLANET, HE'S THE HERO now to end this TGIF post.


Gargles said...

u want silai fight, izzit? i was just crapping how meimei can't seem to figure out 9875+3097-29 and you saying i'm kiasu la, izzit? u think i dunno??

yau dar jia, laai, wor bu paa de!

goolypop said...

Gargles, *pull your hair, slap your boobs*

(I dunno what to say lets get into the mud pit)

tuti said...

if you're in singapore you'll be freaking out. i think parents want their child to be as smart as the next grade.

*slides into mud bath with you and the gargles*

Dr Sinkaringam said...

oh, nice to know that he goes to Tadika DBKL.

goolymom said...

tuti, i am not sure.. but ppl call ur country ppl kiasu rite? (Ppl ar.. not me..) kekekeke. But you are from another planet one.. so i *heart* you..

sinkar, Tadika DA Best KL.. hoe war lak!


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