Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's the meaning leh?

Anyone has a copy of "The Complete Guide of Dream Interpretation?"

What? No such book?

What about "An Idiot's Guide to Guess the Meaning of Everything?" (I think YOU have it, you idiot :P)

Yesterday I had a dream. In it...*special effect, fog appears*

... I was in a helicopter. I was looking down a terrain of flowers. In reality, I would be paying attention to the macho pilot, but in dreamworld, the landscape was more worthy . I was staring at the rows and rows of flowers..and then I woke, with these six words:


Disappointed there weren't any numbers? Yeah, me too.

But the phrase was very catchy..MY SIGHT CANNOT WAIT FOR ME. It doesn't quite make sense to me. What could it possibly mean? The way I could decode it is like this:

It's like watching a reel of film that is spinning real fast. The images are so captivating, that you dare not even blink your eyes, lest that you miss the next image. And so you keep staring.. until cock-eye .

I woke with a jolt actually. I sat upright on the bed, trying to retrieve the beautiful scenery. A very 'kancheong' feeling had beguiled my sleep. In fact, it left me with a melancholy yearning for..(was it a hamburger?I cannot remember) But there was a persistent desire to (forgot..i forgot what) ..

Oh, and I don't know what is "Hillside", but I woke with a new vocabulary. I googled it, and this is the image I found:

Quite similar to the one I had in my dream. Except that mine was from a bird eye's view.

So, what could it mean? Am I dying? CHOY!!!!!!!!!

Will I be traveling? Ya ya.. Moga moga... (Don't say Kamaloon Highlands ok??)

Am I going bonkers?? AH! The best answer!

Don't be so honest, can or not??

This is so weird.. I mean, coming from me, who is so normal ..

He finally made it!

The title I shamelessly stole from her. But sharing is caring. (Eh, another stolen line :P)

After lamenting how Gooly is not remotely as talented as Picasso, he decided to offer me glimpses of hope!

See? My soon-to-be-engineer son? He constructed a Lego truck. Now, that is an achievement..

He made an XD Daihatsu lorri, keluaran 1998

Prior to this, the way he played the Lego set is this way:

"Mahmee, I want a jeep."

"Mahmee, you make me an aeroplane."

Using my skill, I would construct a 'terra' vehicle using 0.1% pieces of the whole Lego set. Therefore, I have always thought the Lego pieces were nothing but a mess and a waste of money.

But yay! He is interested in building now! Yeah~

Architect? Engineer? What you want to be, Gooly? Huh? Huh?






No-lah. He didn't say that. Just another imaginary conversation. :P

What did you want to be when you were foolish enough to dream? I wanted to be a lawyer... (shuddap, you people!).

Look what am i now? A PWINCESH!! (jgn jeles ah..)

Monday, March 30, 2009

I yam a pwincesh

When papah is around, sometimes Gooly mengada-ngada a bit. This is especially so during nap times. He would have 101 methods to delay it. And he would have 101 things to do prior to hopping into the bed. The infamous request would be, " I want papah to sleep with me, " when the bed isn't exactly big.

It is quite a chore telling him that Papah isn't sleepy (yes, he is.. he will be cranky if he doesn't sleep) or the bed is too small (no, it isn't. I can move over, you see?) We can talk until the face turns blue, and he'd still have the same demand.

Yesterday, I hopped into the bed and plucked a fairy tale from mid air. I bluffed said to him, "Mahmee is a princess..and Papah is the evil giant, and you are the knight. Can you protect me.. don't let the giant get me."

His eyes glistened with eagerness as he wrapped his arm around me after he commanded, "You giant, stay out!" as he closed the door.


And then in a very macho voice, he said, "Go to sleep, my princess. I will protect you. Don't worry.."

He covered me with the blanket, put his arms around me, and slowly drifted off to sleep, too.

Once the 'knight' snored a little, I clambered out of bed to resume my pm. activities.

A copla hours later, I heard him woke. And guess what he said?

"Where's MY princess?"

Yoh..so cute! Skali skala become pwinscesh nice also! (nah plastic bag.. i know you want to puke)

Pengajaran hari ini ialah: shouting matches and WW3 to get kids into beds don't work no more. The best way is to con them (that's not the word I am looking for. You sendiri think lah!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quantifying L.O.V.E

When he was younger, our bedtime ritual consisted of countless books and then some declarations of love.

It was quite simple initially.

"I love you 100%" I would say, and he would UP me, by saying he loves me 200%.

These days, he is getting more wary about numbers. No phobia yet (like his mahmee). He just likes to quantify his feelings.

"I love you ONE HUNDRED THREE SIX EIGHT, " he confessed.

That will be 100368, if my math teacher taught me correctly.

To him, the huge number reflects his gargantuan love. When he asked me how much I love him, I teased by saying, "FOUR."

"FOUR what?"

"Just FOUR." (though I was tempted to confuse him more by saying 4 Kilos)

"That's not enough."

"Ok, how about a billion?" I introduced a new word.

His grin grew wide. "Ok, I love you 30 billion and THREE FIVE NINE then."

The battle went on until....


Oooo...yes..infinity..that ought to solve the problem.

I love you infinity (of course "I love you infinitely" is grammatically correct, but let's not confuse him more, shall we?)

