Friday, October 30, 2009


This is what he would love to have.

But the only Transformers costume we could come up with is this. So let's just forget it.

It was hard to decide what other costumes to wear as:

a. the person who sponsored his traditional costume refused to know about future events. She doesn't want to sponsor no more.

b. it has to be something not purchased off the rack. C'mon! Gotta be more original than that (read: cheapo al cheapskate)

c. the school says it has to be of a friendly character.. nothing bloody or scary. Meeaaahhnn..? What's Halloween without blood and gore? TSK!


I was toying with lots of ideas. *giggles* I was actually more excited than him.

A chef would be cute. Gotta be one with curly mustache. "Mamamia pizza... uno duex tres!" (I obviously don't speak Italian) But I am not resourceful. Couldn't find a tall chef hat, an apron, and his mustache doesn't seem to curl the right way a fake pizza.


How about a Manchester United No. 7 jersey since he shares the same name with this bloke.

Cool eh? Alas, I was too lazy to go hunt for something as frill-less as football jerseys.

What else? Ooh.. A bus driver! (Yeah.. I think I got a bit confused about the whole concept of Halloween. It began to seem like Occupational Day.) And so, I made a London Bus for him..with much help from Edamame. Tadaaaa!

This bus goes to Marble Arch, fyi. But the wheels came off within days. R.I.P, bus! While the wheels were thrown around on the floor (with the double-sided tape side facing up), a lizard actually got stuck on one of them. Gross! Oei, come to think of it, I think it's still stuck there. Lizards, geckos, salamanders - which is gross-er? We talk lizards at another post, k?

Back to Halloween Disguising as Occupational Day... so he is not bringing the bus to school. Don't think it can survive the one hour -16 kids ordeal with its current wheel-less stage.

Gosh.. such a long story. TSK! Didn't you know Long Winded is my middle name? So what did he dress up as in the end? Next year, just scroll down for answer. Hehe..

Hi Bob! Money spent - 79 baht for that even-x-ray-can't-penetrate goggles. Everything else was rummaged from the toy box. There were one Superman, one Spidey but many Batmen (Batmans?). I was worried that he regretted his choice of attire. But then I overheard him saying, "I like being Bob," when asked how come you are not one of the superheros. He is quite original in that sense.

I actually told him that he can go around drilling his friends' brains in case they needed lobotomies or.. he can saw off their hands or something.. (trying to sound nonchalant like I didn't give it much thought when in actual fact I have been trying to Halloween-fy the school's Halloween cum Occupational Day with much effort.)

He gave me a weird look. The look which says, " Mom, don't read lame scary movies reviews anymore.." For my previous Halloween parties eons ago, I was a cowgirl and a Dracula before. You? If I do get invited again, I'd like to dress up as him:

What... Cannot meh? So cute. (Not like I will be invited to any parties soon..)
Don't tell me..that pic didn't just make you smile. :-)

Happy weekend y'all and Yappy Horrorwinn!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am a striker

I am a strike -off person.

Like this..

Name: Mary Tan Ah Ling
Year struck off: circa 1986
Crime done: Being prettier than me.


But I do strike off people. I just feel that life is better without the unnecessary negative vibes. I simply don't want to be reminded of the frustratingly sad stories of the past.

Hmm..let's take a look at my list of NO MORE FRIENDS :

Dumbo the elephant for being a hypocrite

William Snakespear for owing me money, and not paying

Britney Fears for being dishonest

Mariah Curry for dishonoring friendships

Oh.. not that long a list for three decades of life, no? And Dumbo the Elephant was the last to be added to the list five years ago. So I haven't made any enemies since 2005. Not bad..

I don't hate them. I just wont send them Christmas Cards or.. I will just stare hard at the lizard on the ceiling (I will find one to stare at!) if I happened to bump into them. Avoid eye contact at all cost.

To tell the truth, I don't like striking people off. I rather make friends.

And I have made so many in recent years. Yippeee!

To you, *muacks*. So weird, I know.. my form of expression/appreciation/affection.

