Friday, April 30, 2010



I was browsing youtube and chanced upon this song. I <3 it very very much. Truth be told, I teared when I heard it. Yeah, I am a big sucker for sappy songs and movies....

I turned it on for Gooly. At the beginning he said, "I like it... "

..then his tear drops fell. With tears staining his cheeks, he said, "This song is sad.."

"Oh it's not.. I think you are touched," I explained.

It's a happy song..because the singer found somebody to love. I hugged him and I sang the words to him. He smiled thru his teary eyes and hugged me tightly too.

Now he is asleep. And I am still listening to the song. And I am thinking..

"If you knew how happy you are making me,
I never thought I'd love anyone so much.."

I am touched that he gets touched by a song.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gooly's first contest

Recently Gooly brought home a picture of a camel and announced he is ready for a colouring contest.

So I dished out the 365 colour pencils and sharpened them nicely for the sifu to colour. (Should I strike off this white lie?)

With his tongue protruding out and eyebrows furrowed, I knew he was colouring in deep concentration. He was trying his best.

And the outcome was....

..nice.. colourful..

But I don't know if it will win him a prize.

Not that it mattered.

Cos to me, he is already a winner when he said, "It's ok if I don't win but I hope everyone wins a prize."


Don't tell me that is not yauying-yaufoon? Reading books in a bookstore with a lolly at the corner of the mouth. So intellectual and inspiring and cute and book-wormish and gooly-like!

Woah... when I saw that I was like wow! I don't know what the teacher does....I don't know if that was copied or it was an essay or dictation...but holey cow! That's SO going to the book of record. My gooly writing Chinese yo! *proud *

He said when he pushes his hard dung out, he grimaces his face like that - nose and eyes all scrunched up. Teehee. Ma silly boi!

Ah.. The underwater world. Pop! Pop! Pop! That is an aeroplane, not a submarine. The way he draws the fishies are cute-o. And do note the stalk sprouting a lonesome flower above the sea.

Not forgetting, a colourful hearty heart for me. I'm liking his creative cells.

His kungfu moves. Goofy boy, ain't he?

Me feels happy when looking at these pix. :)

No choice

Gooly noticed that the primary school in which we have enrolled him in has no air conds in the classrooms.

Err.. yeah. I replied cautiously because my boy's glands spew sweats like a faucet, water and I was afraid that might be a turn off for him to attend school.

"They only have fans!" he said dramatically, feeling somewhat appalled and astonished!

I really didn't know where this conversation was heading. So as usual, I threw in another "Err yeah."

He looked at me, expecting me to be more participative in this whole my-school-has-no-aircond-and-i-will-sweat-into-a-puddle melodrama.

So I cracked my head a bit more and managed a "Oh dear, what should we do?" which he replied, "NOTHING! We don't have a choice!"

Ahhh... what a relief. I was so afraid he will be the first to drop out of school because of the unavoidable oven-condition.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank you

Some of you know that I come in a package. Mother & son package. You see me, you see him. You eat with me, you eat with him. You get the drift.

Gooly said the other day that when I go out with my friends, I talk and talk and talk and talk. And he did the Wonder Girls gesture where they open and shut the fingers. You know? No?

Ok ok.. it's like how the lil kids do Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars?


So he said I talk and talk and talk..yak yak yak.. (imagine the hand gesture) until I forget about my own son - him.

So much so that he packs an army of toys into his bag-pack whenever I say we are going out for a drink with my friends so that he can entertain himself.

Poor Gooly.

I do feel sorry for him..but I still like to talk.

But I do have great friends who give him the attention. Like edamame who is genuinely interested in what he has to say.

I think it's amazing that someone else besides me thinks he is funny in an adorable way.


I know it's not easy when you have to QC your vocabulary when he is around.

It's also hard to answer his incessant WHYs.

It's nice that you look into his eyes when you talk to him.

It's cute to see you laugh and giggle like a little girl.

When you have your own kid or dog.. I swear I will be just like you, to them.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


According to experts, the best gift you can give your child is independence.

Ok, I lied. I said that.

Anyways... rather than wiping the snot out his nose, I'd very much prefer to hand him a box of tissue.

Every task that he asks help for, I'd say, "Try see if you can do it on your own."

