Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The stock has arrived!

Ah.. Not stork.. Don't kancheong...

Tadaa...The books we ordered from school. Oooh.. I love it when the Scholastic catalogue comes. I wish I could tick all the books in the catalogue but Gate is not exactly my last name.

I love love love children books - the humour, the illustrations, the moral stories.

Our collection over the years. We have a couple more boxes in Bkk. Can't wait to have them back.

When Gooly came home from school yesterday, he devoured each and everyone of them like a vulture would, a carcass.

So today, after taking a dump, he described to me the size of his two-piece-dung in great detail.

"One is big, one is small. One is like a caterpillar...long... And the other is like an asteroid. Hard rock, and small." (Asteroid - must be from the new book SPACE IQ).

I thought he sounded like a scholar (though the topic is about brown chocolate impersonator)!

There is another book which we both adore.. "There is a Frog in My Throat", a book on similes, metaphors, idioms and such, with clever illustrations and easy to understand explanations. I'm also learning as I read with him. Like instead of saying, "I think stock market prices will go down", I will just say,"I'm bearish" from now onwards.

Though he can read now on his own, he still enjoys me reading to him. As he says, "I like your voice." I don't mind really cos I have been told, many times, this bonding session will come to a halt in due time.

While we got "I love you as deep as the sea, as high as a mountain" from another book, he improvised his own proclamations of love with -

"I love you as colourful as the rainbow."

"I love you as far as space."

These are words that only literacy can teach a child.

I'm so buying some more books.


reanaclaire said...

go bookxcessblog.com
cheap and nice..

goolypop said...

claire, ya.. i know, Small Kuching sudah recommend. I do go there also, but a bit far lo..

Gates my last name said...

when i was 5yo, i like to read books too, like structural brain and electronic circuits. very informative and entertaining.

goolypop said...

Pagar, is that where u learned to fry your brain?

smallkucing said...

wei...go to booksneeze.com la. can get free books leh..warn u 1st...mostly are christian books geh.


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