*throws pens away* I really hope I don't meet anyone that needs to be struck off anymore. I have lots of assets . Boobs (all three of them), for one. Ooh.. ooh.. and ass. Not to mention my collections of non-original Dvds, crooked ice cream sticks and disposable smiles. You wouldn't want to be struck off from my inheritance, would you?

All real names have been changed because .... I promised myself I will not talk about them anymore. A promise is a promise.

Hahahhahaha (laughter at the background). I'm laughing at myself.

Shuddap you! (I'm talking to myself)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tadaaaa! Gavin's cards

Last week, I dropped a comment at Johwey's:

Hi hi! I made ten cards! :) It was soooo therapeutic making them. Have been exchanging tips and ideas with some (good) girl friends. There were endless chats on MSN about what materials to use, and how to ‘borrow’ some equipments from offices (the paper cutter thingy). Tee hee! That brought lots of giggles and excitement. We are like a bunch of school girls pouring our energy on this project!

Thank you for the opportunity to feel good. :)

I’m mailing my package this weekend. The cards may not be the best collection that you will have, but really, they were made with love. So so much love for the boy whom I have not even met.

I hope he feels it.

A while ago, after looking at the amazing cards she made, I wrote another comment:

one word..WOW! I want to burn my cards now!!!!!!!!!! (That’s more than one word..haha)

Maybe I could spray perfume on my cards to enhance the quality..hmm.. BUT TOO LATE! THEY ARE ON THE WAY……….huhuhuhuhu..

Ok.. you want to know how amateurish my cards were made?? (After you view them at the bottom, you better say NO! You don't see any amateurish-ism at all! Here, take this 5 cents and say it. :P)

I suck at craft (& maths!), I admit. But that doesn't stop me from participating in this meaningful drive. C'mon! You should do it too. (Ya.. I really just want your cards to be uglier than mine. Teehee!)

So here they are... Presenting my hard work of cutting and pasting and designing. A total of 10 cards in 2 weeks.

I feel good, man!

P/s: I made one of Rudolph but it looks kinda like Krusty the Clown.. do you want it? For Halloween? Hahahahhahahahahahaha!

To Gavin.. I cut the papers with sympathy, I pasted them with care, I sealed them with kisses and hugs. I really did make the cards with love. Can you feel it? I have lotsa love cells..but very little artistic ones. Sorwey..


Please go here for more details on the Christmas card drive (privately known as CCD (-; )

Special thanks to See Yoon, Winnie, Eunice, Joleyn, Mickey and Claire for making the cards and spreading the word. *group hug. warning - no groping!*

Dare to dream

Little Einstein was on and he said, "Mom, where is that? I want to go there.."

Oooh... the Northern Lights. One of the wonders of the natural world. I showed him more (amazing) pictures and places where they can be spotted - Alaska, Canada, Norway, Scotland to name a few.

The moment Papah came home, Gooly announced, "I'm going to Alaska next time to watch the Northern Lights!"

"What lights....?" came the reply.

*roll eyes*

That night before we went to sleep, papah and I chatted for a while about dreams and such.

We concluded that it seems impossible for us to travel to the polar regions to see those dancing lights. We could if we were young without any commitments. But not at present. It seems like a far-fetched dream.

However, for Gooly.. it seems possible. He still has the chance. It's good to have dreams. I may even help him to make a list of places he wishes to visit.

No.1 now is Alaska. I think he had wanted to go Africa at one point. So there are two places as of now.

Let's see how long the list gets.

It's good to have dreams. Oh yeah~

Mom, I drew you the Northern Lights. are not snakes! They are the Northern Lights. (Ooh... ok ok)

This is my list of places/things I want to see in random order.. (anyone wants to join me? Before you decide, you should know I snore.. and I don't share bras with just anyone)


Northern Lights too


Forbidden City (when it's deserted, and I can prance around wearing a concubine costume, you can be the eunuch or whatever)

Mamamia Greece

New York in autumn

Taj Mahal (also only when it's deserted like this with no other tourists or vendors selling curry powder)

Chicago on Saint Patrick's Day (mmm.. Irish leprechauns). Hearsay they pour orangy powder into the river and it magically turns green.. The works of leprechauns?

