Sunday, August 29, 2010

My meal buddy

Every time I bring Gooly out for a meal.. let it be for tea, dinner or brekkie, more often than not, he will tell me in his happiest "what a wonderful world" voice, "I'm having a fun time with you, Mom!"

Mind you, we are not talking about McDong or KFChee meals here.

It could be just a char siew pau over a cuppa milo (which we share.)

This lil boy is easily contented, I tell ya.

{This kinda makan outing happens fairly often, almost every other day. He must be one heck of of a happy boy, eh?}

This one, he is just happy taking a dump in school. :P


tuti said...

yes he is a happy kid, and he makes mahmee so happy too!

why you take pic of people taking dump wan? aeeeeeieeee.

goolypop said...

its ok tuti... taking a dump is completely normal...(but not with a cap tho...:P)

reanaclaire said...

wei..who snapped him wor!!! hahaa.. like that also can!


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