How about a quote from Captain Buzz Lightyear to end this love story?

"To infinity and beyond.....!"

The hero saves another day..

Dilarang membawa sampah sarap (James Bond bag included)

When we swim, we bring UNnecessary tools like the wrench, the robot hand, the flute, etc. Every morning, he schemes through his prize possessions and decides what to bring to the pool.

"Is this wooden?"

"This one got battery not?"

"This will get rusty not?"

Every single day, I am interrogated.

Yesterday it was Robot Hand's turn. You know, the one that goes kiap kiap kiap. (Something that comes in handy for left-hand car drivers to extract parking ticket on the right side, according to Prof. Sinkar Einsai)

On days when the pool isn't so crowded, I let him bring the Moon. But yesterday, crowded indeed it was. I got apprehensive.. I didn't want him to accidentally hit the other kids with THE HAND. I requested that he leave it at the side of the pool, which he didn't object.

When it was time to go, eh..? Hilang woh! Cham laaa.. Where did The Hand go?

"There, there..the kids are playing with it, Mahmee.." he shrieked.

Cham laaa...My Thai is so mediocre, I didn't even know how to start the conversation.




In the end, I just shot him a nervous glance and spoke truthfully, "How should we ask it back?"

"Let me do it.." he shrugged.

*swoons* My little hero walked heroically to them...

"Excuse me, can I have it back, please?" he put out his hand.

The kids understood and offered feeble smiles as a gesture of apology.

He walked back to me, chest protruded, feeling some-what triumphant, and a little 'lansi'.

"It was easy, mamah.."

Yalah yalah..you pannai la!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bang! I slammed the door!

We are all pollutants. But from my household, I would say we are a major contributor to noise pollution. At approximately 7.30am, the pollution begins.

"You know ultraman is really powerful? He cah *perchewwwww* zoom very fast. And *toing*land on your head... and then he..." It goes on and on, but by now, it becomes muffled noises because my head will be buried under the pillow to drown out his voice.

I have on numerous occasions wrote about his chatty behaviour. If he sucks in art, he champions at verbalogy! The moment he discovered what a larynx could do, he had been using it to the max! At age 2, I have taught him the 'clam' motion to clam his mouth. Can you imagine that? Age 2? When his words weren't exactly audible, he already needed to be clammed!

Now, he speaks a few decibels higher. Even in a constrained space, like a lift-

"Papah, we are going to the 4th floor."


"Mahmee, we are going to the 4th floor."

Hello! He feels compelled to relay messages multiple times, I think.

Ah Chai, nei hoe cheong hei aaaa~

Sometimes I manage an 'uha' reply. Often I just nod my head. Very seldom....very seldom, ok? I go hide in the toilet. Hehehehe!

"Mahmee.. When it's Christmas, I want to buy xxx, yyy, zzzz.."

*Bang! Toilet door closes*

"Can you hear me?"


"I say I want..."


"And then for my birthday.."


"Did you hear what I say?"

YA~ (right....)

"Are you done yet?"


Aiyo. Where. To. Find. Some. Peace. And. Quiet. Leh? Pangsai. Also. No. Syiok.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Haih..cannot come out..

No no, I am not constipated.

It's like this. I would say about 99% of the world wide population in the parenting sector have experienced the following:

a. Maximus puts a red block on top of a green one. Parents say, "Wow, I think he will grow up to be an architect."

b. Archibald draws a wriggly line. Parents announce, "Wow, so talented. If you tilt the head 23 degrees to the left, you can actually see a pubic hair geometrical design which is so from the 'realism' era. "

c. Johnny makes a formation with the rubber band. (hahahahah! who is this ah? :P) Parent proclaims, "He finally did it!: (which is acceptable! :D I just like to 'kajiau' her)

You know wachamai saying? Parents naturally are proud of their off springs. They have big hopes and dreams for them.


what if your child ...

..folded a paper into two irregular sides and proclaimed, "Look, Mahmee, it's an aeroplane!"

.. and then he twisted one end and announced, "Now it's transformed into a gun.."

..wait..tak cukup lagi.. belum habis..

..and then ..and then..he.. he...

..scrunched the paper and declared, "It's now a ball."

-_-. This is the "Sailoe, wan yeh ah?" look I shot him. (Kid, are you kidding me?) Papah was not any better with the remark, "Whose rubbish is this?"

*piang* Can you hear his heart break? Hahahah. (Why am I laughing here? How inappropriate.)

But he defended his art despite our cold water - "Hey, don't say it's rubbish!" And we defended our non-hypocritical "appraisal".

You see how the role is reversed? Usually adults sinkar-bluff children with tricks such as making baby star formation using rubberband (:P) or making coins dissapear behind ears. So I was flabbergasted with his 'ability' to sinkar us, actually. I SURE DON'T THINK HE INHERITED THIS TRAIT FROM ME.

Gooly, you must fan tao loe lik! I know my artistic genes are somewhat mutated and my sinkar trait may be DOMINANT, but you can do it! Jia you!

Ok-lar, seriously, Gooly, today, we didn't say "Marvelous, Gorgeous, Wondrous" about your *ahem* masterpiece. That's because we don't expect you to be Monet or Matisse. You may not be good in art. It's ok. Mahmee suck big time in art..

and maths..

and.. (hoi! it's not about me!)

