Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Lolly

Do you know how excited I am about you? I suppose I knew it was gonna be you - maybe it's the classic case of hoping which turns to believing which turns to reality.

When the news came about, my expression was kinda nonchalant - perhaps a look of "Oh I kinda knew..." Cool eh? But when I realised that it's really gonna be YOU, like FOR REAL, I was walking on air! So giddy with happiness.

Korkor is equally excited. He wanted to share a chocolate ice cream with you today. Even though that flavour is not my favourite, he told me to have some, so you could have a taste. Ah sweet sharing.

Papah has vowed to love you with all his heart. He is generally afraid of girls crying. Please be gentle when you meet him, OK? :)

I started rummaging Korkor's boxes of baby clothes and wished that I am as clever as Auntie Boey Joey or Auntie Gargles who can sew and refashion clothes. Sigh! Dang! I wish I could knit too. Just so you can have some home-made stuff. I'm just sentimental about stuff like that.

Ah well.. there is an alternative - The conventional SHOPPING SPREE.

I thought it would be appropriate to get you some HELLO gifts. Kor kor chose some of the loots. He wonders a lot about the kind of stuff you will like.

Ahh.. it seems like we have all started loving you.


Mamapumpkin said...

Ey, there is nothing sweet-sweet pink? Ohhhhh, that means I HAVE to get you something sweet-sweet pink, hahaha....

My phones run out of battery tonight, going to charge it now. Sorry missed call, not sure if too late to call house back. Email/sms me if possible. When are we dating? I can go Big Bad Wolf if Wednesday, then Hubs can jaga anak.

Gargles said...

ttp cannot eat ais kling one ah.. next time tell gooly to heat it up first, ok?

(aww.. gooly really sweetie, such a nice korkor already)

BoeyJoey said...

Oh!!! I love those sweet leggings! Itu kepala piggy kah?!?! Very comel la!


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