The Dead Sea before it's dead

St. Petersburg on Christmas


Ok, I stop.. I will plan again in the next ten years. I can only afford going one place each year. *pack bras and anti-snore plaster into my LV suitcase and snap shut with a loud CLICK*

Bye everyone!!! I'm starting with Sapturn. See you!!

(Pictures are from everywhere on www. Except for the one with a handsome little boy drawing snakes..I mean, the Northern Lights.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gooly's first test

When we first started the term at school, we inquired about K2. But we were told there wasn't an assessment procedure available to gauge Gooly's standard.

Ok..fine. K1, K2 - doesn't matter that much to me (except that it will cost less to skip one year of education).

Then suddenly, some other parents and teachers started voicing their opinions about Gooly's ability to cope with K2 materials to the principal. And so we were informed that Gooly will be indeed upgraded to K2 soon.

Ok.. fine. K1, K2 - doesn't really matter to me (except that I can buy more bags if he skipped one year.)

Then suddenly (again), I received a notice saying that Gooly will be tested in Maths, Science, English and Chinese in a total of three days, two weeks from the date of notice.

Wuah... why so serious?

Then suddenly (for the third time), parents started asking me, "How are you going to prepare Gooly for the exam? Do you have K2 materials?"

Wuah... why so serious? It sounded like university entrance exam to me.

I uhmm-ed..err-ed a lot in my reply. I had no intention to prepare him whatsoever but at the same time seemed shy to portray the image of someone who doesn't prioritize education.

But seriously, why so serious? Someone eventually asked if Gooly is feeling the pressure.

Eh? What pressure? He didn't even know there was a test.

And when I said that, she kinda stared at me in disbelief. Like, "What kinda mother are you? Not preparing your son for the 'life and death' exam?"

In return, I gave her a puzzled look which said -

"So I am supposed to drill him with workbooks so he feels pressured about the upcoming test, so that when you asked me if he is feeling pressured, the right answer is, YAH! He can't sleep and eat these days! He is so nervous, he throws up his dinner all the time but a child gotta do what a child gotta do. Come what may, he shall take the exam."

But I don't think my eyes tell that much. And I think I managed a smile (and held my tongue.)

First day of exam came, and I told Gooly in the morning, "Oh you will be going to the principal's office to do some workbooks. Bye! Have fun!"

I had no idea how he was gonna be tested. Written or oral? Objective or essay? Teehee.

You see, I am not regarding it as a test. It's more like an assessment to gauge Gooly's reading and writing and understanding skills. I thought it would defeat the purpose of finding out how much he knows if we 'cheated' by working on K2 syllabus in advance.

If he failed, no biggie. And more importantly, if he liked being in K1 as he had made some good friends there, I will even let him stay on. It will be ultimately his decision though we explained to him the necessary information about learning more in K2.

As it turns out, he scored in all the papers except for Chinese. :)

When I asked what was tested, I was actually erm.. uhm.. quite surprised with the standard. The two that I can remember are:

1. When is Christmas celebrated?
2. How do sunflowers move?

Hard, eh? Are 4 year olds expected to know the answers?

Actually I think it's kinda silly to hold the tests because if he knew the answers, then shouldn't he be in higher grades than K2 (considering that the questions were based on K2 syllabus) ? On the other hand, if he flunk the tests, can I argue that that's an even more valid reason for him to go K2 - to learn things he doesn't know? Duh..?

Anyways, for no.1, Gooly had answered, "I dunno when is Christmas. But I do know my birthday is in January.." which drew laughter from the principal and the teacher.

So we have officially been told that Gooly can go to K2, anytime, starting next month.

It will be solely our decision whether to start him as early as next week, or wait for the new term or to even stay back in K1.

Oh well, Gooly will decide for himself.