So, we wove u~ and your paper ball, and gun..and..whatever!

Can u tell me..

..how to stop dreaming?

From yesterday I dreamt until today; about cameras, bags, boots, holidays. But dang, the camera...It got me restless. So I opened my folders and looked into my embryonic project of wall display.

I take pictures with an autar-camera, I-tel-liu. Sigh.. When will I have one of those zoom-until-Mars-there kinda camera? Then I can secretly snap a picture of the James Dean look-alike gardener (for you, GG ).

Talking about this makes me kinda droopy eyed. Or maybe I am prepping myself for another dream expedition, where I can zoom and 'CLICK' all I want. (This also means I know I wont have a canggih camera lur~)

Let me go wallow in self pity. *ngur ngur ngur* Did I just snore? Cannot wait to indulge in my dreams. Ask me what I dream about, ok?

*transmission ends* My brain is in static mode now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


* I used to hate purple. I thought it was gaudy. Maybe due to Barney. But now I think, how come my room is not in lilac? The colour is bu chuo der.

* I gagged at the scent of chinese parsley. I called it 'poison'. TETAPI now I think it's palatable.

These extremes make me think I can indeed be fickle minded. Like, love, adore one day. Hate, detest, benci the other. (not applicable for ai ching, okeh? Aiyoh, this winn got me in the mood of jiang hua yi)

Anyways, I was sipping my daily dosage of caffeine and I thought, "Dem, this tastes good..." And then it got me thinking, what are my other favourite things? The more I thought, the lighter my mood was (could be due to caffeine). So I am listing them here. Should I get sad one very rare day, I can peep into this and be (ab)normal again.

1. I love boots. Knee length/knee height, preferably. Not patented. Yucks..But I am too short to wear them. And nobody wears them here. Except for those PCK ones. So..whatever!

2. I love cooking. I cook, they eat. Period. *comments not allowed*

3. I love @(#)$@&. I so love them, they are fouled! Bags...bags.. I am saying! Do you know how important they are to me???? BAGS, wo ai nie~

4. I love Ping Pong Soda Peang. Served with Milo. Rendam lama lama. Hearsay, only hokkiens eat it that way. Anyone disagree?

5. I love photography. B & W. They make happy moments depressing. Yay!

6. I love to watch little kids run and fall. So cute!

7. I love Ramlee Burp-ger. Haiz... here tarak.

8. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The series..Not you! Perasan!

9. Ok la, I love you too :) Your sick humour especially. (No, no..Not you.. please move aside)

10. I love to hate chicken breast meat. Will I love them tomorrow? Please say no, like you say no to dadah.

11. I love holidays. The cheaper the better. The more idle the better. The further the best! North Pole, wait for me!!

What?? It's 5pm? Dinner for Gooly! Day dream some more! Nanti sambung...

Funny thai ad!

I blurted out my coffee when I saw this... The part the girl threw away the bag is so like WINN! (and like me also lar...) heheheh..


Che..so many watched before. I'm so OUT! *start advert marathon NOW*

Ha, i just realised they don't always use pretty gals in adverts here. Yeah, i got chance!

ah haha...this one ..this one...Sinkar can audition next time..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I can feel the earth move..

..under my feet..under my feet.

You know that song?

How about ice ice baby? (thanks, winn! ;) )

Earthquake and ice. What could it mean?




We went ice-skating lorr..

First thing first, the passes were expensive. I was very reluctant to hand over the 400 Baht. In slow motion, I was dipping my hand into my bag while thinking what excuses to tell Gooly:

A. Aiyaaa! Children below 5 cannot go!

B. Aiyoooh! Today not open!

C. Alamak! I want to pangsai..

D. Aiyer...

My thoughts, lies, cheats were interrupted with his "Hurry, Mamah!"

So reluctantly, I paid. While at the counter, Gooly's eyes went straight away to the medals on display in the glass cabinet.

I ushered him over and got our skates.

Gooly's so cute, mine like Star Wars Troopers'. Blek.

So ngam, he was so colour-co-ordinated.

Yau Ying Yau Foon~

He insisted on a helmet though I didn't expect him to crash his head. He must thought very 'yau ying'. Wanted the knee and elbow pads too, but the conditions were ..uhm.. let's just say, they looked as if a soi dog have chewed on them. So I said, "No need no need" haughtily while muttering, "Fesen show meh?"

Once inside the rink, he went, "Woah woah.. I ..dun...like....this...woah...woah..." while holding on to his dear life.

An American lady, slightly 8 and also very helpful came over and assisted. She instructed that Gooly walked on the rubber-matted floor first. She hinted, "Head not so big, don't wear so big hat." Before skate, must learn to walk first.

So Gooly went bersiar siar on the rubber platform. After a while, he relaxed a bit and we went into the rink again.

Guess what?

"Woah woah..woah... I dun...like...this...woah woah..." all over again!

Ok la ok la.. you sit there, and watch Mahmee perform. *ahem*

First, I was gliding, holding on to the sides. And then... "Look ah bu, no hands! no hands!" And then a loop jump and a pancake spin (whatever those are!!) Acah je.. I was just gliding well, with Gooly cheering me on, "Good job, mama!"

