Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaset tape

My Ferari has this cassette player. You know cassette? The one that goes putar-putar, and you can pull out that roll of 'film' and dance gymnastic with it?

So Gooly found some cassettes and wondered how it works.

Like I know..

So I said, "Just shove it into the player.. and ..and.. and.. the songs come on but don't put it in in this car..cos the player is not working.The speaker also 'piceah' already. Haih. What new car should we buy huh?"

I was saying the last part cos I really hate Ferari cars I had no answer for his questions.

But he knew I was being evasive of course. So he asked some more.

"But how does it work? How come they are songs inside?"

Yeah.. seriously huh..How come ah?

So, I ended saying, "Hey, you wanna dance gymnastics with the 'film'?


Gargles said...

your ferari uses your own legs to move one, izzit?

dr sinkaringam said...

as if u can explain how cd works. or vinyl record. or dvd. or mp3. or avi. or mpeg4. or rmvb. or tv. or radio...

tuti said...

don't give baby lolly tomyum wor. so spicy. :P


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