Friday, August 31, 2012

My silly gal

Of late, i realised that i get angry till i park my hands on my hips very often. Most of the time it is right after lolly's bath. She doesnt want to get dressed whick irks the bejesus of me.

Every day..

She comes out of the bath dripping wet. She allows me to wrap her in towel. She wraps her arms around my neck. She even said "iwowu" just now. Which is really sweet until she yells nyeoh nyeoh....upon seeing her diaper and shirts. She then runs one full round in the room, shrieking, laughing, mocking me, saying nyeoh nyeoh nyeoh...
"Get dressed! Quick!" i say.

She laughs some more.

Until i park my hands on the hips, blowing hot air from my nostrils..only then she scrambles onto the bed...and i mean really s.c.r.a.m.b.l.e.s in a kancheong way that is too cute, really.

And she lifts her legs up exposing her derrierE, knowing exactly how i would put on her diaper. And she gives such cheeky smiles while doing that.

Why the big drama, girl? Why dont you do just that without me fuming? It saves lots of energy..for both of us, y'know.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I wish i have a bro like that..

I was assigned to drive harry potter to school today, because we predicted he would have post holiday trauma.  And Gooly was assigned to wake me up, because we predicted that i would sleep till the sun shines on my butt, as per norm.

And then gooly  went up to summon the prince.

When he they came down, i saw that gooly was carrying the small fella's bag.

Then he asked, "Do you have water in your water tumbler?"

After receiving a nod, he proceeded to check the container. Seeing that it was empty, he went to the kitchen to retrieve a gardenia waffle.

He then asked, "Do you know how to open the wrapper?"

Harry said no.

So gooly tore open the wrapper and tucked the square waffle nicely into the container. And he reminded him that it is in the front pocket.

All set, we went to school.

My bros didnt care for me that much when i was in kindie.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smooth operator

Thus far, gooly almost never got into trouble in school. The one "big" one i remember (forever) is the one he wanted to run out of the classroom and then demanded an apology from the teacher for scolding him. That was when he was in kindie. And since he got into primary school, the review has somewhat been "stagnant" - an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble.

Until a couple of weeks back..well, no no..he didnt get into trouble in school. Instead he got into big heaps of shit with me. No no..not that i was in the pile of shit with him, as in both of us were in trouble. He was in trouble WITH me. Ok, enough semantics!

So..i found that his handwriting was atrocious. Some homework undone. Ting xie with disastrous results! His lackadaisikal attitude fumed me big time! And i wondered, gasp! What other problems he may have at school...gangsterism, truancy, extortion, kicking teachers' car tyres and other illegal activities.

Thus, i went to the shcool to speak with the teachers.

"*insert real name, is an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble."




What about his doctor's handwriting? (no offence, doc)

Him handing in homework late?

...and other work-attititude-related questions.

I forgot what the teachers said, but apparently he has been forgiven. Why? Because he says the right stuff, like, "I'm sorry, I wont do it again."

When a child says that, without being promted, a teacher would go, "'s ok. There ..there..go back to you seat. Next time dont do it again, ok?"

And gooly nodded solemly and gave an appreciative "thank you" and turned around...smiled to himself, feeling pleased. (I imagined lah)

Thats how he stays out of trouble. He will just remain low-key, polite and "attentive". So when he doesnt finish his homework, he'd always get a second chance. Unlike those who blatantly, defiantly disobey rules i.e Poking students with a fork, dipping girls pigtails into chili sause, etc.

I know, he is not all good. He is just smart enough to wiggle out of trouble.

So i walked out of school, reminding myself to check on his homework more regularly, despite his, "Yes, i have finished everything!" It may sound reassuring and convincing, but.....i already know you are a smooth operator, son...

Friday, August 24, 2012


A few weeks ago, gooly skipped school to go to kidzania. Gasp! Oh close your mouth already! It is really the wisest thing to do. Why brave the crowd on weekends or holidays? Skipping school is fun!

I first heard about the place in Jakarta a few years back. I blogged about it..somewhere (should be under "my 2 sense" category which strangely only has two posts). I didnt like the idea. Today, i still dont.

I like kids to play with imagination. I'd be happy if Gooly makes an airplane out of a box. I wasnt too impressed that he flew a mock up plane at kidzania *yawn*. That's what I could think of about the place - it limits your child's imagination.