"Go another round mama!"

You want to come join me?

"No thanks! You are doing greeeat!"

Hoi! Buang duit saje ini budak..

Gooly, the cheerleader

But I didn't force him to participate because to me, ice-skating is a gender-biased sport. I bilang sama lu, one boy was wearing those tights circulating the rink, with a perpetual grin on his face, with bird flying movements.. The whole time I am thinking, ice-skating is meant for sweet young darlings..not B-O-Y-S. Ice-hockey, by all means. But fluttering movements..aiyoyo..yannadey?

I went around the rink a few times, and saw lil goolypop mumbling to himself to the 'chin rest' of his helmet. Pretend F1 driver speaking into microphone la tu...Haiya, jom balik la since he sat there ngong kui kui...

While exiting, he had the cheek to ask, "Where to collect our medal?"


See the face? So triumphant-looking. Majiam ler he really went skating.

And oh..the earth didn't move after all. :)

My 400 baht...gimme back my 400 baht......*waaaaah*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Global warming - in the eyes of a 4yo

How much does he understand? Enough to make a difference, I think. :)

I drew him a simple illustration. He had loads of questions, as usual. I answered the best I could. And this is the end result:

60 minutes

A lot are skeptical and cynical about this coming Saturday's Earth Hour.

Some feel indifferent. Like Papah who asked, "What hour? and then, "Let them do it lah!"

And then there is this man who fears about losing his assets in the darkness.

..and another friend is afraid of burglaries, ghosts, and whatnots.

Some lament saving Earth is not just an hour's project. Daily efforts like plastic bags refusals or turning off the tap while brushing teeth, etc. are what counts. Thus, they challenge, "How's that one hour going to make a difference?"

They don't realize the HOUR is the 'tipping point'? It is the time we tell ourselves we want to make a difference, starting with a small effort of cutting off electricity for that hour, and then moving on to something bigger and more challenging in the days ahead ? (like bringing your own shopping bag for grocery? It is unheard of in this part of the world.)

To me, it will be a good chance to explain about global warming to Gooly. I don't know how much he will understand. But it's a start. In fact, if we were in New York or other major cities, I think it will be a monumental moment for him to witness such a global darkness.

Yes, we know about pollution. We also know about other earthly catastrophes. Should one day Gooly ask if we tried anything to rectify the mistakes we have done, I can say yes. And he will remember the little efforts we do together, like scaring ourselves silly in the dark this coming Saturday. :P

Many asked, "what can we do in the dark?" Well, the adults could have some quiet moments like doing the dot dot dot. Those with kids, how about:
a. reading stories with a torch light
b. camping out in the garden
c. playing lanterns even though it's not 8 yuet 15?
d. telling ghost stories (not in my place!)

Of course all these carried out in adult's supervision lar. Don't burn down the house wei. I think Gooly will be thrilled with the torch and candles. I don't have to think much about what to do with him.

If our forefathers could do without electricity, why not us? (Is it because we are spoilt-rotten?)

This Saturday, The Earth Hour.

I pledge my support.

I will do it for my son.

Are you gonna do it? For your children, dogs and cats?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Omg - chill...chill..control

Every once in a while, I get the bug.

THE Bag Bug..

Just like the girl lidat, yeung sui sui gum..

So while infested with the bug, I went to the store on Sunday. I was on the phone with my ah bu. The boys were at iberry's.

And then the bag caught my eye. I checked the price, marked with a 30% discount. Surprisingly I could do maths when there is a sale. I quickly exited.

Went back to the ice cream parlour, and told papah, "Omg omg omg...."

He was alarmed at the look of my face. He must have thought I was mugged or something. I explained the bag and the ridiculous sale price, all in one breath. He was kinda cool.. and said something like let's go see together afterwards.

We made some small talks, though my cerebrum could only spell "B.A.G". He sensed I was soul-less, so he teased, "What if the bag is gone when we go back?"

My heart dropped like the gravity was ten times stronger.

"Faitit faitit ..." I shrieked.

Sensing my urgency and near hysteria situation, he asked me to go, leave him to enjoy his cake with Gooly.

So I went back to the store. Catwalked a bit and the boys sauntered in.

"Wah..this bag is so nice, Mahmee..." Hohoho! I gotta love my boy for his support!

Kacing kacing..the cash register rang..

My darlings, move aside....another tenant is moving in. Muahahhahaaha!

I was feeling so euphoric with my new loot, I thought I was gonna puke in the car. The last time I was so high was..need I say? That time I got another bag. Haha!

Btw, happy 10th anniversary to my Soho!

Bag Whore

P.s: i am still giddy...

P.s 2: thanks, papah : )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To the park! To the park!

When was the last time you cycled? What? The time when BMX was IN?

Ha? When a bell and a front basket were parts of the the bicycle?

Tsk tsk tsk! Poor you.

Cycling is fun. I like the wind rustling against my hair. I also get a tingling feeling of freedom as I move from gear one to three. (Eh, like BMW convertible pulak! Heheh!) So anyways, we went to the park, where you could rent bicycles of all sorts, cheaply (information stole shamelessly fr. EW :P)

This is what we saw upon entering the huge park.

