Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the airport that day..

It was the earliest flight out of Bkk city. We woke at 4.30am..and reached an hour later only to realise that there were loads of poor folks like us who buy cheap tickets and depart at ungodly hours!

The anaconda queue snailed all the way to the check in counter and again, at the immigration.

Gooly and I waited for what seemed eternity, behind a couple who looked like Japanese but spoke only in Thai. They had business class tickets in hands, heading to Narita, the wife holding a Hermes bag (that proves how much time I had, checking out such 'mundane' details.)

And then my mind drifted to my own shopping spree later on. I was hoping to check out the Longchamp sale..and of course some FCUK shower gel which I always buy for some smelly bugger.

And then it happened... A pang of pain from the stomach shooting straight to the esophagus and went all the way up to head....making the room spin and spin. Imagine the dark cloud of evilness/pain sprouting from one area to another. Imagine The Return of the Mummy when the mummy breathed dark weevils or whatnots from its mouth. That's what was happpening inside me.

I knew I was gonna collapesd but I had my inner voice to hold the fort, not to faint. All voices around me became sort of echoed. I heard Gooly asking, "Mom, are you ok?" but I couldnt answer. And he asked again, "Are you feeling dizzy?"

The dizzy spell was over as sudden as it began. I recomposed myself and asked Gooly what happened. He said my head was spinning round and round , and my eyes were half-closed. He was already holding on to my hand bag. And he looked worried. Poor boy.

I guess that happens to preggie moms... And I am kinda afraid of going out on my own or just with Gooly now. Just in case the bouts of dizziness happen again.

And so we headed to gate F5 straight away without stopping at Boots Pharmacy or the duty free shops.

And that concludes the report on "Why I didn't buy you FCUK this time".


dr sinkaringam said...

no fcuk??????

oklah, on a more caring mode: how abt a tshirt?

tuti said...

wow, lucky you're okay.
and gooly sounds like he can take care of you!

now.. about the tshirt. i need xx-large.

Concerned reader said...

I want tshirt with matching pants. thanks!

Small Kucing said...

uiks....suddenly open liao ah your blog? suddenly have update in my reader jor.

Wei...u dizzy ah...try drink red date water

goolypop said...

the first 3 concerned n caring guys are the best! wtf.........

Small kucing, seems like u are the only one with yansing.....:D


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