The King and I - Part "Song" (that's 2 in thai)

The other day, I was waiting for Papah at the mall. Or was I waiting for a taxi? Never mind.. before I digress further...

So I was there (posing hiaohiao-ly) when I realized that there was a platform built with a gargantuan picture of His Majesty the King. Nothing unusual, his posters are everywhere.

You may not know but HM is critically ill at the moment. And so the platform and long tables with notebooks are everywhere for commoners to convey their well-wishes.

As I sat there, I saw many people, young and old alike, wanting to write down their messages in the book. Some walked past in a flurry then decided to make a u-turn instead. They looked at the poster with strong emotions, gave a respectful 'wai', and proceeded to write their wishes to the King.

There must be at least hundreds of messages in the books. Combined with other booklets in other participating malls, I am sure the number reach up to thousands, if not hundred thousands.

You may wonder if the King reads the messages. He may not, but who cares? Sometimes we just love, without needing the person to know what we have done or said.

Everyone in this Kingdom wishes the King well and healthy. Including inhabitants like us. Don't know how, but we had grown to respect and honour him too.

Song Phra Charoen.

International Cultural Day

Ms Sweden, Ms Japan, Ms India, Mr Malaysia

It was a chaotic day with lots of colours and tears (from the kids.) They kicked off the event with the usual assembly. Then followed by a parade by the kids holding flags. The song "It's A Small World" was put on repeat mode, giving me a huge headache.

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small word after all
(Oh shuddap already!)

The kids didn't know how to march properly yet. (heheh! What did I expect?) Some were crying but still forced to make the rounds. The principal was very panicky, reminding the kids to hold the flags up, not down..afraid of being accused of being disrespectful to the respective countries.

"Hold up..hold it up! Wave...! Wave..! Smile and wave.."

The teacher decided to add "Nama saya.." at the very last minute. Thus there was a slight hiccup in Gooly's short speech because he didn't rehearse that line with me at home. But once he got the flow, the speech went on smoothly. His Malaysia Boleh at the end was spunky, garnering lots of cheers from the audience.

Master France's mommy was very proud of her son's merci and bonjour speech. She teared a little. It was touching to watch a mommy feeling so awed at her child's ability to stand in front of a crowd speaking in his mother tongue. I imagined her thinking, "My boy ..that's my boy.. so brave.. !" In french of course. I reckon he must have been a shy boy.

Miss Malaysia? Me? What dya mean I am not Miss Malaysia?

Ok..fine fine.. The mommy of Master Malaysia (geesh! such a long noun!) was equally proud. Beaming and swelling with pride the moment he donned on his national costume. He, btw looked smashing, thanks to "you know who you are" for sending it all the way from home.

Oh, I made bergedil in small quantity which was a good thing because the amount of food sponsored or cooked was way too much. The buffet spread which consisted of Italian Pizza, sushis, kimchis, curry, cakes and others was on par with those served in hotels.

Burp! I wonder what happened to the leftovers.

If it wasn't for the food, I wouldn't have gone!

Kidding........ Of course I wouldn't have missed it for anything. My son..representing Malaysia for the first time.. at age four. *beam*

Okeh! One event down.. few more to go. It's Halloween next week. Meanwhile, enjoy the short video.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Evening conversations

Whilst the kids play, we chat, gossip, exchange news, joke, insult each other - Ada's mom and I.

Sometimes we sit on the slide. Other times on benches near to the pond. My favourite is on the deck, overlooking the swimming pool where there is a patch of grass for the kids to jump or goof around.

Our conversations cover an array of topics - from boring stuff like the humid weather to useful information on MIL-proofing the house. But mostly we talk about the kids.

"Does Gooly eat whatever that's being served?"

"Does Ada still cry when she doesn't get things her way?"

"Does Gooly turn on the Tv the moment he comes back from school?"

"Does Ada brush her own teeth?"

We are truthful and frank with our answers. By that, we don't mean to compare our kids like some crap people do. We just wanted to know.

