Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 40 year old son

I would say Gooly has the maturity of a 40 year old. And I am only 25+++++++!

He doesn't believe in tooth fairies. When his tiny teeth fell (3 to be exact), I was coaxing him so hard to put them under his pillow. "Nah.. I dont really want to. I just want to show Papah. That's all.. spare me the crap about fairies with wings with a fetish on smelly milk teeth ."

For his Halloween party, he didn't want a spidey or superman suit's not like they can make him fly or shoot webs. I swear I could see him rolling his eyes.

Sometimes even after his cousin Harry Potter hit him, he talks about him fondly. I couldn't help but ask, "Why are you still so nice to him?"

"It's ok.. I don't mind," came the reply.

Many times, I sit on the couch, and he asks, "Want a pillow for you back?'

This morning, he woke and wanted my super smelly comfy blankie. He didn't just take it. He took another one to replace mine and whispered, "Go back to sleep mom..It's still early."

When I was sick, he came to check my temperature by touching my forehead, and rushed to simmer chinese medicine herbs in a claypot on a campfire. (LOL...LOL...LOL!)

When I got better, he said, "Mom, I'm glad you had a good rest and are feeling better now."

In the rain, he cautioned his nai nai, "Xiao xin, nai nai... Don't fall down ah...."

And..he is turning shix on Saturday. Hawaiian Six -o, can you hula-hula believe it?

I hope he continues to love me and others so tenderly. Being 41 shouldn't be any different from being 40, eh?


reanaclaire said...

I like to meet Gooly one day...

dr sinkaringam said...

i'd like to meet megan fox some day...

Small Kucing said...

just like a little man

angeles said...

i suddenly missed reading blogs, so i came to yours FIRST...

gooly will grow up to be a fine young man... (can khao??) x

goolypop said...

claire, nah..take is #001...Hehehe.

Dr Sinkar, playboy centrefold bulan MEI 2009..that megan fox???

SK, Little man ah? Wear what costume nice? Got design ah?

Angeles.. you sound vaquely i know you?

(Che!! Drama not my acting??? Hehehe..Y U dont read blogs anymore? Now upgrade to reader's digest ah? :D)

Gargles said...

the girl he marries will be very lucky, guys like gooly will only be treating them very well and just leave their mom to take care of themselves....

(nah.. i'm just saying... in any case, it's a looooongg way to go still, dun fret)


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