Friday, August 20, 2010

Gooly - wait for me!

OK.. so most of the time, I feel like 'whaling' on the bed. You know like how some helpless whales get beached and they just lie there motionlees? Yeah.. I have been doing that loads.. Sometimes with flies hovering my open-ed mouth.

So I feel kinda sorry for Gooly that I am always tired. But oh, he is such an understanding boy. Sometimes when I 'whale', I hear the soft click of the door. He closes the door so the sound outside doesn't disturb me (or it could be that he doesn't want his cousin to come in the room and rummage thru his treasure chest). And sometimes, little hands chop up my back, in what he calls, a massage.


And so (again), when ever I'm up to it, I haul my ass up and do stuff with him, such as:

a. dance with him. Oh yeah.. he loves the way I jiggy.

b. park the car, and walk him to his classroom, hug, kiss, wave 'saranora' a hundred times.

c. sing 'Ghostduster!' a million times to his "Who you gonna call?"

d. read Little Miss and Little Men again and again and again..and then one more time.

e. do some 'Gym' which ends up looking like some weird sacrificial ceremony.

Wait for me Gooly.. I will be back in action! :D When I am, I will even do the jumping jacks with you...Meanwhile, hold my hand and walk slowly with me, ok?

Author's note: Sometimes it's great to have friends who just come and whoop you out of bed. "Get up, get dressed, get going" - beats lying on the bed like some hypocondriac.


True Gem said...

when you are back in action, he would be asking you go bungee jumping with him, so are you readeh?

commentor's note: she's a true gem, i tell ya! grip her tucked safely in between your fingers-lar.

smallkucing said...

3 more months...after that will be well :D


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