Sure its fun to play pretend, but its not so fun when it's so "serious". I mean, what the heck, they will be working their asses off when they grow up, why expose them to hard labour now? So that they can choose their career wisely? No wonder, the pilot job has such a long queue.Cos everybody wants to be a pilot? (to kau airstewardess?) or cos every parents want their child to be one? Think about it... I have read blogposts by moms who rolled their eyes because their child wanted to be a window cleaner ("blasphemy! Of all things!! Why dont you queue up to be a doctor..or a scientist, or AT LEAST, a pilot...")

Ok, if you say this place is supposedly to give a "vision" on the kid's ambition, i'd say, crap-lah. Most kids don't know what they want to be. They are fickle. Thaye are indecisive. (Most, ok. Some are very focused). You go read your old "cita cita saya" in you wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, doctor...and what are you now? Just an astronaut! See? What you bercita -cita doesnt always come true!

So why did i bring Gooly there? Cos I'm a liberal mom. It may not be my cup of tea, but could very well suit him. I dont want him to be the frog under the coconut. Nah..its not the same as being kiasu ok!

The verdict - He enjoyed it. Blek. He liked baking oreo cookies, making sushis ...which we can do at home!! Tsk! And ok, fine..he liked the newscaster job the best. But..but.. I suppose we can have a mock-up studio at home too....duh.....

I read somewhere, "if you give a toy wand to a child,it shall be just that..a wand. But if a stick is given, it can be a wand, baton, sword , even ....a cane.." Something like that..The cane, i added.

So, kidzania you are so lame. I'd prefer my child to run ten rounds pointlessly out in the park. But many parents dont think like me. Thats why your establishment is a success! Yay!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Thats one word to describe lolly, though i'd prefer to use other words like smart, clever etc. just so not to sound like a traitor mom.

She has a nasty habit of throwing tantrums i.e. lying on the floor kicking legs in the air while pumping fists unto the ground and shouting, "When i grow up, im gonna send you to the circus!" The first few times, she being an amatuerish drama queen, has bumped her head on the floor. Then she got sneakier, or should i say, smarter. She would lie down slo-mo, until her head lands gently...and then she would only begin her over-acting of a frustrated baby show. It's so fake that i doubt she would even be nominated for the Oxcar.

Usually, this mode scares the crap out of everyone. But not me. Uh-uh...not this coldhearted mom. And she knows i dont give two hoots and it is very tiring cycling in the air while shouting nonsense for a lenthy period without anyone kuchi-olla-sayang-ing you. So the moment she sees me, she'd stop.

not only that, she would also throw in a smile. Her face is sorta saying, "Ops...heheh..didnt aee you there. I'm fine. No need to worry. See...i'm up! Everything is fine and dandy."

And i'd give a nod of approval, "Yes! It better!"

Once approaching her while wagging a finger admonishing her, she even grabbed my finger to kiss it!!

It was the same the other day when she ran amok at the supermarket. I got so angry that i said, "Mama is angry!" (how original). She was all shifty eyes, refusing to look at my "i'm gonna eat you alive" face (still pretty though). I wondered for a moment if she understood anger. Well, obviously she knows its something unpleasant (that can unleash a momster). And what dya know....she looked at me and kissed me right at the kisser! Thats a darn good way to cease fire, i'd say.

I was all giggly, and she rightfully took that as a truce. So she gave me a hug and a big smile.

And then she ran amok again.

the end.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She's talking

Well...sort of. shouldnt be called talking. Its just lots of grunting noises and body gestures. She is trying to communicate, no doubt.

Here is one episode of Charade which took us awhile to figure what she was saying. Thank goodness Gooly was good (damn good,i should say) at guessing actions.

So i was holding the ipad. And she came over, wanting to watch something. I was doing something (looking at LIn Dan's booBs) and wasnt really ready to switch user. But she was adamant, making ah ah ah ah sounds, grabbing my sleeve. I looked at her and asked stupidly what she wanted.

She "miked" her hand (holding her fist as though holding a mike) and placed it near her nose, and gave a blow. Pppppbbbbthh.

Oh that was something new. Usually she just goes ah ah ah ah until you guessed corrctly what she wanted (about a hundred tries, if you sre lucky). So i paid her more attention.

"Bubbles? You want bubbles?"

She shook her head.

And then she stomp her foot.

And blew her fist again.

And said, "ting kiu." She always thank us in advance when she needs a favour.

We laughed cos she was so cute. But didnt know what she meant. And suddenly Gooly said, "Do you want the Elephant Steps song?"

She nodded her head. Real hard!

So, the blowing fist was her mimicking an elephant trumpeting with its trunk!

Horray for korkor for understanding her so well! She was so pleased that she kissed the ipad the moment the song started.

Aiya..cute dou sei...


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