Today at the deck, we were seated on wooden chairs, al -fresco - looking at the kids running at top speed to a halt at the edge of the pool, when she suddenly asked, "Do you think we see other kids' advantages more when we are not the parents?"

"You mean like you see a lot of good things in Gooly?" I seek clarifications, without feeling shameful.

"Ya!" she also answered un-bashfully.

That's a nice compliment. It doesn't mean she was making a comparison and concluded that her daughter is not good enough or as good as Gooly. She simply sees Gooly's good points and acknowledges it.

Most of the time, when talking about kids, parents brag about how well their own kids are doing. And when it's your turn to tell them your kids' achievements or talents, they respond with "uha" "ah" "mm" or any other mono-syllabic audibles which can only mean one thing - they don't care because their kids are still the best-est in the whole wide animal kingdom world.

.....which is not wrong. But it's just over-the-top and plain rude.

So when Ada's mom said what she said just now, I was immensely pleased. Now that's what I call a non-plasticky conversation, which btw lasted till the sun set and mozzies were buzzing in our ears.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My voice

Every night it's the same routine.

"Mom, can you read me some stories?"

Bedtime stories. Mmm.. It has been the same for the past (close to) 5 years. I do enjoy these sessions as much as he does. That is, when I am not tired, lazy or thirsty or wanting to chat with friends online.

Now that he is quite literate, I do encourage him to read on his own. It's not because I am tired, lazy or thirsty or wanting to chat with friends online... it's to enhance his reading skills, okay? *ahem*

But still every night, I hear, "Mom, can you read me some stories?"

Yesterday I just have to find out why. What is the difference between me reading and him reading the books on his own.

I suspected one of the below:
a. I am lazy
b. the words are too hard
c. I just don't want to sleep so I am delaying bedtime

..which I knew he wouldn't have the guts to say it, but still I was really curious of his reply. I wanted to see how he could explain himself.

But, I was in for a surprise for..

..he had said meekly, "I like your voice reading.."




I didn't know that.

And I just have to ask, "Do you want me to sing instead of read then?"

He said NO with an exaggerated tone.


But now I know.. I should read to him as long as he wants me to.

Do you want to hear me sing? Don't let me TSK you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sort jor

Hearsay Sapturn or Saturn (either one) was messing with people's head.

Yesterday (or the few days prior).

She popped a vein in her numbskull. The one second to the right. And started talking in a third person narrative mode. That way she felt less personal about the remarks she made about herself. Of course she was lying to herself.


She was a meanie yesterday. Snapping and shouting.

Scolding the little boy about this and that and anything in between.

She even felt smug that she sent him off to bed with very little kisses and cuddles. He shall sleep with his papah. Harumph!

But as she began her lonely vigil with darkness as her sole companion, she was ridden with sadness.

She suddenly felt debreast. She refused to say 'depressed' cos being depressed is simply depressing.

And so she was debreast.

Her heart was heavy.. but empty. How is that even possible? Where did that lump come from?

She snuggled up to him, stroking his soft cheeks again and again.

Oh gawd, she sooooo loved him, she felt. She seriously needed some slaps.

And she kidnapped the little boy to her another bed. She needed to be alone with him. Minutes later, poor papah stumbled out of the other bed, thinking that someone had kidnapped his son, which is true.

She could hear his hurried footsteps. And did what she does best - she feigned sleep. She was even ready to lie that the boy came to her bed on his own volition.

Papah heaved a sign of relief and clambered back on his bed upon seeing that two bodies squashed on a tiny mattress.

The mad woman continued to feel remorseful, holding the boy's hand to sleep.

Soon... it's hard to explain.. but that tiny hand in hers somewhat lifted the glum off her chest. A whiff of his shampoo-ed hair made her slightly woozy with love.

She is telling you.. she is unstable.

Did Saturn/Sapturn have that same effect on you? Yesterday at 3.13 - 5.23pm, did you go ballistic scolding everyone / everything that came your path? Especially young innocent boys? And around midnight, you were drowning in remorse, and went off to kidnap your own son?

Monday, October 19, 2009

3 in one

I'm very impressed..

