Sunday, August 22, 2010

Driving with no money

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party. I used the tollway and as I unzipped my wallet, I realised that I have left my stash of million dollars at home. Shoot! Paid the RM1.50 with two notes and muttered to myself not to use any tollway on the way home.

We were one of the last few guests to leave. When we did leave, I took a wrong turn which lead me to desserted roads.. Double Shoooot!

...I followed the Road Signs to Sri Kembangan.. Bukit Kommonweatlh..while muttering, "Oh God Oh God..." and of course, "Quiet, Gooly.. I need to drive us home without using any toll ways..."

Finally, we came to Puchong, and I do know fairly well that I would reach home using the LDP. Only one toll to pay- RM1.60. Dare I rummage through my wallet for some more loose coins?

Of course I had to, manuevering with one hand, digging with the other while praying with a brain numbed from fear.. and I found -

One Rm1 note, 2 twenty cents, 1 ten cent, and 2 five cents - a total of RM1.60. No more, no less.

What d'ya say to that? :)

Thank you GOD, of course!


Gargles said...

lesson of the day is

1. buy touch n go
2. reload touch n go
3. keep your millions stash somewhere in the car
4. buy gps put in car
5. never go to a birthday party without me again!

goolypop said...

touch n go - so jinkak! Jiew yuen soong!

gps - i only like your ass!

u must know that nobody invite u to parties for a reason rite...


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