Sorry, Liucas and Miucas, you cannot go. Thais go right.. We foreigners blur blur also go right.

Wow! So many bikes! Gring gring! Some cyclists were quite steady with gf/bf in tandem. Some a bit lintang pukang. Some jatuh longkang.

After a while, we couldn't see where we could hire our bikes. Ish! So I asked a kind lady who said, "VERY FAR...." Sial, man..

She was kind enough to let me use her bike to the hire stand. OK, let me explain my situation here. It involves some mathematics. Bring out your calculator.

* there were three of us; papah, me and gooly

* there was ONE tandem bike

* the ultimate objective was to return with two big bikes and one small one

So how?

1. Papah and I go ber-romantik, while Gooly waits for us at the toilet? Then we reach the hire stand, get one bike, and then we cycle back to Gooly who still doesn't have a bicycle? I don't think so.

2. Papah and Gooly go to the hire stand, while I eat ice cream near the toilet? Then they hire the small bike, and then cycle back, and papah and I are again left with no bike. Uh-ah..cannot also.

3. Mahmee and Gooly go on the bicycle? Will the tyre puncture? Of course NOT!

That we did, which I didn't know why, cos again, we will cycle back with one small bike, return the big one, and Papah and I will be bikeless still, right?

Anyways, Gooly was getting impatient. So what the heck, option 3 it is! Hop on and hold on tight, Gooly!

Wahlau..hard to control, wokeh! It was so wobbly, and he kept on yelling, "Wooh, woh..slow down slow down.." when I was going like..what 10mph??

After a while, he said,"OK, I'm not scared anymore.." and then "Woah woah woah..slow down.." again. Geesh!

And you know what? We still couldn't find the hire stand! Kik sei ngor! He was visibly upset, and started crying. Aiyo, but how? And truthfully I was a bit apprehensive about the undang undang jalanraya which I doubt he will follow. Skali jatuh inside the pond, how?

So we went back to point A, returned the bike to the nice lady who was shocked at how dumb/blind we were. Luckily there were some activities nearby to placate Gooly.

We painted a raynebow (ops, copyrighted ah?) - coloured triceratops. And then we went by the pond to paint again.

The reason ultraman looks a bit haunting and bloody here is because I spilt the paint while holding so many things (camera, bag, towel, water, chips). He painted a bit and got bored, or rather got more interested in the packet of chips. So I rectified my spills. Babababrrruuum.. (it's trumpet sound, okeh?)

I want to dedicate this painting to Michaelangelo, Leonardo and William Snakespear

Papah suggested that we leave the painting there. Mmm, meh yi si? Not nice meh? Anyways, I think it's quite cool how parents can spend quiet evenings here watching their kids paint or conteng (in Gooly's case).

We walked further, and oh, someone was telling a story to a crowd of eager kids. The backdrop says something like a mobile library. Look, books aplenty for the kids to read. That's nice. Unfortunately, they were all in French.

And that's when I realised, Thais love their kids. That's why they have so many parks and activities for them. These are all very healthy stuff done in an al fresco manner. Malaysia mehyou der.. where got... tarak wan..

We love Malaysia. Does Malaysia love us to create all these for our kids?

3, 2, 1 blast off

Saturday = Art Day.

Ok, I just made that up. Saturdays mean everyone in the www either goes kai kai, shopping, pakthor or sleep in late. And then there is the worst kind who'd go watch a concert without me.

So yours truly...

was stuck at home..

..staring at the screen.

I slap anyone who wallows in self-pity, myself included. *piak piak*

Hence, let's do something, Gooly..

No no, not the goolypop again!

A rocket, ai boe? Jom!

First we need a toilet roll, some crayons, paints, paper..what else?

"Pegs.. so the rocket can stand..and blast off!" he said.

Wuih..not bad an idea.

Cut cut, paste paste, paint paint....tungtungtungchiang!

Final process, give it a name, please:

Mission Mars Complete

Weiyo, so stylo.

And then, the tiny rubbish creator artist helped wash the tools.

So neat.

*beam* Mahmee gotta be proud at moments like this yo?

Happy gila!

Zoweeee! What a tribute! Didn't know Gooly Partnership is so therapeutic. Thanks, edameme! You just made me smile too.

Whilst we are at it, what other things make me smile? Nothing unusual, your gila comments here or at FB.. our silly banters.. our silly games..

What a life! So happy wan...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Do the Goolypop

Obviously, she is more popular for inventing THE pose. But my gooly also can!

However, this pose is restricted to homosapiens of not more than 365 x 5 = 2000 days old. *headache* Geesh.. I ought to have just said 5yo.

Now, when I say, Gooly, do the Goolypop! and he would cheerfully oblige. Muahaha.. I just love it, and him, and his fingers, and his mouth and his nose..

You too love it right? Two options: nod or say yes. Dictator indeed I am not.

Thru his lense

I have long wanted a canggih camera. My talent somewhat goes wasted with a rm200 camera, according to me, myself and I. Having said that, it's handy to have a cheap one so that Gooly can snap snap snappity snap too. When he says, "Look here, Mamah... smile!" I usually layan a bit la either with a Ms. World smile or a looney one, depending on hormones. After having an extensive collection, I must say he is quite a good photographer.