And when he does, I would beam proudly at him. And like a chemical reaction, he announces, just as proudly, "I did it MOM!"

Earlier this month, he charted yet another milestone in the area of independence. He now rides the van home from school. :)

Oh son. With every independence gained, you are slipping a lil further away from me. But it's ok. It's part of growing up. It will be selfish of me to keep you under my wings ..or armpits.

Motherhood is about..

M- Making warm milk, hot milo and little miracles

O - Ordering him around even though he won't listen

T - Tearing my hair out and him, tearing his eyes out

H - (being) Hopeful about his dreams, future and ambitions

E - Endless love, endless chats, endless laughter, endless tears

R - Reading bed time stories for 3650 nights ( I think)

H - Helping without interfering

O - Or sii mm tak han

O - (being) Ordinary in an extraordinary way

D - Disciplining with care, love and courage

I wonder what I will get from his kindie artwork.. they always do Mother's Day stuff to con the mom's heart rite?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gooly the nurse

*koff koff*

I can't read tonight, Gooly. Mom's throat is itchy.

"Say ahhhh .Open wider..." and he peeps into my throat.

And the chubby little hand lands on my forehead, feeling my temperature.

"No fever!" he declares.

He fluffs the pillow.

He covers me with the blanket.

He brings a glass of water, and pops a tablet into my mouth.

"Hope you feel better soon, mom," he quips. And he plants a kiss or two on my forehead.

Gooly is such a Nightingale..

And the other day.. I was having a coughing fit in the car. He automatically adjusted the air-cond to face away from me.

There is this song he learns in school which is in Mandarin. The gist of the song is as below:

When I am happy, you kiss me
When I am scared, you hug me
Papa Mama
Thank you for your love.

It always sets me in a warmy toasty mood when he sings that.

But truthfully,I should thank you, Gooly for loving me just as much.

Lucky? I don't think so. Blessed? You bet! ;-)

Do I get sued being mothered by my own child? *chuckle*

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I read this really.. I mean really impressive Manners List here. I already asked the writer's consent to print and use the list (for Gooly lah)! And I seriously think she should publish a book on manners. Go, Mama, Go!

Serendipity-ly, the other day while browsing at Kate Spade, I saw that she too had published a book aptly titled, "Book of Manners." It was rm100 and a bit tattered (cos people, like me, would just pick it up, flip the pages and put it back on the table and not buy it). But I was so tempted yo! Ah well..hopefully Book Axess will stock it.

Rihanna sings Under my umbrella ella ella ella yeah yeah yeah~

You know.. (of course you don't know..but don't interrupt when I am talking!)

One of the first few books that I bought for Gooly was in fact, "The Polite Elephant" by Richard Scarry. And I remember someone said it was a vedy vedy vedy sooooooooooooper dooooper boring book.

Deng! The nerve of of an aliterate!

Manners, to me are akin to bags oxygen. They are so important!

I just introduced the proper handshake to Gooly yesterday. A firm handshake that comes with a sincere smile and a crisp and clear "Hello, how are you?"

And also some lessons on being chivalrous-

*Hold the door

*Reserve a seat for the elderly

*Helping with grocery bags

*Don't make a girl cry

*Don't tease a girl about her underwear

*Look away when women/girls are changing

*Don't say a book is vedy vedy vedy boring especially when you support aliteracy.

* dan sebagainya

The other day an old man with a walking stick was walking very slowly (but of course!) at the side of a small lane. I was driving. The lane was so sempit that (my butt wouldn't fit between a driving car and a parked car) I had to drive 20mph behind him until he found his footing at the pathway. It was a good 3 minutes stroll. Gooly wondered what happened to his 'Shoemaker' F1 mom (like real).

"Why are we so slow, mom?"

See the old man there? He is old and he walks slow. We can't honk him and hurry him up. He will fall inside the longkang.

"What if the car behind honks us?"

We'll just give him/her the middle finger!!*

A very well imparted lesson, I must say...


Since he found usage of his larynx, I have tried to teach him NOT TO INTERRUPT when adults are talking. Still learning after 4 years. Heh!