..that gooly is playing checkers.

It's a strategy game ergo he predicts my next moves, and forecasts his. I love it! I love how his brain works.

It's not easy at all to beat him. Most of the time we end up with equal numbers of pieces going forward and backward (they have all been king-ed) until I lose concentration and he 'eats' me up. But otherwise, the game can go on forever, in which he is a good sport still, deliberately making a move right in front of me so I can eat him up (before we get too bored!)

And he always begins the game with, "You go first!"


I really hate it when he falls asleep in the car.

Cos he refuses to walk back to the apartment. And I'd have to inflate my breasts again upon reaching home as his weight crushes me all the time. *Pump it! Pump it!*

So yesterday when I sensed that his eyelids were getting heavier in the car, I forbade him to lie down because he would surely snooze once his head hit my lap.

I guess he was really tired cos he fell asleep sitting upright.

Being softhearted (ahem!), I reached over and carried him so his head rested on my shoulder.

Then I heard a soft murmur, "Thanks, Mom.. "

Isn't that sweet?

That doesn't mean that I carried him back to the apartment though. He is just tooooo heavy!


I discovered some cookie cutters which I bought for no reason since I baked only once.

And I decided to use them to cut shapes out of the unusually boring squarish peanut butter sandwiches I serve in the morning.

I excitedly announced to Gooly that a special breakfast set will be done. He stood next to me to watch me in action.

Pretending that it was hard work, I grunted a little when pressing the cutter into the bread. When the shape came out nicely, I was so proud of myself! (Cmon! I don't bake at all..and I have never done any Bento meals before, ok?)

Gooly smiled a little and as a gesture of appreciation, he managed a "Wow!" albeit with much less gusto then I expected.

And before I proceeded to press another shape, he yelled, "Stop!"

He passed me the 'beary' shape, and said, "You take this, I take that."

That 'holey' bread is more enticing! I dunno why? He thinks it's a waste of time? A lot of wastage?

Ah.. not that I am complaining cos that means less work for me. Tee hee!

Conclusion: Boys just dun give no shiats about cutesy stuff. What should I do with the cutters now? Cos I know if I were to bake, and the cookies come out to be a lump of you-know-what, he would still eat it. Kakakkaka!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday morning, I received a message telling me that Ada didn't go to school because the main road was flooded.

I see. I see.

Flood. Cool. I remember there once was a flood at my aunt's place. Everyone got exited, especially the kids because swimming pools were not so accessible then. So the idea of wading in murky 'teh tarik' water was inviting.

I was still in a nostalgic mood when reality struck me.

Ada not being in school meant that Gooly has no transport home. And papah was away (again). And taxis were neither coming in nor going out of the school area.

Aiyaya.. that could only mean one thing.

I have to brave the storm to rescue my son from school (for drama and comedy effect).

I really didn't know what to expect. Some say the water level was knee high, some say it was waist high. I suppose it depends on height, which means the water was probably ONLY at my ankle. *ahem*

First sight of water. Not too bad. Clear water. I bet there were fishes. Note how dainty my feet are?

And then.. it got deeper. But I was walking on the pavement. So it was okay. I don't know why that dungu fella was desperate to get into the Shell Kiosk. Probably so that he could appear in my pictures. Dang! I fell into his trap!

Petrol, anyone?

Reached school in bikinis safely. Announced to Gooly that we were wading back. Had to leave his bag behind cos there was no way to lug it through the water.

Yipee! Water! Water!

The deepest was probably around his knee. I had to roll up his pants when crossing the river path.

There! I was right! Fishy~ albeit dead. Dinner was Fried Rice with Anchovy (note: no plural here)

We got home after ..uhm.. gee.. I forgot to check the time. I was busy rehearsing my delayed weather broadcast for you people, you see.

But! When we got home, I was so darn tired that I wished it wouldn't rain for the next 100 years. (If every of my wish comes true, I'd have been a millionyeir last Sunday - lottery day. So don't worry about drought in Bangkok, k?)