I say that cos they show how happy I am with him :)

Oh, I'm donning the cap these days cos my hair is so mushroom like. Bah!

Those duo ones are taken with his arm outstretched.

Wet boots

Preamble: Wet BOOTS, not boobs. Do you still wanna continue reading? :P

Whilst on myVERY IMPORTANT morning routine of Face-booking, I saw Gooly making a few trips to the loo, armed with a water gun.

In, out, in, out .. chikchak gum juen.

Considering that we don't live in a mansion, I could nonchalantly turn my head around towards the balcony and see what he was up to.

Hoho.. I reckon he wanted to rear some fishes in his boots.

Should I stop him? (Woi! Siaukia! Lu joe hamik??). But looking at his gleeful smiles, I just let him be-lah. Afterall, he was neither watching Tv, nor asking/begging/pestering for his Transformers suites. So I returned his smile, and went back to my screen.

Sensing no objection from me, he cleverly equated that to 'approval'. Hence he proceeded to fill up his left boot straight from the tap, and carried it to the same venue. First, it was only one side of the boots. Still sensing the 'traffic light is green', he later became bolder, took two at the same time. Ah.. at least he was now building some muscles through this activity. For those uninitiated, when he is carrying the water-filled boots, he is also practicing on his gross motor skill, and when he pours it from one side to the other side, he enhances his fine motor skill (Montessori method, learn thru play aaah.. know or not? :P)

When he was satisfied with the flood he caused at the balcony, he declared 'kaotim' by parking his boots upside down.


Mahmee said, "Elloh, sir..come back..take this and clean up!" and shoved a mop to his face. Kakakakak!

No pic cos he was naked by then.. basah kuyup gitu...

Sigh! Another atypical day at the house of loons.

P.s: Every kid should own one of these PCK boots. So 'kawaii'.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gooly is literate

After finished 'fatt mingsing moong' here and here and '9 9 jan' here (oh my, is that how we spend our days?), we resumed our *ahem* daily serious home-schooling.

We all know that the brain is a mystery of the mysterious mystery.

It boggles me how we learn to do the things we do, even mundane stuff like 'reading'. Some say we learn a word as a whole, thus the flashcard method was introduced to help kids to be literate. Then, some argue it's easier when we sound the words out; the phonetic way.

I don't know about the other kids, but Gooly uses idontknowat way. :P He is wary about phonics. Hence, he says baLLLLL and aLLL (very cacat). At the same time, he notices how phonics don't make sense too.

"There is an 'e', mama.." he pointed at the word 'COME'.

"That's a silent 'e', son.."

I tried my luck. Is that acceptable? Understandable? Logical? to a 4 year old?

I think so.

Because he told me later, "That's a silent 'g'" when he read the word COMING.

Here's him reading to me. Mahmee so pwoud, son.

Transformers' Fanshue

You might have an inkling that Gooly is a Transformers fan. Me too, actually. And huhu, look what we found on youtube.. Seifor, he soo wants one of these costumes now (lau sai hau sui gum..) which is kinda cool, but I can't even draw a straight line, and power tools scare me.

So he has no choice but to transform on his own. Watch the video.. (listen to the uk, uk, uk sound effect!)

.. see any resemblance?

Neh, the two VERTICAL ekzos paip..hahaha!

Autobots, transform and roll out..! Uk uk uk uk..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mini Concert

To prove that Gooly is indeed talented (obviously still in denial stage) , I am uploading yet another video of his koncert besar besaran at the Haid , Hide Hyde Park. This time we try a more mainstream genre considering that not many could handle Lil' Linkin Park.

wanted something sentimental. We will give her something MENTAL all right. Hihi.. In the MTV, Gooly sang a lovely ballad, yet to be released. There were numerous attempts, but due to his itchy buttock, he couldn't stand still even for a mo. I cannot imagine what headache he will give his kindergarten teacher for their recitals di saban hari nanti..

In case you can't decipher what he sang at the last song, please find below the lyrics:

In the night still dark of night
When my eyes are shut so tight
I'm dreaming I'm an extronut (astronaut) eksploring space
Zooming in my space rocket in a far out place
Guided by the twin-keling stars
I'm on a mission to visit MASK! (Mars!)

Encore!!! ENCORE!!! (woi, give face laa. Takkan only mahmee claps?)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Transformers Soundtrack

OK, have been video editing these two days. Discovered loads which I have not converted.. like this one...

Get ready your ear plugs. It's a rock song. Are you ready to rawk?????

Misti, can sign contract not? Transformers II kambing... Can use as soundtrack not?

Gooly is soooo talented just like his mahmee.. Hiak hiak hiak!

Getting to know him better

I tried loading the Under RM5 video yesterday but I reckon blogger doesn't like our humour. Hence, I gave up and loaded it instead on FB. Many of you have watched it, and teased yours truly for being 'kiamsiap', cheap, tasteless and other shock-of-my-life names. (I SHALL try to load it up here again, for my amusement :P)

Winn asked what about above RM5 toys? Very frankly, we hardly buy him expensive toys. The most expensive one would be a wooden tool table, followed by a collection of Tomas the tank die-casts. And the-very-hard to mantle Tomas Railway Track (which remains dusty and abandoned at the closet.)