Do you teach yourself your kids manners? Etiquette never go out of style, y'know? ;)

*I didn't say that lah.. d'oh!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Choo Choo Spore


a) when I was 5, my mom flew me first class to Singapore


b) when I was 5, my mom and I took a train to Singapore

I'd say boy (b) has more character.

(Having said that, option (a) is really not a bad idea and I hope Gooly doesn't notice that everytime I say something pertaining to 'character' I save a few hundred dollahs)

So we took Senandung Malam on last Sunday night, which went chugga chugga all night long to the shore of Singapore. *Wave hello to tuti and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew*

I was giddy with excitement at the start of the loud blaring horn sound.The rhythmic motion lulled Gooly to sleep almost immediately. Well, it was already way passed his bedtime when the journey began.

Seeing him falling asleep in my arms had me concluded that he was really an easy travel buddy.

We shared the lower berth of no.38 which was right next to a sliding door. Too noisy for my comfort. But then again that's really the whole rustic charm of a steam train.

Other than:
a. my imagination of bed bugs crawling on our bodies
b. train sick which set in at minute 34
c. my fantasy of pontianak sticking its head on the window pane
d. my suspicion of marijuana smoking by the hippie dude next bunk
e. my fear of some maniac opening the curtain and grabbing my b.r.e.a.s.t.s
f. my worries of snoring too loudly

...I would rate the journey a two-thumbs up with a bonus 3-star.

Gooly, absorbing the whole experience of back-packing the next morning.

We reached Tanjong Pagar - someone mistaken Gooly for a girl (wtf?) and that same someone directed us to our hotel using the MRT. Another round of choo choo (steamless though).

Lucky enough to be able to check in earlier. Saw the pool/tank. Gooly jumped right in.

Beware of Sharkiras.

And then gloomy black clouds maneuvered over to our side, sending pallets of rain. Perfect for an afternoon siesta.

Ah..the Singapore Flyer. The hotel's windows were those large ones overlooking the opposite hotel. Unfortunately there were no UGLY BUTT NAKED traveler this time round.

Gooly woke and stared a good 10 minutes at the rain. Something which I do all the time.

The joy of traveling with a 5 yr's all good ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Batman and his stupid cape

I have been rather disappointed with myself lately. I failed in providing satisfactory answers to Gooly's queries.

Like the time he asked, "Why does Batwan wear a cape when he doesn't fly?"

My reply -"For fashion."

Bah! What kinda a lousy mom's answer is that?

Not until later in that afternoon that I decided to ask Uncle Ad for an answer.

"Why does STUPID Batman wear a STUPID cape when he doesn't fly ah?"

And so the sage said, "For protection..the cape is bullet proof. And for gliding...when he glides from building to building."

*Jaw drops*

I kinda didn't believe him so I wiki-ed.

Here's what I found:

The cape has also incorporated Nomex fire-resistant/retardant material (as demonstrated in the film Batman Forever and the Knightfall novelization by Denny O'Neil) and a Kevlar weave to slow the impact of bullets. The cape ends also contain lead weight tips that prevent the cape from getting tangled or blowing in his face in windy conditions[citation needed]. The weights can also be used for offensive purposes, like striking an enemy by whipping the cape around. This device was expanded in The Dark Knight Strikes Again where the ends of the cape contained razor-sharp blades which Batman used to slice through several corrupt government officials.

*picks up jaw and let it drop again*

Like seriously.. there is actually a proper answer?! You mean Gooly's question is valid? Geesh!

I should really wipe the "what kinda question is that?' look of my face every time Gooly asks a question!

When I came back home with a better answer for him, he was grinning with glee. He was so happy to have his question answered (in a better and more comprehensible way). Like finally somebody (insane) spoke his lingo!

He said,"I told you! Batman can run faster with the wind on his cape! (after I sorta explained the meaning of 'glide')"

You did? Haha!

I think I kinda stopped listening after "For Fesen" cos my mind was occupied with the image of Batman's bulging crotch muscles.

But still, boys and men are darn weird to be focusing on stuff like that!!!! I can understand if you tell me the beauty of a BV bag (inconspicuous seams, non-monogrammication, intrecciato and other scientific jargon)...but a batman suit? Oh come on!

(Now this is a worthy discussion. Teehee!)

Also, in a costume party, if there are more than one Batman.. are they Batmen or Batmans?