Sigh! It's so rainy these days that a water-proof poncho is a must. This style makes him look like Chickedee, minus the wattles. I like.

Rain rain, go away, won't ya? Ok.. come.. but not so much, ya?

A parcel

This morning, a parcel came at my door. I had been waiting for the loot inside for 7 days 6 nights.

Enclosed was a hand written note. It says that I am beautiful, kind and most lovable. Do not click on the picture to get verification. Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to read one's personal note?

So, trust me, k? That is what was written on that note.

(Don't you just hate love me for my antics?)

OK, so what is inside the old, torn shoe box?

Treasure lah! Like I will tell you!

Actually I will tell you.. by showing you this -

Heheheheh! Thank goodness I am not made of xy chromosomes and do not celebrate Hari Raya Haji, Nuzur Quran or other raya-raya celebrations which require the male species to wear a songkok.

See any resemblance? Abu is cuter, eh?

On the other hand, this boy looks smashing!

Salam, Pak Gooly. It's International Cultural Day at school next week. Thank goodness for nice people (yes lah, you lah! ) who sent the costume all the way from Milan our very own kampung. If not for her for sending that set of costume with such short notice, Gooly'd probably have to go as Mulan. (Why? Because we are Chinese. About the gender issue, don't discriminate females, ok?)

Ok, now.. what is the purpose of a songkok? It doesn't do much, you know. I know cos I was wearing it the whole morning. I mean, at least the turban can be a helmet..or a protective gear. But a songkok..what does it do? It's not very decorative, for sure (on my head at least.)

And the whole morning I was parading the songkok (in my apartment, alone, with curtains drawn), I realized that it didn't cover my zits on my forehead. I don't think it's broad enough to shade. It pressed my hair to an undesirable style when removed. And I think my head stank of sweat after awhile. And black doesn't go with my skin colour (which is why my hair is with streaks of whites)

But I am happy! Gooly can celebrate International Cultural Day and proudly go on stage to say:


That speech has been well-rehearsed. We are doing it Miss Universe style. Yet to perfect the wave, though. Stay tune for pics of the actual day.

(To you, thanks. You know I hate being schmaltzy especially to you because you are supposed to be my nemesis. So stop making me love you, k? So I am not returning the solitaire diamond necklace to you. *)

*a private joke

Addendum: Due to my curious nature, I just have to find out the origin and the history of songkok. I see now why it's designed for men.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do Yourself a Favour

Yesterday morning, as usual, I was staring at my computer screen. Staring back at me was my FB update page. I was probably hoping for some new pictures from whoever/whatever for me to snoop around. And then I saw it..

Pauline posted a brief note, and attached a link. There was a small squarish picture of a little boy with an impish smile. I clicked on the link and this is what I found out :

Gavin has Tay-Sachs disease. It literally broke my heart into pieces that a little boy, any child for that matter, needs to suffer in life. I shook my head in disbelief when I read words like damaging nervous and brain systems; was never able to speak; is not able to eat solid food; no cure; etc.

What would you do when you have a child described as above?

You fight for a chance. Yep, that's what you'd do. And that is what the parents are doing. And we need to help.

Here's how - Hope for Gavin (please click for more details).

Trust me, to help Gavin, you don't have to fork out lots of money. It's gonna be fun. It won't take a lot of your time.

I'm actually very exited about exploring my hidden artistic skills for this project. Tee hee.

C'mon, do yourself a flavour this Christmas. It's good for the soul when you give a gift of love.

I went to the school, and approached a couple of teachers about this project. They are all very keen to participate. And so are my few 'slightly' creative and artistic friends. (I just have to insert 'slightly' here cos I'm green with envy that they have those genes/cells which I don't.) I'm so happy..and it's not even Christmas yet!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Raising Gooly

On eating

*opens fridge door*

Mom, can I have this cookie?

No, you had loads of junk food already.


*closes fridge door*

On sleeping

Time to sleep.

Wait, I'm cutting.

If this takes longer then we can't read books. Do you want to cut or read?

