Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gooly and home work

With my current state of mind (and stomach), it is inevitable that my daily speech consists of, "Ops, I forgot," or "Got meh? I said that meh?".

Therefore, I have relied completely on Gooly to remember his own agenda and most importantly, his own tuition replacements dates.

"When is your tuition?"
"What time?"
-12.10 pm - one hour.
"What about Tuesday?"
-No, no class.
"Any homework?"
-Yup..two pages.
"What time again?'
- 12.10pm.
- No class.

See, he is very very reliable and I am in repetitive mode, mode, mode, mode, mode *echo* . Forgive me. Thankfully his infomation is accurate, and he is responsible enough to complete his own homework with little reminders. * goats gloats*

The other day, we went out for dinner and then a little escapade at the mall. It was a bit late when we came home. He realised that he has not completed his homework. I suggested that he does it in the morning tomorrow. He heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that all was not DOOMED.

I have always stressed that he should be responsible for his own school work. He decides when to slot in his homework time. And he shall bear the consequences of not completing them. I must say this holiday period is a good practical for him, as I (un)intentionally forget about his tuition time and work.

The next morning, he awoke.. he always wakes first - shutting the door gently so I could snooze for another half hour or so. He usually plays with his cousin..or fights..meaning there will be some noises outside. But that morning, it was awfully quiet.

I opened the door..and saw my little boy.

..sitting on his Ikea stool, body bent over, concentrating.

He was doing his homework. First thing in the morning. Before breakfast. Before Tv. Before bickering sessions with his cuz.

I walked over, ruffled his head a little, gave him a big smile and went back to sleep and said, "Good boy.. "

He is just like me when I was little (Being forgetful doesn't me I can tell lies and say, "Got meh? I said that meh?")


Small Kucing said...

so good

ya lo i pregnant that time also always memory lost

tuti said...

*ruffle your head*
good mum..

dr sinkaringam said...

so stressful being ur son..

tuti said...

LOL at sinkar!

c said...

Gooly mama. When is the BIG Day? Princess this time? Sorry but with too much time on work, been busy lately. But, yippee, its holiday time and hope will continue blogging soon. PS:- Congrats.

Gooly pri 1 ticher said...

U must change next year la! In real schools, parents have homework too, dun expect gooly to do them for u ah!

goolypop said...

small kucing, yalor.. he won Anak Baik Cemerland Asia Tenggara for few yrs jor..

Tuti, *comb hair back with saliva*

Dr sinkar, temporary unavoidable situation jek..

C, long u play saat-jung..Seh tak poe-tau la? Due mth is April..remember songkran time, ngo sou tak geh laa..*weeek weeeehkk..weeehk..*

Ticher, my homework is bancuh susu next yr..

Mamapumpkin said...

Awwww.......THAT's our Gooly!!


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