With the recent demise of Gooly's chor chor (great gramma), there have been bullets of questions about death spewing at 'armourless' me.

I would like to answer Gooly's queries with's not like I have been dead before, you know..

Thus the following conversation:

"Who is gonna take out the organs from Chorchor's body? They will be rotten."

Err... Chor chor is not a(n) (Egyptian) mummy. So no need to remove.

"Who is coming to bring Chorchor to heaven?"

Err... God or maybe angels.

"How are they gonna look for chor chor? They are so many people.."

Err... they have GPS.

If I eschewed the would have been pretty convicing, right?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I have this dance?

This is what I used to do - park him at the hip and turn round and round. He would giggle so much.

Now at 23kg, it would be bone-breaking to attempt stunts like this.

But we still dance.

In fact we have introduced some swirling and twirling actions. Him standing at 4 feet and me, 5. However, we need a lil bit more practice on the twirling seriously.. cos the heaps of giggles we produce kinda make us clumsy and unprofesional.

Doing the 'breakdance wave' is our another signature move. You know..the one where you send electric current from your own finger tips to your partner's? Yeah..I know. It's so cool~ (:P)

And then he will break into a 5 minutes solo performance-doing freestyle jiggy with much aplomb. There is this robotic move which is so hard for me to learn.

So I just sit and wait and giggle.

But he always..always come back with his hand outstretched,"Mom! Dance with me again!"

Shweeet... (well, if no one else is around to watch my two-left-feet 'parsikat'*)
*ended up in knots


What's that tiny 'r' in the circle, mom?

® - this one?

It's just an 'r' who really got fed up in the spelling/phonics scam. You know like how you don't pronounce Rolex but Lolek instead? And it couldn't stand living next to an ass.. I mean 's'..whatever.. So it ran away from the alphabet and is now living in a bubble.

*blink blink*

Yep..wish we could do the same huh? Just run away from the clan.

*blink blink*

Orait.. Don't need to thank me, son. It just happened that I am very knowledgeable. *proud smug*

*blink blink*

"What's the letter R in a small circle again, mom?"

Maaannn... weren't you listening? Ok fine.. it's a 'registered' symbol. It's there to 'decorate' some words. Now run along and play..with...that thing..yep..that one that is made in china and doesn't have that 'r in a circle' sign.

Gosh! Toys these days seriously make the kids think so much! (or is just mine? :P)

(Seriously, what do you say to a 5 yr old about copyrights and registered trademarks?)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home videos

Gooly in the past

Of late I have been digging up the past. Rewinding 2-3 years earlier - when I was an angry-less mom (like real..)

Truth be told, I was a singing mom. Like can you freaking believe it? Moi singing? I couldn't either..until..

..I dug an old video of Gooly, in which I was singing all sorts of songs with him.

"I'm leaving (on a jet plane)
Don't know (when I'll be back again)"

Hah! It was a lovely duet. He couldn't sing the whole song. So I helped him with the first liners.

And there were so many ABCDs videos.

And then there was this other video which shows a very very chatty 3 yr old Gooly. Owh.. he has always been a chatterbox then. D'oh! How can I forget?

Well, he said he wanted to be an acrobat..and .he changed his mind..he wanted to be a clown..and then an elephant..and then Elmo. He said Limo the dog was his best friend. And he said Happy Valentine's Day Mahmee even though it was already April.

I was laughing so much in those videos.

Time to bring out the dusty camcorder and start recording happy moments again.

*Fuuuu~ blows away dust*


In a sombre mood he sang, "What should I do without you~~~"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Sunday we went to Petrosains and suddenly and very quickly.. we had to rush back to Alor Star.

In that 5 hours journey, he slept for one hour.

The rest...

..he sang PLEASE DON'T STOP THE MUSIK MUSIK MUSIK MUSIK...(like a hundred times.. the same line..on repeat mode.)

..he performed soliloquies.

..he asked 102349 irrelevant questions.

..he hummed when asked to be quiet.

.. he spoke in languages only he could understand when he ran out of things to say in English.

.. he made one way conversations with the drivers behind.


Ear-ache.. I did really suffer that..being cooped up in an enclosed area with Mr. Diarrhoea-Mouth.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gooly the rebel


Of course I was annoyed at the way he spoke to me. But at the same time, I am actually awed at his insistence despite knowing the consequences.