Cut. *tongue sticks out in full concentration*

*ten minutes later*

Let's go.

Ok. Can I have one story?

No, I asked you to choose. You chose cutting.

Ok, Mom.

On doing homework

You have to finish your homework before you go down to play. I will turn off the tv for a while so you can concentrate on your homework, ok?

Ok, Mom.

On going home after playing at the park

C'mon, MOM! Let's go. It's getting late! (It's gonna rain!) (Mosquitoes are coming!) - whichever relevant.

On waking up in the morning

Wakey wakey, son.

*grumbles and snorts and snores*

Ada is waiting for you. Today is school day.

Selamat pagi, Mom. *hair sticking at all direction with a goofy smile*

I feel compelled to write all these down cos taking care of him is such a breeze. Really momantai.

Sure, there are occasional grunts and complains. Like.... erm.. I really have to think about this.

Gimme 5 minutes.

*tick tock*

Oh yes.. last week -

On being impatient

Mom, when is Ada coming over?

At 1 o clock.

How long is that?

One hour from now.

Awww.... that's so long. I don't want it to be one hour. I want it now. Awwww...

Sorry, it's not my problem that you are impatient.


Do you know magic to make it 1 o'clock now? If no, stop whining.

Awwww...*plops on bed dramatically*

*continues awww-ing*

2 minutes later...

Mom, can I have a cookie?

See? That's the worst drama. Not that bad, right? I even think my retorts were a bit harsh and uncalled for. Poor boy..

Oh, and there were times when he fell asleep in the taxi, and refused to walk. But because he is a gunny sack of rice now, I can't possibly lift him without breaking a nerve or bone or crushing my boobs. So I had to hold his lumpy hand and listened to his kerlian speech.

I'm tired... I can't walk.... I miss Papah.. I want Papah..

Yada..yadda.. yadaa...

I nodded and "yeah, I know...I know" the whole journey from lobby to the lift to our unit.

And the moment he stepped into the apartment -

Mom, can I have a cookie?

As long as I have cookies in the fridge, parenting him is really momantai! No problemo. ;-)

On that note, I don't know if it's him or us

..or that homework is easy and few

..or that TV shows are a tad too boring for him

..or that 10 hours of sleep is really enough

..or that Bangkok is heaven for moms with 4 -soon-to-be -5 year olds

..or that our kitchen is facing west, thus the good fengshui for bringing up kids

..or that cookies really make him high.

To be on the safe side, I won't change anything of the above. Nothing. Simply because I don't need the cane or inhaler to survive motherhood.

I'm gloating, you know. Just in case you hadn't notice. Teehee.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Reaching 5..but not yet

Gooly is fond of using threats these days.

If you do this, I'll ...

...tickle your armpit.
... shine torch light inside your mouth.
... boing your head.

Pretty scary, huh? :D

Teehee..He is really such a gentle giant.

But oh he has grown. The hands I hold and guide seem to be slipping further away day by day. The hands can do loads now. Writing, colouring, cutting. Not that I'm not proud. From bottles to pens, how can I not be awed?

Below is yet another achievement for year 4. He is writing some chinese words now. That's 'da' on the board. Big.. Yep, soon he will be turning five. He wants a no. 5 cake. I like the simplicity of it all. Everything is simple and easy with him. Even loving him is a simple and easy thing to do.

What's age 5 gonna bring us? Do you know? Has he planned?

More daring mandom stunts?

More priceless laughter and smile? Endless chatters, tears or bawls?

this is a classic Gooly smile, where the cheeks puff up, and the eyes - reduced to curvy lines resembling the rainbow arch

I hope there will be loads to be happy about. His eyes sparkle when he laughs. Actually his eyes twinkle even when he doesn't (laugh).

There is so much curiosity and wonderment in them. Thus the glint, I think.

Year 5.. another journey, son. Can't wait. Not that I want to cut off the apron string. It's just that spending the coming days, months and years with you seem like a very blissful agenda.


Loving you is really easy to do, son.

Has it been easy for you to love me too?


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