Friday, August 13, 2010

Gooly-the problem solver

It has been awhile that Gooly complained about his ride home. He didn't like to be the last to hop off the van.

I can't really ask the van lady to change her route. So I kinda told him to grin and bear it.

Every Wednesday, his face was glum when he realised he was taking the van home. Every Monday and Tuesday, he yahoo-ed that I was coming to pick him up.

And he would announce, "I'm the last one home again.." with a pitiful face. Something like, "I didn't get picked at baseball again.."

I don't think the van lady makes a good company.

I did feel sorry, and wondered if I should tell the lady to bring him home first, only ended up telling him, "It won't be long before you change school and don't have to ride in that van anymore.." and also, "Sometimes things don't go your way.."

Two days ago, he plucked up his courage and put in his request to the van lady. And whadya know... she sent him home before the other 3 students!

"MOM! I was not the last..there are 3 more in the van!"


Ah.. I guess sometimes you have to ask to receive. ;-)


tuti said...

hah! a fine lesson learnt, about living life in the near future. *groan*

PUSHPA said...

now that's a damn smart kid who knows how to get what he wants.

smallkucing said...

Ask and thy will receive

Gargles said...

this so remind me of someone.... gooly got met him these days meh? or i think gooly learnt a lesson or two when they met those few times.

goolypop said...

tuti, eh, what is the lesson la? Teach me..

Sifu, ya..he always gets the last piece of luncheon meat..dem!

smallkucing, shakespear ah?

Gg, who lah? Santa on leave wor..


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