He knew he was gonna 'get it' once he got home.

But still he had the guts to look me in the eye and say TAKE ME HOME..NOW!

I know why he didn't want to go into class.. can even understand why he didn't want to. But what do I do? Just let him be? Force him? (as if i can!)

If given a choice, I know he really wouldn't want to go against my words cos he loves cuddles and hugs, hates my killer stare and cold shoulders.

So when he said TAKE ME HOME..NOW! he really wanted to go home.

What do I do with a 5 year old who knows what he wants and it's something I don't?

*throws hands in the air*

Gawd! It's so hard!

LL: ............ I really don't want to know.

Ms. Paula Abdul in class

"Angeline went for dance class. She was wearing...wearing... *point at goolypop(navel)* until here..."

A mid-drift? *eye brow raised*

"Yep yep... and a short skirt.."

Do you think it was nice? *long stare*

"Very pretty.."


"And she had two ponytails. Very pretty...And she was so happy..she was busting (bursting) with joy. Smiling the whole time. She likes dancing very much."

Is she the prettiest in your class? *eyebrow raise*

"Every girl is pretty. They look nice in their own way."

Okeeeeyyy..... *grin*

"But Angeline is really pretty."

Okeeeey... gotta go to school on next Thursday to see Ms. Paula Abdul in her frilly skirt and mid-drift top.

Lesson learned: Do not say another girl is prettier than your own mom.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Accident Part 2

Have you heard Accident is really funny?

I have heard it like a million times.

*mimic gooly's voice* "Accident is funny. Everybody in class likes him."

Yeah yeah yeah..funnier than your mom? I don't think so...

So I went to his class and asked my boy to show me this Accident bloke, motioned him over and said (with my hands on my hips) -

"So... you are the funny boy. Show me what you've got. Tell me a joke. NOW! "

Mr Funny blinked and wiped his drool.

And....Everyone laughed.

I don't get 5 year old jokes, do you?

Lesson learned: Ask teacher's permission before harrasing kids in school.

Prank calls

One of my favourite things to do is to call up Gooly and chat a storm with him.

You must understand that he sounds awfully cute over the phone. It's a mixture of barritone and baby voice that tickle me so much. Oh and also the things he says.


Hi sayang..whatcha doing?

Is that you, mom?

Ya. Have you eaten?

Yep yep yep. Can I put down the phone yet?

No.. I want to talk to you.

O-keey.. what are you doing?

Working. Did you munch on an apple today?

Yep yep yep (I love this! Teehee.) Can I put down the phone yet?

(TSK! Very busy meh?) Ok. I will see you later.

Yep yep yep. Enjoy working. Bye mom. You have a good business. I'm gonna put down the phone ok?


Dem! I haven't said I LOVE YOU yet ... never mind. I will call again 5 minutes later.

Lesson learned: Record the conversation so I don't have to type it out.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I brush Gooly's teeth.

...while doing a whole lot of other things, usually with some paste and foam and my own toothbrush hanging at the corner of my mouth.

Sometimes I remove my contact lense first. Thus, I squint when I squeeze the paste and I squint when I brush his teeth.

So yesterday I was bending down to Mr. Four Feet with blurry vision. Three seconds into the routine, with paste and foam in his mouth, he suddenly excused himself.


"Wait, mom. I need to get something."

Tsk! What is so important?

I turned around, faced the mirror (not that I can see anything) and brushed my own teeth (remember my tooth brush was already parked inside my mouth?)

Then he tugged at my sleeve. I bent down again and squinted again for I couldn't see him. I managed a "hrummp?" which means "What?" with a mouthful of foam.

And he shoved my spectacles into the rightful place.

Ah.. he knew I couldn't see. I didn't know he noticed things like that. Or rather sometimes people notice but is not bothered to help (like papah). I do spend a lot of time looking for lost glasses and nobody offers help.

But Gooly is different.

He helps without being asked.

Me likey.

Lesson learned: Remove contact lense AFTER brushing teeth.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fark it lah

Sometimes we get so bored/fed up with things/people in life that we say FARK IT LAH and heave a sigh of relief because we just don't want to care anymore.