Fortunately we have very generous friends and relatives who present nice, tasteful gifts to Gooly. This morning, I thought why not ask him what are his favourite toys. (test lah, see cheap ones or expensive ones?)

Here they are in random order:

The elephant trunk- to pour water on Mahmee (AUD 3)

Optimus Prime - this one really dream comes true :D (courtesy of 'madegg')

dino-sohsohdei.. Roarrr..rooarrr! & feed the babies games(sponsored by winn & sinkar co.)

Bright-until-blind-also can-see goggles (can be worn anywhere)

mini Transformer (hadiah sagu hati from ahma)

Blue Ball (ahhh..this one I bought!)

Ah..got cheap got mahal ones. So price is not a factor. (Survey by goolypop enterprise, March 2008)

While at it, I decided to venture further and interviewed him for other stuff. Kira like get to know him lah.. The answers in parentheses are my guesses. Let's see if I really know him that well. (Note: When it gets too tough, I gave him options. Otherwise he 9 ng tap 8)

1. What is your fav. ice cream flavour?
Chocolate chip vanilla and I want to try banana ice cream

2. What is your fav. movie?
Little Einsteins ..got S, mama..EinsteinS

3. Do you like to read?
*Shake head*

4. Do you like Mahmee to read to you?
Yes *giggles*

5. When are you going to drive a car?
(60, 70?)
Ahm..ten years old

6. When are you going to fly a plane?
(Trick question wei! Kakakakakaka!)
Ahm..15! ..and when I am 9, I want to look for animals in the jungle. (9 ng tap 8 again!)

7. What musical instrument you'd like to play?
(Dare to say 'violin' again??..maybe will say "guitar"..hmm?)

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
(Fire fighter)
I want to play the guitar and sing ..orchestra.. (got guitar and can sing in orchestra wan meh?)

Why do you like to kiss mahmee all the time?
(because I hiao..)
Because I love you (Everybody say, "Awwww......" Liucas, don't howl!)

10. Do you like Mahmee or Papah? You choose!
*silence..cricket sound *

Ah.. I feel we are 0.22 mm closer now, Gooly! :)

(Yeah! I successfully loaded the vid at youtube. So I can embed it here.Muahahaha!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mujik Lessons

Inspired by Sungha Jung, we went scouting for music classes for Gooly yesterday.

He wanted violin primarily, but decided to give piano a try as well.

The teachers speak very little English, and I had to accompany him to do the half-past-6 translation for them.

First the piano...

Teacher: This one DO, say DO..

Gooly: DO *very tak semangat*

Teacher: This one RE, say RE..

So on and so forth, until we completed until SO.

Do, re, mi, fa, so~

So, fa, mi, re, do~

His fingers were not very willing to listen to what his brain instructed. So what can be heard in the room was: Do, Do, Re, Mi, Mi, So, So ~ And also these:

Do, re, mi *Mahmee, I am thirsty..*

Do, re, re *look left look right*

Do, re, mi *Mahmee, where is papah?*

Do, mi, mi *I'm tired, mama*

Next is violin. Lagi dahsyat!

Teacher : 123, 4, 5

Gooly: Why?

Mahmee: No need ask why. Just do what the teacher says.

*Tau tap tap (head hung low), fu tiao tiao(muka masam)*

Teacher: 123, 4..5 (suppose to tarik longer at the count of 4 and 5 la)

Gooly: Mahmee, this is a piano (pointing at the he-doesn't-need-to-notice instrument)

Mahmee: Do you like this lesson?

*Tau tap tap, fu tiao tiao*

Ok la ok la! Jom balik makan KFC! No need suffer!

Some more got the cheeks to say: Mahmee, I think I want to learn guitar..


Note: The teacher quite pretty woh.. how come he is not interested one...?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stories he draws

Upon retrieving his art paraphernalia, we have resumed our activity of churning out kitschy pieces in our new home.

It's always the same thing he draws; dinosaurs of all kinds breathing fire at innocent creations. (Gooly oh gooly, dragons breathe fire laa, not dinos!)

Sometimes I challenged him to draw something more extraordinary.. perhaps a dog?

"Can you draw a dog?" I teased.

"Caaaaaan!" (speak of being confident)

"EASSSY" (speak of being 'lansi')


It must be a beagle, judging from the size of the floppy ear. Oh, it is leashed too because he didn't want it to bite the other dinosaurs. D'oh!

And he continued adding other necessities for his creatures. Look, a tree which bears apples!

That's Papah Dinosaur (long necked) and baby dinosaur (which looks more like an ant)

"How come they are black, and not red? Are they rotten?" I queried.

"No. They are magic apples," he explained.

"I wonder how they taste like," I prodded.

"Like durian, " he smiled. (He knows how much I love them.) :)

And then the plot thickens. Or rather kids are good at humoring adults. They seem to have the whole plot in their mind, only that they don't realized it until asked.

Me: Wouldn't it be easier if you drew a durian tree instead? (if you had wanted it to taste like durian, kan?)

Him: No, no, no... they are magical. There are blueberries in that tree also AND (as if I ought to know) when a dinosaur eat it, it can transform into another kind of dinosaur.

Me: Wah! If I eat, then I become what?

Him: Nothing. You are not a dinosaur...

-_- Chartoe.

