Friday, October 1, 2010

Gooly was hired!

It all started one day, while he was taking a dump..

With his two hands resting on his chin and his shorts and spiderman underwear hanging at the ankles, he asked in a very serious tone, "Mom, how do I get a job?"

Eh??? I also need help in that department lor!!

Nonetheless I thought hard and long about it. I suppose, first, you get an education, then you rub shoulders with those atas atas people, and voila, you get a million dollar job as a zookeeper.

Something like that...

But he didn't get it.

So I said, "You have to apply for a job. Write down what you can do. And I will see who needs hired help."

"What's hire?'

Tsk! Another long round of explanations.

"Oooh.. I see. Do you have mechanic friends? I want to work in a mechanic shop."

Hoi!!! Not offence to Ah Yap (my mechanic), but being a greasy monkey is not exactly what you are destined to be!

Anyways, he came up with a not so impressive resume.

I posted that on FB, and supportive friends started offering jobs. Most of them wanted their cars washed. I guess you don't get RM1 car wash any where else!

And so Gooly washed and cut and did some other odd jobs.

When asked if he owes any loan sharks money (sick humour which he couldn't even comprehend), he just replied that he wanted to work to save some money. (Fishy, I say!)

He didn't work for many Saturdays (don't need to call Talian Dera) cos I got really tired, and wanted to sleep all the time instead of chauffeuring him to work.

And so he has RM10 in his piggy. Don't rob him, plise. ;)


Gargles said...

wahh.. richer than his mom now. yau moe yau yik yau chin, can fly to alaska jor.

tuti said...

child labour. tsk. :P

BoeyJoey said...

wow!!! gooly starts young! aunty only started working for money when aunty was 15!


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