Like this*:

Your hubby is cheating on you AGAIN. Fark it lah!

Your wife is gambling your fortune away. Fark it lah!

Your 1st child steals from your bag. Fark it lah!

Your brother is wearing your BCBG dress. Fark it lah!

Your bestie sleeps with your ex. Fark it lah!

Your maid wears a towel and walks around the house. Fark it lah!

Your dog pees on your bed every nite. Fark it lah!

Your business is very lingkup. Fark it lah!

Your bunny is pregnant again. Fark it lah!

Your good friends gossip about you. Fark it lah!

Your boss gave you a 0.001% salary increment. Fark it lah!


A brief moment of liberty/bliss when you fark it all.

The problem is when accumalated into a list like that.. it just gives you a sense of despair and hopelessness for giving up so many times in life.

*list extracted from "The Suicidal Hamster".

Lesson learned: Don't say fark it. Say knn baggero ccb..

Friday, April 2, 2010


While at Amcorp Mall the other day, we chanced upon a few weird antique shops which sell old currency.

And that got my mom thinking, "Hey! We have such coins too. Ooooh..look at the price of this note. Ooooh.. we're gonna be rich.. rich.. rich.. like 'chutau' !!"

Thus she rummaged through her drawers and true enough there was a box of coins.

Gooly and I got down to work - sorting out the coins according to countries and studying the names of currency.

We have lots of pennies. Some cents. Mostly dated between 1970 and 1980. They probably belonged to my eldest brother who went to the UK in the mid 80s.

And then we saw it...

One coin which stuck out like sore thumb.. well, in this case, like sore coin.

It was in a square shape. How peculiar.

It was so old that I had to rub it on my sleeve ala Aladdin in order to read the imprinted words.

I brought it to light.. donned on my 'loefar' specs (as if I have!) and read..


Flipped it over and there is Queen Victoria's side profile, resembling Mr.Bean.

WOWEEE!!!How about that? It's older than my pa! Gooly was of course impressed because all this while he had thought Gong Gong was the oldest thing. And now this coin is 2 years older than the oldest thing! It's like discovering dinosaur fossils. Imaging the thrillll~~~

The coin had once belonged to my grandma. I am pretty sure there is a story behind it. Otherwise why would she keep it for so many years (in the MILO tin under the bed next to the spittoon). It's probably the first coin she got when she stepped onto the soil of Malaya. Or it's the first coin she earned or stole from my grandpa or something. I may be dramatising history..but yeah.. It's probably something significant in her life.

..and now, Gooly has conveniently claimed it as his. Meaning it has been passed down to the fourth generation.


Very very cool.

Lesson learned: Gooly's sense may worth a lot in future.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fiery Temper Season 2

"NO GOOD!" he shouted.

And he stomped down the stairs.

Stomp stomp stomp stomp.

I quickly turned on the TV for myself. Totally ignored Mr. Temper.

He stomped into the room.

Stomp stomp stomp stomp.

I could hear exasperated breaths. He was fuming..panting and huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

By then he ought to have slammed the door but because I was in, he daren't.

So he stomped and huffed some more.

"Oooh somebody is in a nasty mood. You can cool yourself in this room. I will close the door for you," I said calmly.

The door closed and I heard NO GOOD NO GOOD NO GOOD~

Mr. NO GOOD was in a bad bad mood, which we didn't care, really.

So he peeked from the bedroom, and realizing that no one was gonna 'pujuk' him, he went on with his NO GOOD NO GOOD NO GOOD chants some more.

Still we ignored him.

And he took a few peeks thereinafter.

By then, Mom and I were giggling at Mr. Temper's ego. Mr. Temper's fire has been doused, yeap.. but his ego was still intact.

So I walked in and asked, "Feeling better? Come and join us outside."

He PUFFED again.

"Oh, still angry. OK, whenever you are ready.." I started my way out. And I felt my hand tugged from behind.

I turned around and looked at my four feet child. Where, I wondered, someone your size gather so much 'fire'?

What came out from my mouth was,"Did you get what you wanted by showing temper?"

He shook his head no.

Sigh.. we walked out hand-in-hand. Me surviving another episode of The Temper of the Doom. This time a lot calmer than the last.

Lesson learned: Ignorance is ikan bilis.


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