You see how Mahmee encourages him to be sortsortdei? Picasso he is not, Enid Blyton.. maybe?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wang Million Dollah Questions

While doing the laundry this morning, Gooly stood next to me and struck a conversation. It started off well, with light topics such as favourite food and songs. Just the kinds that don't need to squeeze my brain juice. And then..

"Mahmee, can I talk to God?"

Internal voice: Aiyoh.. I haven't had my coffee yet leh... Why so serious mia soalan? And what do you want to complain, son? Certainly not about me? Or what is it that you want from God? Toys?

External voice: Caaaaan...... why ah?

" I want to tell Him something.. Something about He is very nice cos He loves us all.. All.. All, you know?"

Phwaa.... I know, son.. But how you know wan??

And then as if I wasn't hyperventilating enough, he
asked, "Has Papah met God before?"

Nie..soalan susah nie.. worth a million bucks, eh? What I replied is nothing unusual, but what he asked, is..right? (But, why papah? Not mahmee?)

*slurp slurp drink coffee* Ok, I had my coffee..anything else, son? Bring 'em on!

"How does a vitamin look like?"

D'oh! Another cuppa, please!

(Prof. Sinkar advised that I open up a bottle of Vitamin Chewables and show him. But he was interested in the vitamins found in fruits. Should I 'kopek' the fruits and show him the seeds, and then say, "Nah vitamins" and then throw them away? Muahahahah! Confuse him more.. Ask some more -la. Taisei veli good..)

Addendum: Waaa! I love the internet! Being a good mother, I wiki-ed the looks of vitamins. And tadaaa....the molecules of Vitamin Cs are such:

Hoe leng aaaa! Siapa sangka, betul tak?

Now he wants to know how to extract the vitamins to put under microscope pulak! D'oh!

Tomorrow la, Gooly!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rumahku, Syurgaku

This is the 2nd week I am staying at the new place.

Verdict: Like Ronald says, "Am lovin' it!"

Our routine has been somewhat the same; pangsai, pom pom, jiak.. eh wait.. Exercise too? Yeah man. Ah bu, aren't you proud of me?

8.00 am - Gooly wakes and wakes everyone up.

8.15 am - Gooly still trying to wake everyone up.

8.30 am - Breakfast at Tiffany's. "Half-boy egg" for Gooly, coffee for me, one pill for papah.

8.31am - "I want to go swimming afterwards."

8.40am - "Have my food digested yet? I wanna go swimming.."

8.51am - *Ditto*

9.00am - Turns on Tom & Jerry to divert his attention (sheeesh.. I have that cartoon tune in my head )

9.15am - "Can we go swimming yet?"

9.16am - Develops a visceral urge to shout at him.

10.00am - Splish splash! Before that, need to pack a lot of 'karchang'; his swimming vest, a balloon pump, his binoculars, a transformer toy, etc. Why? Don't ask me..

Horlimpik sized pool.. cool eh? No wonder semangat berkobar kobar want to shwim shwim laa...

This slope with its kecerunan 45 darjah.. I am not sure why it's constructed that way, but the kids have a helluva good time running downhill and somersault into the pool. Hippos like me not allowed to do the same stunt though.

I am thoroughly impressed with the maintenance works within the apartment's compound. The pool is cleaned every morning. This is the garden..

You can't see them, but the gardeners are lurking around, weeding and watering and killing cutting plants EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN' DAY. You tell me, are the management people back home so hardworking?

In the afternoon, we usually have a game of 'I Spy' at the balcony.

"I spy ugly bare naked butt.." (oh.. that's mine..soli soli..)

"I spy a red underwear.." (mine again!)

"I spy a bird.." (cheh..so easy, must be Gooly's laa)


Later in the evening, we head down for a stroll again.

KLCC water fountain... Warning to Sinkar: Dilarang menyelam, memancing or ber-fehliew here.

Warning to GG: Dilarang berasmara with bunga spesis Konekbesar Syphlisis

"The Deck" for chill-out sessions. Can ber-singha, ber -tiger, ber-todi and ber-samsu here. Jom!

Oi gooly..tepilah!


Not that I have lived in a condominium before, but my experience visiting my brother at 'Spring Kelapa Sawit' has always been a hassle, especially so when I brought along heavy articles like gold fruits.

Thais are considerate.

See? A cart at the lobby for our usage, should we have heavy loads to carry. Oh, they have ramps too (for gooly to run up and down up and down )

Thais are smart too. See the darn curb? It prevents people like me from sweeping the dust out to the corridor or down from the balcony. Darn!

Outside the corridor, dilarang ber-parking your Bata and my Jimmy Chu outside. (give up loading the pic!)

Ops..forgot. Should give you a virtual tour of our humble unit too.

This is Gooly's sanctuary. (Last time, we all where got so lucky, hoh?)

"Miucas, (liucas' bradderrr)..jaga pintu!" woof!

This one pulak... my sanctuary. Therapeutic to look at wei... Speaking of therapy, poor Papah had to give up his darling arowanas due to space constraint. So now he seeks therapy from his wifey sai-cologist instead.

So..who wants to come visit us, hands up... Offer valid for limited time only.

Note: Sorry for small small pics. Took darn long to load them. Deng!


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